Kelly’s Peeping TomKelly’s Peeping TomIt had been weeks since I last saw Kelly. I’m not quite sure if I intended to cruise through her neighborhood, but then I do sometimes lie about my intentions. The streets were quiet and secluded with only a few street lamps lighting the roads but the thick growth of trees and shrubbery was masked in deep shadows. I slowly drove down her street with only parking lights until my view was not obstructed. I sat and watched the occupants of the house moving from room to room, as their evening progressed. Their outlines were visible on the curtains of them eating their dinner, clearing it away until they settled in their living room, snuggled together, and kissing each other.My stomach twinged slightly with mild jealousy, even if I had no right to be that way. I knew I was a deeply held secret from her partner; her partner would never understand our relationship as being one of sexual appetite only, unlike theirs, which was a loving and lasting one. I watched all the lights go out with only a dim lamp in the bedroom remaining lit. The window was open and unblocked as they undressed each other. Their intimate actions were clearly visible from the outside, and I smiled gazing at them. I was just about to start my engine and pull away, when I spotted something moving in the bushes just in front of my van.I strained my eyes in the darkness and there was a clear view of a teenage male, pants down around his ankles, his cock hard in his hand, stroking himself, while looking up at the open window seeing the two naked bodies displayed in the light. I chuckled to myself and quickly snatched up my taser strikelight, quietly opened my side door, and lurked up behind him. I flipped the bright strikelight that startled him and gave him a quick stunning jab with the taser. He fell in a heap at my feet dazed.”What the fuck do you think you are doing buddy,” I snarled in a sinister voice, as I grabbed his shirt collar and pulled his bare ass across the road and tossed him up into the back of my van. I pushed him face down and tied his feet together, then placed a coil of rope one, around each of his wrists and tied them to the inside of the van on either canlı bahis şirketleri side. Grabbing gray tape, I taped his mouth shut. He was now secured kneeling with his hands well up above his head. He started to awaken from the shock and began pulling and struggling against his bindings.”Ha, try as you might sucker, I got you tied up good. Now, what the fuck were you doing, playing peeping tom watching those girls getting ready for bed. Jerking your tiny little cock knowing that they could not see you in the bushes?”His eyes looked around wildly as if for an escape and he pulled on the ropes holding his hands. Suddenly, he looked down, and saw that his pants were still down and that his penis was still semi-hard. He really was not that bad looking, with a swimming suit tan line, making his cock and ass look very bright white. “Poor baby, I interrupted you didn’t I,” I laughed again. “I’m going to have some fun with you dear.” He watched me afraid of what was going to happen, until he saw my unbutton my blouse revealing my lacy red bra. “Like what you see?” He could not answer, but he nodded his head. I knelt over and pulled my shorts and panties off, then removed that lacy bra. “You like looking at girls. Virgin are you?” Almost as if ashamed, his eyes dropped to the floor. “Answer me,” I snarled. He slowly looked up and nodded ‘Yes’ again.”Good boy,” I smiled.I peeked out the window again, and the lights had been extinguished in the bedroom, but there was one small lamp burning brightly in Kelly’s workroom. I guessed immediately, that following their evening playtime, her partner had gone to bed and she had went to her workroom to play on the computer before going to sleep herself.I opened my laptop, logged into my online account, and spotted her immediately. I typed out a little message, “I see your office light is on, couldn’t sleep?””What, how can you see my office light?” was the immediate response from Kelly.Realizing I had given away my surreptitious surveillance, I texted back: “Look out your window.””God, you are such a nasty girl Frolic, What are you trying to do, get us both in trouble?” she texted back.”Of course! But, hay, do you know that you canlı kaçak iddaa have a peeping tom in your neighborhood, and I don’t mean me either? I caught some teenage boy wanking in the bushes looking in your bedroom windows.””Peeping Tom?” she replied.”Yep, and I got him here in my van. Want to have some fun?” I asked.”Hold on….” As she typed her answer, I saw the light go out. Within a minute, here she came scurrying across the lawn in only a light, almost see-thru robe and house slippers, she climbed into the back of the van.My arms went around her, pulling her to me, kissing her passionately on the lips, my hands holding her cheeks, our bodies pressed together intimately. She gasped as I released her as my hands began caressing her hair, her neck and her shoulders. I felt her quivering at my touch and her hands just dropped to her side, she submissively sat before me looking into my eyes. I turned the lights on inside of the van, and looked at her.”Undress Kelly, take your clothes off. Let our young captive see your ravishingly beautiful body close up, he has only seen it in darkness thru the window.” She had forgotten I had said I had a captive, and her eyes went to the tied boy. She hesitated shortly, but acquiesced to my command. The boy watched as she stripped her clothing off, and I smiled seeing that his semi-hard cock was once again starting to rise, forgetting how untenable his position was in the van.One after the other, I began kneading her 36DD breasts with my hands, my fingertips pinching and twisting on her nipples, watching her squirm as I did. The light revealed her neatly trimmed pussy hair and the pinkish labia lips pushing out amidst the hair. I reached down, took my fingers, and traced her slit slowly, feeling her pussy becoming moist and ready to accept my fingers.”Good Girl,” I pulled her face to mine again, and kissed her deeply plunging my tongue into her mouth. “You see this little boy likes this. His cock is getting harder and harder.” I forced her to look at his crotch and cock. “Take a hold of it Kelly like a good slut; give him a good stroking with your hands.”As she touched him, I began licking, sucking her nipples, and my fingers canlı kaçak bahis pushed deep into her pussy. She began panting heavily as my thumb worked the thick nubbin of her clitoris and four fingers in her cunt. “Spread your legs Kelly, let him watch you get finger fucked, let him see your sweet vagina opening. You know he wants to push his cock into you don’t you?” I teased her as she turned sideways toward him exposing herself.I crouched in front of Kelly, spread my legs wide, holding my pussy open and moved to her face. Her mouth and tongue eagerly began licking at my wet pussy. “See his cock Kelly. Slide your ass up between his legs, rub your wet pussy on his cock and get it wet with your juices.” I turned my head to watch her slowly maneuver her body closer and closer to his cock until his tip parted her labia and she started humping up and down on it, letting the tip slide the length of her pussy. She had an almost crazed look in her eyes. I stepped aside and began fingering myself watching her close her eyes and rubbing his cock.”Guide it Kelly, guide it where you want it most.” I continued to cajole her. Her hand grabbed his shaft, and she rubbed its tip against her clitty, back and forth. The poor boy’s body began shaking and wiggling. I knew he was about to cum all over her. “Kelly, let that cock in your pussy, the boy needs to cum inside you.” Without a moment’s hesitation, she rammed her body hard against his cock, and we watched it disappear deep in her pussy. She started rocking back and forth, and he started humping forward into her, grunting as she started moaning in time with his thrusts. A few more heavy strokes on his part and he shot his load of cum deep in her. She kept moving against his now still body pushing herself deeper and deeper on his cock until she fell backward spent entirely.His cock slid out, still hard, covered in cum. I turned on all fours, backed my pussy over his cock, grabbed it and guided it into my pussy. I started hopping up and down shoving it deep inside my pussy, reaching underneath; I played with his balls, holding them tight as I rocked on him.”Omg,” he said, “I’m gonna come again.” He started thrusting upward hard into my pussy and I rode him hard enjoying the feeling of his hot cum spewing into my pussy and dribbling down his balls on my legs.”Good Boy, see how much fun it is IF you have permission. No more Peeping Tom, knock on their door and ask to play next time.”



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