Kellys sisterIf you have read any of my other sexcapades you will know that Kelly was the married woman who i first had sex with at a school disco party then went home with during our lunch break and bunked off of work for the afternoon to spend it shagging.Well Kelly has a sister,Trudy who works at the same place.She is a few years older than her sister with similiarly large boobs and an even bigger butt.I guess she could be labeled a bbw.As they are close as sisters they obviously share everything.This,i was to discover,included talking about their sex lives.Trudy’s husband was twenty years older than her,which i was to discover meant she was not getting satisfied anymore.She wasn’t particularly my type of woman,but sometimes you have to broaden your tastes.One day we were working together and having a general conversation.As is the way the conversation got around to sex.She said’My husband is just not interested in sex anymore.I am lucky if he goes anywhere near me in fact.I am sure he still loves me but that isn’t always enough.Sometimes i just need a good shagging.To feel that someone still gets turned on by me’.We carried on chatting and i asked her what sort of man she would go for,if she had the chance,and she said’Any really.As long as they were young and fit.In fact someone about your age.I am sure you could last more than five minutes and fully satisfy me’.At that i didn’t know what to say.The matter was taken out of my hands though.Trudy reached down and grabbed my stiffening cock.’You certainly seem to have the equipment’.By now the day was nearly over.As we were walking out she asked if i would give her a lift home as her husband had used the car to go fishing.When we got to her house she asked if i wanted to come in for a tea or something stronger.’My husband will be out till dark bloody fishing so we won’t be disturbed’.When we got inside she locked the door and said make youself comfortable in the lounge.She disappeared upstairs reappearing tuzla escort five minutes later.She had changed into a tight shirt that could barely contain her boobs and had a mini skirt on which barely covered her arse.My tongue must have been hanging out as she said’I guess you like what you see’.As i said,sometimes you have to broaden your tastes,and a fucks a fuck.And she was definitely after a good fucking.I walked up to her and took her hand saying’Take me upstairs to bed.If your husband does’t want to satisfy you anymore then he can’t blame you if you find someone who does want to’.At this she led me upstairs to her bedroom.I say hers because they both had separate bedrooms.She was nervous as she sat on the bed.I told her to relax and that she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to.If she just wanted to be held that was fine.She said’I have a young man with a big cock who obviously wants to have sex with me.And you think i want to be just held.No bloody way.I want you to explore my whole body with your hands and tongue and then i want you to give me a damn good shagging’.She lay down on the bed and i started to explore her body with my hands.I worked my way along her legs and up to her boobs.I took these in my hands and kneaded them before tweaking her nipples.This caused her to moan softly.I then worked my way down,circling her mound slowly before easing my finger into her pussy.I slowly fingered her pussy as she began to moan again.As i built up a fast rhythm her pussy began to squelch and she began to shake eventually coming very loudly.She covered my fingers in her pussy juices which she took and licked off seductively.’bloody hell.You sure know how to turn a woman on’.I told her i had only just started and went to move between her legs.I began to lick her clit before poking my tongue into her by now very wet pussy.As i alternated between licking and sucking she began to let me know how much she was enjoying sancaktepe escort it.’Oh god.Oh my god.Oh that is so bloody good’.She was soon beginning to shake again and as she did this she brought her legs up and clamped my head between them.I thought that i was going to suffocate especially as she started to come.Her pussy juices began to flow and pour into my mouth causing me to nearly choke.Fortunately she began to release me as i began to feel i could take no more.’Sorry for that.You don’t know how much i enjoyed that’.I think i did but let her carry on.’I have never been pleasured like that before.My husband certainly wouldn’t do that’.I then took my cock that was now rock hard and teased her by taking it in my hand and rubbed it around her clit.She eventually said ‘Stop teasing me.I need that cock inside me.I want you to fuck me.Oh god please fuck me’.I took my cock and eased it into her wet pussy.’Oh my god.That is so bloody big.That is stretching my pussy.I can’t even feel my husbands cock when he is making love to me.Not that he ever wants to anymore’.’Well he is missing out.You are one horny fuck’.’Well thats because you are pleasuring me in all the right ways.My husband could learn a thing or two’.I began to thrust in and out of her pussy building up a steady rhythm.She began to scream ever louder and i was worried about what the neighbours would say.’Sod the neighbours.It’s my house.If i want to have noisy sex in it then i will’.By now i was close to coming and i told her so.’Come inside me then.Fill my pussy with your fresh young seed’.I gave two more hard thrusts before pushing deep inside her pussy.’Oh god.That is so good.I can feel your young seed splashing against the walls of my pussy’.I continued to flood her pussy with come before pulling out of her and falling onto the bed.I told her to straddle my face as i wanted to lick her come soaked pussy.She said’I think i am a bit to big to sit on your face.I üsküdar escort might crush you’.But i didn’t care.I wanted to lick her pussy out.So she sat on my face and i tongued her pussy out.She was soon coming again and my face became covered in her pussy juices.My cock was by now ready for more action and i told her to ride my cock.She protested again but soon gave in.I told her to face me as i wanted to enjoy those huge tits.As she rode up and down on my stiff cock her tits were bouncing and swaying in front of me.’Grab my tits.Lick my nipples.I love to have that done.I tell my husband that but he doesn’t listen’.I took her nipples in my mouth and that seemed to drive her wild.She began bucking wildly on my cock,thrashing about like a woman possessed.’Oh god.Oh my god.Fuck i am going to come again.I have never come so much’.As she said this her body shook as if in a spasm and she began to come.I could feel her pussy juices running down my cock and knew i was close to coming again myself.I told her so and that i wanted to’..Come all over those big tits of hers’.But she said’No.I want you to come inside me again.I want you to fill me up with your young come.I want to be walking around tonight,when my husband is home,knowing your come is slopping around in my pussy.If it drips out,and my husband asks what is happening,i will say that i was fucked stupid by a hot young stud.And he filled my pussy up’.What an amazing attitude i thought as i gave one last big thrust as she pushed down on me,taking my cock in up to the hilt.My cock began to explode firing loads of come deep inside her.This caused her to come again and it was a few minutes before both our orgasms subsided and we collapsed in a wet,sticky heap.As we lay there she said’That is the best fuck i have ever had.My sister was definitely right’.It was then i realised how close the sisters were.Kelly must have told her sister Trudy about our sex sessions.When i eventually went to leave she said’Maybe we could get together again sometime.Maybe when my husband goes fishing all day on a saturday.Maybe i might persuade Kelly to join us.I bet you would enjoy a threesome with two sisters’.’Too bloody right i would.Especially two sisters who were as horny as you two’.



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