First Time for Elise

The three women waiting for me in room E524 look at me expectantly as I enter. Monique escorted them here about fifteen minutes ago and told them to wait for me. The delay in my arrival is a deliberate move to test the obedience of these members of the Slave caste. As Monique had anticipated, relaxing the rules governing which members of La Chatte Heureuse can come to the island has resulted in an influx of visitors. These three have never been here before. They claim to have read and understood our rules, but I suspect they have little idea of how they apply in practise. Only one of them has changed her clothes since her arrival and put on the standard open breast top and miniskirt which all those of the Slave caste must wear as a symbol of their caste. The other two are holding their La Chatte Heureuse issued tops and skirts as though they don’t know what to do with them.

All those of the Slave caste arriving on the island must make a choice between the three categories of Slave. The largest group are Field Slaves, who spend eight hours every day doing routine chores around the buildings and grounds in exchange for a generous discount on the charge for their stay. General Slaves are excused most of the heavy chores, but must pay extra for the privilege. This group have chosen the Bondage Slave category. It’s the smallest and most expensive of the Slave categories. Their experience here is going to be one of submission, confinement and punishment. Which is where I come in.

Once Monique realised that I’ve a talent for rope bondage she’s arranged for me to receive additional training. In exchange for which I am tasked with using my skill whenever it’s required. Like now. I study the trio waiting for me and note that none of them has obeyed Monique’s order and remained standing in line. They are a mixed bunch aged nineteen, twenty six and forty one. I collected that information, and much more, as part of my main duty as receptionist when they arrived by boat earlier today.

One of the women is wearing steel collar, which labels her as a ‘chattel slave’ to use La Chatte Heureuse terminology. She’s a slave who belongs to a particular Mistress who arrived with her. The other two have arrived here wanting a temporary Mistress for the duration of their stay. It’s a service La Chatte Heureuse provides for its members. It’s part of my receptionist role to find someone from the Mistress caste to take control of each unattached Bondage Slave for the duration of her stay. If I can’t find one, then Monique, Stephanie or I, as the only Mistresses on the staff, must fill the role.

“You were ordered to remain in line,” I snap in fake anger. “Obedience gets rewarded, disobedience earns a punishment. You two, get your street clothes off and put them in these bags. Except when you are naked, you must wear your Slave outfit for the duration of your stay.”

The two women who had ignored Monique’s earlier order to change their clothes look sheepish and belatedly change their clothes. That makes two black marks against those two. It’s too late for them to avoid a punishment as they will soon find out.

Although I know each woman’s real name from when I registered her arrival on the island, it’s not unusual for a member to use an alternative name during her time here. Consequently I carefully examine the name displayed on the necklace or collar of each Slave before referring to her by name.

“My name is Madame Nicole,” I say. “I am here to prepare you for your stay here. Slave Elise, stand over there.”

Elise isn’t her real name. She’s the youngest of the Slaves, and one of those who failed to change her clothes earlier. I have her fold her arms behind her back and I proceed to tie her in a chest tie. It’s a straightforward bondage tie which imprisons her arms behind her back and binds her chest above and below her tits. A simple cross loop along her cleavage and over her shoulders squeezes her well formed tits into an attractive position. I’m sufficiently practised at this sort of tie to have the task finished within a few minutes.

“As punishment for your earlier disobedience, you shall wear a ball gag until I’m satisfied that you have learned your lesson.”

Elise is obviously new to this game and she seems nervous at the prospect of being gagged. But she doesn’t baulk when I order her to open her mouth, and she accept the gag without any fuss.

“Do you remember the safety code?” I ask once she’s bound and gagged. “Demonstrate the signal.”

Normally I wouldn’t remind any member of La Chatte Heureuse of the safety code. It’s supposed to be something every member knows by heart, but Elise is nervous and she’s a relatively new member. She blinks four times, which is the accepted signal when the Slave can’t say the universal safe word ‘pussycat’.

Once I’m satisfied that she’s okay, I move onto Slave Suzy. In just under a quarter of an hour I’ve all three Slaves bound in a chest tie, and the two being punished maltepe escort suitably gagged. I’ve varied the ties where appropriate. Suzy has large tits which can accommodate a three strand tie around each tit. The tie squeezes her tits our further and increases the erotic sensation such a tie creates for the Slave. The tie is less effective on those with smaller tits as the rope tends to slip off.

