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KATIEI’m kind of an asshole. It’s not something I do on purpose. Rather, it’s a side effect of not caring about many people. I didn’t care about my parents, and I barely ever called them, and even more rarely visited. After I turned eighteen, I never spent a holiday with them. It didn’t help that my old man was a violent drunk, and my mom a helpless victim who failed to protect her own c***dren, but my lack of compassion wasn’t limited to them. I didn’t care about the beautiful woman I married out of college, and this caused her to run out on me a decade ago. I didn’t care about the people who used to work for me, and it nearly cost me my business. I managed to sell it for a couple of million before my lack of people skills sunk the whole operation. The only person I can say I truly care about is my teenaged daughter, Katie. Katie (short for Katelyn) has lived with her mom in Georgia for so long that she has picked up a bit of the local drawl, which I love listening to. She is a tall, athletic girl, who crushes her tests in school like they were written for second graders. She runs track, dances hip hop and has dated the same boy — Tom — since she was f******n. Living out in California’s central coast, I rarely see her. A couple of weeks during the summer and against during the winter break is about it. Maybe because of this, I still tend to think of her as a little girl. I still call her Katie-Bear a lot of the time, and she always calls me Daddy. Despite this, or maybe in part because of it, I look forward to her visits all year long. If you’ve never visited California’s Central Coast, you owe it to yourself. Covered in rolling hills dusted with oak, grass, and dramatic patches of bare rock, it truly is a blessed area of the world. Free of all the traffic of San Francisco or Los Angeles, and gifted with the mildest weather on the planet… well, it’s an area I love to call home. Katie loves it too. She may have the southern accent, but she’s a west coast girl at heart. I looked forward to when she left home for college. I had high hopes she’d choose Cal Poly, almost literally right in my backyard. This year, Katie had flown in for her annual winter visit. She was all mine till the end of the year. As was our tradition, I greeted her at the baggage area with her first Christmas present. This year, it was a gold necklace, hung with a diamond studded heart made from a combination of white and yellow gold. It had set me back a couple of grand, but my Katie was worth it. “God, Daddy, it’s beautiful.” “You like it?””I love it.””You don’t seem too happy about it.”Katie smiled in weak but honest fashion and stood on her tip toes to kiss me on the lips. “Daddy, I love it. It’s not the necklace or you. You still strong enough to carry my bags, old man?”I raised an eyebrow at her as I easily hoisted one of her suitcases. I didn’t spend two hours a day in the gym to throw my back out on a piece of luggage. Katie shouldered her carry on bag, and even through her jeans and sweater she was a picture of athletic grace. There were a lot of jocks in my family, and Katie had obviously inherited some good genetics. We made the short drive home without talking about what was bothering her, but Katie was unusually quiet. Usually when she first arrived she couldn’t wait to tell me anything and everything that was going on in her life. When we got back to my house though — a custom designed five bedroom place sitting on three acres — Katie didn’t last long before opening up. We had just gotten her bags to her room when she turned around and hugged me tight. It felt great, like always. However, unlike always, Katie had apparently begun to grow more fully into her woman’s body. I could feel her generous breasts pressing into my diaphragm. I didn’t know quite how to feel about that. Being aware that my five foot six brunette daughter was a beautiful young woman was one thing. Being aware of how firm and well shaped her tits were was something else entirely. “What is it, Katie-Bear? What has you so upset?””Daddy… Tom broke up with me.””What? You guys have been together for years!””I know, but he says he found someone else. I don’t even know who, he wouldn’t tell me. I don’t even know what I did wrong!”And with that, the tears started gushing out. I shushed my little girl and rocked her and held her tight, but her heart was broken and the flood went on and on. We ended up lying on her bed, with the left side of my shirt soaked through and Katie sobbing till she didn’t have anything left. She fell asleep with her head snuggled into my chest. After laying there and listening to her breathe for an hour or so, I got up and made us some lunch. After a moments thought, I made us a couple of screwdrivers and served them up with the meal. I was in the kitchen about thirty minutes before Katie came out, still rubbing the sleep out of her swollen eyes. “Daddy? How long was I out?””A couple of hours tops, angel. Want some lunch?””Definitely, I’m starving.” We feasted on some tri-tip sandwiches and fruit slices, and Katie seemed in better spirits. She was surprised though, when she took a sip of her drink and discovered what it was.”It’s got booze in it!””Sure it does. If my baby’s old enough to get her heart broken she’s old enough to drown her sorrows. If you don’t like it, I can get you some regular juice.”Katie took another swallow. “It’s gross!” Despite her