Hello all! My name is Julie, and Valerie has convinced me to tell her of my first time. Of all the stories I’ve read and of hearing of other girlfriends’ first time, mind is of one extraordinary weekend of many first times. I’ve told Valerie as much as I can remember, so she can put it in “Literotica”.

It all started 4th of July weekend in 1975. I had just graduated high school and was waiting to start college that fall. I hadn’t done much dating in school. I was a bit shy and a plain Jane in the looks department. My clothes wear more comfortable than stylish and a usually size larger than I should have wore. My body though was good; I was 5ft 4in tall and weighted 115 lbs. and was a 34B-22-35. I was a bit of a bookworm and read almost anything I could get my hands on. I even use to get hold of my older brothers’ XXX novels and read them each 3 or 4 times. I always ended up masturbating while reading them, dreaming I was the girl in the book. I found out why my brother called them one-handed novels. You know, one hand holding the book, while one hand was busy between my legs. I had a very active sexual imagination. I seemed to always have some fantasy in my head about sex. I was still a virgin but could hardly wait for the day I lost it. I was just plain horny! I masturbated once or twice a day, always dreaming of humping one or more cocks at the same time.

Well, that 4th of July weekend, an old family friend [Harry] was in town on leave from the Army. He asked me if I would like to come along with him to Flagler Beach on the 4th. We would watch fireworks over the ocean and to go to a street dance with a like band. Since I had no other plans, I said I would enjoy going with him. Before he left, he suggested that I wear an old short dress over my swimsuit. He said that the dress would be an excellent cover-up and I would look sexy dancing in a short dress. I liked the idea. He said just bring my favorite towel and he would take care of everything else.

On the morning of the 4th, Harry pulled up in his new Camero. I wore one of my old short dresses over my new red bikini. It was the smallest suit I had owned up to this time. It was about 3 in. on the sides and tied in the back and at the neck. Harry had on t-shirt and some of the tightest short cut-offs I had seen. I had never really stared at guys’ crotch before but I couldn’t help noticing how large the bulge was in those cut-offs. He caught me looking and asked what I was looking at. I stuttered as I said his shorts looked real tight. He smiled and said he liked them tight. Then he looked at me again and winked. He then said that the waves in the ocean wouldn’t be able to pull them down like they did the last time he wore swim trunks. I thought of how he may have looked that day and now wondered how big his dick was.

We parked about a half-mile from the pier. Harry said they would shoot the fireworks off the end of the pier about 9pm. Harry spread out a large blanket on the sand and we put out towels and stuff on it. He brought a cooler of drinks and food to snack on all day. We decide to take a dip before getting on the blanket. He pulled of his t-shirt; the Army had done him good. He had one hell of a body! I pulled off my dress and tossed it on the blanket. He looked at me and said I had really grown up the past few years. The water was fine, but I noticed the swimsuit was getting heavy. The suit was made of cotton; it was drooping and getting loose. I had just retied the top when a wave knocked me over and took my bottoms to my knees. I got them back up before Harry seen anything, but I decided it was time to get out. I told Harry what happen and he laughed and said that was why he wore tight shorts. As we walked back to the blanket, I noticed that his cut-off jeans weren’t as tight as before but they sure molded to his ass nice.

He said that if I would put lotion on his back for him, he would be happy to do my back. I was happy to agree. I was excited at the prospect of rubbing my hands all over his beautiful body and just the thought of his hand on my body sent tingles right to my pussy. Remember I was a good girl. I was still a virgin and had only been kissed a couple times. My mind started to fantasize.

After putting lotion on our on fronts, Harry laid on his stomach and I knelt beside him. I started at his neck and slowly worked my way down, enjoying the fill of his tight muscles. I thought I was done when he asked me to do the back of his legs. I was very nervous and excited as I rubbed the lotion up high between his spread legs. I said I was done and on impulse, I wiped my hands off on his ass. He didn’t say a thing.

