Late night landing crossing – Part FiveJane had done this before, I knew at once. She went straight for my clit with her tongue and swirled it around it. She chewed on it, as well on my pussy lips. Fingers went carefully inside me too. Jane knew how to give good head to a woman. Chris was watching all of this too. I laid there getting head from his wife and he starred with keen interest.I came twice for Jane. My legs wrapped around her head the first time, then they were open as wide as I could for the second. I had never been licked like that before. A former girlfriend and I had had sex many times, but no one had ever done it as good as Jane.When bakırköy escort Jane was finished, I at once got a bit daring. I saw Chris’ still-hard dick there and wanted it inside me. So, I got up on my knees and mounted him. The look on his face was one of pure excitement. He was about to get some of me – something that he must have wanted for ages.I guided him inside me and sat down on the full-length of Chris’ dick. I wanted to show him that I could fcuk as good as his wife, and her that I could fcuk just like she. I rode his dick as he lay there. I let it get in me as far as it could. Jane told Chris not to cum beşiktaş escort too, she didn’t want everything to end too soon.Jane had got behind me after I had mounted her husband and her hands soon went over me. One reached around to touch my clit as I bounced away, while the other went down and down my spine. A finger then ran down between my bum cheeks and past my bum-hole. It was soon around the base of Chris’ dick and over my stretching pussy.Chris’ balls were squeezed and my pussy was touched a bit by Jane, before she decided to do something else. Her fingers went back to my bum-hole – three or four of them. She beylikdüzü escort rubbed it first and asked if I liked that. I was bouncing on Chris’ dick, taking all that in, but I managed to tell her that it was okay. I was up for her m*****ing me anywhere.One finger found itself inside me there and I got an instant rush. It probed further and was then joined by another. Double penetration – I use two hairbrushes at home – always does it for me and I came once again. Jane hadn’t finished though there for out came her fingers and I felt her hair go down my back.Jane got her face right in there. Her tongue searched for my second hole and she soon found a rhythm with that as I bounced on Chris’ dick. She licked me and jabbed her tongue around and in my bum-hole. She soon tilted me forwards, down towards her husband and used her hands to open up my cheeks to get as me more. I loved this – a dick in my pussy and a tongue on and in my bum-hole.



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