protests though, she drank the whole thing and asked for another one, which I made her. In fact, Katie had three more screwdrivers throughout the course of the evening. I paced them out a bit, so she stayed only a little drunk. Her nap kept her from getting too sleepy, and the vodka kept her laughing and smiling and most importantly not thinking about her ex-boyfriend. We listened to Christmas music and wrapped some presents she’d brought for her girlfriends Shanna and Lauren, and basically had a great time. It’s hard to explain the feeling of peace I get around my daughter. I’m not an unhappy man, despite my asshole status. I belong to a couple of social groups for local professionals, and I get out, travel sometimes, go to my gym and date a variety of young, attractive women. I’m always restless though; always ready to move on to something else. Always except when Katie is around. When she’s home with me I wish I could just stop time so that she’d never have to leave. Unfortunately, time stops for no man. So it was that the day and evening wore on into night, and the night eventually came to an end, with the ruins of a pizza dinner on the coffee table and our movie of the night rolling credits. “That was a good movie.” Katie said. “Yeah, I liked it.””I’m so tired, Daddy. I think I might turn in early. Thanks for the drinks, and for such a great night, I feel a lot better.””Of course. If you need to talk, I’ll be here for you, one hundred percent.”Katie leaned over and placed a soft kiss on my mouth. I couldn’t help but notice that she tasted fresh and delicious, the way only a teenaged girl can. I savored her in my mouth. “Goodnight, Daddy.””Goodnight, Katie-Bear.”I woke the next morning to the smell of breakfast, and I tossed on my robe and headed to the kitchen. It wasn’t unusual for Katie to make some eggs for me in the morning, but today was a little different.Katie absolutely looked like crap. Her eyes were swollen and red, her face pale. She didn’t look like she’d slept more than an hour or so all night. I went to her and wrapped my arms around her, and she started in with the crying again. I turned off the burner on the stove and took her back to her bedroom, where I lay with her and cuddled her like I had the day before. “I went to sleep so easily,” she told me, “but I woke up really quick, and it all hit me again. I think I cried all night.””Shh, Katie-Bear, it’s going to be okay. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but it will be.” “I love you so much, Daddy. Thanks for taking such good care of me.” “I love you too.”Katie pressed herself to me more tightly, and threw her legs over mine. When she did it, her firm young thigh brushed my cock, and I felt it begin to thicken. I hoped she didn’t notice. I silently willed myself to be less of an asshole, and more of a good dad. “Mom says you don’t love anyone.” Katie said quietly, “she says you don’t know how.” “Your mom shouldn’t be telling you things like that.” “Did you love her?””I… no. I’m sorry, Katie. I don’t… I don’t feel things very easily. I just don’t care about most people. I never really loved your mother. That’s why she left.””Did you cheat on her?” “No.””Did she cheat on you?””Probably. I can’t really blame her if she did. I didn’t give her what she needed.””You mean sex? I know you guys used to have sex, I could hear you guys.” I laughed and kissed my little girl’s head. “No, I didn’t mean that. We had a good sex life –“”I know it, I used to think you were hurting her because she screamed so loud when she… I snuck in one time to see if I could save her, and I saw what you were doing.””You did?””Only when I was really little. Then I got all excited because I thought you were making me a baby sister.” This time both of us laughed. It seemed so long ago, me being married. It had been such a ridiculous thing for me to do. I hadn’t been in love; I had never been in love. I thought for a while that if I went through the motions of marriage, love would grow. Later on I learned that the problem was inside my own shriveled heart, and that no wedding band was going to change it.””Daddy… do you really love me?””Oh yes, baby. I love you with all my heart. You’re the only person I’ve ever loved.”Katie lay there and absorbed that for a moment. “Do you think maybe Tom is like you? That he can’t love anyone?” “I don’t know, baby. I never really talked to him that much. I know he’s an idiot for giving you up, but young guys are like that, they do stupid things.””It hurts so much. I feel like I can’t breathe. I guess you wouldn’t understand.”I wanted to object, but she was right. I’d never had my heart broken because I’d never been with a woman I cared about. They went in and out of my life. Some were nice to spend time with, they’d all been attractive, but they were never anything more than sex partners. “My heart would break if anything ever happened to you.” I said, finally. That got me a kiss on the cheek. “Maybe you’ll fall in love someday,” she said, “but not if you’re lucky.” After a few minutes, I got up and finished breakfast, and we ate together. Afterward, Katie took a long nap. It was in the afternoon by the time she woke up. It was too late to do much by then. I took her to a movie, then shopping for a nice dress so I could take her out for dinner. My Katie-Bear picked out a tight little black number than only came down to mid thigh, and some heels to match. “Do you like, Daddy?” She said at