Kami received the card in the mail on Tuesday. Written inside the card was the time on Saturday to meet at the hotel. The card also said, “When you arrive you are to only be wearing a long overcoat, thigh high stockings, and a nice pair of heels. Nothing elelse! The evening will be an evening of quietness, passion and seduction.” Kami was felt a tingling and was excited. She was ready for her new adventure.

After a painfully agonizing slow week the day finally arrived. On Saturday, Kami followed the directions on the card. She decided earlier in the week to go to the day spa to have a relaxing and pampering day before her evening began. She had her hair and nails done, had a massage, and even had a leg and pubic waxing. She went home and had a short shower to rinse her body off and she put on her favorite lotion she had picked up at Bath & Body. She carefully chose the stockings and heels she was going to wear and put them on. She was tempted to at least put on a camisole, but she decided she better follow the directions she was given. As she walked to the closet to get her overcoat she passed in front of a large mirror. She stopped and looked at herself in the mirror. She turned all around to check herself out and then turned to face it. She caressed her breast with one hand and with the other she caressed her newly trimmed and shaved vagina. She was already excited for the evening! She had no idea for what was planned, but she was his for the taking.

She got her car and headed towards the hotel. She was a little nervous since she was nude under her coat. She thought she would have some explaining to do if she were pulled over by the police. She made sure she followed the speed limit and was very careful with what she did. As she was driving, her cell phone rang. She looked at the number and saw that it was him. When she said hello he said that before she got to the hotel she needed to go by the store and pick up a bottle of wine. She started to protest, but then she stopped. She knew that there was no way he would allow her to take control of the situation.

He told her to go the busiest store in town as well. When she pulled into the parking lot and parked. She looked in the mirror, took a deep breath and got out of the car. She very quickly walked through the lot to the store. She could feel the cool January air go straight up her coat. She walked into the store and went over to the wine selection. She found what he requested and took it to the register. The cashier smiled at Kami and asked her how she was. The cashier looked at Kami and said she looked like she was ready for a fun evening. Kami smiled and gave her a wink and said s he was going to have a great night. Kami took the bag and walked back to her car.

She felt like all eyes had been on her in the store. She headed to the hotel, parked and headed inside. She went to the front desk and asked for his room number. The desk clerk handed her a note in an envelope. Kami opened it and read the card. “Head to the bar and sit in the corner. I want you to order a drink and when the waitress returns I want you to have your coat completely unbuttoned.”

Kami gulped and looked around the room. It was fairly quiet for a Saturday evening. In the other corner was a guy playing an acoustic guitar for those in the bar. The waitress came over and asked Kami what she wanted. Kami ordered a drink. The waitress took her order and headed to the bar. Kami again looked all around. She was very nervous. She hoped that since she was in the corner and the room was dim that nobody would notice. She slowly unbuttoned her coat and she mofos porno immediately felt the air rush over her breasts. Her nipples were already hard, but this made them feel like diamonds.

The waitress came back over to the table and stopped a few feet away when she saw Kami. She giggled and came up to the table. She handed Kami her drink and also an envelope. The waitress told Kami that the guy who gave it to her was in the bar before, but left when Kami walked in the front door. She said he looked good and now she knew why. Kami opened the card and she read it. The card told her to finish her drink and then come up to the room. He left a room key in the envelope. The card also instructed Kami not to button her coat or pull it closed as she came to him.

Kami nervously giggled and sat back and took a drink. She was amazed at what he had planned for her so far and was extremely excited. The waitress came over to Kami as she finished her drink and she told Kami that her man had left something else for her. She reached into her pocked at pulled out three silk scarves. She handed them to Kami and gave her a wink and told Kami her man was waiting for her and to have a delicious evening.