We’ve another hour or so before the welcome party for the newly arrived Mistresses and Ladies winds up. Slaves aren’t treated to a party, but they are nonetheless made welcome to the island and given a chance to socialise. In the case of Bondage slaves, the welcome is an induction into the lifestyle they’ve chosen to experience. I let the three of them savour the effects of their bondage for a few minutes.

“If any of you wish to change to another category of Slave for the duration of your stay here, then you need to say so before you leave this room,” I say. “There’s no shame in changing your mind, but once you leave this room your choice to be a Bondage Slave is final until it’s time for you to leave the island.”

Strictly speaking a Bondage Slave would be allowed to transfer to a different category at any time if she was really in distress. But La Chatte Heureuse doesn’t advertise the fact in order to discourage members from constantly wanting to change category.

I pay particular attention to Elise. She’s not only the most nervous of three women, but she has booked to stay here for five weeks. It’s an unusually long stay for someone who is making her first visit to the island, and it’s a long time for an inexperienced and unattached woman to endure the rigours of the Bondage Slave lifestyle. I secretly hope that she’ll change her mind and opt for one of the less onerous Slave categories because I’m not sure if I can find an unattached Mistress willing to take charge of her for five weeks. Splitting the duty between two or more Mistresses is always a poor alternative but sometimes it’s unavoidable. I remove Elise’s gag so that I can ask her if she is sure about her choice. But Elise is determined to stick with her decision and I replace her gag.

I have the three of them stand in line for about ten minutes before I remove the gags and I allow them to talk among themselves. None of them want to change their choice so I study the list of unattached Mistresses to try and identify suitable matches for the two in need of pairing. I don’t know any of the newly arrived Mistresses beyond their profiles I read just before their arrival. Not all Mistresses want to be paired with a Bondage Slave they don’t know, so the choice is limited. Added to which, some members prefer an older or younger partner, while others, like Elise, prefer someone of their own age. It’s not always possible to align Mistress and Slave perfectly, and most members accept that they need to show a degree of flexibility. Nevertheless I do my best to meet everyone’s expectations.

As I feared there’s no unattached Mistress in Elise’s preferred age range who is staying on the island for all of the next five weeks. The best I can do for her is Madame Zoe who is tens years her senior, and is available for the next two weeks. After that I’ll have to hope an unattached Mistress is available from the arrivals due that week. If I match Zoe with Elise, it means having to find an alternative Mistress for Suzy, who would otherwise be a good match with Zoe. I gradually accept that I will need to be Elise’s Mistress for the duration of her stay. Stephanie and Monique are both quite a bit older than Elise’s preferred age for a Mistress, and Stephanie already has two Bondage Slaves in her care.

I find the prospect of having my own Slave for five weeks rather exciting. I’ve taken on the role of Mistress to a Bondage Slave before, but never for more than a few days. It will mean extra work for me, but nothing I can’t cope with. There are plenty of members from the Ladies caste who can temporarily watch over Elise while I’m busy with my regular duties. I just hope Elise realises that she’ll be a regular guest in the dungeon cells.

The final step in the pairing of Mistress and Slave is for both parties to consent to the pairing. Elise has no hesitation in accepting me as her Mistress, and my consent is a formality. With the preliminaries complete the onus is now on me to exercise my control over Elise’s life for the next five weeks. Although I’m relatively new to the task, I’m not without some experience, and Monique and Stephanie are more than willing to advise me when I need guidance. The prospect of breaking in a novice Slave keeps sending a small thrill through me. But I mustn’t rush things. We’ve plenty of time to explore and enjoy our time together.

“How much experience have you had in the BDSM scene?” I ask Elise once the other two Slaves have left with their Mistresses.

“None at all, Madame Nicole,” replies Elise. “My girlfriends used to tie me up when we played together, but escort maltepe it was nothing more than childish games. Nothing like this harness you’ve put me in today.”

“Hmmm … Well this chest tie is only for starters,” I say as I check that the ropes aren’t restricting her circulation.