the store. The sales canlı bahis lady beamed at me as she’d helped to pick the outfit for her. “You’re stunning, baby.” Katie went to a mirror to check things out for herself, and the sales lady came over to my shoulder. “Your daughter is gorgeous.” She said. “Yes,” was all I could manage.”You’re very lucky. So is she, to have such a handsome father.” I turned to look the sales woman, but she was already walking toward the register. We paid the bill and left for dinner. **”Sometimes I wonder why I even bother going on dates with guys,” Katie said, savoring the last of her filet mignon, “dates with you are so much better.””So you liked dinner then?””Mmm. Delicious. Do you… do you think you could make me a drink again when we get home? That was really fun and it helped me fall asleep. I really want to be able to sleep through the night tonight.””Of course. I think we can do a little better than those screw drivers though.”Katie laughed, “If you say so, daddy. I guess I don’t have to worry that you’re just trying to take advantage of me.”I laughed, and Katie laughed too, but then she got quiet and sipped at her water. That sadness from her breakup seemed to always be just below the surface for her. “You okay, Katie-Bear?”She seemed to snap out of it and smiled at me. “Yeah. I’m having fun with you. Thanks for dinner, daddy.”**I took Katie to a store and we picked out a couple of bottles of a sweet prosecco, and brought them home to share. Katie really attacked the first bottle, and was very tipsy within the hour. She talked a lot, going on about Tom, about her friends from school, about looking for a college and some other random topics. I just sat across from her on the couch, both of us still dressed for dinner. I just sat and enjoyed my beautiful daughter’s company. But a short time after we opened the second bottle of wine, Katie began to fidget. She took her hair down, and adjusted her dress, but it didn’t seem to make her comfortable. “I think I need to take a shower.” She announced, and wobbled a bit as she stood up. “Are you going to be okay in there?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just a little dizzy. Wheee! I’m okay though, I’ll just take a quick one.”Katie giggled as she made her way up the stairs to her bathroom. I assumed that her shower was going to be the end of the evening, so I put the rest of the second bottle on the kitchen counter, and went up to bed. I could still hear Katie’s shower as I put on my pajama bottoms and stripped off my shirt. Suddenly, I got a flash of what she might look like in there, surrounded by steam and water, her naked body wet and shining. My cock stiffened immediately. My hand even went to it for a moment before I realized what I was doing. That was my daughter I was fantasizing about. Her perfect body and face not withstanding, I didn’t need to be thinking about her like that. I resolved to find a new woman to date after Katie went home. It would have to be after, though. I couldn’t imagine thinking about another woman while my daughter was visiting. I climbed into bed and picked up a book, and my cock began to behave itself a little better. Katie’s shower stopped, and a few minutes later I heard her pad down the hallway in bare feet, and then down the stairs. “Daddy?” I head her call.”Up here, angel.” Katie came back upstairs, wearing a silk nightie that only came to mid thigh. She was carrying our champagne glasses and prosecco. “Daddy, we didn’t finish our champagne.” Before I could say anything Katie sat on the edge of my bed and poured the remainder of the bottle into our two glasses. “To the best date I’ve had in a long time.” Katie said.”Me too.” I said, as we clinked glasses. Katie finished her drink quickly. “Are you naked under there?” She said.”No, I have my bottoms on.””Good.”And with that, Katie climbed under the covers with me, and I was in bed with my daughter, both of us wearing very little, she a little drunk. I ran my hand over her back and down her backside. She wasn’t wearing anything beneath the nightie. I knew the situation was dangerous. I’d just seen and felt how my cock responded to the idea of my daughter being in the shower. I knew that I should bring her to her own bed.But my God… she smelled so good, and her body fit up against mine so well. Her supple, teenaged breasts molded against my bare chest with just the right amount of resistance. I wrapped my arm around her and held her close. I knew that I shouldn’t, but no part of me wanted to do anything else. My other arm continued to rub her back, and my cock stiffened in my pants. “Mmmm… this feels so good, Daddy.””I know, baby.” “Daddy?””Yeah?””Can I sleep in here with you tonight? I… really think I’ll sleep better. I’m so tired.””Of course you can.””Okay. Can you turn the light off?”I rolled Katie to her back and leaned over her to get the light. As it went out, I felt her hands come up around my back. “Thanks, Daddy.” She said, and pulled me too her. Our mouths met for a soft kiss. Softer than any father / daughter kiss should be. Her hands moved over my back, and mine roamed over her nightie, just above her flat, perfect stomach. “Thanks, Daddy.” She said again. I couldn’t make a sound. Katie shifted a bit, and her hand went down and brushed my pants over my steel hard erection. “I thought I felt something poking me.” She said.”Oh God, honey I’m so sorry.””Shhh… Dad, it’s okay. It’s my fault I probably should have worn more