I remember I was tingling with excitement as I got down on my front. He started to rub my back when he asked if it would be all right to untie my top so he could do a better job. My heart skipped a beat as I told him to go ahead. I was so excited at this point, if he had asked pull my bottoms down, I probably would have let him. It felt so good having casino oyna my back massaged and then he started on my legs. I had done my legs but I didn’t try to stop him. I wanted him to rub my legs; I wanted his hands up between my legs. As he got closer to my crotch, I slowly spread my legs wider for him. When the back of his hand bumped my crotch the first time, I almost came. I got closer every time he bumped there. I don’t know if he meant to or not, I didn’t care. I swear that if he had hit it one more time I would have an orgasm right in front of him.

We soaked up the sun for a bit, while I got my breathing back under control. Harry asked me if I had a boyfriend or was just dating a lot of different guys. I reluctantly told him “No” to both questions. He stated that the boys at school must be crazy for not going out with a girl like me.

He then asked if I wanted to go out with guys. I said that of course I did. I thought about dating and kissing a lot. He gave me a funny look and asked if I had ever been kissed. I blushed and said a couple time but just little pecks.

He looked like he was I deep thought for a couple minutes. Then he said, “Look, I’m going to be going back to my base next week and then to Germany in a couple of months. I have a proposition for you. I’ve known you since we were kids. I like you but I don’t want any commitments between us, because I won’t be around to be with you. But, if you are willing, I’d be glad to show you how to kiss. I’d be happy to kiss you all afternoon if you want to.

My heart jump up into my throat, I had a hard time saying “YES”, but my mind was saying “Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh God Yes!”

He asked when I wanted to start. I said that now would be OK.

He said again, ” no promises, no commitment.”

I said, “Right, no promises, no commitments.”

I reached back and tied my top and sat up. He slid next to me, held my face and kissed me. I reached around him and kissed him back. Before I knew what was happening, I went onto my back and was pulling him down on top of me. I couldn’t get enough, I remember trying to suck his tongue deep in my mouth.

We finally broke our kiss and I noticed my legs were around his and I could fill his erection against my crotch. I loved the fill of his firmness and could fill his heat though our clothes and wondered if he could fill mine. I shifted my position a bit so I could fill his hardness directly onto my pussy.

I pulled him to me to kiss some more but he said “Slow down gal, we got all afternoon.” I smiled and kissed him anyhow.

I felt his hand move along my sides up to my chest. He took my right breast into his hand and I moaned. I stopped kissing long enough to say that it felt good. He started to massage my breast firmly.

After a couple of minutes, we broke apart. Harry made the suggestion that we ought to go find a more secluded spot on the beach. I said that I think we should. We picked up everything and loaded it back into his Camero.

We had only gone a couple of blocks we he quickly pulled into a small strip mall. He said to go in with him that he wanted to get me a new swimsuit.

I told him the one I had on was new. He then said he wanted to get me one that could be tightened up when it got loose.

We went to the back of the store and he quickly found a multicolored stripe side-tie bikini. He gave it to me and told me to try it on. I put it on but didn’t think I could wear it in public. There was only one string on the side tying it together and about 6 to 7 inches between the small triangles for the front and the back. But I did like the top, the two triangles just covered my breast but what I liked was the triangles could be slid to make the coverage smaller or to be moved aside to allow easy access to bare tit. Which is what I planned to do for Harry later. Harry said he wanted to see, so I took a deep breath and stepped out of the dressing room to see him waiting. He said it looked great on me and that he was going to buy it for me. He asked the clerk if I could wear it out. She said just get her the price tags and it would be all right. I put my dress on over it and we went to the car.

Harry said he knew of a nice place that was more secluded. He drove a few miles along the beach and pulled off next to the highway. We got our stuff and crossed the sand dune. As we crossed over the top, I saw another couple down the beach a bit to our left. When we got to the beach, we went to the right a couple hundred yards and spread out our stuff. Harry said he wanted to get in the water again to cool off and to see how my new suit worked in the surf, so I slowly lifted up and removed my dress as he watched me. I didn’t immediately notice but one of my breasts was almost uncovered. When I did look down, I could see about a ¼ inch of my right areola. I decided to leave it as it was as I ran for the water. We play in the surf awhile I kept an eye on my top but it remained in place. Harry was slot oyna right about the bottoms. Once wet I retied them again a little tighter and had no problem with them. But I still wanted one of my tits to pop out, so I purposely took a large wave wrong and slid my right top to the side. I stayed neck deep in the water till I located Harry and stood up facing him. His eyes went right to my bare tit.

