Lesbian Date.She walked through my door looking nervous, like a first timer. I didn’t ask if that was the case. All I tried to do was be myself. I’ve always been a very welcoming person and this situation was no different.I offered her a drink as she sat on my sofa knowing full well it normally cuts through the tension and uncertainty from my experience as an escort.I poured a drink for both of us and sat next to her offering a comforting smile. I knew she felt uncomfortable as she was in male mode and perhaps felt threatened as I wasn’t. “I don’t have a male mode” I said jokingly and assured her “I’ve seen it all before baby so don’t feel like you’re being judged.”Always good to have a chat about stuff non trans* related before diving in. I want to take an interest in the person even though this may only be a once of hook up. An hour flew by and we had discussed fave movies, music, education, previous failed relationships and past hook ups.The scene was set to create a great experience. She began to pull clothing from her bag, all of which was super slutty and great for a romp in bed, but I had other plans. I showed her some more conservative sexy stuff that would attract eyes for a different reason and told her to “trust me.”She put on a sexy lacy pair of panties, black thigh high stay up stockings and a medium black skirt that was about 3 inches above the knee. She had her own bra and fillers, so I added a gorgeous pink semi see through top with a little cute black cardigan to finish the look. She bought with her some 5 inch heels that we could play with later. I gave her a pair of 3 inch heels to lower her hight and make walking outside eskişehir escort so much easier. Little did she know we were taking a trip!She had an awesome long red haired wig which suited her completion nicely. I then began to apply her make up which we previously agreed on. 15 minutes later and she looked absolutely stunning. I was blown away. Watching her look into the mirror for the first time gave me almost as much pleasure as it did her. I’ve never seen someone’s face light up so bright!Well that was bound to change as I informed her we were going to go out and grab a coffee and do some shopping briefly. Amazingly she lit up even brighter to my surprise! I know from personal experience it took me a good many years to head out in public during broad daylight even though I had perfected my passable look many years previously.I threw her a cool little handbag to throw her stuff in. Along with a little purse and out the door we went. No regrets! As we went down the lift I told her “this is so exciting, I’m going to be your lesbian girlfriend in public.” I could tell this worried her. I asked if she was ok and she replied “what if I get excited and get a hard on?” I replied “enjoy every fucking moment of it!”As we walked out into the harsh light both of us promptly put on our sunglasses, grabbed each other’s hand and moved into the bustling world of so called “normality.” She looked beautiful and confident even though her hand was trembling. Her head held high she glided across the pavement drawing little attention apart from me. I caught her eye and smiled and she smiled like a Cheshire Cat as we approached the coffee shop. Let escort eskişehir the fun begin!We both took our seats at an outdoor table. May as well maximise the experience. I told her she looked beautiful and squeezed her hand. As the waitress came out to take our order, I kicked off my shoe and started rubbing my stocking covered leg on the inside of hers. She jumped slightly and I giggled at her surprise. I ordered 2 latte’s and a bottle of water and the waitress left. I kept playing with her under the table and said “holly fuck baby your legs feel so sexy, I can’t wait to wrap them around mine in bed!” Bang! That drove her fucking crazy!As we drank our coffee I told her that “she was beautiful.” And “I’m so lucky to be your lesbian girlfriend.” It drove her wild. She was blushing and dealing with the obvious discomfort of an erection under her skirt. I was loving it! I asked her “am I making you hard baby?” To which she replied “you know you are bitch!” Then we both burst out laughing before I reached across and passionately kissed her on the lips. It wasn’t a long kiss but it sure felt like a week went by before we separated.We finished our coffee’s constantly giggling and soaking up the freedom to just be. I asked if the movement down below had subsided and if she was ok to stand. All was good, so we got up and left. I grabbed her hand and led her to a dept store. Knowing full well dept stores can be hell for a first time outing. She looked at me with fear in her eyes and I reassured her “relax baby and soak it all in. I’m with you. You’ll be ok!” And in we went.I walked her to the hosiery department and down one of the eskişehir escort bayan isles looking for thigh high stockings. I found what I wanted and bent my knees to grab them from the lower peg. As I went down I brushed my hair along her black stockinged leg and then kissed her leg. Grabbed the stockings and pushed my face into her crotch briefly muttering “I can’t wait to play with you baby!” Omg I thought she was going to collapse. It was fucking hot! She dropped down quickly and kissed me whilst I was still bent down. I ran my hand over her legs and boobs and she did the same to me. She whispered “I want you right now!” It was time to pay for our items and get the hell home!We grabbed a taxi. Jumped in the back and I couldn’t help but to passionately kiss her running my hands all over her legs and body. We couldn’t give a fuck want the taxi driver thought as we were out of our control. We got out of the cab and up to my apartment. As soon as the door closed, the casual clothing dropped away to our underwear and stockings and we fell onto my bed. Completely wrapped around each other. Our stocking covered legs tangled and slid up and down as we kissed so deeply. It was heaven!I could feel her cock getting hard through her panties. Mine was already hard also. We rolled around in the bed calling each other “beautiful” and “sexy”. I told her “you are my hot lesbian girlfriend.” We both shook with excitement. I didn’t need to have sex with her. The feeling of our soft skin, hosiery and being lesbians with dicks was so fucking exciting! We gave each other head, kissed passionately and felt each other all over for hours. Finally 6 hours later we both came without intercourse and fell into each other’s arms.It was beautiful. No judgement. No repressed fear after cumming. Just two beautiful chicks who spent the day expressing themselves without fear or regret. One of the hottest experiences I’ve ever had!



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