Jessy’s Diary, Part 2Jessys Diary, January 10th 2012Here we are again, dear diary. I thought, I tell you a bit more about my life, before I start making supper for my husband.As you know, my life kinda changed with this young guy named Karl, who invited me as his date for our prom. You might be wondering, if something happened that night. Well, let me start at the beginning.As I told you yesterday, it was a great prom. We danced, we drank ( not too much, but enough to lighten up ), and at the end I found myself cuddling in his arms, while Bon Jovi howled some ballad through the speakers. It was shortly past midnight, when we decided to leave. We grabbed our coats and walked through the streets and talked. It was just wonderful. He was so understanding, he listened carefully, when I said something, but still answered straight away, as soon as I finished. Maybe it was exactly this, you know, the feeling that he admired me completely, not just my body, that let me come closer and closer to him, until I walked with his arm around my shoulder, stroking gently across my arm.„You know, I really enjoy your company“, I heard myself say suddenly. The words had just slipped my mouth.„I bet not half as much, as I enjoy yours“, he responded. He stopped and as I turned towards him looked right in my eyes. „If you want, we can spend some more time together.“God, my heart was beating like hell. I remembered that kiss, he had given me in my apartment. And I was wondering, what I might be doing, if he kissed me again. Could I restrain myself? I had given a guy a handjob after a disco once, but if he kissed me… well, I wasn’t able to say, if my hand was going to be everything he was to enjoy. I felt, like I was ready for my first time, though I felt fear filling my body at the same time.„Would you like to join me for a drink at my place?“ he asked.I just nodded. My throat felt dry. A drink might be the perfect thing, though I already had had a couple of beers at the prom. We went on, until we reached the large park, we had to cross to get to the apartment-building, Karl was living in. Only a couple of streetlights enlightened the place. It was dark and very quiet. I could feel a breeze and a light shiver. Immediately Karl put his arm around my shoulder again, this time pulling me even closer towards himself.„It’s so quiet here“, I whispered.„Kinda creepy, huh?“ Karl whispered back.„A little“, I replied truthfully.Again he stopped. I felt both his arms around my waist and suddenly he pulled me closer. I closed my eyes and in the next moment I felt him kiss me. His tongue played inside my mouth, as I returned his kiss. The breeze immediately left and was replaced by a hot sensation, that filled my whole body and exspecially the most intimate place between my legs. Was this really going to be the night I lost my virginity?Then his kiss moved, across my right cheek to my neck. Gently he kissed my skin, his tongue running across it. Inside my dress my nipples instantly turned hard. I opened my mouth, pantingly exhaling. My hands moved around through his hair. God, I didn’t wanna loose my virginity in some park. But the way he made me feel, I knew, I wasn’t gonna say no, if he tried to sneak his hand inside my panties.„You are turning me on so much“, I whispered in his ear. I knew, this was more than a signal. But I couldn’t help it. I was ready. I felt it. I wanted him. I wanted to touch him, feel him, enjoy him. Although I canlı bahis still felt fear, curiousity ( or was it plain horniness? ) was stronger.„Let’s get to my place“, Karl suggested. And I just nodded. We rushed through the park, until we finally stood in front of the building, in which his apartment was. Karl opened the door and we took the elevator up to the 10th floor, where his apartment was. As you can think, the way up was full of kissing. I even shortly rubbed across his pants and could feel, that it wasn’t going to be a small surprise I was going to unpack.Finally we reached his flat. It was a bit larger than mine, but not much. From the door one came directly into the livingroom, like mine furnished with a sofa, a table, couple of chairs and a TV-set. Left to it was a small in-room-kitchen, which made the whole apartment look bigger than it actually was. Across the room was a large window/glas door, through which one could step out onto the balcony and enjoy the view over town.„Nice place you got here“, I said.„Well, I don’t complain“, he replied. „My parents had to move away for my father’s job. They pay for it, so I can finish school where I started it.“„So, what do we do now?“ I asked, hoping he had more experience and could lead the way.