Laying Out Got Me Laid.It was a summer day and I had a friend’s place all to myself. They knew about my “hobby” and told me to have fun as they left for work. I immediately prepared myself for a day of tanning by the pool. An hour later I was made up, oiled, and my ass was flushed clean. I was wearing a thong bottomed bikini with my breast forms, my favorite vibrating butt plug, and a wig I used for swimming and sunning. I was listening to music and sipping an iced tea enjoying the rays beating down on my nearly naked body. I must have nodded off, because I was startled when I heard a gate to the back yard and pool area close loudly. I looked up to see two rather burly men. They approached me as I sat up on my elbows. I was rather alarmed and asked who they were and why they were here. They explained that they were working on a sprinkler system. I quickly called my friend at work and asked if that was the truth. He apologized and said that yes, they were due there today. We spoke for a few more minutes and I turned to see that the two guys were checking me out. I hung up the phone and spoke to the guys. I decided to have some fun.“Sorry about that fellas. I’m just a guest here so I had to be sure.” They smiled and nodded.“Of course, Miss. After all, a girl like yourself can’t be too careful.” I watched them as they began taking measurements of the yard and gave them a bit of a show, bending over and adjusting my top and bottom. I was wearing my sunglasses and I could see they were talking quietly and looking at me from time to time. The thought of two hunky guys being interested in me was making me aroused and as I imagined sucking their cocks I found myself getting hard. I still wasn’t sure so I figured if anything was going to happen, I would have to make the first move. It was warm, and I could see they were sweating, so I got up and went towards the cabana. “You boys look hot. Do you want something cold to drink?” They answered with a “Sure” and I strutted to the door.“Well, come on, I’m not going to wait on you,” I said in my best bitchy tone of voice. I was actually more than willing to serve them. They entered the cabana a moment later and I passed them two glasses of iced tea which they gulped down. I poured them another and smiled as one of them moved casually closer to get some sugar.“So, you think we’re hot, eh?” he said laughing. He was joking about my comment and I laughed gently as I moved closer.“As a matter of fact, I do.” I looked at the other guy and smiled.“You both are. Very hot. I’m Danielle,” I said as I stared into his eyes and touched his arm lightly. He was a little surprised at my touching him, and said his name was Steve and his coworker was Brian. I moved closer to him and asked quietly if they liked “Girls with something extra”. Steve replied, “Oh yes, very much.” I glanced down and saw that his dick was straining against the fabric of his jeans. I reached down and touched the head of his cock through the fabric konya escort and whispered.“Oh good, I’d hate to see something like this go to waste.” He flinched slightly and I giggled in my best female voice.“Oh, that’s very sensitive,” I said sweetly. Steve cleared his throat and laughed a little as he groaned.“Yes, very,” he said as he stretched a bit. I glanced at Brian who was smiling and watching.“I think I should release it.” I said as I started undoing his belt. Brian moved nearer and encouraged me.“Yes, release it.” Steve sighed as I unzipped his jeans and tugged his cock free. It was thick and erect and quite handsome. He was already oozing pre cum from the tip and I leaned forward to lick it. Steve then eased himself up onto one of the barstools. I was now at the perfect height and angle to go to work sucking him. After a few moments of oral ministrations, I felt my thong being removed by Brian. I moaned my approval and felt the cool air of the air conditioning as my cock sprang free. Steve was enjoying my mouth and told me as I plunged deep and took all of him.“Oh fuck! She’s amazing Bri!” Brian then pushed his gorgeous physique up and onto the bar. I turned to find his jeans gone and his cock standing stiff. I turned and immediately went to work on him. I swirled my tongue around the head as I stared into his eyes. He was big, almost eight inches I guessed and quite thick. I began taking more of him into my mouth as I reached for Steve’s member. I couldn’t find his dick and then I felt myself being lifted. Steve had me around the waist and Brian under my arms. Steve eased my butt plug out and I felt some kind of liquid on my ass and heard a squirt bottle spraying. I glanced over my shoulder to see Steve liberally coating me with suntan oil. He’d slipped on a condom and eased me down on his dick. A second later he slipped inside me and I gasped. “Oh my God!” I cried. The guys gently took their time lowering me onto Steve’s throbbing cock. After I moment I caught my footing and felt my ass relax. “You ready?” Steve asked. I nodded with a loud moan. He chuckled and pushed my feet off the bar stool and I slipped down until he hit bottom. I was sitting on his lap fully impaled on his meaty cock. I hardly had a moment to cry out before Brian slid his massive tool between my lips. Steve was rocking me back and forth now and thrusting into me. It felt wonderful. Brian had gathered up two handfuls of my hair and pushed deeper. I moaned and relaxed as he went balls deep into my mouth. Brian was clearly amazed and was gasping now as I sucked him harder, as I groaned. Steve was pumping me like a madman and I squeezed him with my ass pussy. Both guys were giving each other a play by play of what I was doing to them at both ends. Steve wanted more and in the middle of me bouncing up and down on his cock he slid off the barstool. Brian slipped free of my mouth and Steve turned as his cock withdrew. Taking me by the hips he bent me over escort konya the barstool. Brian took a seat on another barstool and they both went to work. Steve slammed his dick into my ass which was so loosened up it provided no resistance. Brian slid his cock into my mouth and commanded me to suck it. My legs were spread wide now as Steve thrust away, harder, and faster with each stroke. I held onto the base of Brian’s cock with one hand and sucked away as my head bobbed up and down, pausing every so often to take him all the way into my mouth and throat. Steve held me firmly in place as he pounded away and I held onto Brian with my other hand. It felt wonderful as they both took their pleasure from me and told me how good it was and what a slut I was. I could feel my hard cock slapping against my thigh as Steve rammed me repeatedly. I stared into Brian’s eyes as I sucked his cock. I stroked him for a few moments as I licked my lips and hissed.