“I just want what’s mine,” Naomi said patiently. “You could take him for all he’s worth!” I insisted. “He didn’t sign a prenup and the bastard deserves to pay for his years of infidelity and abuse!”

“Aaron, I appreciate your outrage on my behalf, but I just want out and I want to take my personal assets with me, that’s it. As my attorney, it should be an easy job for you.” She smiled her sexy smile and I wondered for the hundredth time, what kind of asshole divorced a woman like Naomi?

“He put you in the hospital!” I growled.

“And I recovered. I know it sounds like a total cliché, but he didn’t mean to push me down the stairs. It was an accident. Emotional and verbal abuse was always more of Nathan’s style. Physical abuse is a little too blue collar for him. I think the accident made him realize it was time to call it quits.”

“I still don’t understand why he is the one divorcing you. It should be the other way around.” I frowned, completely amazed by this woman. Yeah, I had a crush on her. I wasn’t afraid to admit it either. She was hot, smart, sexy and confident and she had a quiet self-assurance that most women in her shoes just didn’t have. In all my years as a divorce lawyer, I’d never once been attracted to any of my clients.

When Naomi walked into my office the first time, it was like an instant hard on that still hadn’t gone away.

“I got complacent,” She sighed, settling back in her chair with a faraway look on her face.

“When we were first married, I was still in school. The emotional abuse started slowly and built up over time. By the time I was in my residency, I just didn’t care anymore and I was focused on becoming the best surgeon I could be. I should have left him a long time ago; but it was just easier to stay. I always thought I’d deal with it later but I guess I waited too long.” She shrugged her delicate shoulders and I was once again awed by her strength.

“Now, he is claiming that a portion of my earnings as a surgeon belong to him since he paid for my education.”

“Nathan has more money than Croesus, what does he want with yours?”

“I suppose he is doing it to get back at me for not being upset about his infidelity and the divorce. He thought I’d be crushed and when I wasn’t, it was a huge hit to his ego. Now he’s furious—even more so now that he’s seen how much money I have that he never knew about. I knew it was coming to this, and I wanted to protect myself, so I made some good investments and put most of my earnings into savings,” she said.

“Now he thinks he deserves a portion of that since his income allowed you to grow your own fortune.” I frowned. This wasn’t the first time I’d seen a scenario like this; but it was the first time I’d seen a jilted ex-wife-to-be, willingly walk away from an opportunity to take it all. With his infidelity and abuse, she could easily leave him with nothing.

“Is it feasible Aaron?” She asked.

“Feasible? To walk away with only your assets? Yeah, it’s feasible…downright insane and foolhardy, but yeah I can make the deal.”

“Thank you.” She smiled. “What do you need from me?”

“Dinner.” I grumbled, it was going to be a long night and I was starving. “There’s a pile of menus over there, order whatever you want and we’ll get to work going over your assets.

“Aaron! There’s nothing but pizza and Thai menus over here!” She chuckled softly as she sifted through the large stack of takeout menus I kept at my office.

“Your point?” I grinned.

“When’s the last time you ate real food?”

“If that eliminates all food that comes in a cardboard box, it’s been a very long while,” I frowned playfully.

“That’s it, next meeting is at my house and I’m cooking.” She insisted and I didn’t have it in me to refuse such an intimate gesture.

Sometimes I thought she might be flirting with me, but I was nothing if not a professional and I was trying very hard not to act on it.

In the end she ordered some vegan pizza crap that I was convinced the box it came in might taste better.

“I’ll put the documents together and we can go over them next week at your place,” illegal bahis I said as evenly as I could manage. Since she mentioned it, I wanted nothing more than to see her in her own environment and I was very much looking forward to a more casual evening with the lovely Naomi. ~

Yeah, I’m screwed, I thought as I left her apartment, after dinner at Naomi’s turned into naked breakfast at Naomi’s. Turned out she was just as hot for me as I was for her. We spent the evening reviewing the documentation for her case and after a damn fine home cooked meal, the wine began to flow and one thing led to another, and I was kissing her.

I tried to leave it at that, but she led me back to her bedroom. She told me it had been a very long time since she felt anything for her husband, and even longer since they’d had sex. The divorce was just the last thing she needed to move on with her life.

Sex with Naomi was even more amazing than I could have imagined. She was such a passionate, sexy woman, I was easily caught up in the moment and it wasn’t just a fun fling for me. I had feelings for her…hence the “I’m so screwed” part. I still had to be her lawyer and I knew I was going to have a hard time keeping my personal feelings out of it. ~ “My client simply wants to walk away from the marriage with her personal assets and the few belongings we’ve specified. She is willing to relinquish her right to half the martial assets considering there is no prenup. She is being very generous in light of the infidelity and abuse which I have counseled her into pursuing everything.”

