Ken and Raven had an unusual marriage. They didn’t live together. They didn’t even live in the same city. She wasn’t allowed to visit him and he decided when to visit her on weekends. It could be that she disliked his adult children (and the feeling was more than mutual) but it was really about control. Both of them felt the need to be in control.

Ken got to control how much time they spent together and to some extent what they did. Raven, however, had a far different kind of control.

Raven knew what Ken liked, what he craved. He craved sex. One night she found out what he wanted more than sex and that gave her the control she needed.

Ken liked to watch. Raven found this out the easy way – by trying it. She brought a kitchen chair into the bedroom and told him to sit there with his hands on the arms of the chair. He wasn’t to move in any way.

Ken’s breathing got faster and shallower at her demand. He sat down slowly and gripped the chair hard enough to make his knuckles white. He didn’t know what she planned but he was already hard and straining his pants with a solid erection. Raven saw it and smiled.

She pulled off her clothes piece by piece, running her hands over the newly exposed flesh. Even when looking at herself she could see him out of the corner of her eye. The flush on his cheeks and the white knuckle grip aroused her even more.

Finally she reached inside of her panties and ran her finger between her lips. Ken’s eyes were glued to her movements and his hips were moving to the same rhythm. She let that go for the moment and reached in a little further to slide one finger into herself. She moaned at the feeling and smiled.

Finally she skimmed off her panties and stood there naked with a slight sheen of sweat. Watching him watching her was more exciting than she thought it would be. His flushed face and slack lips showed he liked what she was doing. Now it was time to take it further.

Raven crawled into bed and made sure she was at the end closest to Ken. If he wanted he could have reached out and slid his own fingers into her steaming pussy and she knew he wanted to do just that. One of his hands started to move off the chair.

“Stop.” The absolute authority in her voice froze him in mid-movement and caused him to draw a shaky breath.

“Put that hand back on the chair. Now.” There was no doubt at all that he would do it and she was right. His hand was once again gripping the chair. She could see the damp spot on his pants where his cock had started leaking pre-cum. She was enjoying this.

She spread her legs wide, letting him see what he couldn’t have. Her hands started playing with her soaking wet pussy, sliding into herself then rubbing her clit. She was taking her sweet time enjoying this, watching him and getting more excited by his submission to her demands.

She never thought it would get this far but she hoped and prepared.

“Go to the top drawer on the left and give me what’s in there.” Her tone was harsh and dismissive. He was there to serve her now. She waited to see if this was too much.

Ken took a shaky breath. He looked down at his wife spread out on her bed and currently untouchable by him. He wasn’t sure what she would do if he didn’t obey and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know right now.

Instead he stood up and went to the dresser. Sitting on top of the clothing was a dildo. He stood there for a minute looking at it. It was huge – much bigger than he was. He knew he wasn’t small but this was porn star big. He picked it up and marveled at the weight. His hand barely fit around it. He turned to her in amazement.

“Yes. That’s the one. Bring it to me.” She was smirking at his expression. Nothing like seeing something so much larger to make a husband know his place. She had such plans for that evening.

Ken paused, considering. He loved watching her play with herself for him and her commanding tone. He wanted this kind of confidence from her but did he really want to see her fuck this huge piece of rubber? What did it mean that she wanted it at all?

Raven knew this was a turning point, a point of no return. If he refused then they would go back to their normal sex life and he would always wonder if he was satisfying her. If he brought her that massive dildo he was hers for whatever she wanted. She held her breath as he stood with his back to her and wished she could see his face.

His head dropped and he turned around. The dildo was hanging from his hand and the bulge in his pants was smaller than before. She smiled triumphantly. He was hers more than any wedding ring could make him.

Watching his defeated pose she decided not to push things too much this first time. Despite his apparent submission there was every chance he would walk out and not come back if things went too far. She abandoned her idea of having him prep the dildo for her. This time.

“That’s right. Bring it to me and put it here.” She pointed to her stomach. “Don’t touch me, don’t drop it. Set it on me gently.” She played with her breasts while he took the step to the bed and did what she told him to do. The latex was both warm and cool to the touch. His hand had warmed the center and the ends were room temperature. Her nipples got that much harder at the feeling.

“Now sit back in your chair. Hands on the arms. No touching.” She raised up on her elbows so she could see him better. “That means no touching yourself either.”

She liked this vantage point so she grabbed a couple of pillows and propped them behind her shoulders. Now she had a perfect view of him and of her pussy. The dildo looked enormous against her body. Neither one could take their eyes off it for a moment.

Looking at him from under her eyelashes she once again started to play with her pussy. Holding it open so she could slide one then two fingers inside of her. Running her fingers around and around her clit. Making herself wet and open. Ken’s eyes were glued to her fingers and what she was doing to herself.

She looked over and saw he was hard again if not as hard as before. She needed to do something about that.

Sliding two fingers deep inside she slowly twisted them around and gathered up a nice coating of her juices. Sitting up she let the dildo slide to the bed and slid her fingers across his upper lip. Mixed in with his sweat there was now a trail of wetness rich with her smell.

His eyes widened as he took in her scent and once again she could see him hard and solid. She knew he loved the smell and taste of pussy. She gave him one to keep him interested. The other one was out of bounds.

Lying back she decided it was time to take it to the next level. Ken was in for quite a treat. He just didn’t know it yet.

Picking up the dildo she didn’t bother with licking it. Ken wasn’t that interested in receiving oral sex so it wouldn’t have done anything for him. She found that odd but since she wasn’t interested in giving him oral sex it worked out. Instead she trailed the head from her chest down to her pussy.