She found the room and she stopped before she put the key in. Her head was spinning as to what awaited her on the other side. She put the key in and opened the door. The room was dark and there was soft music playing on a CD player. There was a soft glow of candles in a room. A note told her to put the bottle of wine in the bucket on the table with two wine glasses. The scent of burning candles was very nice. She did not see him anywhere. Kami went to the bathroom and knocked, but nobody answered. She checked the door and it was unlocked. She opened the door; however, he was not in there either.

Kami was puzzled and a little frustrated at this point. She walks over next to the bed and sees a note from him. “Put the mask on and sit on the bed.” Kami saw a black mask sitting on the pillow of the bed. It looked like one that people use to sleep without any light affecting their eyes. She took off her coat and laid it on a chair in the corner, walked over and sat on the bed. Kami picked up the mask and put it on. She leaned back on the bed and waited for him. Kami couldn’t help but caress herself as she waited for him. The room felt great and was not too cool. She was very relaxed and comfortable as she waited.

Kami had dozed off and did not hear him open the door and approach the bed. Her senses woke her as she felt him sit on the bed next to her. He said nothing and she could not see him, but she knew he was there. Kami felt his arms wrap around her shoulders and his lips met her neck. As he kissed her neck softly, Kami melted in his arms as his fingers and tongue started to explore and arouse her. There were no words between them at all. He turned Kami slightly on the bed and she felt him spreading legs apart.

He leaned down to give her a kiss on her strawberry blonde patch. He smelled her arousal as she moaned above him. He loved the way he made Kami feel and he smiled. He crept back up the bed to Kami and he lowered his lips to hers. He kissed her deeply and caressed her arms and shoulders. Kami could feel his fingers delicately running over hernaked shoulder and they sent shivers through her. The kind that aroused her and made her want him to hurry. He did not do that though, he wanted this to last all evening.

He stopped the kiss and slowly slid his tongue down over her breast and immediately took Kami’s nipples into his lips. He drew Kami’s nipple naughty america porno into his mouth and she gasped loudly. He knew that she had an orgasm building within her, but he wanted to take his time with Kami tonight.

No words come between them as he got up and retrieved the 3 scarves from her coat pocket. He came back to the bed and tied a scarf around the Kami’s mask, making sure she was unable to see what was about to happen. A big smile played across Kami’s face in anticipation. She liked this game. He grabbed her hand and lifted her up to sit at the edge of the bed. She could hear him unbuckling his pants and pulling them down to his knees. He guided Kami’s hand to him.

Kami touched him, and she felt him growing even more.(Except he was not a 10” monster who could hold off cumming for hours like many of the asinine stories posted) Kami could feel the excitement he had towards her. Her lips slightly opened and she bent over and kissed the tip of his cock. She wanted to feel his erection within the her mouth. Kami loved to feel how much she could please him with her mouth. He tried to pull back and refuse but Kami knew he could not resist her. She remembered the last time they were together and the way the warmth of her mouth and her tongue brought him to orgasm. Kami felt the tip of his cock on her lips and she opened wider. Her tongue welcomed him within the opening of her hot mouth. Kami caressed his legs and over his ass, pulling him further into her mouth.

His breathing became erratic as her pace quickened. He had never had a woman perform so wonderfully orally as Kami was. She took all of him into her mouth and he could feel the tightening of her throat as it closed over the head of his cock. He was in Heaven feeling the swallowing motions as Kami milked him. He needed Kami to stop before there was no return, as he wanted this evening to last. He caressed Kami’s soft cheek and slowly pulled himself out of her. With barely a whisper she heard him say, “Lay down.”

She pulled the covers down and laid on the cool sheets. She felt his body crawling from the lower part of the bed to her. Every sense was heightened with his touch. Kami then felt a scarf being lightly cascaded over her face, down her neck and across her breasts. Her nipples hardened even more with the delicate touch of the silky scarf. His hands were massaging her arm, then down to her wrist and then she felt the scarf, being wrapped and tied around her wrist. He then tied the scarf to the corner of the bed. Kami’s excitement was growing ever stronger within her. She reached out to him and tried to pull him to kiss her, but he resisted.