He said, ” Julie, you got a little problem,” and pointed to my tit.

I looked down and calmly recovered and said, “Sorry, accidents happen.”

He asked if it bothered me and I told him not really. I walked to him and gave him a hug and kiss.

He asked what that was for and I told him I loved the suit and I needed to thank him. Then I told him I needed more kissing practice. So we started some heavy kissing. I ended up with my legs around his waist and he had his hands on my ass holding me up. Finally we stopped kissing and I told him I wanted to go back to the blanket.

Once there, I told Harry to sit down. As he did, I put my hands on Harry’s shoulders and pushed him on his back and I straddled his waist. I leaned over and started to kiss him as his hands made their way to my tits. After a minute or so of this action, I sat straight up removed my top.

I looked him in the eyes as I said, “I think this will be much better. Don’t you agree?” I then took his hands and placed them on my bare tits. Man! If I had known that having my breasts played with felt this good, I would have started years earlier. And I probably would have been more popular with the guys and would probably have been doing a lot more dating too!

Suddenly Harry stopped and asked me to lift up a bit. I did, and he reached under me and I heard a zipper unzip. I froze, and then I heard him zip back up. I asked what that was for.

He smiled and said he had to get more comfortable. I didn’t know what he meant by that statement then but I understood later. He lowered me back down on him and I felt that wonderful hard dick again. The only dicks I had ever seen were in pictures and I was trying to imagine what his looked like at this moment. All I know is that I liked the way it felt between my legs and I noticed that I was kind of rocking on it as Harry played with my tits.

Harry asked if I was still a virgin. I said I was but that I wasn’t planning on waiting till I got married.

He told me to get off him because he needed to go to the car and that he would be right back. While he was gone I put my fingers inside my suit to my pussy. My hair and pussy were completely wet. I saw Harry returning over the dunes, so I removed my fingers but not before stroking myself a couple times.

When he got to me, he tossed me something. It was a condom. He said he just happened to have couple in the car and that he would be glad to help me lose my virginity if I was interested.

I had fantasized about this moment for years. I had read many stories and articles on the best way to lose it and I knew how I would like to do it. I told Harry I wanted to but I wanted to do it my way. He said he didn’t care how I wanted it done and that all he wanted to do was fuck me.

I said, “No, I’m going to fuck you. Now lay down on your back.” He got on his back and I reached for his shorts and started to unzip them. I unsnapped them and slid the down his legs. He had no underwear on. I asked where they were and he said he rarely wore them except under his uniform. He said I ought to try it. I told him that I would try it soon.

I then took his nice hard dick into my hands. It looked big to me; Harry said it was 7in. when hard. I loved the way it felt. I loved the way it pulsated in my hand and felt so warm and hard. I didn’t want to wait any longer; so I then reached down and untied one side of my suit. As it fell away I slid it down and off as Harry put on the condom. I then positioned myself over Harry’s cock and slow lowered myself upon it. Harry slid it back and fort along my slit until it started to slide in. When I felt the resistance I was expecting I lifted up and then pushed down harder. I felt it give way and lowered myself until I could go no further.

I sat still enjoying the wonderful new sensation of being so filled up. Harry started to move under me and I responded by raising and lowering myself with increasing speed. I quickly reached orgasm but didn’t stop. I kept going until I had a second orgasm as Harry was having his. I leaned forward giving Harry a big kiss and thanking him for making it such a beautiful day.

I looked up and saw the couple that was down the beach up on the dunes watching us. But I didn’t care, it made it even more exciting knowing that someone had watch me having sex. I bet they didn’t know it was my first time.

I kept Harry inside me until he said let’s go for a swim. He got up and took my hand and we ran naked to the water. We kissed and hugged for a while, and then he started getting hard again. canlı casino siteleri He then lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him as entered me, then he pulled out.

