Jerome brings a couple buddiesThat night Ana and I had gone bed early. She was in the mood just for receiving oral sex and then I had licked and sucked her thirsty pussy until I made her come twice on my mouth and tongue.Then she said she was now relaxed but also very tired; she turned the lights off and said she would be better in the morning…After midnight I woke up when I saw some headlights flash into our bedroom and heard a car pulling into our driveway. I got up and went to the window to see Jerome`s van parked there.As I heard the front door open, I reached for my shorts and headed for the main entrance. Jerome had got a door key from Ana; so, he could come and fuck my sweet wife anytime he wanted. Ana was always available for Jerome whenever he wanted her. Going to the dining room, I found Jerome and two other black guys.I told him that Ana was resting in our marital bed; but he smiled at me and ordered to go upstairs and get her ready to fuck. He introduced his two mates as Kenny and Slim Jim…No doubt, Jerome had brought them here not to show them how he fucked my sexy wife, but to enjoy themselves Ana’s body…To confirm my fears, Kenny said he really needed a white pussy.Jerome laughed and told me to bring Ana with no clothes at all.I left them to go get Anita out of bed. I whispered in her ear that her Black Master was here. At first she didn’t understand. But then I hurried her up, ordering to get ready to be fucked by him and another two huge black guys.Ana went to the dresser and brushed her hair and put lipstick on. I made up the bed while she was dressing, but I said that Jerome wanted her fully naked. I just handed her a pair of six inch high black heels to put on. Her legs looked sexy and so much slimmer with those heels…Then Ana followed me downstairs and I could see the two new guys were delighted with what they saw. Jerome stepped forward and put his fingers between Ana’s pussy lips. Some seconds later he took his fingers off and showed his mates how wet kocaeli escort his white married slut was…He introduced both guys to her, telling that he had promised them some white pussy tonight. They both moved close to my wife…Kenny put his arm around Ana and started playing with her tits, Slim Jim got down on his knees and began to feel and inspect her pussy. Anita put her hand down on Kenny’s dick and I could see it growing hard. He unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out for Ana to hold. That black dick was only about eight inches long, but is was nearly as big around as a beer can. Jerome smiled to me as I watched that amazing size of black dick.He addressed to his mates, telling he was leaving and would see them later on. They could enjoy my wife until the morning. After about five minutes, the guys backed off Anita and started removing their clothes. Slim Jim had a dick not so huge as his friends, but it was at least twelve inches long…They went after my wife as she swayed her round hips going to our bedroom. I tagged along. Kenny told me if I was quite and did not interfere with them I could stay and watch. I did not even reply a single word to that stupid bastard; just moved chair back away from the bed and sat down to watch.Kenny pushed Anita down on her knees and presented his cock to her mouth. She opened her red lips and engulfed the huge dick.Slim Jim moved up behind my wife to continue rubbing and fingering her pussy. After a few minutes, Kenny pulled out and pushed Anita down on all fours. Slim Jim moved up behind Ana and inserted his cock in her pussy. Both he and Ana let out a moan as he thrust his cock deep inside.That guy reached for Anita’s hair and pulled her head back to help Kenny slid his cock to the back of her throat. My own cock was hard as I watched and was pressing for release from my shorts.Kenny started slapping my delicate wife’s face as he thrust his cock in and out of her soft mouth. Slim would smack her butt cheeks as he fucked her wet pussy. kocaeli escort bayan I knew Anita loved it even though her moans could hardly be heard with Kenny’s cock plugging her mouth. That bastard asked her who was she… and Ana answered him about being Jerome’s slut and just Jerome’s whore only… Kenny told her that he wouldn’t mind if she would become his slut.After about fifteen minutes, they both pulled out and made Ana spin around; with Kenny at her pussy and Slim Jim at her head.Kenny moved up behind Ana with his monstrous cock in his hand. She reached between her legs and inserted a couple fingers into her pussy, to spread it wider. The black dick was still wet from just coming from Anita’s mouth. He found the opening and plunged his cock up to his balls into my sweet wife’s. She cried and screamed in pain at first; but soon she was moaning and begging to be fucked harder by that black cock.Kenny started pounding her pussy as he was slapping Ana’s butt.Slim puts his hand under Ana’s chin and lifted her face up. His friend got her by the hair to hold her in that position. Then Slim Jim slid his twelve inch cock into her mouth and down her throat. He soon started to fuck her mouth just like it was a cunt.After about ten minutes of wild hammering, I noticed that Kenny was close to cum. Slim withdrew his cock from Ana’s mouth and started to jack it. She then opened her mouth wide to receive his cum. She licked at the tip of his cock at the same time that he Slim was stroking it. Both black men started to cum almost at the same time. Slim filled her mouth with his sticky seed; as Kenny grunted in pleasure and emptied his load of cum inside her stretched pussy. Then Kenny and Slim got up and went together to the bathroom. I got up and moved over to Anita to help her up. Each of her butt cheeks were beet red from the ass slapping that they gave her. I kissed her as she slid her cum coated tongue into my mouth. I then started cleaning her face with my mouth and licked izmit escort off all cum with my tongue. We each mouthed to each other…When the guys returned, they asked for some beer.I went to the kitchen and, when I came back, Ana was sitting on the bed between them…While they were talking, both men rubbed their cocks from time to time. I knew that they would be hard again very soon…Suddenly Kenny finished his beer and moved Ana to the center of the bed on her back. Slim Jim moved over her and slid his dick into her cum filled cunt. At same time, Ana started licking and sucking Kenny’s dick.After about ten minutes, Slim Jim pulled out of Anita’s pussy and Kenny rolled over onto his back. My wife then straddled Kenny, impaling herself on that huge black dick…She gave Slim Jim’s cock a few licks while she was on top of Kenny. Slim then pushed Ana down over Kenny’s chest and he moved behind her, Slim Jim rubbed his cock over her ass crack looking for her tight hole…I knew that Kenny was too large for a double penetration. His friend took aim at Ana’s butthole and positioned his cock to go inside. My wife, sensing that this was what Slim was trying to do, tightened up. I thought to myself, she needed to relax her butthole.With the pussy juice and the mouth juice on his cock, Slim Jim could slide in with ease. Now the two guys were fucking in rhythm.Ana screamed and moaned, begging them to fuck her even harder.But both guys were tiring out with all of the action. When Kenny saw that Slim was coming, he also started coming himself, filling my sexy wife’s cunt for the second time. Then he rolled out from Ana’s filled asshole.As I was coming watching them; I witnessed both black bastards getting off for another round with my wife…The sun was rising when they finished with Ana. Finally they left, after telling Anita that they would see her again; for sure…Ana stay in bed as they left. She opened her long legs very wide, to show me how stretched her soft cunt was now. I saw that thick globes of semen were oozing from her asshole.Anita confessed she was very sore after such wild sex session; but still she was again in the mood to receive more oral sex.She smiled to me, as I crawled between her spread thighs…



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