kyle and jamieit was 2 years ago when i recently met up with a girl who used to baby sit me when i was younger.she was about 8 years older than me and recently split up from her husband she asked me if i would go to a wedding with her as a friend as it was her first social function since becoming single and i happily agreed.we attented the weeding together and at the end of the night she asked me back to her daughters house where she was staying to continue the drinking and partying so off we went.her daughter was 25 and stunning but had a bf who stayed with her it was her house and she was hostile towards me the whole evening so i was glad when she went to bed eventualy it was just me and sandra left and was hopng for a quick wank or bj before i went home but before i got any action the door opened and in came kyle her son and his friend jamie both iof them were 16 both were very drunk kyle was small with blond hair and jamie was a bit taller but black hair and very skinny kyle was the most stunning boy id ever seen and jamiee was a wee hottie as well.jamie fell asleep and i sat talking to kyle secretly wishing i could stick my hand down his trackie trousers and feel his cock i could see the outline of a small bulge bakırköy escort on jamies tracksuit but not kyles so i thought it must be quiet small which i liked sandras sister got up and came through and said me and jamie would have to go home but he was that drunk he would not wake so sandra said jamie and kyle could sleep in her bed and me and sandra would get a couch each in the main room.i knew where id rather beso me and kyle pickied up jammie and carried him through to the room sat him in a chair and i went back to my couch and once me an sandra were alone she unzipped my jeans and started sucking my cock before she finishe i heard kyle getting up and i tried to bolt back over to the other couch but it was too late hed caught us he was not happy and woke his sister up. so there i was expecting to get threw out but instead she said i would have to sleep in the room with the two boys i reluctently agreed lolwe went into the room jaamie was still asleep on the chair fully clothed and kyle said you can either sleep on the floor or share the bed with me im not shy then he said but you beeter not feel me up when im sleeping and laughed he stripped off all his clothes exept for his boxers beşiktaş escort and jumped into bed by this piont i could not believe my luck and stripped to my boxers and jumped into the bed we spoke for a while till kyle fell asleep. i tossed and turned and moved the covers so i got a nice vew of his body it was hot.kyle was on his back sound asleep i slowely put my hand across and placed it on he front of his boxers and finaly felt his package through the cloth it was the most amazing feeling in the world i wanteed more but the boxers had know opening and a tight waist band i knew i did not have the courage to go inside them i was sure id wake him then id be up sh.t i contented myself rubbing it through his boxers i started rubbing his chesthis thighs his face i started getting bolder got my cock out put his hand on my cock kissed him on the lips and when i finaly had enough courage i lifted his waistband and peered down at his cock it was awsome pretty small about 2 or 3 inches but a awsome set of balls i slipped my hand inside placed it on top of his cock n balls and just left it there evuntalyy i started slowly jerking his cock and to my astonishnent he started to get beylikdüzü escort hard.i pulled away thinkin he was awke but he was not so i put my hand back down and slowly jerked him till he was rock solid.i slowly started shuffling down the bed with the intention of putting his cock in my mouth when i heard a vioce say “i always knew you were gay” i froze in panic it was jamie who i had forgot about.i froze withdrew back from kyle started at the wall and did not know what to say it seemed like a age had passed jamie never spoke but i could hear him moving i eventualy turned round to face my fate when to my astonishment jamie had his trackies and boxers round his ankles and was wanking away he sort of laughed and said you going to help me with this.then he got up took his clothes of and lay down on the bed beetween me and kyle i started jerking jamie his 8 inches hard but quit thin and unlike kyle he was cut while i jerked him he put his hand down kyles boxers and played with his cock. then he took kyles boxers down to his knees and said dont worry when he drunk hed sleep througha earhquake.he then got his phone out and asked me to film him playing with kyles cock and suckin it it was clear he was not intrested in suckin or wankin me but did not care i sucked jamie till he came while at the same time time both of us were playing with kyle this lasted for about two hours then we bpth fell asleep.when i woke up in the morning jamie was gone kyle was still asleep so i got dressed headed home and wanked some more….



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