“Well now Aaron, you’re just being a little presumptuous aren’t you?” Dean, my opposing counsel, guffawed as if I’d said something completely ludicrous.

“Come on Dean you know as well as I, there are hospital records and a police report that can verify the abuse and he didn’t even try to hide his infidelity!” I growled, feeling a little more aggressive than I normally do in these situations.

“These are my client’s terms, take it or leave it.”

“We’ll review the terms and counter with our own.” Dean relented and we quickly adjourned.

“Did that go well or was it a complete disaster?” Naomi frowned as we left together. “I couldn’t tell.”

“Neither, it was a typical first meeting. They’ll review every line of our proposal and come back with a counter offer and then we’ll do the same. Eventually we will reach an agreement. It may not have seemed like much, but we made progress today.”

“I just want this to be over.” She sighed, reaching for my hand.

I squeezed her hand in reassurance, wanting the exact same thing. I wanted this to be over so we could focus on us.

“Coming up?” She smiled sweetly when I pulled up in front of her building.

“Yes ma’am.” I grinned.

“Just one condition,” she amended.

“Which is?”

“No talk of divorce, asshole ex husbands, or pain in the ass lawyers…present company excluded.” She giggled and the sound did something to me.

“You drive a hard bargain baby, but it’s a deal.” I grinned, following her to the elevators.

She fell silent on the ride up to the tenth floor to her huge loft apartment. She immediately crossed the room to the bar and poured us each a stiff drink.

“Am I a terrible person?” She frowned.

“No baby, why would you think that?” I asked, stepping behind her to wrap my arms around her.

“I feel nothing for him Aaron. Nothing. Shouldn’t I be a little sad about the end of my marriage? We were together nearly ten years?”

“How long has it been since you started distancing yourself from his life?” I asked. It was something all my clients did at some point in the divorce process and I suspected Naomi had made the initial break a long time ago.

“It’s been years since I really cared about trying to fix things.” She shrugged.

“Well, in my professional opinion.” I smiled. “I think somewhere along the way, you’ve already grieved for the loss of your marriage and this divorce is just…paperwork.”

“So….” She frowned, turning in my arms to face me. “The fact that I am here with you and looking forward to what illegal bahis siteleri we have together…doesn’t mean I am completely deluded? I mean, I’m essentially having an affair with my divorce lawyer…it’s kind of a tacky cliché isn’t it.” She grimaced.

“No baby.” I chuckled, circling my arms around her more tightly. “And I’m not going to take offense to that statement either. This is not tacky, cliché or some kind of escape. This is real, and I hope we can get past all this divorce crap soon so we can move on with our lives.” “Not too fast.” She smiled. “I kinda like the idea of dating a man and getting to know him before it gets too serious.”

“I’m in no rush,” I whispered, trailing kisses along her neck.

“So you’re not worried about having a jilted divorcee as your girlfriend? You know, another man’s cast off?”

“Bullshit Naomi!” I growled playfully, making her giggle.

“Nathan is a fucking idiot for treating you so poorly. How he could cheat on you is beyond me.” I frowned. “If he is dumb enough to let you get away, then I am not going to make that same mistake baby. You are beautiful, smart and sexy and the way you’ve handled yourself through this whole mess makes me admire you even more. Put it out of your mind baby, he never deserved you.”

“Take me to bed Aaron?” She whispered.

“Gladly,” I said, taking her by the hand.

“I’ve been dying to peel you out of this dress all afternoon,” I murmured softly as I let the silk fabric fall to a puddle around her ankles and she reached to discard her bra and panties as I quickly shed my own clothes.

I watched as she eased herself back onto the bed. She was a vision of smooth creamy skin that contrasted sharply against the silky dark waves that tumbled around her shoulders.

She glanced away, not meeting my gaze and it struck me. She hadn’t been with a man in a very long time and she probably didn’t feel sexy. It was preposterous, but the first few times we had been together, she didn’t say much and she never wanted the lights on. Sex with Naomi was probably the best I’d ever had, but I hadn’t told her that yet. I’d made damn sure she enjoyed herself every time we were together, but tonight I had something more in mind. It wasn’t just sex anymore. We both had feelings and I wanted her to know how incredible she was. I wanted to give back everything Nathan had taken from her.

“Look at me beautiful,” I said softly as I put on some music; something soft and sexy like her. I watched her for a moment, until a blush stole across her breasts and up her throat to her lovely face.

I crawled onto the bed beside her and pulled her into my arms, running my palms along the length of her body. I pressed my forehead against hers and stared into her eyes, relishing the way her body responded so ardently to my simple touch.

“You are breathtaking,” I whispered as I brushed her lips with a soft kiss, smiling when she let out a little moan. My tongue darted between her parted lips and I let out a little moan of my own at the taste of her.