“I want you to cum in my mouth baby!” Brian shoved himself in my mouth and grabbed my face.“Oh I’m going to slut!” The guys had continued fucking me for another ten minutes or so when I heard a door open and close. I heard the sound of high heels on the floor and glanced up to see my friend’s sister Karen enter the room.“What the fuck is this?” she said as the guys slowed their pace a bit. Karen glanced at me and smiled.“Gee Danny, they’re supposed to be laying pipe, but in the yard, not in you!” The guys both laughed and continued screwing my holes as Karen waved them on and told them to keep going. Karen set her purse down and walked over to watch.“Well, if you’re going to do her, then DO her boys!” Karen slapped my ass hard and Steve and Brian returned to the blistering pace they had been giving me before Karen arrived. Karen reached down and stroked my cock and slapped me again.“Fucking bitch! You’re spilling your nasty pre cum on my brother’s expensive floor! I hope you like how it tastes slut. You’re going to lick it clean you nasty tramp!” Karen was a very hot blonde. Her brother and I had known each other for years and Karen and I had often flirted but nothing had every happened between us. Now Karen was checking out my cock and whispered to me.“Why didn’t you tell me you had such a beautiful dick?” I winked at her since my mouth was full of throbbing cock. Brian was groaning louder now and asking me if I was going to swallow for him. I bobbed my head as he held me tightly. I was drooling heavy globs of saliva and I watched Karen as she stared in amazement. I heard Steve chuckle and ask Karen if she knew her friend, meaning me, was such a “fucking cock whore”. I glanced at Karen and saw her shaking her head slowly, her eyes wide, and a certain sinister smirk on her face. Steve cried out and yelled he was going to cum. He pulled out of my ass and tore the condom off as Brian spun me around and on to my knees. He was ready too and a moment later they were before in front of my face. Karen konya escort bayan grabbed my head and held me steady as they jacked off.“Give it to her boys!” Karen hissed. A second later they both came, shouting spurt after creamy spurt into my mouth and on my face. It was a blur as they groaned and called me names along with Karen encouraging them every second. I swallowed as well as I could and then took the rest as they smeared my face with their cocks. Of course some had dribbled onto the floor. Karen was pretty pumped up now and yelled at me to lick it all up which I did obediently. The guys made me lick them clean and then returned to their work without even saying thank you.“My God you’re pathetic,” Karen said softly. She moved to me and took hold of my erect cock that was oozing cum from my ruined sissygasm. “But you are sexy as Hell.” She led me to one of the guest bedrooms and pulled her dress over her head. She looked fabulous in her bra and panties and high heels. Her legs being perfect and tanned needed no hosiery. She opened a dresser drawer and removed something I couldn’t see and turned away from me. I watched her step into something and quickly realized she was putting on the harness for a strap on dildo. She turned around, tightening the straps and pulled her hair back into a ponytail with a hairband. She merely pointed to the overstuffed chair and I took my place. I felt a cool hand apply some lubricant to my ass and then felt the head of the dildo at my ass.“If you get me off, I’ll let you cum slut,” was all she said. Then she slid inside and went to work. It was slow and easy at first and then I could hear her breathing harder as she told me how I had behaved like a whore, and how she was going to fuck the slut in me out if it took all day and all night. “Tell me what you love bitch!” she exclaimed. I answered her and her cock. “Yes, you live for it don’t you my fucking cock whore?”“Yes!” I cried as she picked up the pace more.“And what else do you love tramp?”“Your cum!”“Yes, you do lust for it don’t you cum slut?” I nodded and pleaded for her to slow down because I was near coming. I felt her grab my cock and pound my ass faster. She moaned out that it didn’t matter now. She flung me onto the settee now and drove into me faster and faster. After a moment or two she cried out and yelled that she was going to cum and that I should be ready to eat my own cum. She was panting now and crying out as she thrust into me with every wave of pleasure that passed over and through her quivering body. After a minute she stopped and slid to the settee and rolled me over so she could watch me shoot my cum onto my face. She grabbed my cock and jacked me off until I was finished. She kissed me and said that we should go for a swim and screw up the Ph in her brother’s pool. As we left the house to enter the pool we saw the boys packing up to leave and waved good bye. I also noticed they had left the paperwork on the patio table with their phone numbers and a note saying, “Call us again!” I joined Karen in the pool and she kissed me passionately whispering that she wanted to know what other secrets I had been keeping all these years. That would be another story.



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