„We went here for a drink, didn’t we?“ Karl remembered and somehow I was happy, he didn’t push me right into the bedroom ( though my body would have been ready instantly ).We took a seat on the couch and Karl went into the kitchen, opened a bottle of red wine and poured two glasses. Good looking, polite, nice wine-taste.. the more I got to know him, the more I thought he was the perfect man. We drank and talked and the later it was, the more I felt the urge to just jump him and get it done with. Still, I wanted him to make the move, to show me how much he wanted me.„I haven’t felt so good spending time with a man ever before“, I said sometimes later.„Believe me, it’s my first time spending so much time alone with a girl, too“, Karl replied. „But maybe we can meet again. You know, like going to the movies or stuff?“„Maybe a romantic comedy, with lots of cuddling throughout the dark hours in the cinema?“ I suggested, being almost shocked myself by that erotic timbre I heard in my voice.„Yeah.. or maybe to a concert“, Karl went on. „You said you like music.“„But I’m not so much into rock“, I said honestly. „Though with you I might be able to find some fun in it.“„If you went with me, I would hardly be able to concentrate on the music, anyway“, Karl grinned. „I’d probably be phantasizing, what you were wearing underneath your clothes all night long.“„Are you?“ I asked.Karl looked at me. I could see he wasn’t sure, how truthfully he was allowed to answer. „Maybe a little“, he then said.„Maybe, if you kissed me again, I would tell you“, I whispered, not able to withhold my lust any longer.He leaned over and kissed me instantly. This time it was more passionate then before. His hand slowly moved across my body, touching my stomach and then even my breasts. I could feel the low pressure of his fingertips rubbing over my erect nipples underneath the cloth and leaned back. My mouth opened and low gasps of joy exited it. Almost automatically I spread my legs, but Karl was too much of a gentleman to just move down there with his hand.„I know it might be too much to ask“, he suddenly said. „But would it be totally weird if I made a picture of you. Just as a memory of bahis siteleri this wonderful night?“The question was weird, but I liked it, anyway. „Sure, go ahead“, I smiled. „Want me to do anything?“„Nah, just relax“, Karl answered and got a camera out of the cupboard underneath the TV.„I hope you think, I’m looking good enough“, I said.„You look perfect“, he responded.Slowly I lost my nervousness. I got up and posed a little for him, while he made the first few pictures. God, where was this heading? I had thought we were just going to have sex, but now I was here standing in his livingroom, posing for him.„You are so beautiful“, Karl smiled. „It makes me even more curious about what you’re wearing underneath.“„If you promise, not to show or tell anyone, I’ll show you“, I replied.„Word“, Karl laughed.Don’t ask me, why I did it, but I slowly stepped out of my dress in fron of him. I removed first the upper half, so he could see my breasts in that white bra being pushed up. The bra was a bit shinethrough, so he could see the dark red around my nipples and of course the hardened nipples themselve. Then I got it off completely, showing him my also white string, through which he could see the dark pubic hair above my pussy ( back in the days, I wasn’t shaving completely as I am now, but only cut the hair outside my bikini-zone ).„My god, you are so sexy“, Karl gasped and I believed him, that he was overwhelmed by the look.I sat back down, my legs slighty apart, my arms hanging down in front of me, pushing my boobs together with them. I leaned forward a bit, so he could have a straight look into my cleavage. It was as if I could literally feel his looks moving along my body, making me even hotter. „So you think I’m sexy?“ I asked.„Not just sexy, gorgeus!“ Karl answered.I smiled and turned a bit to have him a look at me from my side. He wasn’t taking pictures any longer but just looked at me. I enjoyed his looks, ran my hands over my body, feeling that hot feeling rise inside me I always felt, when I laid in my bed masturbating.„My blood slowly leaves my brain“, Karl joked.„Already?