He was completely aware of her passion and he watched Kami start to subtly squirm on the bed with soft whimpers of pleasure. A repeat of his touch finished Kami’s other arm to the other side of the bed. Kami was now exposed for him in any way that he wanted. Kami heard him get up, fix his pants and he disappeared from the room. Kami was unsure of where he may have gone but within a few minutes the door opened and he returned. Kami knew what she liked and he knew what he wanted, but that evening would be a little different.

He was a man who was not interested in any form of pain and watching Kami laying there naked and exposed for his pleasure was a tremendous turn on for him. He did wanted to expand Kami’s sexual horizons even more and see how far she would go to seek ecstasy. Kami called out to him, but he did not respond. The room was quiet as he stood over her looking at Kami. Kami was excited, but a little puzzled public agent porno as to what was going on. Next, Kami felt his body at the foot of the bed and he slowly started kissing the inside of her ankles. The anticipation of where he was heading was almost too much for Kami.

She wanted to yell out for him to take her right then she remembered that the rules called for silence, passion and seduction. His teeth nibbled at the inside of her thighs and she gasped as her came closer to where she wanted him. With no warning, Kami felt his hot breath on her clit. This was quickly followed by his exploring tongue. She loved the feel of his tongue as it glided slowly across her clit, making it harder and even more sensitive.

He then started sucking her clit into his mouth. He sucked just like he was milking Kami this time. Every time she almost reached orgasm he would stop and take her out of his lips. He rose from between her open legs on the bed to retrieve a rose the brought with him. He took the rose and lightly glided it across Kami’s breasts, watching her nipples hardened nipples quiver. He took the rose and caressed her face and lips. He followed the rose with his lips slowly kissing her.

Kami’s arousal was almost too much to bear. Being blindfolded heightened all of her senses and made her very aroused. She did not want him to stop; however, she desperately wanted to feel him inside of her. Kami wanted to feel the way he made love to her. She wanted to feel his desire as he put his arms around her back, laying on top of her with her legs fully spread and her knees up while he moved his penis deep inside of her. But it did not happened.

She was fully surprised as to what happened next. She began to smell something strong and aromatic. He brought a candle over to the side of the bed and as she lay there for he tipped the candle to allow the wax to land on her erect nipples. Kami’s initial reaction was shock and to scream, but quickly turned the feeling turned to pleasure. He loved her reaction and continued to drip the hot melted wax onto her nipples. He could see that Kami was very close to orgasm and he realized that doing this was putting her over the edge. One more drip and Kami climaxed in front of him. He did not realize how much of an effect the wax would have over her and he was very aroused beyond belief..

He was unable to hold out any longer. He slide the over top of Kami, spread her wide open and entered her. Her arms were still tied making it impossible for her to hold him within her arms. Kami could feel him stretching her and massaging her inner walls. Then she felt him stop and pull out of her. He reached over and loosed the scarves, enabling her to pull his body closer to her. He then removed the scarf and mask used and kissed her deeper than he had ever kissed Kami.

She held onto him and never wanted to let go, feeling his penis within her. She ran her hands and nails up his back and she could tell by the pace and his moaning that he was coming closer to his own orgasm. Knowing this, Kami’s body responded to his and she too was on the verge of another orgasm. He looked into Kami’s eyes as he pounded into her and she cold feel him burning inside of her. This brought her to one of the most earth shattering orgasms she had ever received.

As they lay there on the bed, with him still inside of Kami, covered in each other’s sweat and cum calming themselves, he looked into Kami’s eyes and mouthed the words “You are amazing”. A single tear fell from Kami’s eye and across her face. She closed her eyes and he leaned over and she felt his lips kiss the tear away. Kami was his.

Kami was almost asleep when she could not hold out any more. She asked him where he went earlier. He smiled and said he forgot to get his rose from his truck and he had to go and get it. Kami hit him with a pillow and they both giggled and wrestled around on the bed.



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