clothes, or at least… some panties or something. I kind of forgot that part. Should I go put some on?””Up to you, baby.”Katie thought about it for a moment, but then just rolled so that we were spooning, and my cock was wedged up against her ass. “I’m too tired,” she said. “Hold me till I go to sleep?””Of course, baby.” It wasn’t long till Katie was out. I let my hands roam over her body while she slept, enjoying the slope of her slender waist, and the feel of her naked ass where her slip had ridden up. Quickly though, I told myself that what I was doing was wrong and I stopped. I wrapped my arm around my little girl and drifted off to sleep. **”Daddy?” Katie said, waking me. I was still holding her tight to me, and my hand had gone to her breast in my sleep. I was still cupping it. “Daddy, I need to get up for a second, okay?”Katie disentangled herself and I heard her go down to the kitchen and get a glass of water. Really, I expected her to take it to her room, but she brought it back to my bed. She sipped it while I looked at the clock. It was two in the morning. “Want some?” She said, offering me her glass. I took it and had a sip.”I think I’m still a little drunk.” Katie said as she climbed in next to me. I spooned up to her again. She took my hand and brought it to her breast like it had been when I woke.”Katie…””Shh… Dad… it just feels good, okay? It doesn’t have to be a big deal.”Katie pressed her ass back into my cock, which was beginning to grow again.”Besides, Daddy, I can tell you like it.” So I held my daughter’s breast. After a minute or so I began to massage it. “That feels really nice,” Katie whispered. It was enough to make me take my hand away.”No…” she said, and pressed her body back into me in a way that made me roll to my back. She went with me, and was mostly lying on top of me, her back to my chest. One of her legs was thrown across one of mine.Katie took hold of both my hands and brought them to her body, my right hand to her breast, and my left arm around her waist. She has writhing on top of me, her bare ass grinding against my thigh. “Please, Daddy.” She said, laying her hand on top of mine and making me massage her breast again. “I just… I need to be touched right now. You understand, don’t you?”My will power cracked at that moment. My intoxicated daughter and her young, perfect body breaking me down completely. I massaged her breast over her nightgown with one hand, while my other went up under her clothing and found her other breast. It fit perfectly in my hand, her nipple small and hard against my palm.”Oooo, yes, Daddy. Yes, Daddy.”Both my hands went under her nightie then, and it rode up so that she was completely exposed below the waist. She rolled more into me, all the way on top of me now, her legs spread open and her body continuing its grinding motion. My cock began to jerk and twitch, my thin cotton pants the only barrier between it and my baby girl’s open pussy. Katie took my hands and pushed them down her body, over her flat tummy and hips, and to her smooth shaven pussy. She pushed my fingers into the wet folds of her sex, her juices soaking my fingers in seconds. I found my daughter’s hard little clit as she moaned and cooed on top of me. She twisted around to kiss me, and our tongues met as I stroked her pussy. We kept our sinful, i****tuous kiss for minutes, until suddenly Katie began to go wild on top of me, bucking her hips and calling to me over and over again.”Daddy… daddy… daddy…. DADDY!!!”Katie came on my fingers, but I hadn’t had enough of her pussy just yet. I slid my daughter off of me and lay her on her back. I began to kiss my way down her body.”Daddy… oh, Daddy… Daddy what are you doing?”I placed a kiss on Katie’s pussy.”Oh no, Daddy. No, not that.””Do you want me to stop, angel?””I…. I… no, God no. Keep going.” I tasted my daughter’s vagina for the first time, savoring its scent and sweetness. God, if I could build a dream woman, she would keep that taste, that clean sweetness, throughout her life. I could lick a teen girl’s pussy for hours. I lashed her clit with my tongue as I pushed a finger into her. She wasn’t a virgin, and I hadn’t expected her to be with how long she’d been with her boyfriend, but none of that mattered to me. All that mattered to me was to bring her pleasure, and to keep this wonderful moment going. The rest of the world be damned, I had my mouth on my daughter’s vagina, and I was loving every second of it. “Daddy! Daddy I’m cummmmming, oh god, I’m cumming!”I tasted a new flood of my daughter’s nectar as she pushed her hips to my mouth, and clutched the back of my head with her hands. I kissed her clit gently as she came down from her orgasm, and then moved up to lay beside her.”That felt amazing,” she said. “Good, baby. Do you feel better now?””I… I don’t know. I guess so, but what did we do, Daddy? I’m scared.””Shhh… just go to sleep baby. Pretend it was a dream. It never has to happen again if you don’t want it to. We never even have to talk about it. You’ll always be my little girl. I love you.””I love you too.”Katie lay against my chest and fell asleep within minutes. Not having just cum twice, I thought it would be harder for me to sleep, but it wasn’t. For some reason, having fingered and licked my daughter brought me a sense of peace like I’d rarely known. It took a few minutes to get my breathing bahis siteleri under control, but then the afterglow of what we’d done, and the feeling of