I worshiped her body with kisses, touching and kissing every part of her body in a slow assault on her senses. She was writing beneath me and I was nearly overcome with the desire to bury myself deep inside her, but I wanted to make her come first.

“You know you have a beautiful body baby,” I whispered. “Beautiful, soft silky skin and luscious, kissable lips too; but you’re so sweet and kind, and gentle too. How he couldn’t see what was right in front of him is unfathomable. Sexy Naomi with the brilliant mind, charming sense of humor and lovely, penetrating eyes,” I whispered, trailing hot kisses between her breasts. “His idiocy is my very good fortune.”

“Aaron…please!” she gasped.

“What baby? What do you want?”

“I want to feel you inside me,” she whispered.

“Not yet baby,” I said, trailing more kisses down her belly and she moaned, flexing her hips when she realized my destination.

She parted her legs for me as I nestled between her dripping thighs, dipping my head to taste her warm wet center, letting my tongue trace patterns over her canlı bahis siteleri hard little clit.

“Aaron,” she whispered, moaning my name as I began kissing and licking her from her slick entrance back up to her clit. My hands still wandered across her body and as her orgasm began to build, I held her still beneath me, showering her clit with attention, while slipping two fingers deep inside her, stroking her to a hard fast climax. “Shit!” She groaned as her body trembled beneath me. “What the hell was that?” she gasped.

“That’s me taking care of you baby, and I’m not done yet.” I grinned, kissing my way back up her body.

I positioned myself over her and she draped her legs around mine as I leaned on my elbows, sinking deep inside her, never letting my eyes leave hers. She reached up to touch my face in wonder and I wanted to kill that bastard ex husband of hers for neglecting her for so long.

“You feel like heaven Naomi,” I whispered hoarsely as I filled her completely, her body flexing tightly around mine.

“Make love to me Aaron?” She asked, averting her eyes as if she were ashamed of her question.

“Look at me baby. You never have to ask,” I whispered as I began moving inside her, kissing her and caressing her body. I had only her pleasure in mind tonight. She would give me pleasure too, she always did; but tonight was about making her feel valued, loved and appreciated for the beautiful sexy, vibrant woman she was.

We moved together as if we’d loved each other for years. She gave just as much as I gave and we were soon a sweaty, trembling mass of limbs and sensation.

“Faster?” She begged and that was all the encouragement I needed. I slammed into her, hitting her in just the right spot, making her moan loudly and I continued to thrust in and out at a hard, fast pace. “God! Aaron!” She gasped and I felt her body clenching tightly as she came hard around me. I rode out the last tremors of her release, prolonging her pleasure as long as I could until my own release crashed into me and I was crying out with her name on my lips. We collapsed together, holding each other until our breath returned to normal.

She stretched like a contented cat, a huge smile on her face.

“Thank you for that.” She grinned.

“I should thank you.” I grinned back and kissed the soft tip of her nose, but my stomach chose that moment to growl angrily.


“A bit.” I laughed.

“You go shower and I’ll make us dinner.” “Yes ma’am.” I mock saluted her.

The shower was wonderful, but I heard angry voices coming from the kitchen so I quickly threw on my jeans and ran out just in time to see Nathan slap Naomi hard across the face. He hit her so hard she tumbled to the floor and just as he moved to hit her again I went into action.

“Touch her one more time and see what happens,” I said in a cold menacing voice I hardly recognized.

“Aaron!” She gasped, tears pricking her eyes and something inside my chest constricted at the look on her face.

“Fucking the divorce lawyer? Naomi, that’s tacky, even for you.”

“Just leave Nathan!” She begged.

“I came to discuss your terms. They’re bullshit!”

“How so?” I asked, stepping between them and reaching to help Naomi back to her feet.

“The abuse will never hold water,” he spat. “You and I both know that was an accident.”

“That may be so,” I interjected, “but since I just witnessed the physical abuse first hand, and she has a nice fat lip and a cut from your ring as proof, you no longer have a leg to stand on.”

“Nathan, please just leave!” Naomi said, reaching to push him toward the door. When his hand came in contact with her face again, my restraint snapped completely and my hands were around his throat.

I had him across the room, as far from Naomi as I could get him before I let him go with a shove toward the door.

“She’s not worth it,” Nathan rasped. “She’s a cold, frigid bitch!”

I punched him, sending him sprawling across the floor.

“It takes a man to heat her up!” I snarled. “And a coward to beat her up, now get the hell out of here, you make me sick!”

“You can have her man, I don’t want her!”

“Then I am one lucky son of a bitch, profiting from your stupidity,” I said softly, no longer sparing a glance for Nathan. I had Naomi in my arms and I only had eyes for her.



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