Keith’s Subversion – MarieI’d waited over a week for Keith to come back online again. But he just seemed to have vanished. He had been a guest on the chat site, so I hadn’t really considered him a serious prospect. Although he had been kinda cute and it could have been fun if he’d shown up again.In the absence of Keith I was amusing myself browsing the various porn chat rooms I frequent when I’d come across Marie. She’d advertised herself as single looking for fun, but I could see this wasn’t true. She was clearly married and bored! I wish girls on these sites would be honest, I’m quite happy to fuck a married slut, but I’d like to know first. After all pussy is pussy, but knowing tuzla escort there is a husband forewarns one before the act.We chatted for a while, but despite her best efforts to try and convince me otherwise I could see she was married. After a while she admitted it and the conversation got a whole lot easier. It turned out she was away from home on business and was on her own. So she’d decided to ‘try out’ a chat site because a friend had told her about them.’So Marie’, I asked ‘Why are you really here?”Not sure’ came the reply.’Well I’m here to see if I can persuade women to strip on cam for me’I heard her splutter a bit.”I’ve just told you I’m married”, sancaktepe escort she said ‘Do you think I’m going to pose for you?'”I’m sure you are in time, you just haven’t accepted that fact yet””I don’t think so” she replied.”Well what are you wearing?””Blue blouse and black skirt””No, what underwear are you wearing?””Er…. matching bra and panties””Colour?””Blue Floral pattern””Thong?””No””Stockings?””No, not today””So you do wear stockings sometimes” I said”Yes, on special occasions”, she replied”Can I see you in your bra and panties?””No, I told you I’m not showing myself””I’ll show you my cock””Definitely no! ….. is it big”I grinned, üsküdar escort she was going to show herself.”Well come on cam in your underwear and you’ll find out”I’d already enabled my cam and was sitting naked slowly stroking my cock. A few moments later she appeared, still fully clothed, on the screen.”You’re cheating”, I said, “You haven’t taken anything off yet””Well I thought you’d be cheating, but I can see you’re not””That’s nice, I offer a straight swap and you try and cheat me”I moved to turn my cam off.”No, No, wait I sorry”She started to strip as I watched.”There”, she said “Matching bra and panties””Nice, but you tried to cheat so take your bra off to compensate me”I could see the horror in her eyes, but she reached behind and removed her bra.”Oh my, you have lovely tits”She smiled. We sat and chatted for quite a while longer. She watched me jerk off for her and then we agreed to meet up the next night as she was staying a few days.



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