Part Five.

The two girls moved into his hotel room suite. Brigitte took the car keys and came back with a bag full of clothes for them. She also brought Chinese food and they sat on the bed feeding each other. Ethan was at a loss for words. He felt weirded out that two complete strangers were moving into his hotel room. Then his cock caught sight of their gorgeous bodies and his doubts fled.

While Brigitte was away at their apartment, Amber called in sick at work for both of them, saying they needed a few days. As soon as she put the phone down, she sidled up to Ethan and started necking with him. He loved the feel of her naked body against his and his cock surged to life. It had been several hours since he had worn himself out with Brigitte. They had slept, showered and then lounged in bed watching the television. Now Amber had him to herself.

Amber had a hunger about her that Ethan found so very exciting. She had let him explore his body that morning. Brigitte had watched. Ethan had examined every inch of her, with soft kisses, a warm tongue and fingers. He had spread her legs and spread her pussy and looked and licked. She had cum softly around his fingers. He hadn’t stopped there. He examined her asshole and spread it open. He had licked her from tailbone to clit in broad strokes and she had cum harder. He flipped her over and played with her gorgeous firm bum.

Finally, he had penetrated her from behind, her ass pressed up against his stomach. His cock was just long enough to make it work. He felt his cock slip past her lips and soak up her hot juices. He kept his weight off her but kissed the back of her neck and her ears. She flipped her hair away and moaned.

He fucked her slowly and never stopped kissing her head and shoulders. He felt his nuts tighten and stopped thrusting. He continued kissing her and she pushed back with her ass. He loved the warmth and feel of her ass against him. Soon he was thrusting again, his imminent orgasm under control and suppressed. He didn’t want to cum. Not now. Three times he had to stop. Finally, Amber cried out in pleasure and an orgasm rippled through her frame. She shook under him, clenching the mattress in tight fists, her face pressed against the mattress and screaming in joy.

Ethan looked at Brigitte and saw her watching Amber with an expression of wistful desire. He almost came then. The pleasure of Amber’s pussy around his cock was unforgettable. She was so wet. Her pussy clenched him and just the right moment. He could smell her. The room was filled with the smell of her pussy. It filled his nostrils and fed his hunger.

He pulled out and collapsed fully on to Amber. She made an oomph sound but didn’t complain. He held her and felt her orgasm continue to run through her. He was nailing it with these two women, and he was proud of himself.

That had been a couple of hours ago. He had a constant erection. He noticed Amber’s eyes constantly watching it. She was fascinated by it. Now she was kissing him and stroking it softly in one hand.

“Brigitte will be away for an hour at least. Probably two,” she said against his mouth. “I need your cum inside my mouth. I need to feel you spasm and ejaculate in my mouth, baby. I crave it.”

“Um, okay. If you insist.”

Amber chuckled a husky laugh and started kissing down his jawline. He tilted his head back and she moved to his earlobes. She sucked in his right earlobe and he felt pleasure run down his spine to his balls.

“Ugh, Jesus, that feels good.”

He could feel her mouth smile, then she continued to suck on his earlobe. Her right hand ran across his chest to his stomach with a light, feathery touch and he felt goose bumps rise on his skin. He was lost in the pleasure of her attention.

She kissed down his neck and then the hollow in his throat. He felt her wet, hot tongue lick him. Her hand on his stomach moved lower and circled around his cock. He wanted her to touch him, but she refused. His cock jerked, lifted off his stomach, and then flopped back down with a meaty thump. Amber moved her head so she could watch his cock.

“Do it again,” she whispered.

He obliged her. He jerked his cock and it rose up again and fell back against his stomach.

“Oh my God,” she said. “That’s amazing. Keep doing it!”

Ethan continued to spasm his cock. It lurched upward and bobbed. Amber squealed and watched it in fascination.

“I knew men could do that, but wow! It’s so alive! How do you do that?”

Ethan grunted and his cock danced once again. “I think it’s like your Kegels. It’s a muscle at the base of my cock. I just flex it. It’s more dramatic when I’m hard.”

“Oh my god. It’s awesome. You have to show Breeg! What else can it do?”

“Helicopter it?” he offered.

“Show me!”

Ethan got off the bed and demonstrated the helicopter effect. His swirled his dick around and around and Amber clapped and hooted her appreciation. Laughing, Ethan fell back on the bed on his back and Amber kissed hi, illegal bahis laughing hard.

“I love your dick. The whole place smells like your dick.”