An experienced Slave would know to use her safe word if she detected a problem, but I can’t be sure that Elise would realise if her circulation was becoming impaired. It puts an extra layer of responsibility on my shoulders, but I’m okay with that.

“What other bondage do you intend to use on me?” asks Elise.

I don’t reply immediately, and instead I give her a hard stare. Elise soon takes the hint.

“Sorry, I meant no disrespect, Madame Nicole,” she says when she remembers that she must address me properly.

“There are numerous restraints I’ll be using on you. And you’ll be no stranger to the cells and the contraptions in the dungeon. We’ll have sex when I feel like it. However, you mustn’t hesitate to use your safeword if you are unable to endure what is happening to you. I’m not into torture, and I won’t easily forgive you if you fail to let me know if I overstep your boundaries. Now tell me why you have chosen to endure five weeks of this treatment when you’ve apparently never done anything like this before?”

“I am pushing my boundaries as far as I dare, Madame. I’m hungry for sexual experiences and I’m tired of playing timid games with my friends. The thought of being bound helpless excites me but I want more than a fleeting moment of pleasure.”

I’m not sure Elise realises the extent of her commitment, but I’m not going to do anything more to dissuade her from her choice. My task is the make her experience satisfying and enjoyable, while rewarding my own selfish desires. Elise has a delightful body and once she gets over her nervousness, I think she’ll be a good partner for some heavy duty scenes.

I take Elise to one of the unoccupied ‘games rooms’ downstairs. I choose one of the smaller rooms which look like a motel room at first sight, but contain several extra features you won’t find in a standard motel. This room is a similar to the one Olivia and I occasionally share when we are in the mood for sex with each other. I push my pleasant thoughts of Olivia out of my mind and focus my attention on Elise.

“Are you a virgin?” I ask as I release her from the chest tie.

“No, Mistress. My ex-boyfriend claimed that prize. Then he dumped me for another girl.”

“Madame. You should refer to me as Madame Nicole, or simply Madame while you are here. Discipline and adherence to our customs are what help make this place special. Some things may seem very formal or old fashioned, but it helps preserve the overall La Chatte Heureuse atmosphere.”

“Sorry, Madame Nicole. It won’t happen again.”

“Is your split with your boyfriend the reason why you joined La Chatte Heureuse?”

“No, Madame. I was already a member of La Chatte Heureuse before I started dating Sean. My parents didn’t approve of my leanings towards girls, and they encouraged me to develop a relationship with Sean. But it simply didn’t work out. I only started going with him because I wanted to see if I could feel the same way towards a boy as I did towards girls. He tried to ‘cure’ me of my lesbian tendencies by fucking me. If anything, it only reinforced my determination to come out. Eventually my parents accepted who I am.”

“Being drawn to a person of the same sex isn’t unusual. Every member here is attracted to women to a greater or lesser extent. But why have you chosen the Slave caste and, in particular, the Bondage Slave category?”

“I want to feel controlled, Madame. Controlled in the severest way possible. I’ve grown up in a rich privileged environment. I’ve never wanted for anything, and my parents spend money like it’s going out of fashion. They’re currently on some Grand Tour of Europe for the next few months. They think I’m relaxing on some tropical beach with my friends.”

I don’t fully understand Elise’s motives, but we have plenty of time to explore those over the coming weeks. Her earlier nervous reaction seems to have passed, and I continue with my plan.

“Undress and lie on the bed,” I command.

Elise obeys without hesitation. A Slave’s uniform is only held in place by a few press studs, so it’s easy to remove even if the Slave is bound. I admire her body as she removes her clothing. Elise is attractive by anybody’s standard. Her waist length auburn hair is her best feature, although I will need to have it confined in a bun or plaits to keep it from getting in the way. A small scar on her cheek is the only blemish on her round face. Her tits are nice and firm and her body is well proportioned. I’ve seen Slaves here who look too skinny for my tastes, and there are those who carry a lot of extra weight. Elise’s body is neither. Once she’s naked, Elise lies down on the bed as I instructed.

I take four cuffs maltepe escort bayan from the dresser drawer, along with suitable lengths of rope. I attach the cuffs to Elise’s wrists and ankles and tie them to the hidden rings in the corners of the bed frame. Elise is bound spread-eagled on the bed and is eagerly waiting for my next move. Her earlier nervousness has been replaced by one of lust. She practically begging me to take full advantage of her helpless body.