Katie’s warm body up against mine took over, and I drifted off to sleep as well. Neither of us stirred until after ten in the morning. **The next morning I woke to the smell of breakfast again, but this time Katie looked fresh and alert after a full night’s sleep. She was still wearing her nightie, though she’d added a bathrobe, panties and pair of panda slippers that was an adorable contrast to her more adult night wear. “Good morning, Daddy.” “Good morning, angel. You look like you slept okay.””I sure did. I feel so much better, it’s amazing. Thanks for um… helping me sleep, and for holding me all night. I guess I needed it.””Oh. Of course, baby. Anything for my little girl.”Katie brought me some bacon, eggs and coffee and all of it was delicious. Amazingly so. It was like I’d eaten my last thousand breakfasts without even tasting them. Katie sat across from me as we ate. I won’t lie, it was a little awkward. I was sitting there, looking at my daughter, and all I could think about was eating her pussy. I’m sure the same thing was on her mind. We finished our food and just sat there looking at each other for a few minutes. Katie started talking first. “So, I called Shanna this morning, and we’re going to go shopping and see some friends.” Shanna, a half-latina beauty, was Katie’s best friend around my house, and had been for years now. She was actually a very smart young woman, and I’d hired her for a couple of weeks the last summer to help me get some of my investment paperwork in order. “That sounds like fun. Need some money?”Katie grinned and came over and hugged me. “I wouldn’t complain.” She said. I went to my room to get my wallet. I was retrieving one of my credit cards when I felt Katie come up behind me. I turned to her and she hugged me close again. “Daddy?””Katie-Bear?””About last night… I just want you to know that I’ve thought about it and I’m okay with it.””Are you sure?””Yeah. I mean, I was a little drunk, but I did start it, and it really did help me sleep. I think I just needed the closeness.” “I’m really glad to hear you say that.””You’re a really good Dad. I know you don’t always get along with people, but you’ve always treated me like a princess and I love you. So I’m okay with last night. I just wanted you to know.””Thanks, angel.”Katie stood on her toes and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. “It felt really good, by the way. You… you were the first to make me feel that good. You know?””You’d never had an orgasm before?””Not from someone else, but you gave me two of them.””Well, father knows best.”Katie laughed and let me go, and then after a second punched me lightly in the chest.”You perv,” she said, but then she took my credit card and gave me another kiss on the cheek. “Love you, Daddy.”**Shanna showed up at the house about an hour later. She was stunning, as usual, wearing designer jeans and a thin, low cut sweater. One thing nice about the central coast of California, winter is very mild. It’s not uncommon to have it be t-shirt weather in January. Girls can show themselves off pretty much year round, and they do. Shanna and Katie screamed when they saw each other and hugged like only teen girls can. “It’s so great to see you!” Katie said.”You too! I love hearing you talk when you first get here from your mom’s, you sound like such a southern belle.”Katie stepped away and purposely thickened her natural accent. “Me, sugar? Why I guess I just adjust to the southern life.” Shanna joined in with an accent of her own. “Well I do declare, Miss Katie.”Shanna saw me, hesitated for a moment, then stepped in and hugged me too. “Hi, Mark. It’s been a while.””Yeah. It’s good to see you though, Shanna. You girls have fun today. Katie has my credit card so have a good time.”Katie snatched up Shanna’s hand and the two of them were off. I was still horny as hell from last night, and I thought about going to relieve the pressure, but decided to let it be for a while. I didn’t want to do anything to lessen the memory of the night before, and the ache was part of it all.**Katie called later that evening and told me she and Shanna were going to dinner and then to see some friends. She told me she’d be home around ten or eleven, but it was closer to midnight when I finally heard her come in the door. I was in bed reading, wearing just a pair of boxers. Katie came by the door. “Hey, Daddy.” “Hey yourself. Did you have fun?””Yeah, it was great.””You were out late. Were you drinking at all?””No. One of the guys gave me a beer to drink but…” Katie wrinkled her nose at the memory. “Not to your taste?””Nope. Yuck. Well… goodnight, Daddy.””Goodnight, baby.”Katie went to her room and I closed my book and switched off the light.I’d just drifted off to sleep when I heard Katie’s voice.”Daddy? Can I come snuggle with you again?””Sure.”Katie climbed in next to me. She was wearing a cotton night shirt, but had panties on beneath it this time. She lay her head on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. “Mmm. This feels so good. Can I sleep with you again tonight? I need another good night of rest, I felt so much better today than I have since me and Tom broke up.” “Yeah, of course. It was good to see you so happy today. By the way, how broke am I?””Oh… um… probably pretty broke. I bought some stuff.”I chuckled and hugged my daughter.”Daddy?””Yeah?””I told Shanna a little about what happened last night.””Katie… you can’t do that. If people find out I’m