Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 11As I wrapped my lips around Mr. Perkins’ cock, Mrs. Perkins withdrew her strap-on from the depths of my bowels. I stayed in Happy Baby as I sucked Mr. Perkins and Mrs. Perkins leaned down and took my semi-hard penis into her sexy and sensuous mouth.”That’s it, Sweetie” said Mr. Perkins. “Get Daddy nice and hard….”I think that Mrs. Perkins was expertly sucking me to provide me with a very pleasant feeling as I sucked my first real cock. And it was working. My penis was getting harder, inside of Mrs. Perkins’ mouth and I was moaning around Mr. Perkins’ hard cock. “Do you want Daddy to fuck you now…” Asked Mrs. Perkins, “with his real Daddy-cock?””Not yet” answered Mr. Perkins, before I had a chance to form my thoughts. “Let’s see how well she sucks my cock first.””SHE?” I thought to myself….Mrs. Perkins resumed sucking my penis as I did my best to take Mr. Perkins cock in my mouth. I was gagging a bit but that only seemed to turn Mr. Perkins on more.”That’s it, sweetie,” He said, “Gag all you need to… But learn to love sucking Daddy’s thick cock.”He was now holding my Head and mouth-fucking me. Mrs. Perkins was still sucking me yet she also slipped her fingers DEEP up into my rectum and was slowly twisting them as she expertly sucked my very excited penis. I was alternating between gagging around Mr. Perkins’ cock and moaning… He seemed to love both sensation.”I’m going to fill up your slutty little whore-mouth, sweetie,” he announced, “and I want you to be a good girl and swallow as much of it as you can.”What happened next was totally erotic. As Mr. Perkins’ cock began to throb and spasm inside of my mouth, my own penis did bakırköy escort the same inside of Mrs. Perkins’ mouth! The difference was that Mrs Perkins greedily sucked and slurped my ejaculate into her hungry mouth and down her throat, whereas I choked and gaged on Mr. Perkins abundance of spunk.”Swallow, you whore.” He growled, “you need to learn to love this and swallow it all.”I tried my best but so much of it dribbled down my cheek. Mr. Perkins pulled out and used his fingers to wipe much of what I missed and then roughly plunged his cum-covered fingers into my mouth.”She needs work” he announced to his wife. “This pitiful performance would embarrass me if we had others over. She needs to improve.”With those disappointing words, he stepped back. Mrs. Perkins, however, had released my penis and was now right beside me and over my face. She leaned down and offered me a kiss. As our lips touched, her mouth opened as her tongue forced my lips open as well. It’s then that I realized that she was holding the contents of my ejaculate still inside of her mouth. All of my own cum was now draining down from her mouth into mine.As I tried to swallow as fast as I could, Mrs. Perkins resumed rubbing my sensitive nipples.”Good girl, Sweetie” she encouraged, “With practice, you’ll get better and learn to love this as much as I do. Once you’ve accomplished these requirements, we’ll ALL be so much happier.”I tried to stammer out an appoligize about my dismal performance with Mr. Perkins.”I am so sorry” I said, “that I didn’t do so well with Daddy. I know that he was disappointed.””It’s okay THIS time,” she said, “but you’ll need to beşiktaş escort practice, okay sweetie?””Yes Mommy” I replied, “but how and when do I practice?””We’re gonna let Daddy rest up for a few minutes,” she added, “and then you’re going to try again.”Mrs. Perkins then took me to the shower to clean up. She and I showered together where she lovingly washed my body and I her’s. I instinctively got hard and Mrs. Perkins took my penis into her hands.”As much as I’ve praised you in the past for always being hard for Me” She explained, “Right now, as our little girl, this has to be second to everything else. You need to know that you are learning to feel what a woman feels, not what a nasty little boy wants.”She began to stroke me as she continued.”I want you to cum for me” she explained, She continued to stroke my penis and she licked and kissed my still-sensitive nipples. I did not last long and came into the flow of shower water.”Good girl” she complimented, still refering to me in the femine gender. “Now, you’re going to dry off, go out into the living room, crawl up to your daddy and take him into your mouth. You’re going to do much better this time and swallow all of his gift. If you do not, you’ll do it again and again until you master this skill. Do you understand?””Yes Mommy” I obediently replied.We both got out of the shower and we dried each other off. Mrs Perkins then produced a cone-shaped device that I would later learn was called a butt-plug. “Open your sissy mouth” Mrs. Perkins instructed, “and suck it like it’s Daddy’s cock.”I did as she asked and closed my eyes as I lathered it with my saliva and tongued beylikdüzü escort it from tip to base.”Good girl” she complimented, “Keep doing that… Just like that.”I did not realize it, but Mrs. Perkins had reached for some lube and squeezed a liberal amount onto her fingers.”Good Girl” she said again, “Now give it to me and turn around and bend over.”Once again, I did as I was told.”Now reach back here” she added, “and spread your sexy ass-cheeks WIDE for Mommy.”Once again, I complied.She then ran her lube-coated fingers all over and around my recently cleaned anal ring and then placed the tip of the cone, the one that I had just covered with my tongue, up against my anal opening.”Relax, sweetie” she coaxed, “and feel how nice this feels going in.”My anal ring opened easily at first, but them offered some resistance.”If you tense up” she added, “It will only make it worse. Learn to accept who and what you are, sweetie…. Learn to love this.”I relaxed a bit and to my amazement, the entire girth popped inside on my rectum and my anal ring closed tightly around the base.”Oh, good girl, sweetie” praised Mrs. Perkins. “This will definitely help you prepare for what it is that a woman loves to feel. Now, one more addtion.Mrs. Perkins went to her lingerie drawer and produced a pair of satin panties.”Here” she said, “I got these just for you. Put them on, over your soft little penis and let’s have a look at you.”I did as she asked and she seemed to squeel with delight!”Oh My” she said, “They fit you perfectly. Now, I want you to walk out into the other room, find your Daddy and show him how nice you look. Then, I want you to get on your hands and knees, take Daddy’s cock into your little- girl mouth and suck it like it’s the best treat that you’ve ever had…. Because it IS!””Yes Mommy” I replied.”Oh sweetie” she added, “One more thing.””Yes Mommy?” I asked.”I’ll be watching so do be a good girl and make sure that you make us both more proud of your abilities this time.”To be continued….



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