Jerry’s World – RevelationsWaking up is becoming much more pleasurable and sometimes surprising and waking up to my sister’s smiling face is always somewhat arousing, today along with my fresh coffee was a pill and a tape measure.I think she was taking her monitoring duties too seriously but if it meant her measuring my dick every morning then who am I to complain and I can always supply the goods as I looked down at my morning wood barely covered by the thin sheet.I took the pill with a mouthful of coffee and I noticed that when I took it last night I got a bit of a rush in my head and this mornings was no different, if this was a side effect then it was quite a good one.Bev picked up the tape and uncovered my throbbing cock and I smiled in anticipation as she held my cock upright and took the measurement from the swollen tip down the inside to the base, she looked up and smiled.. “Still just under 6” Jez” she sighed with a giggle. “I got a surprise for you” she said with a giggle and stood up and straight away I noticed that she was wearing little white panties instead of her usual PJ shorts, Mmm. She smiled as she slipped them off and I think my cock grew another cm at the sight of her trimmed triangle and in anticipation of the treat I was in store for as she handed her dirty knickers to me.As I took hold of them and opened them up Beverley’s hand took hold of my shaft pulling the skin right back exposing my swollen head, “Mmm, that’s so hot bro” she sighed as I held the warm gusset to my face and OMG the musky aroma sent my head spinning and when I felt the warmth of her mouth enveloping my helmet that was it, I totally lost it!!My cries were muffled by her cotton panties which caught her by surprise but she mumbled as she swallowed my early morning load, “Mmm bro” she sighed licking her lips.Bev wanted to know all about Sophie and I wasn’t sure if it was out of jealousy or personal gain and if I am honest I think it was the latter as she asked me outright if I though she swung both ways, personally it wouldn’t surprise me as I think bisexuality is more common as I am beginning to discover. “She done an awesome job on your profile bro, great pics” she said with a giggle as we both knew the kind of pictures that were posted, I totally trusted Sophie’s judgement as it was in her interest to get me work although she did stress that training may be required, Hmmm. It felt very natural and totally comfortable laying there drinking my coffee totally naked with my sister sitting on the edge of the bed naked from the waist down, we talked a lot about Sophie and discussed ways to get her back around, I told her that I would certainly hatch a plan for them to meet during one of my ‘training’ sessions. I don’t think there was any jealousy as Bev is definitely not that kind of girl plus she would always get the first fresh batch of the day, she was happy with that so it was a win/win morning routine for both of us.Sophie’s website was exceptionally good as it listed member profiles and customer’s would search by keyword of the job they needed doing and a list of matching members would appear and it was all post code specific so I knew I wouldn’t have to travel far. Bev and I sat down and flicked through some profiles just for fun drinking coffee and having a laugh and it didn’t even occur to us to get dressed so Bev’s vest was the only article of clothing between us.“So what’s her best feature bro?” she asked inquisitively and I had to give it some thought and bugger me if I didn’t feel my cock coming back to life as visions of Sophie ran through my mind.“Her bayraklı escort arse sis” I said confidently, “It has to be her arse” I continued and I saw my sisters eyes light up, hmm maybe she likes a bit of arse eh?, “She’s got lovely little titties and big blue eyes but her arse sis, is out of this world” my cock was rising with flashbacks of Sophie’s cute rounded arse. “Did it taste good bro?” she asked licking her lips and she could see how my description was effecting me, “OMG sis, her arse tasted like strawberries and cream” I said with a giggle which also amused my dear sister.“Is it better than mine?” she asked with a competitive look in her eyes, I looked at her, “I don’t know sis, I haven’t really seen your arse” I replied with total honesty. Bev jumped up and turned around, “Well, we can soon rectify that bro” she said as she bent over the table and OMG I was inches away from my sisters cute rounded arse, she looked back at me, “Now take your time brother, be thorough and make a genuine comparison” she sighed softly as she took a deep breath in anticipation, her arse did look fucking good.She wanted me to be good as I was only the second guy to lick her arse with the other one being my father and I knew from experience that good old ‘daddy’ was like a bull in a china shop so I wanted to be gentle and loving with my sister.I adjusted my seat and scooted forward so I was right behind her and I could smell the musky aroma already and I heard Bev sigh in anticipation as I leant forward and licked up and down the crack which I immediately felt clench, “Relax sis” I said and immediately felt her muscles relax and I was able to run my tongue further into her musky smelling crack.