As Russ stepped off the plane, he smiled to himself. Pulling his long brown coat tighter around him and yanking his hat down on his hairless head, he entered the terminal. He was there to keep a promise — one made to Kathleen, an Internet friend. He said if he was ever in her state, he’d meet her and they would hold a proper make-out session. No actual sex, but masturbation would be played by ear.

See, Kathleen was 25 and had never dated, except for what she called a “desperation fling.” The farthest that relationship had gone was holding

hands. But Russ understood some of her shyness — teasing when she was younger, as well as bad things in her past she’d never really specified.

From the pictures she’d sent, he recognized her across the terminal. Waving, he trotted toward her, carrying his baggage.

The two had met on one of the online diary sites and their friendship had blossomed into regular instant messages, e-mails and the occasional

phone call. They had both admitted an attraction for the other, and danced along the line between friendship and something more.

He had been pleased to discover her sensual imagination. She didn’t talk about it a lot, but he knew many of her turnons, and she knew some of


“Hey, sweetie!” Kathleen said with a smile, pulling him into a tight hug. “You’re taller than I thought.”

“And you’re lovelier than I thought,” he said with a grin.

She blushed.

“You’re just saying that. But it’s aweful nice of you,” she said. “Can I help you with your bags?”

She slung one over her shoulder, pulling her curly blonde hair from under the strap.

“My car’s this way,” she said.

They walked side by side, peeking at each other out of the corner of their eyes, both thinking about the promise and the boundaries set, but

not mentioning it.

“It takes a little bit to integrate the person you know online with them in real life, doesn’t it?” Russ said.

“A little,” Kathleen said. “But I like it.”

She chattered about the town as they drove to the movie store. He led the way into the movie store, and she watched him, appreciating his

strong shoulders and sparkling eyes. It wasn’t so hard fitting the creative and philosophical mind with the body.

After spending half an hour in the store debating the merits of different movies, they nabbed an old Godzilla movie. They both had a good idea they wouldn’t see much of it.

After supper, which Kathleen cooked, illegal bahis they decided to watch the movie.

The TV was upstairs in her bedroom, so they headed up.

“It’s not so girly, is it?” Kathleen said with a smile as Russ chuckled at the Marvel posters she had framed on her wall.

“I like it,” he said. “It fits you.”

Jumping onto the bed, Russ nabbed a couple of pillows for him and stacked up a few for Kathleen. Pushing play on the tape, she climbed

onto the bed, looking shyly at Russ, and lay down so they were spooning.

He put one arm around her waist, resting it on her belly.

“Is that OK?” he asked.

“Fine,” she said. She felt the heat rise on her face, glad he wasn’t looking at her right then. It was foreign to her to feel another’s warmth against her back. But it felt — nice, she decided. Safe. After a little bit, she snuggled tighter against him.

They lay like that for awhile, enjoying each other’s laughter at the dubbing and the stilted movement of the monsters.

“I love your laugh,” she said, looking up at Russ with a smile. “It’s warm. And rumbly against my back.”

Russ looked down at Kathleen, appreciating the curves of her body, the sparkle in her green eyes, and her full lips. She wasn’t what most

people would call beautiful, but there was a determination and fire under her reserved exterior that drew him to her. Her writings online

revealed a creative mind and passionate heart.

He caressed her arm, running his hand from shoulder to arm. He didn’t react outwardly as she shivered under his touch. It wasn’t from fear, he

knew, because she didn’t pull away. Rubbing her back with one hand, he smiled to himself as she pushed back against him, seeking more contact.

He reached up and gently smoothed her hair away from her face and planted a kiss on the cheek.

“Gonna miss the movie if you keep doing that,” Kathleen whispered huskily.

“Is that so bad?” he whispered back.

“Guess not,” she said.

He kissed down her neck, down her chest. One hand stole under her shirt, rubbing her soft belly.

Feeling like it was of her own volition, she rolled onto her back and pulled him against her. He obliged her, kissing the left side of her kneck, gently nipping her earlobe.

“Fuck, Russ,” she said. “Why didn’t anybody tell me what I was missing?”

She moaned softly, feeling like ice and fire were exploding throughout her body. She idly wondered if illegal bahis siteleri it was possible to drown in sensation. Ignorant of what she should do but following the want, the need, she reached under his shirt, caressing his chest, pulling her fingers across

his back. Kathleen looked shyly up, meeting Russ’s dark eyes.