going to get in a lot of trouble, I thought you’d understand that.””I do, but I made her swear not to tell. I won’t tell anyone else, but I had to tell someone. We can trust Shanna. I’ve always trusted her and she’s never let me down.””I hope you’re right. I won’t lie, it’s a little scary. If she breathes one word of this-“”She won’t. She swore.””What did she say about it?””She just asked if I wanted it, if you’d forced me or anything. I told her that I’d started it, and that it just felt good and that we’d talked about it after and that everything was okay. She said in that case it was kind of hot and asked me to let her know if anything else happened.””She thought it was hot?””It is, kind of. It’s naughty and dirty and all that stuff that makes something hot.””Forbidden fruit, I guess.”Shanna slapped me on the chest. “You calling me a fruit?”I kissed her forehead.”Daddy?””Yes?””She told me about everything else, too. You know, with you and her.””Oh.””She said that when she was working for you in the summer, that you guys had… you know, done some stuff.””What did she tell you?””She said that she’d… you know, oral and stuff. And that you’d fucked her on your desk. Is all that true?””Yeah. Yeah, baby it is.””You fucked my best friend?””I’m not perfect, baby. She was really flirty, and she’s an attractive girl.””That you’ve known since she was nine!””Are you mad at me?” “I think I would have been before last night. I guess it seems like small potatoes compared to doing stuff with your own daughter though.”We lay there quietly for a while, and then I felt Katie’s hand on my cock, which had started to get hard the second she’d crawled into bed with me. Katie fished my erection out of the slit in my boxers, and stroked it slowly.”I’m sorry I didn’t do anything for you last night.””It’s okay baby. You don’t have to.””I know.”Katie kept up her hand motion, and it felt like there was an electric current running from her hand throughout my entire body. I was alert to every smell, every sound. Her breathing got harder, and she trembled a little against me.”Was it good with Shanna?””Yes.””Did she touch you like this?””Sometimes.””Sometimes. It happened more than once?””Yes.””Tell me about it.” “It started with her teasing me while we were organizing the office. She kept surprising me when I’d turn around by being right there and bumping into me. Then she’d… mmm. That feels really good, angel.””I’m glad, Daddy. Keep telling me.””She’d pretend to be shocked that it had happened, and say it was my plan. She’d press her tits into my chest and things like that.””What a slut! I can’t believe she did that.””Eventually I just took the invitation and kissed her.””Did you tongue kiss her?””Yes.””Then what happened?””She smiled at me and said I was a dirty old man, and then she got on her knees and… well, she told you.””She sucked you?””Yes.””Did you cum?””Yes.””In her mouth?” “Yes.””What else?””Katie-Bear, is it okay if I don’t talk about it? I want to concentrate on you right now.””Do you like the way I’m touching you?””Yes. It feels amazing.””Am I your favorite?””You’ve always been my favorite.””I like being your favorite, Daddy. Even better than Shanna?””Oh yes. No comparison.”Katie got on her knees and started kissing her way down my chest. She tugged at my boxers, and I lifted my hips so she could pull them off me. “I want to always be your favorite,” she said. Then my daughter took my cock in her mouth for the first time. I watched in the moon and street lamp light coming in from the window as my little girl bobbed her head up and down slowly, and felt the warm wetness of her mouth and tongue. I tangled my fingers in her hair.”That feels so good, baby.”Katie took her mouth off me but kept her hand sliding and twisting along my length. “Does it feel good? Am I a good girl, Daddy?””Oh yes, you’re the best girl, Katie-Bear.””Mmm. I like this, Daddy.””Please don’t stop.”Katie licked my shaft from bottom to top and then took me back in her mouth. She locked eyes with me as she fellated me, and within minutes I felt my orgasm starting to build in my balls and gut. “I’m getting close, baby. You’re making Daddy feel so good.””Wait, Daddy, I want to cum, too.”Katie broke away from me and rolled to her back to slide her panties down her legs. Then she got herself turned around so we were in a sixty-nine, and I plunged my tongue into her sweet pussy once again. “Oh yeah, Daddy! God, I’m so wet right now.”I couldn’t answer, but after a minute of Katie moaning and pushing her cunt back into my mouth, she started sucking my cock again. It was too much. My daughter’s scent filled me and the feeling of her tongue and lips on my shaft dominated my senses. My hips started to move on their own, and I flicked my tongue over her clit as fast as I could. I could feel her getting closer to orgasm, but the closer she got, the faster her head moved. I was trying to wait for her, but I was losing the battle. Suddenly, my daughter started to buck her hips wildly against my mouth and her moans vibrated up and down my cock.”Mmm! Mmm! MMMMMM!!!”I stopped trying to hold back. My orgasm wracked my body as I let go, and my cock jumped and jerked as I began to shoot heavy loads of cum into my daughter’s waiting mouth. She kept her lips güvenilir bahis sealed tight around me, swallowing my sperm as her pussy flooded with juices from her own orgasm. She kept grinding against me as she came, and I was grateful she kept herself