Ethan blinked at that. “Um, what? No, it doesn’t. I can only smell your pussy.”

Amber lifted her head and looked at him. “What?”

“The whole room smells like pussy.”

“No, it smells like cock. And cum, your cum.”

Ethan sniffed the air. He smelt pussy. “Nope. Pussy.”

Amber stared at him for a moment. “That’s interesting. You smell pussy?”

“Yeah, it smells good. I love it.”

“And I smell your gorgeous cock. It’s unique. And your cum.”

“My cum smells?”

“Yeah, a little like bleach. Faintly. Honestly, you can’t smell that?”


Amber shook her head and kissed him. This time she crawled up on top of him, putting her whole weight on him. “Well, the smell of your cock is making me horny.”

They kissed for a while with Ethan massaging her bum and lower back. She broke the kiss and sat up. He reached up and caressed her small breasts. He loved the feel of them. They fit his palms perfectly. He could feel her nipples pressed hard against them. He pinched them gentle and she raised her hands over his and squeezed with him.

“I love the feel of your hands on my tits. So strong and rough. I missed that about men. Brigitte is soft. Men are hard.” She ground her pussy against his cock for emphasis. “I want to explore your body. May I?” She grinned down at him, her hair hanging down in front of her face, framing her eyes.

“Be my guest.”

“Don’t cum until I say so, can you do that?”


Amber grinned at him. “That’s fair. Just let me know, okay?”

“You’ll know.”

“Yum!” she exclaimed and then rolled off him. Like Ethan before her, she took her time. Her touch was gentle, her kisses light, her breath a warm breeze against his cool skin. The hairs on his body stood up and he shivered. He loved the attention. He never had a woman do this to him and he didn’t want it to end.

She took her time and he lost track of it. She had him roll over and she tickled his back with a light touch. She ran her fingers lightly up the crack of his ass and he thrust into the mattress. She made cooing noises and repeated it over and over. Each time he thrust into the mattress. It was almost too much for him.

When she finally flipped him back over, she turned her attention to his cock. He could feel his pre-cum leaking from the tip. She sniffed at it and giggled. “Yup, bleach.”

He lifted his head to look at it just as she licked the pre-cum away. She drew a broad tongue across it as he watched. Her eyes were closed in bliss. She tongued it slowly and he saw his pre-cum glisten thick on her tongue.

He came. He couldn’t help it and it surprised him. A thick rope of his cum launched with force from his cock deep into Amber’s open mouth. He could see it must’ve hit the back of her throat. Her eyes flew open in surprise and she started to cough. His second rope launched right back into her open mouth and landed on the back of her tongue. Her mouth closed and he could see her start to swallow. His third rope hit her lips and splashed across her chin and cheeks.

He expected her to complain but she opened her mouth, cum stretched across it, and she took his cock into her mouth and drove it deep. He ejaculated again into her throat and she made happy noises. She bopped her head on his dick, sending waves of intense pleasure through him. He felt his cum being sucked out of his cock and felt her throat move as she swallowed.

He flopped his head back down and for a time Amber sucked and licked his cock. She was making smacking sounds with her mouth and little noises of pleasure. He loved that she loved his dick. He felt free somehow. His wife never would do this in a million years.

Amber started lapping at his balls with a firm but gentle tongue. It sent shivers through him. His cock was still hard, and he felt the desire to keep going. These women have breathed new life into me, he realised.

He closed his eyes and enjoyed her attention. Soon she was massaging his calves and feet with firm hands. He fell asleep and woke when Brigitte burst in carrying a heavy bag.

“Hey, you two! It smells like sex in here! Yum! What’ve you been up to? Huh?”

Ethan raised a bleary eye to see Brigitte drop the bag to the floor. Amber bounced off the bed and ran to Brigitte and hugged and kissed her.

“I taste cum! Amber! You stole some!”

“I didn’t steal anything. It was freely given.”

Brigitte kissed her harder. Ethan could see their tongues dancing in their cheeks. Brigitte broke the kiss. “Damn, all gone. Just a faint taste.” Brigitte looked over at Ethan and then lunged at the bed. She flew up beside Ethan and took his soft cock in her mouth and started sucking it hard.

Ethan groaned and lay back watching. Amber came up beside Brigitte and started undressing her. Piece by piece her clothes were removed illegal bahis siteleri until Brigitte lay between his legs sucking his cock, fully naked.

