Sharing an old fantasy I wrote many moons ago when I had first started writing erotica. A simple tale of a bratty woman who needs a spanking. Any and all constructive feedback is appreciated.


Kat had been in a pissy mood the whole drive to the beach. At first, Derek thought it had been something he had done to upset her, but when her snide comments continued while they looked for a decent place to set up he realized she was just in one of those moods. She didn’t get them often if she did he wouldn’t still be with her, but when she did, she was insufferable.

Between the cloudy sky continuing to threaten to rain despite the forecast and the 20-minute walk from the parking lot, they were able to find a place where there weren’t many people around. And that’s when Kat announced she was going for a swim while he set up everything. She took off her t-shirt and shorts, revealing her new bikini. He had seen it when she bought it last week, the thin bows holding the bottom together made it a bit more daring than her usual wardrobe, but who was he to tell her how to dress? She threw her clothes at him and ran off. As Derek set up the chairs and the umbrella he decided enough was enough, and he was going to end this childish behaviour.

When Kat returned 15 minutes later Derek was sitting in his chair, reading his book. “I thought you were going to join me, what the hell?” she told him.

He looked up at her and his frustration turned to genuine anger. She was standing in front of him, her long blond hair was tied in a ponytail, which hung over the front of her shoulder. Water dripped down her ample chest, where the material of her white bikini not only hugged her curves tightly, it had become virtually transparent. Her dark red areola visible through the suit, her nipples still hard from the cold ocean water.

“Kat, do you think this is fair?” he asked angrily.

“What?” she acted confused.

“You whine the whole way up here, from how uncomfortable you are to how bad I was driving, then you leave me to do all the setup and now this!” he pointed to her bikini.

“Derek, relax.” she dismissed him.

“Don’t tell me to relax, you’ve been acting like a child all day. Practically asking for a spanking.”

And with the word spanking, her mood shifted. She knew he was being deadly serious. He had spanked her before when she had acted selfishly. It wasn’t something he did often, but he had done it more than once in the 10 months they had been dating. Each time, she later realized, she had deserved it.

“You’re right, I’m sorry. I’ll start acting appropriately,” she promised him “I know I’m right, I don’t need you to tell me, just like I don’t need you to act so childish. Now get over my knee,” he ordered her.

“Please no. Not here at least. I’ll behave the rest of the day and you can still punish me when we get home.” He considered her offer. It wasn’t an unreasonable request. He had never spanked her in public before, and that was definitely crossing a bit of a line. But apparently one about to be crossed.

“If it was just a matter of you being disrespectful on the drive, I might have considered that option. But I think we both know your bathing suit is too much to ignore and you will be spanked. Here and now.”

“Please, I swear I’ll behave.” she begged, looking around. They’re weren’t many people within sight, and no one really close, but there were people that would see what they were doing. Witnesses to a grown woman being spanked on her bottom. It was humiliating just thinking about it.

“Now,” he ordered.

Kat resigned herself to her fate and nodded. She laid across his lap. The bikini bottoms were tight, and the round of her ass faced him, invitingly. She was in great shape, and her ass looked amazing.

“I don’t want to do this, but we both know you need it” he told her.

“Yes, sir” she agreed. He swatted her left cheek. There was a loud, wet slap noise, and she cried out in sudden pain. It was harder than taboo heat porno either of them expected. It seemed the wet material had increased both the noise and pain. He adjusted his strength, testing when swatted her right cheek. She yelped again from the sting, but not nearly so much.

“That’s better.” he told her. She said nothing as her left cheek began to turn red through the sheer material.

“I think ten more will do for your disrespectful attitude.” he continued “Count them out and tell me you are sorry for being disrespectful.”

Spank, he hit her left cheek.

“One. I am sorry I was disrespectful.” she said dutifully.

Spank, he hit her right.

“Two. I am sorry I was disrespectful.” she repeated, though he doubted she meant it. Yet.

Spank. Back to the left buttock.

“Uggh, Three, I am sorry I was disrespectful.” her eyes began to water from the sting in her ass, but still her voice was almost emotionless.

Spank, hit swatted her right cheek again.

“Muuh” she groaned unconsciously “Four, I am sorry I was disrespectful.”

SPANK, he increased the force of the blow causing her to involuntarily kick up her legs.

“Keep still.” Her ordered her. “And keep counting”.

“Ffff, five. I am sorry I was, I was disrespectful.” she said through gritted teeth.

SPANK. Again he hit her ever reddening rear end. Again she let out a grunt.

