I loved watching her dress.

I was already ready to go when she came out of the bathroom, her hair pulled back in a ponytail, make-up done, and completely nude.

“I know this isn’t the fanciest restaurant in town,” I said, “but . . .”

“Oh, be quiet. I’ll be just a minute.”

She smelled warm and clean from the shower. She bustled around the room, gathering her clothes, unabashed by my open gaze at her nakedness. I could see that her full, heavy breasts sagged slightly; I could see arc of her slightly rounded stomach, the flesh on her broad hips. I adored her curves.

She stepped into a pair of black, lacy panties and I felt a stirring of desire. With her back to me, she put on a black bra, pulling at the straps and adjusting her breasts in the cups until she had them just right. When she turned back to go to the dresser, I saw it was my favorite, a smooth, silky bra that pushed her breasts together, giving a perfect amount of cleavage, and held them just right so that they bounced slightly when she walked. I could have watched her parade back and forth like this all night.

She sat on the edge of the bed and began to pull on her stockings. When she leaned over to wriggle her toe into the hose, I watched with delight as her breasts fell forward, her soft, pale flesh looking even more beautiful against the dark fabric. She glanced up and saw me watching.

“Enjoying the show?”

“I always do.”

“Get your money’s worth, I’m almost done.”

“I don’t know how I’m supposed to concentrate on dinner now,” I said.

“What, because you’ll be staring at my tits all bahis firmaları night? Very mature, James.”

“We could just stay here, you know, and entertain ourselves.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” she said, standing and going to the closet. “We’ve had these reservations for a month. You should have thought of this a few hours ago.”

“You weren’t wearing that bra a few hours ago. Or those stockings.” The stockings were dark, too, running all the way to the tops of her thighs, leaving just an inch or so of pale flesh below her panties.

“Why don’t you go stick an ice cube in your shorts or something. I’ll be down in a minute.”

“I’ll wait.”

“That’s what I was afraid of.” She was being short with me, and sarcastic, but I knew that she loved the attention. She took a black cocktail dress out of the closet and slid into it, shrugging it over her shoulders and chest, pulling it down over her hips. The dress hugged her curves perfectly.

“That’s not fair,” I said, feeling my cock begin to stir.


“That dress. You’re going to wear that dress and make me suffer like this, knowing that it’ll be hours before I can get it off of you?”

“If you keep this up, you won’t be taking anything off of me tonight.” She looked at herself in the full-length mirror and tugged at the dress until it hung just right. “Zip me up?”

I stood behind her, meeting her eyes with mine in the mirror. She had an impatient, annoyed expression on her face, but couldn’t hide that there was a hint of delight beneath. I slid the zipper slowly up her back, then slipped an arm around her waist, kaçak iddaa pulling her tightly to me.

“You look beautiful,” I whispered.

“That’s the idea,” she said.

“Have I told you how much I loved this dress?”

Her eyes narrowed. “I think I can feel it.” There was no hiding my hardness now with my crotch pressed against her ass. “Don’t you get started, I don’t want to be late.”

“I think it’s too late,” I said, both arms around her now, inhaling the rich, sweet scent of her perfume, grinding myself into her. “We have to, I won’t be able to eat.”

“There’s no time,” she said, struggling a little against my embrace.

“There is,” I whispered, my breath warm in her ear, starting to kiss her on the neck.

“Sure,” she said, “time for you to get your kicks, but this is supposed to be fun for me, too, or didn’t you remember?”

“I remember,” I said, reaching down and pulling her skirt up over her hips.

I met her eye in the mirror again and could see a sparkle of excitement.

“Why don’t you just go relieve yourself in the bathroom and we’ll be off.”

“I want you,” I said, sliding her panties back down her legs, over her knees until they slipped to the floor. She lifted one foot and spread her legs slightly. I could feel her breath starting to get heavier.

“Fine,” she said. “Do your thing. But don’t you dare come on my dress.”

I moved faster now, unbuckling and unzipping, yanking my pants down just enough so that my thick, swollen cock could spring free. I reached between her legs and felt her wetness and smiled, knowing that she wanted it to, that she’d kaçak bahis never wanted me to stop at all.

“Oh,” she said, I sharp intake when she felt my fingers on her pussy lips.

I bent my knees and rubbed her wet pussy with my cock, finding her opening, finding just the right angle before standing and pushing myself all the way inside of her.

“Ah!” she gasped again, reaching forward with one hand to the mirror to steady herself. “God you feel big tonight,” she moaned.

I began to move in her, my hips back and forth, sliding my full length in and out. The wet sounds and smells of our sex filled the room.

“I couldn’t help it,” I grunted in her ear, “I had to have you, I couldn’t wait.”

“Don’t wait baby,” she said, “Mmmm,” she moaned again, feeling me full and thick, “oh, I love your cock.”

“I had to fuck you,” I whispered, moving faster now, harder.

“Yes baby, yes,” she said, “fuck me, fuck me, baby.”

Hearing her talk like that, watching her face in the mirror, her big breasts heaving with every deep breath, I couldn’t hold back. She could tell, she could feel my cock swelling, my balls tightening, she could tell by the way I picked up the pace.

“Yes!” she said, her eyes widening, “do it baby, fill me up, fuck me, come inside me, fuck me, fuck me with your big cock, oh!”

I erupted inside of her, my body tight against hers, my cock twitching and shooting wave after wave of cum, emptying myself into her.

I waited until I was done, until we had just caught our breath before slowly pulling out, redoing my pants, and looking at my watch while she pulled her panties back on.

“See? We’ll be just in time.”

She smiled up at me, pulling me in for a deep, full kiss on the lips. “That was an appetizer,” she said. “You just wait for dessert.”



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