She took his hard, wet cock and rubbed it over her large nipples. He liked the feel of it against his head and he made an encouraging sound. Brigitte grinned and placed his cock between her tits and started tit-fucking him. Amber squealed and helped hold Brigitte’s tits around his cock.

When his cock head emerged from the warm mounds of soft flesh, Brigitte would lick it quick. Amber caught on and spat between her tits for lubrication. Her mouth fought with Brigitte’s to see who would get to taste him.

Brigitte told Amber to back off. “This cock is mine, Amber! My turn! I get the next sweet load.”

Amber nodded and sat back. She looked at Ethan for a moment and then moved over to sit on his face, her hands on the headboard. She lowered her pussy to his waiting mouth and moaned when he licked deep inside her opening. His hands came up to grab her ass and pull her down harder against his mouth.

The feeling of his cock between Brigitte’s massive tits was glorious. He had a mouthful of the most delicious pussy. Every now and then his cock would find the hot hungry mouth of Brigitte. He felt his nuts tighten and could feel his cum surge into his cock. It wouldn’t take much.

He pushed Amber higher and she obliged, knowing what he wanted.

“Oh yeah, Ethan. Eat my ass, baby.”

He drove his tongue past her sphincter and deep into her ass. She moaned and her hand flew to her clit.

“Oh that looks hot,” said Brigitte. “I can see him licking your ass. Jesus, Amber, that’s so fucking hot. That’s what I look like, I bet, when I do that.”

Brigitte shifted and Ethan felt her weight settle on the bed on either side of him. He felt her fumble for his cock and hold it and then her pussy engulfed his cock. He sank into wet heat. Every part of his cock was surrounded by the wet welcoming folds of her pussy. She bottomed out and he heard her gasp of pleasure.

She paused a moment and then started to ride him. She would rise up until his cock would nearly fall free and then she would lower herself back down on him. She kept a slow pace, getting used to the limits and soon sped up. The only part of her touching him was her pussy.

He felt her weight shift again and then her tongue joined his at Amber’s asshole. Amber moaned and pushed back until Ethan had her pussy on his mouth. Brigitte kept her attention on her ass and soon Amber was crying out in pleasure. Liquid flooded his mouth and he swallowed and savoured the taste. She was like a river of pussy juice. It was a constant trickle of juice and he loved it. She tasted so sweet and musky. I could live on this alone, he thought.

In moments, Amber came loudly. Her pussy gushed and he swallowed reflexively. Brigitte seemed to lose her rhythm on his cock, and he heard her join Amber in her pleasure. His cock suddenly grew slicker in her pussy and he knew she had gushed more juice. It was too much for him; he grunted with pleasure and came into Brigitte. He ejaculated his full load into her spasming pussy. He heard her squeal in pleasure and announce it to Amber.

“He’s coming inside me! Oh, my god!” she screamed.

Amber flew off of Ethan. She cupped his balls and then licked the base of his cock. The added sensation prolonged his orgasm and he grunted harder. His orgasm abated and Brigitte collapsed on top of him, breathing heavy. Amber continued to lick his balls and the base of his cock sending shivers of pleasure through him. His cock lurched deep inside Brigitte.

“Oh! I can feel that. Do it again!” she breathed against his neck.

He twitched his cock and felt more cum ooze out inside her. “I’ve filled you up.”

“Mmm, yum. I love it. That was intense. Feeling you cum inside me did something to me. It felt so right. I felt so much more a woman. Does that make sense?”

Ethan shook his head. “Nope, but I believe you. Coming inside a woman is the best feeling. It’s where I’m meant to cum.”

Amber grabbed the base of Ethan’s cock and pulled it free from Brigitte’s pussy. They both complained loudly and then Ethan groaned as Amber wrapped her lips around his cock and started sucking.

“Is she sucking your cock?”


“Lucky boy.”

Amber popped his cock free. “You both taste delicious. Want to taste Brigitte?”

“Uh-huh, but I’m too comfortable here.” She wiggled against him for emphasis.

Ethan felt Amber move and then she was kissing Brigitte right in front of his face. He could see their tongues swirl together. He watched fascinated and turned on. Seeing two beautiful women kissing is every man’s dream. I love women and seeing another woman loving another woman just confirms my attraction.

They turned their kissing to him, laughing as they fought to win access to his mouth. After a moment, Ethan realised he could taste Brigitte and himself in their mouths. He shrugged canlı bahis siteleri mentally and accepted it. Fair is fair.