so smooth. My face was covered in her scent and taste.Katie licked the last drops of cum from my cock as my orgasm finally subsided. She turned herself around and cuddled back up to my chest. “Was anything Shanna did that good?””I don’t think anything that’s ever happened to me has been that good.””Not even when she fucked you?””Not even then.””You liked fucking her though, right? Did her pussy feel good?””Shhh. Katie-Bear, sweetie. You’re the only girl in the world right now. The only one.””Mmmm. You sure know how to talk to a girl, Daddy.””It’s true, baby. I love you so much. That was better than anything I could have imagined.””Good. You were so good to me last night, I wanted to pay it back.””Is that all?””Well… maybe I wanted to cum again. I still need it, you know? I don’t think I’d sleep too well without that distraction from everything.””Okay.””It felt really good, Daddy. I came so hard.””I could taste it, baby.””You came a lot too. I didn’t think I could swallow it all.”Incredibly, just her saying that made my cock start to get hard again. It had been only seconds since I’d emptied myself into my little girl’s mouth, and she was already getting me hard again. “Daddy?””Yes?””Your cum tastes good.”I didn’t know what to say to that. Soon though, just like the night before, my Katie fell asleep. I stroked her hair and savored her scent for a while, and then joined her. **The next morning I was the one to get up and make breakfast, which Katie ate while sitting on my lap in her nightie. Shortly thereafter she informed me that she and Shanna were going to Avila Beach, and I was left to my own devices for the day. I cleaned house, hit the gym and then did some grocery shopping. I was amazed at how little guilt I felt about what had been happening in my bed at night. Really, the only thing I felt was that sense of peace and contentment. The girls got home just before dark and immediately asked if they could use the hot tub out back. Katie went to the fridge for a soda.”Wow, look at all the food! Daddy, you went shopping for like ten people!””Do you want to have your friend over for dinner?””Yay!” Shanna said from halfway up the stairs.Katie came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Want to join us in the hot tub, Daddy?””Maybe later, sweetie. I’m going to make you girls a good dinner right now.””Mmm. Okay. Can we have wine with it?””Of course.”One thing spending most of your adult life as a bachelor will do is teach you to cook, and I pushed my kitchen skills as far as they would go for the two beautiful young girls splashing and giggling outside. They came in after about forty five minutes, just as I was finishing up. Both of them were in black bikinis, which showcased their perfect, nubile bodies beautifully. Katie was slender and athletic, with a stomach as flat as a table. Shanna was curvier, with a gorgeous figure and D cup breasts, but her waistline was still trim and firm, even if not quite up to par with my daughter’s. Both girls had strong, shapely legs.”You’re staring, Mark.” Shanna said with a wink. “Any man would.” “We’re going to rinse off, Daddy.” “Okay, but hurry, dinner’s almost ready.” Shanna sniffed the air. “Mmmm, sea food. I can’t wait.” ** Dinner was delicious, if I do say so myself, and the girls were excellent company. Shanna gave me shy smiles throughout the dinner, but Katie’s eyes were smoldering. Every time I looked her way she seemed ready to jump across the table at me. My daughter was in heat. After we’d finished dinner and cleaned up, the girls and I all went to the couch and finished our second bottle of wine. As it had been a large bottle, even I was a little buzzed. The girls were silly wrecks, laughing at everything and so tangled up together on the couch that I couldn’t tell where one started and the other began. I wished they were still in their bikinis, but they’d changed into pajama bottoms and t-shirts after their hot tubbing. The shirts were form fitting though, and showed their breasts and flat tummies off nicely. They’d gotten so into their giggling and whispering that I thought they’d forgotten I was there for a little while. Shanna was the first to speak to me again.”Mark! You got us drunk!””Weren’t you two the ones that wanted wine?””I think your dad is trying to take advantage of us, Katie.”Katie let out a short scream and put her fingers to her friend’s lips. “No, don’t say it like that!” “What? He knows I know?””No, shhhh!””What? Just cause — “Just like that, Katie silenced Shanna with a kiss. At first Shanna struggled a bit, but then her body relaxed and she relented, making out with my little girl just a few feet away from me. Both girls seemed to love it, eyes closed and mouths moving together. My cock turned to steel as I saw pink flashes of their tongues swirling together. “Had to think of someway to get you to shut up.” Katie said as the kiss finally broke. “That’ll do it.” Shanna said. “We’re drunk.””Yep.” “We should go to bed.””Probably. Mark, I can stay the night, can’t I?””You know you’re always welcome.” “Yeah, I bet she is.” Katie said, and winked at me. Shanna jumped up and grabbed at Katie, who danced away, still graceful despite being tipsy.”Come here you little slut!” Shanna yelled, but Katie darted away and ran up the stairs. Shanna stumbled a bit when she tried to chase after her. “Damn, she’s quick.” Shanna came over to me then, and I stood from the couch as she got close. “I’m sorry if I