It’s a cold January Saturday afternoon inside the college gym. The first wrestling tournament of the new year. Frida (25 yrs.) is a voluptuous Latina (36-24-36) who wears a wool jacket and black jeans. She sits in the front bleachers. A press pass hangs around her neck who wears only a sweater with no bra. Her black hair hangs loose as she looks into her “Nikon” digital camera.

She’s been watching the out-of-town wrestler named Griffin (20 yrs.) who stands at 5’9″ and weighs a 141 lbs. Frida notices that he’s exhausted. She keeps taking pictures while Griffin stands by the referee breathing really hard. His hand is raised as the winner and he staggers off of the floor.

Frida whispers, “He sure is cute.”

Inside the locker room. Griffin had just taken a shower who is bent over in front of his locker. He’s breathing hard while his body drips wet. Even his short black hair soaks of water. His team coach walks up carrying a towel. He wipes down Griffin’s body.

Coach asks, “You regret going down in weight?”

Griffin answers, “Shit no. That guy was fucking strong, but I beat him.”

“You’ve been exhausted all season” coach says.

Griffin replies, “I know, but I’m fucking winning at this weight.”

Coach pulls Griffin up to stand illegal bahis and wipes down his wet hair.

“As long as you get to the NCAA championships, right?” coach says.

Griffin grabs the towel, “Damn straight coach.”

Late Saturday afternoon inside Griffin’s Hotel room. He’s lying naked and asleep on the bed.

Knock. Knock. Knock.! Someone’s at the door… Knock. Knock. Knock.!

Griffin suddenly wakes up and asks, “Was that the door.?”

He climbs off of the bed and staggers to the door. He yells, “Who is it? Coach? I’m heading over to the gym soon!”

His eye looks into the peep-hole and no one is outside. He opens the door and there is nobody there. He sees a camera on the floor and quickly picks it up. The door closes and he stride’s over to the bed. He sits down and takes off the rubber-band holding a small note. It says, “Photos of you on the wrestling mat – I’m in room 125 – Frida.”

Griffin looks at the first photo which is of Frida who is naked. He laughs, “Shit, a Latina with great titties, and those dollar-size nipples.”

Late Saturday night inside Frida’s Hotel room. All the lights are on as Frida and Griffin French-kiss by the door. She’s wearing a black see-through nightie and he has on just a t-shirt illegal bahis siteleri and basketball shorts. He pushes her against the wall and then pulls off his shirt.

Her hair falls over her face. Both of his hands gently slide off that nightie over her shoulders. Her gorgeous brown tits flop free and that nightie falls to the floor. Frida steps out of it and kicks it aside.

Both of Griffin’s hands cup her tits. He smiles, “Fucking incredible. I wanna suck on these all night. Can I?”

She answers, “Sure baby.”

His mouth quickly covers her right areola and his tongue flicks her nipple up and down. His left fingers gently pinch her left nipple.

He enjoys it, “Mmm.. Mmmm.”

She responds, “You like my tits, huh?”

He lifts off his mouth, “Fuck yeah, I do. I’m a tit man.”

His lips move over to her left areola. He sucks on it while moving his head back and forth. He lifts off of it and cups both tits.

“Magnificent” he whispers. Then, he starts kissing all around her right tit.

Frida’s hands yank down his basketball shorts over his white buttocks. His already stiff 5 and ¼-inch cock flops free. She gets down on her knees and her right and grips his shaft. Her mouth covers his cock-tip and tongue begins canlı bahis siteleri licking fast.

He responds, “Ohh…! Fuck.!!”

Both of his hands grip her head as he looks down. Her other hand cups his balls and rubs them gently. Then, her lips go all the way down his shaft and touch his black crotch.

“Shit, take it all. Take it all!” he says.

Her mouth comes back up and she kisses his cock-tip. She goes all the way down again and holds it.

“Ohh…! Fuck…! Gonna blow.!!” he screams.

He explodes, “Uh-Uh-Shiiiiiitt.!!”

5 minutes later. Frida lays on her back and on the bed. Her face is turned right into a pillow. Her right hand pinches her right nipple. Griffin lays on her left side with his mouth sucking on her left tit. His tongue licks the hard nipple in a circle. His left hand is in between her legs with his fore-finger and middle-finger digging deep into her cunt.

Frida’s lower back arches off of the bed who groans, “Dios (god)..! Dios..! Griffin..! Joder (fuck).!!”

His teeth gently bite’s her nipple.

Her head jerks and she says, “Joder (fuck)…! Profundizar (dig deeper)…! Dios mio (oh god).!!”

Griffin’s left fingers try to dig deeper into her wet cunt. He lifts off his mouth and moves over to her right tit. His white body on top of her brown body. He gently sucks and flicks her nipple with his tongue. His right fingers pinch her right nipple.

Frida screams in ecstasy, “Asi (like that).! Asi.! Uh-Uhhhhh.! Uhhhhhhhh…!!”



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