Later that day Ethan showered alone and left to get supper from the sushi place. He ordered a massive amount and lugged it back up to the hotel room. When he entered, he could hear the shower running and the girl laughing inside.

“Supper’s here!” he yelled out.

“Yay!” came the chorus of reply. “Just a minute!”

Ethan pulled out the plastic containers from the large paper bag and laid them on the dining table. He had edamame, tons of maki rolls and nigiri, he even ordered some teriyaki beef. He was starving.

Next he pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniel and a litre bottle of coke and then got the suite glasses. He poured three stiff drinks and added ice from the fridge freezer. He took a sip and then set it down.

He stripped naked and flopped on the bed and listened to the girls laughing. He heard the water shut off and then a squeal. The bathroom door flew open and Brigitte came rushing out laughing, her large breasts rocking on her chest, with an expression of mock horror on her face. She was being chased by Amber. Ethan could see the large strap-on that Amber wore.

Brigitte spotted Ethan and ran to him. “Help me!”

She leaped onto the bed and then tried to hide behind him. Amber jumped up and then stuck the dildo of the strap-on at Ethan. It was white, bigger than him, and glistened with moisture. “Suck my dick, bitch!” she ordered.

Ethan looked at Brigitte and saw her looking at him.

“I think she means you, Ethan.”

Ethan looked at Amber and saw the mischievous look on her face. “Suck it!”

“No fucking way!”

“Do it!”

Ethan shook his head and started to get up off the bed, but Brigitte grabbed him and wrestled him to the bed. “Suck it, Ethan!’ laughed Brigitte. “It was just in me, it tastes like me!”

“Not gonna happen! I have limits. That’s one!”

Brigitte relaxed and looked at him. “Really? It would be awesome. Maybe try a little?”

Ethan shook his head and struggled out from under Brigitte. Amber got off the bed and slipped off the strap-on. Brigitte pouted on the bed.

“Brigitte really wants to watch you, Ethan.”

Ethan looked at Amber. “I’m sorry. I don’t swing that way.”

Amber looked sad for a moment and then spied the food. “Oh! Sushi! Look at it all, Brigitte! It’s been so long since we could afford it! Ethan, thank you!”

“You’re welcome. I made JD and cokes. Hope you like it. The edamame is gonna get cold. Eat up!”

The next thirty minutes was all about eating. They were famished and the food was excellent. A third round of JD and coke was ordered by Brigitte and Ethan handed them over. They took turn feeding each other.

At one point, Ethan took a salmon nigiri and held it up. “Hey, Amber. Can I eat this off your pussy?”

Amber’s eyes lit up. In moments both girls lay back on the bed and Ethan would place a nigiri on the lips of their pussies and gobble up the treat. He would give them little licks and the girls giggled. They demanded a turn and carefully balanced nigiri on his cock and ate them off him. They all agreed to forgo the wasabi.

More drinks later and Ethan found himself eating the girls out one after the other. They went on all fours on the bed with their asses in the air and their shoulders pressed to the mattress. He would eat one and finger the other. He went back and forth, enjoying their unique tastes and textures. He licked their lips and sucked their hard clits. It was a dream come true for Ethan. Two women open and exposed to his attention. He had them coming in no time and they collapsed on the bed.

He pulled them until their horse remained on the bed. Their round gorgeous asses looked back at him. He could see their assholes and the beautiful slit of their pussies. He found the lube and lubed up his cock. The girls had their faces together, with their cheeks on the mattress. They watched him and he could see the delight in their eyes.

He lined up behind Brigitte and thrust his cock into her pussy. She gasped. He thrust away, lost to his own pleasure. He lubed up Amber’s pussy while he fucked Brigitte. He switched girls. He ran his cock up through the lips of Amber’s pussy and was rewarded with her moan. He lined up and thrust himself inside her with one steady push. Her pussy was tighter than Brigitte’s and he felt his balls surge in pleasure.

He thrust with abandon, using their pussies for his own pleasure. He grabbed their hips and drove them back onto him. His pelvis rocked them. He switched back and forth, enjoying the sight of his cock disappearing into their hot wet depths. He thumbed their assholes and watched it wink back at him. He added lube and was soon driving his middle finger to the third knuckle into their assholes. He could feel his cock through their ass.

The girls were panting and moaning now. Each had already come around his cock. His fingers in their asses was driving them wild. He didn’t know which one he wanted to cum inside. He switched back to Amber and saw her asshole gaping back at him. He grabbed the lube and squirted it into the opening and without warning drove his cock deep into her ass.



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