“OMG Jez.. um.. ooh so nice” she sighed as I widened her cheeks exposing her dark shaded arsehole, it looked so sweet as it puckered up and as her breathing increased I gently teased around the dark creases, flicking and licking and running my tongue down to her protruding outer lips and then back up, OMG she was starting to grind my desk as she pushed back against my face, “Yes Jez.. OH YES JEZ.. OH FUCKING YES JEZZZ!!” she cried out as her hole opened up and my tongue found it’s way into her dark tunnel, OMG YESS!!This was the first time in a number of years that I had tasted my sister’s arse and I was going to savour every minute especially as it tasted so much better, strawberries and double cream!!“OMG Jez” she sighed, “This is um.. OMG so good” and I felt her body shaking which spurred me on even further and I must confess I did drop my tongue down to lap up some of her sweet juices before returning back to her dark wet passage. I was everything my father isn’t, caring and considerate being just 2 traits my sister loved, she had the brotherly affection which was so different from the fatherly affection, something that I experienced with my mother.My cock was throbbing and her puckered arse was looking more and more inviting, Bev took a deep breath tensing her body as I stood up behind her, she knew what was coming, “Be gentle bro, don’t be like daddy” she sighed and I gently stroked her back, “Don’t worry sis, I am NOTHING like daddy”.I slowly ran my swollen helmet up and down her crack stopping and teasing around her hole, I waited as her body relaxed and I felt her gently push back and I was surprised at how easy my cock slipped into her waiting arse, must have been expert oral skills that I was developing. “Oh yes bro, Mmm that feels so good” she sighed as she pushed right back on me, my cock was in her arse right up to the hilt and she was loving it.I started escort bayraklı to slowly thrust in and out and her soft moans were quite complimentary and it wasn’t long before I built up a steady pace, I wasn’t ‘banging away’ like daddy did but a gentler love making which Beverley craved.Having to choose which arse is best is a very difficult decision as I first though that Sophie had the perfect arse but now I have licked and am now slowly fucking my sister’s arse I’m now not so sure which is best, both girls tasted equally as nice and both girls gripped my 5.7” weapon and I am thinking that for the benefit of future peace I will declare it a draw.I was so lost in the moment as Bev’s body shook again and my nuts tightened as they banged against the back of her thighs, “Oh FUCK YESSSS!” I cried out as my cock pulsated shooting my hot seed deep into my sister’s dark cave, “OMG bro” she sighed as she felt the warmth inside her, “So fucking good” she said as we both regained our breath.Beverley turned to face me, her big blue eyes were shining as she flung her arms around my neck, “Thanks bro, you are so gentle and loving” she sighed softly as she gave me a kiss on the lips, “Unlike daddy” I said jokingly but still looking for a reaction as I knew from experience how rough my father can be.“VERY unlike daddy” she said abruptly and then her tone changed, “OMG Jez, not you as well” she said looking totally horrified and I had to confess to some of the things I was made to do with my father.Bev had suffered a similar fate and we hugged tightly as we relived some of our earlier memories which had brought us even closer if that was at all possible. Her early experiences are what turned her against the male species and it was only me that had given her a renewed confidence, “It’s only you I want bro, no other guys” she whispered into my ear, “I am happy being gay” and I respected her for her decision.We sat talking for a long time and had totally lost track of time which meant that my dear sister was late for work, “Fuck it” she said, “I will call in sick” she continued preferring to spend the day with her brother which I had no problem with, it’s not like I had a full diary is it?Bev made some fresh coffee although a beer might have been better, “Here, take another one of these” she said giggling as she handed me another pill, OMG the head rush was immediate and even my cock pulsed.Beverley, still in just her vest giggled at my reaction as she came and sat on the chair next to me, the smell of fresh coffee filled the air, Bev looked at me and smiled “So, you