He looked at me and said “Condom”. We ran back to the blanket, I looked up and the couple was still there but she was on her hands and knees and he was behind her giving it to her. I showed them to Harry and told him to take me like take. He put on his condom as I got on my hands and knees. I positioned myself so I could watch them as they watched us. Harry took hold of my hips as he pounded away. It wasn’t long before we both came and collapsed on the sand. We both had to rinse the sand off before we put our suits back on.

It was now late in the afternoon and we were getting hungry. Harry said that the salt water had him sticky and wanted to go to the showers down by the pier to rinse the salt off. I agreed and said let’s go. Earlier I was concerned about my little bikini in public, but now after having sex on an open beach and being watched having sex. I was looking forward to showing off my body now. Harry and I rubbed each other to get the salt off. I made sure to rub down his crotch area as he rubbed my tits and ass. All the while people were walking by watching us. We walked back to the car as the sun and sea breeze dried us off. Harry had me hold a towel between the car and me as he changed from his wet cut-offs to some nicer shorts and t-shirt to go to dinner in. He told me my dress would be fine to wear. I said my suit was still a bit wet.

He said, “Well, take your suit off and wear just the dress with nothing under it. You said earlier that you would try it soon, well now is a perfect time to try it.” And that is exactly what I did.

I usually slept in just a big t-shirt and it was nothing to walk around the house or to the mailbox wearing just a long t-shirt. But I have never left the house without underwear under pants or dresses. It felt wicked and I liked it. The dress was halfway up my thighs and the seabreeze felt good on my pussy as it swirl under my dress. We went to this snack bar on the pier to eat.

I sat on the bar stool and noticed the dress was just below my pussy. I asked Harry if he could see anything.

He smiled and said he wish he could but he couldn’t, but that it probably would take much to expose myself so I had better be careful. I started to plan some fun before I left, so after eating and waiting for Harry to pay the waitress, I turned on my stool to face him, spreading my legs a little. His eyes opened wide when he looked down. See anything you like, I asked.

He stood up after paying the waitress. There was a guy on the other side of Harry, and when Harry stood up, that guy closed his eyes and looked again like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He way looked at me; I knew he was seeing my pussy. My heart felt like it was beating a thousand beats a minute but I just smiled at him and slid off the stool. [Big mistake or good luck is how you look at it.] The dress hung on the edge of the barstool as my feet hit the floor. The four guys at the table behind us got a good look at my predicament and everything else. The front of the dress lifted to above my bush and my entire ass was bare. It took a couple of seconds to unhook the hem of the old dress from the stool. I quickly walked out of the snackbar. At that time I didn’t know if I was embarrassed or what. But by the time we got to the car, I was horny and I told Harry I wanted to be fucked again. He said he knew a good spot.

He drove away from the ocean and turned on a little road next to the intercoastal waterway. A mile or so down the road, he turned on a dirt road back to the river. It was beautiful, thick grass, little sandy beach, big shady oaks, and a view of the boats as the sailed by. He got another condom out of the glove box and told me to get out. He dropped his shorts and told me to suck on his dick until it got hard.

I had read about blowjobs and was dying in giving it a try. I just hope I did it right. I got on my knees in front of him and took as much of his dick in my mouth I could. I sucked the air out of my mouth and move his dick in and out my mouth. I must have done it right because he was hard in just a few seconds. I took his dick out of my mouth and told him that it was hard and to now fuck me.

He grabbed me firmly and spun me around and bent me over the hood of his car. I hear him open and put on the condom. I felt him behind me as he placed his dick at my opening. He then pinned me against the car as he drove it all the way in hard and then forcefully pounded away. I came twice and was on my way to a third as he came. I told him more that I was about to cum again.

He said he couldn’t and that I had to finish myself. I sat up on the hood, laid back and started to finger myself off. I opened my eyes and Harry was standing between my legs watching me. That was all I need. Harry sat me up and tenderly kissed me as I continued to cum.

After washing my pussy in the river. I still remained naked under my dress. Harry leaned me against the car and kissed me again. Harry said he hoped he wasn’t to rough with me that last time.



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