I sit down on the bed so that I can run my hands over her body. Elise’s response to my touch is to lean towards me and invite more vigorous attention. I don’t hesitate to take full advantage of the offer.

Our first kiss is passionate and Elise instinctively humps my hand when I reach between her legs. She’s wet in no time at all, and she has an orgasm the moment I touch her clit. She squirms against the restriction of her bonds. It’s a futile act which drives her wild with lust, and increases my sense of empowerment over her. It’s a wonderful experience for both of us, but I will have to teach her better self control over her orgasms.

“We shall work on your orgasm control, Elise. You must learn to ask permission before having an orgasm, and be prepared to quell your slutty desires if I refuse.”

“Yes, Madame Nicole,” sighs Elise. “But I’m not sure I know how to stop myself from coming.”

“Then we shall give particular attention to that during your training.”

“Training, Madame?”

“Oh yes, my pretty slave. At the moment you are just some rich young woman who is playing at being a Slave. By the time I have finished with you those roles will be reversed. When you leave this island, you heart and mind will be that of a Slave returning to a life of playing at being a rich young woman.”

Elise goes thoughtful for awhile, letting my words sink in. I’ve set myself an ambitious target. A journey which will require Elise’s consent and participation. But we have enough time, and so far she seems to be willing to travel that journey with me.

“Would you like that?” I ask, after giving her some time to consider what I said.

“Yes, Madame Nicole. I would like that very much.”

“Good. Now, before I remove your restraints I want you to put your tongue in my cunt and see if you can bring me to an orgasm.”

I move into position and straddle her face. I lift my skirt to reveal my bare cunt and let her get to work. She is willing enough to do as I ask, but it’s obvious she’s never done anything like this before. It’s another thing she’ll need to be trained to do, although I can probably delegate the training to one of the members of the Ladies caste. Although Ladies can’t participate in all the activities at La Chatte Heureuse, they are allowed to help supervise the Slaves and carry out this sort of training. It’s the type of low key activity which satisfies the needs of those members who aren’t into the full BDSM lifestyle.

“I’m sorry, Madame. I’ve never done anything like this before,” says Elise when I dismount and stand by her side.

“I shall arrange for someone to train you, but for now you must be punished for your failure,” I say as I unfasten her restraints. “Now get dressed and follow me.”

Elise does as I command and I lead her down to the dungeon below the Slave quarters in building E4. When Elise sees the dimly lit dungeon, a mixture of fear and delight crosses her face. I let her stand for a few moments to take in the scene. Her excitement is almost tangible once she overcomes her initial fear.

“I must return to work for a few hours, so I think this is an excellent time for you to sample one of our cells.”

“Yes, Madame Nicole,” replies Elise, practically skipping into the cell I have indicated.

I shut the door behind her and check that the electronic lock has engaged. Only I or another Mistress can unlock this door using the palm pad device next to the door.

“There’s a chamber pot under your bunk,” I say through the small barred window in the door. “A gaoler will check on you once an hour. Use your safeword if you cannot handle being in your cell.”

The gaoler will be one of the members of the Ladies caste whom Stephanie has assigned to check on the dungeon’s occupants every hour. It’s a popular task as it gives the gaoler the opportunity to tease those imprisoned here, especially those bound to one of the wooden racks and frames along the dungeon wall. A Lady can’t open the cell doors, or remove a Slave from the dungeon, but some Ladies can be quite inventive within those limitations.

I return to the Administration building where Brooke and Helen are busy working. Slave Brooke is being her usual self and she’s trying to seduce Lady Helen into having sex with her. I know that Helen is a bit shy, and she’s probably put off by Brooke’s brazen approach. A less direct approach by Brooke might give her a better outcome, but that isn’t Brooke’s style.

“Have I missed anything important?” I ask when I walk into the office.

“No, Madame Nicole,” replies Brooke. “All the new arrivals seemed to be settling in okay.”

“Good. Now have you been behaving yourself, Brooke?” I ask, knowing full well that she’s been trying to seduce Helen.



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