never did tell me who had the best arse bro, me or Sophie? She asked with a sly grin and a giggle and I was so hoping she had forgotten but honesty is always the best policy so I told her I couldn’t separate them, in fact they both had big blue eyes and they both had short hair although Sophies was tidy and styled whereas Bev’s was just well.. hair with no style. Sophie was very pretty almost at ‘stunning’ level while Bev was just a plain Jane and although beauty is in the eye of the beholder I personally found both of them attractive in their own ways.OMG wouldn’t that be the perfect scenario if Sophie and Bev got together, Wow I think I would need more pills . The weird thing was that as I was describing and comparing Bev and Sophie I could feel the rush wearing off however as pointed out by my dear sister my cock was coming back to life, “Do you live with a permanent boner bro?” she asked with a giggle as my cock started to rise.The problem was that she wasn’t wrong, it seems like I do bayraklı escort bayan have a boner more than I did a month ago, the hormones must really be kicking in.I think the revelations from our past served to strengthen the already tight bond and we were both understanding of each other’s thoughts and feelings, what he had now was a loving and caring relationship which will be with us forever.Having Bev sitting next to me in just her vest, her distinctive smell and her infectious smile made my cock throb and my sister could see it clearly, she reached across and wrapping her fingers around the shaft gave it a little squeeze, she smiled at me.. “I do love your cock bro” she sighed as she started to slowly stroke up and down sending shivers through my body.“Fuck me bro” she sighed as she stood up still gripping my dick which pulled me up off my chair while she sat on the desk widening her legs. I looked down at her pretty trimmed pussy which looked so inviting as she laid back on the desk, “Oh yess, come on bro” she said softly as I got myself into position between her legs with my cock in hand offering it up between her protruding labia lips, Mmm it felt so warm and wet and Bev gasped as I pushed the swollen head into her young cunt. “OMG bro, Mmm.. YESS!!” she cried out as I pushed into her wet hole right up to the hilt with my arms under her legs lifting them up wide.I started to thrust away as she lay there with her eyes closed moaning softly and I soon got into my rhythm “Mmm bro, that’s um… so fucking good” she cried out and it was so nice to see her happy. I must say that I lasted longer than I thought I would but had built up a steady pace, her legs wrapped around me pulling me in as my balls tightened and I cried out as my cock started to pulsate shooting my creamy goo deep inside her belly. She felt it quickly and instinctively tightened her legs around me and her cunt muscles forcing every last drop out of me, Oh yess… Mmm.Bev sighed as I pulled out my softening cock and her big blue eyes widened as I bent down to lick up the excess juices something daddy never did even though he adopted a strict cleanliness policy but something I quite enjoyed, “Mmm bro” she sighed as my tongue flicked her swollen clit, I looked up smiling as I licked my lips, Mmm.My phone went ‘ding’ and I was surprised to see a text from Sam, “Picking Ella up early, Ollie got activities so are you free for a visit? Xx” she asked and Bev told me to tell them to come over and I thought hang on a second, 3 females to 1 male.. unfair odds I replied back, “Sure thing mummy, Bev is here too, see you soon xx” and straight away she sent “xxx” back. We decided to have quick showers and make the place look half decent and while Bev threw on a tee shirt and a pair of sports shorts I just put my boxers on which I thought was appropriate for meeting my little sister. We cracked open a beer and just chilled out trying not to show how nervous we both were albeit I had met Sam but not Ella and Bev hadn’t met either, I told her it would all work out ok.We were on our second beer when the doorbell rang and instead of jumping up we both froze, OMG what if they didn’t like Bev? I eventually got up and opened the door to a smiling Sam, “Hello mummy” I said smiling and she opened her arms for a hug, “Nice shorts” she whispered in my ear, “This is Ella” she said softly and OMG she was cute standing there in her white shirt, little black pleated skirt and ankle socks, she held her hand out and we shook, Mmm she did have soft hands. “I like your shorts Jerry” Ella said softly as I invited them in, Sam also looked nice in her button front denim skirt which was a tad on the short side and a tee shirt which clearly showed she had no bra on, MmmBeverley stood up as they walked in and I could detect instant chemistry.To Be Continued….



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