offended you,” she said, “I really am pretty buzzed.””You didn’t, its okay. You just have to promise me you aren’t ever going to let what Katie told you slip. Ever. You know how bad that would be right?”Shanna gave me a sly smile and pressed herself into me. “You can trust me.” She said. Shanna gave me her mouth and I kissed her deeply, just like I’d done the last summer. When the kiss broke, she stood on tiptoe and brought her lips to my ear. “I think Katie is going to try to make love to you tonight,” she said, “and you should let her. I want to watch.” Shanna slipped her tongue into my mouth again, and let her hand come down and squeeze my rigid cock. Then she turned and headed upstairs. **”Daddy?” Katie said from my doorway. The moon outside was full and bright, even though the lights were out in my bedroom, I could see my daughter well.”I’m here, angel.””Shanna’s asleep. Can I lay with you a little while?”I doubted the first part of her statement, but I pulled the covers back in answer to the second. Katie, seeing that I was naked beneath the covers, pulled her nightshirt over her head and slid into my arms. I kissed my daughter with passion, my hand going to her soaked pussy immediately.”Daddy… Daddy…” she breathed into my ear, “I’m not sure if I’m ready.””Daddy’s going to be so gentle.” I told her.”Are you going to make love to me, Daddy?””Yes, Katie-Bear.””O… okay, Daddy.”I moved over my daughter as she opened her legs and her sex for me. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit, coating it in her slick fluids. “Daddy?””Yes, baby?””Not TOO gentle okay?”I looked up at my little girl’s face, which held a wicked grin; but that was soon replaced by a look of shock and lust as I slid my whole cock into her in one thrust.”OH GOD… shhh…mmm… oh fuck… oh Daddy!”I covered her mouth with one hand to help her be quiet as I pulled my shaft nearly all the way out of my baby’s tight pussy and then thrust it back into her. Having my daughter naked beneath me, pushing my raging cock into her wet vagina, fucking her… it was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me. At once I knew what the deepest sin felt like, and what the greatest love felt like. To have that all at once, all bound up in one woman, was indescribable. It was as much a spiritual experience as a physical one.Katie bit down hard on my fingers as I fucked her into the mattress. Her legs came up and wrapped around me, her pussy gripping me like a silken fist. Her nails scratched lines down my back as I rose up and grasped her breast roughly. I was going crazy. I couldn’t be inside my Katie deep enough. I couldn’t fuck my daughter hard enough. I pounded her sweet little pussy, the bed creaking, Katie gasping and moaning and biting and scratching. We weren’t just consummating the i****tuous lust that had developed between us, we were attacking it. We were conquering it. I was taking her, and she was being taken.”Cumming… cumming…” Katie started to say from behind my hand. I took it away from her mouth so that I could hear her. “OH FUCK DADDY I’M CUMMING!!!!”Katie arched her back like a cat and grasped my back like her life depended on it. I thrust into her hard as she came, driving into her pussy as it clutched and spasmed all around me. Suddenly, I felt my own orgasm building, my gut tightening as my body prepared to give its seed to my little girl’s womb. “Daddy’s going to cum, get ready angel.””Cum for me, Daddy. Cum inside me. Cum inside me.”I thrust with everything I had, impaling my daughter three more times before all I could do was bury my cock in her and grit my teeth as my orgasm took hold, locking every muscle in my body as my cock started to jerk and spew shot after shot of cum into her pussy, overflowing her cunt even while I was still shooting. I filled my daughter with my sperm, my orgasm going on and on until my arms gave out on me and my full weight collapsed onto my baby girl.”That’s it, Daddy. Give it to me. That’s it. I love you so much.”I rolled Katie on top of me so that I wouldn’t crush her, and as I did, I saw Shanna in the doorway, sitting on the floor and leaning against the frame. Shanna’s hand was pressed tight against her pussy as she bucked her hips. I stroked Katie’s soft hair and sweat covered back as I watched her friend finish cumming. “What is it, Daddy?” Katie whispered.”Nothing, angel. I love you too. I love you so much.””I know, Daddy. I can feel your ‘love’ leaking out of me. God, that was so good. So intense.”Shanna stood up and saw me watching her. She slowly sucked her fingers clean, blew me a silent kiss, and then disappeared into the hallway. “For me, too, angel.” I said. “Its better being with someone you love, isn’t it?””Yes.” I told her, honestly. “I’m glad that I could be your first time with that.” “Me too, baby.”Katie lay on top of me for a few minutes, then kissed me on the cheek and slid out of bed. It almost hurt to let my cock slip out of her.”Goodnight, Daddy,” she said.I didn’t want to let her leave. I wanted to keep my little girl in my bed. As I watched her slide her nightshirt back on, it was all I could do to stop from pulling her back on top of me. I didn’t though. I told myself to be patient. I knew it wasn’t the last time I’d have her in my bed, or that she would have my cum dripping out of her pussy. After all, she had more than a week left of her visit.”Goodnight, Katie-Bear.”



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