A hundred yards away or so Kat could see a couple turn to look. They probably couldn’t see details, but they had to be able to see enough to know she was getting spanked in public. She turned away, embarrassed.

“Do you want to start from the beginning?” Derek asked her.

“SIX.” She blurted out, desperately hoping he wouldn’t restart because she had gotten lost in thought. “I am so sorry I was disrespectful.”

Derek smiled. He knew she was just trying to avoid the extra swats, but the “so sorry” was a nice touch. Not that it would stop him from continuing.

SPANK. That one wasn’t any harder than the last one, but the stinging was starting to build and heat was burning her backside.

“Seven. I am sorry I was disrespectful,” she responded quickly this time, but her vision was blurry from her watering eyes. Still, she held in any emotional response.

Spank. Derek had actually lessened the force of that blow, not wanting to actually hurt her, but she couldn’t feel the difference. Her left cheek was bright red and the right not far behind. She was fighting off tears and she could only imagine what that couple, or anyone else witnessing this spectacle thought.

“Eight. I, am sorry, that I was, disrespectful,” she said between slow, laboured breaths. It hurt, but she was desperate not to cry.

Derek shook his head. She was always like this when she was in the wrong. They had a good relationship, but occasionally she’d get stubborn and fight tooth and nail to not have to truly admit she had made a mistake. It wasn’t attractive and it wasn’t something he was going to put up with. And that’s where they were now, she was holding back tears, because crying would be admitting defeat. Crying would be looking inward and seeing a flaw. Crying would be a moment of honesty, when that would hurt the most.

Spank. “Nuh, NINE. I am, so very sorry, that I was, disrespectful” Derek was impressed. She almost sounded sincere, and sincere meant she had learned a lesson, which was the point of this. But almost didn’t cut it.

SPANK! It was the hardest one yet. She yelped in pain, one of those it-got-worse-before-it-got-better kinda pains. “T-tu-ten. I am sorry…” she took a deep breath. “…that I was disrespectful.”

“I’m impressed. You took those like the mature adult I know you can be.” Derek told her as he lovingly caressed her ass. He could feel the warmth radiating from her bottom through the wet material.

Her breathing was laboured, but already returning to normal.

“Thank you for making me realize I was being teach that bitch porno immature.” she told him . “I, I think needed that.”

“I’m glad you think so.” he told her, as he hand continued to rub her glorious but deeply red ass. “because we’re not done yet.”

“But you said ten!” She protested.

“I said ten will do for your disrespectful attitude.” he informed her. “But we still need to deal with the matter of your bikini.”

“My bikini?”

“Yes. Did you know it would become transparent when wet, when you bought it?” he asked.

She hesitated. Trying to determine how big a risk lying would be. She decided against it. Whatever the punishment, lying would only make it worse.

“Yes, I knew” She whispered.

“Well, if you want to show off your body to strangers, I can’t stop you.” he said. “But if I had to hazard a guess, this wasn’t about you feeling pretty or sexy or anything was it? This was an attempt to make me get jealous, wasn’t it?”

He was right and she knew it. It was immature and petty, but that was exactly what she was thinking when she bought it. Slowly, hesitantly, she nodded.

“I’m sorry what was that?” he asked.

“Yes, I was…I was hoping some guys would see me and react, and you… you’d act jealous.” she admitted. “That is not respectful to me at all. Playing games instead of being part of an adult relationship” he said. “Have I ever treated you that way?” he said.

“No sir” she replied.

“Well, I think the punishment should suite the crime.” he decided. “The next round would be appropriate on a bare behind.”

“NO! PLEASE.” She begged, looking around. The couple was still there. And someone walking a dog was down by the water. If he pulled off her bikini, she would be completely exposed to them.

“Excuse me?” he asked.

“I mean, please sir. I swear I’ll behave” she promised.

“I think you’ve made that promise in the past” he reminded her.

He slowly pulled at a bow on her bikini bottoms.

“Please sir.” she begged, practically crying.

The bow became undone, and he started to tug at the other one.

“You’re the one that wanted to show off herself off in public. This is just me helping you” he told her.

She took a deep breath, and regained her composure. The bow came loose, and he removed her bikini bottoms like he was unwrapping a present. Her bare bottom looked fantastic.

“No need to count this time, but after every fifth one, I want to hear what exactly you are sorry for. Okay?”

EVERY FIFTH ONE? she thought, almost panicking. That meant there was going to be at least five more, very likely more.

“Okay?” he repeated

“Yes sir” she replied, knowing complaining would only make it worse in the end. So to speak.