“ I grinned and moved my hands to my back. I opened my bra and slowly took it off my boobs. My nipples jumped outside and as I rubbed across them, while taking my bra off, I slowly panted, feeling my lust grow stronger and stronger. There I was, bare-chested. I cupped my boobs with my hands and gently caressed them. My fingers caught my nipples and rubbed them and my panting grew heavier, while I threw the hottest looks I had towards Karl, who just stood there silently, watching me touching myself.Then I fell back. I laid down on the couch, my hands moving across my boobs and my stomach. Then I raised them over my head and turned towards Karl, who slowly stepped closer. We had finally crossed that line where there was no turning back. It was going to happen. And feeling it already be dripping wet between my legs I couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted him to touch me, to kiss me and to push his hard cock inside of me.„Just gorgeus“, Karl whispered, staring at me, as I took of my string. His eyes lingered on my pubic hair and then wandered down to my crotch. He sat down right next to me, his hands laying ontop of my breasts, gently stroking them and then moving down across my stomach, drawing circles around my belly-button. God, take me, I wanted to scream. My pussy turned wetter and wetter, my breath stronger and all my desire seemed güvenilir bahis to be breaking loose.„God, it feels so.. so..“, I stuttered, as Karl’s hand moved closer to my pubic hair and finally stroked through it. Still, he kept away from my clitoris, so all I felt was the sensations of waiting for my relieve. I moved my hips, wanted to draw him in, but Karl still refused. Instead he made me go even crazier. All my nerves were screaming for sex. God, he definitely knew, what he was doing. It felt like being d**gged with lust.„You are so erotic“, Karl whispered.„I still can’t believe, we’re doing this“, I whispered back.Then he went on. His finger moved across my clitoris, sending hot shivers through my body. I pressed my hips against him and moaned, while looking deep in his eyes. His finger circled across my clit and then moved along my pussy, until it gently entered me. My moaning grew louder. It wasn’t even his cock and already felt like thousand small orgasms rushing through me at the same time.„You’re so wet already“, Karl smiled.Quickly he took of his clothes until he was naked, too. Then he came on top of me. His cock rubbed across my clit, while he looked at me. He raised his body a bit and grabbed his cock, gently stroking through my pussy with it, but without entering yet. The look he gave me was a silent question: „Do you really?“ As if I was still able to say no. Feeling his hard cock pushing gently against me, there was only one thing, I wanted even more.„Put it inside me“, I whispered. „Please.“Finally he didn’t wait any longer. He slowly pushed his cock inside. I was so hot and wet, that I didn’t even feel the pain, I had expected. Just a small stinch, that was immediately conquered by the horniness and passion, his movements grew. I put my arms around him and pulled his body against mine, meanwhile pushing my hips towards him to feel him even closer. I moaned and so did he, being at least as horny as I was.„Ahhh, yes.. yes“, I panted, as he moved faster and faster inside of me. We started to sweat and our whole bodies rubbed against each other, enforcing the good feeling we felt. Karl rubbed my breasts and then gently sucked at my nipples, while I grabbed his butt and pulled him even deeper inside, until I could feel his balls smashing against me with every move. My moaning became louder and louder, slowly rising to low screams of passion.Then I finally felt my orgasm rise. I looked deep in Karls eyes, as it hit me. My screams filled the room and then I kissed him, wild and passionate, my whole body trembling. His cock inside me started pulsating and I knew, he was just about to come, too. Wildly I pushed my hips against him. I wanted him to shoot all his load. Karl moaned heavily, as he suddenly rose his body and quickly pulled out his cock.Just a few strokes with his hand later, he shot all his cum across my stomach. Luckily he had remembered that we weren’t using protection. I felt the warmth of his semen on my skin and mumbled words of joy. Then Karl collapsed ontop of me. Our bodies pressed against each other we kissed, one last long passionate kiss. I felt his cock against my pussy grow smaller again and for a moment forgot everything. I wanted just to enjoy this very second.Then we fell asleep. To make it short, it was my first and last time with Karl. After we graduated he went to a college in another town and we both decided, that long-distance didn’t work for either of us. And a few months later I met my husband, but that’s a different story. I will tell you another time. But Karl and I still are in contact as friends and both have our memory of our mutual first time of passionate yet romantic sex.



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