Russ breathed harder, too, exerting iron control to keep from ravishing her. She looked so beautiful, so wanton beneath him as he awoke

sensations she’d always heard of but never experienced. Her eyes were big. She was softness and light to his firmness and strength.

“Don’t fight it,” he whispered softly. “You’re safe.”

He leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips.

She looked up at him in surprise.

He kissed her again, pressing his lips urgently against hers. Her lips parted, and he slipped just the tip of his tongue in.

Another shiver raced through her body as she felt herself slipping into a world made up only of feelings and sensation. Cautiously, curiously,

she pushed her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues danced playfully and it was his turn to moan.

Thinking back to stories she’d read, Kathleen gently sucked on his bottom lip.

“Mmmm,” he said appreciatively. “That’s nice.”

He returned the favor, and her eyes met his after. He saw in them fear and self-hate crumbling and passion mixed with gratitude glowing


Gaining more confidence as she learned from her patient teacher, they grew more playful.

She sat up and pushed him to his back.

“What feels good for you?” she asked with an impish smile as she straddled him. “Let’s test.”

“I don’t know if that does,” Russ said. “Stay there too long and I’ll violate the terms of our promise.”

“Oh,” she said with a blush. “Sorry.”

She moved slightly off him, centering herself just over a leg rather than hips. Pulling up his shirt, Kathleen kissed his belly button, then

slowly licked her way up the center of his chest. She nipped gently along the collarbone, then kissed solidly along his jawline.

Amusing herself, yanking off his shirt, she explored his body, what made him breathe harder and what made him moan.

Russ thought he would soon explode. Determined to send her over the edge without violating terms, he asked her if he could take her shirt off. He

rolled her gently onto her back.

He could see the questions and old fears pop into her mind, but staring canlı bahis siteleri into his eyes, she nodded.

Russ reached under her shirt, sliding it off over her head, spreading her hair behind her on the pillow. He smiled appreciatively at the simple black satin bra she wore.

He kissed down her neck again, and ran his hands down her sides, quickly discovering that she was ticklish there. With a grin, he ran his fingertips up her side from waist to shoulder, and laughed when she jumped.

“Sorry, sorry,” he said. “I had to.”

“Punk,” she said, giving him a playful punch in the arm.

Acknowledging her with a grin, he kissed her lips and kept kissing southward. As buried his face between her breasts, he reached up and caressed them through the smooth satin. They weren’t large or small — they fit his hands nicely. He noted with inward satisfaction the hard nipples and

ran his thumb over them.

“Oh God,” she moaned. He took a quick glance up at her closed eyes and felt her arch against him.

He continued caressing her breasts, gently squeezing, and occasionally flipping a thumbnail across the nipples. He kissed up her left arm.

“Fuck,” she moaned again. Lost in lust, she slipped a hand beneath her waistband to touch herself.

He felt himself grow harder as he saw that. He nibbled her shoulder, where the neck and collarbone join, then kissed her again, passionately.

Her left hand pulled him to her and their tongues battled for dominance.

He recognized the moment when she was about to come, and promise be damned, he slipped down and gently bit one nipple and pinched the other.

Godzilla and Mothra flamed with lightning, and Kathleen exploded in energy with them.

“Ohgod,” she moaned as her orgasm crested, more intense than she’d ever known. She trembled beneath him.”Fuck. Ohgod.”

His breath caught as he watched her face, damp with sweat, eyes shut, giving herself totally to the feeling. It was gorgeous. She fell back,

limp, breath fast.

He reached over her, grabbing the baby oil he’d noticed on her nightstand. Rubbing some on his belly to warm it up, he grasped himself and began stroking. Already hard, it didn’t take long for him to come as well.

Reaching behind him, he used his shirt to clean himself off and tucked himself in.

Looking up, he noticed Kathleen watching him, face still rosy.

“That was hot,” she said frankly. “Never knew watching someone else masturbate was such a turn-on.”

He smiled.

“Let’s make another promise,” he said. “Let’s not wait so long to do this again.”

“Deal,” she said, snuggling back against him.

He put his arm around her again, just in time to watch the credits roll.



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