“Oh my. This is so heavy, so solid. I need to get it wet before I can use it properly.” She watched him with an evil grin. “It’s going to take quite a bit to get it thoroughly wet you know.”

As she said that she slid the head down between her lips. With one hand behind the head of the long thick fake cock she held her pussy open so he could see it rubbing along her slit. Her pussy was more than happy to make it slick and shiny.

“You like this part Ken. You do this every time you fuck me.” She then slid the shaft between her lips imitating his pre-fuck move to lube his cock. This time he got to watch that juice he wanted so much cover the fake cock and head. He licked his lips and got just a taste of her juices. He groaned.

“Now watch me Ken. Watch me take this and know it’s going to open me more than you.” She was getting far too aroused to be cautious with her words now. The latex was warm and wet while she was hot and wet. It was too good of a match to worry about his feelings now.

Ken frowned at that and wondered if it was time to stop this. He had been enjoying the show but now realized that it may not have been for him. He also wondered how much she had used that thing when he wasn’t there.

Raven was more than ready and without so much as glancing at him she worked the massive head into herself. Twisting it around she skewered herself on it and groaned at the sensation of being filled and stretched. She held on just behind the head and worked it in and out of her, feeling it open her wide.

Ken was getting less aroused by the minute. He didn’t fuck her like that. He liked the long slow drive deep into her and thought she did too. She never said otherwise. But here she was fucking herself on a huge fake cock in ways he never did.

Raven lifted her eyes to him and saw his frown. She smiled at his discomfort and took a deep breath. With one strong move she slid the entire length of the dildo inside of her. Balls deep with no more than a moan. “Oh yessssss” she hissed as it bottomed out.

Ken was now soft and annoyed. This show wasn’t for him to enjoy. It was more of a power play on her part. Wasn’t she satisfied? She always came several times when they fucked. Or was she faking that?

Raven was in her own world now. She started fucking herself slowly then more powerfully with each stroke. As she drove it in deep and hard she came loudly. Her back arched as she ground the dildo deep inside and gave it short hard strokes. This was too good to share.

Her hips dropped back to the bed with the dildo still inside of her. When she looked at Ken she could tell he was not pleased with her performance. When he started to get out of the chair she was just as displeased and decided to do one more thing.

“Sit back down. Now. You wanted to watch me so now finish watching.” Her voice wasn’t quite as commanding since she was panting from her deep orgasm but it was more than he could take. He sat. He wasn’t aroused but he wasn’t leaving until the show was over.

Raven had made the decision that since this had already changed their relationship she was going to take it all the way. Ken wasn’t nearly as experienced as he thought he was. She had done more things than she admitted to him. He was going to find out one of those things now.

Without breaking eye contact she slowly drew the dildo out of her steaming pussy. She couldn’t help but moan as it scraped the sides as it left her body. She stopped with the head still inside of her and looked him in the eye.

Without breaking eye contact she pulled the dildo out, glistening with her pussy juice. She moved it down until the head was touching her asshole. Ken’s eyes went wide.

He hadn’t had that hole in all the time they were together. He had played with it a little but never got any further. Her lukewarm reaction kept him from trying to go there and now she had the equivalent of a small tree trunk pressed up against that tiny hole. The hole he had never felt for himself.

Seeing Ken’s attention where she wanted it Raven made herself relax and pushed. Her asshole opened like a flower to take in the massive head. She and Ken groaned at the same time but for different reasons.

She loved the feeling of this dildo in her ass. She’d used it all the times Ken wasn’t around. She’d even used it when he was sleeping one night.

Watching him she slowly worked the toy deeper and deeper. She knew she could take it all and she did. In little time it was balls deep in her ass and Ken looked like he was going to faint. She was in heaven.

“I love having my ass filled. But you wouldn’t know that, would you Ken?” His expression didn’t change as she taunted him. She started working it in and out, pulling it out every few strokes to show her gaping asshole.

“Would you like to be doing this yourself? Fucking my ass with your cock? Feeling it hot and tight around you?” She couldn’t help taunting him as she got closer and closer to orgasm. The fingers of her other hand were rubbing her clit and she could feel her pussy leaking down to lube the dildo. He could see the what was happening.

“I’m going to cum and I’m going to cum hard. This cock in my ass feels so good, so deep. I feel like I’m going to split in two.” This last one was accompanied by a long hard thrust that buried the fake cock and made her cum again.

She took a moment then slid the dildo out of her ass. Some air came out and she ignored the sound. When the head came out she moaned again and then sighed in contentment.

When she looked up Ken was not in the chair. He wasn’t in the bedroom at all. Shrugging she took the toy into the bathroom to wash it then put on her bathrobe to find her husband.

Ken was sitting on the couch. His hands were draped over his knees and he was looking at nothing. The slight damp spot on his pants had dried to a stain but he didn’t seem to notice.

She slid into the chair across from him, limp with pleasure. She could feel that her cheeks were still flushed and she knew her hair was matted like it was after good sex. She waited him out, wondering what he would say.

Just before she couldn’t stand the silence any more he looked up at her. There was no expression on his face as he took in her appearance. Reflexively she closed her hand on her robe, covering her chest more.

“Why? Why did you do that to me?” There was no more expression in his voice that if he was asking her the time.

“I.. I thought you would like it. Like watching me pleasure myself.” She wasn’t nearly as assertive as she was less than an hour ago. She wondered if she made a terrible mistake.

He looked at her like he’d never seen her before. The worst part is that she didn’t see any pain or anger in his expression. It was like he was looking at a stranger.

Without another word he got up, gathered up his weekend kit, and left the trailer.



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