He caressed her bare ass for a moment, taking the time to use his towel to dry her off. He was gentle and the soft towel felt good on her butt.

“Get ready.” he warned her. Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank. He swatted her in rapid succession. She had barely reacted to the first one when he finished and waited. She looked back at him, over her shoulder. Her eyes were watering again.

“I’m sorry I, um, that I tried to make you jealous. It was immature of me” she confessed.

He nodded and said “thank you for admitting that.”

He was slower with the next set.

Spank. she bit her lip.

Spank. She closed her eyes, fighting the pain.

Spank. She moaned, unable to hold it in any longer.

Spank. She continued to moaned and twisted her ass away from him. He moved her back into position

Spank. She kicked her legs and let out an “Aaahhhh” trying to form words she said “I’m…” but had to stop. She closed her eyes to hold in the tears. He caressed her ass until she was able to continue a minute later. “I’m sorry I treated you so badly on the drive up. I had a bad night at work last night, but I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.”

“Thank team skeet porno you. If you want to talk about that later, we can.” he told her.

He started the next round. She was close, he could feel it and he intended to finish this. spank. He hit her dead centre on her ass. The pain shot through her.

Spank. Harder, it caused her to groan but she continued to fight it.

SPANK. Harder still, she let out a whimper, and a few tears fell.

SPANK! It was the hardest yet, and with it, the dam broke. She began sobbing uncontrollably. Still lying across his lap she turned to look at him. Though the tears and sniffling, she spoke in sentence fragments he could barely understand. “I’m sorry…Thank you…behaviour…fair to you”

He continued to caress her ass she cried. “You’ve been a bad girl,” he told her. “but we’re almost done.”

“O,O,Okay.” she managed through her tears, not questioning him whatsoever.

“Just one more set.” he told her. Technically he hadn’t finished the last set, but this wasn’t about a specific number of spanks, it was about her learning a lesson.

Spank, He wasn’t swatting her as hard anymore, but they still stung something fierce. She continued to cry,

Spank. She trembled as she sobbed.

Spank. She gasped for breath

Spank. She buried her face in her hands.

Spank. She collapsed over his knee.

He comforted her, caressing her ass once more, while gently shhh-shhhing. She slid off of him, to her knees, at his feet, keeping most of the weight off her rear. She looked up at him, wiping the tears from her eyes with her arms and hands.

“Thank you Derek. I am sorry I acted like that. I promise I’ll be better.” she told him.

“I know you will,” he told her.

She looked to his crotch, his shorts did nothing to hide the massive erection he had. She reached up to touch it, through his shorts.

“Would you like me to…?” she asked.

Often, after a spanking, she would fellate him. It wasn’t something he expected, nor something he ever asked for. It was simply her way of both thanking him and letting him know she wasn’t mad at him for doing what needed to be done. “Kat, you don’t have to do that here.”

She looked around. The last few minutes, she had actually forgotten they were outside. Everything beyond her reddened bottom had disappeared. The couple was still there, stealing glances. The person walking the dog was further down, someone was flying a kite off in the distance.

“No. They saw what you did, so they know I’m a bad girl. I need to show them, and you, that I can be a good girl too.” Derek looked around. There weren’t that many people, and whoever says no to a blowjob?

He nodded. She reached up and pulled out his rock hard cock. She leaned forward and licked the base off his shaft, up to the head.

“I’ll be a good girl.” she told him. “Let me be a good girl for you.” Then she engulfed his cock within her mouth.

“Fuck, Kat.” he said

She bobbed her head up and down his cock. Even from a distance, there was no mistaking what she was doing.

Her mouth was wet with saliva, she slurped as she took his length into her mouth over and over.

“Oh god, you’re such a good girl.” he encouraged her.

“Mmmfff?” she asked, looking up at him, cock deep in her mouth.

“Kat, I’m not, ugh, going to last long.” She released his dick from her mouth.

“In my mouth.” was all she said before plunging right back down on his cock, licking and bobbing as fast as she could. She even grabbed his shaft with one hand, pumping him as she sucked him.

“Such a fucking, ugg, good girl.” he told her. He reached down and grabbed her head, pulling himself as deep into her throat as he could go.

“Take it. Take that fucking cock.” he ordered, then exploded into her mouth. She swallowed it all before releasing his dick from her mouth. She even gave it one last playful kiss on the head before he put it back in his shorts.

“Thank you, Kat” he told her.

“Thank you, Derek.” she told him, smiling despite the burning of her behind. “I really did need that.”

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