Jens Wild NightI had just finished my shower for the night and decided to check myemail, when I heard a knock at my door. Not thinking about how I wasdressed, panties and a long t-shirt, I went to see who it was. I openedthe door and saw it was HIM! I opened my mouth to speak but HE quicklyplaced HIS hand over my mouth and spun me around, clasping me to his chestbefore I could move. He shut and locked the door behind us and walked meinto the living room with his hand over my mouth. He then reached into hispocket and pulled out a bit gag and forced it into my mouth, tying ittightly. He then pulled out a length of rope and pulled my hands behind myback and tied my wrists together tightly, with my palms facing out.As he stepped in front of me I noticed a large blue bag slung over hisshoulder. He set it down, reached inside and pulled out several lengths ofrope. The first he used to tie my ankles together tightly, then snugglywrapped the second around my arms at my elbows, pulling my shoulders backand pushing my chest out. God, I was getting so hot feeling his hands oneme. What was going to happen to me! I soon found out!After tying my elbows tightly, he wrapped the third length of ropetightly around my legs just below my knees. He then reached up and RIPPEDmy shirt off, exposing my breasts! My God illegal bahis siteleri he was going to **** me. Mypussy was already getting wet! He then reached down and tore my pantiesoff, leaving me naked in my living room. I was glad my room mate was gonefor the weekend.I was then forced to my knees and he pushed my head to the floor, my asssticking up in the air. I felt so exposed! I heard him rummaging throughthe bag he had brought, and wondered what was next! I felt somethingslowly slide into my hot, wet pussy. It was a dildo! It stretchedcomfortably as he eased it in. It felt wonderful! He looped two ropesunder my body and over my shoulders, then I felt two more d**** over my assand up to my shoulders, where he pulled them tight; setting the dildosnuggly into my pussy, and pulling the two ropes tightly down my ass. GodI felt so helpless and wet in this position. He could do anything to meand I wouldn’t be able to resist.I couldn’t see what he was doing as he rummaged through his bag, it tookhim a minute or two to find what he was looking for, and then I felt a clodtouch to my little rosebud. He was sliding a butt plug slowly up my ass!Oh, God he knew I was a little anal slut! It must have been 4 inches long,as he slowly penetrated me. I then felt him pull the two ropes canlı bahis siteleri snugglyover its base to make sure it did not come out. God this was sofrustrating. He hadn’t said a single word since he had arrived. What wasgoing on? What was he going to do?I then realized the dildo was a vibrator, as he slowly turned it onhigh. Oh God it felt wonderful in my pussy. I groaned even more as I feltthe plug start to vibrate in my ass. This was wonderful torture! How longwas this going to last? I was getting so turned on and hot!What was he doing? I realized that he had turned on the TV and placed aDVD in the player. He sat down on the couch in front of me, leaned back,and placed his feet on my back. He was using me as a foot stool, while hewatched a movie! I turned my head to look at him and he finally spoke,”Don’t move! Stay absolutely still or I will spank you sweet ass!” He thenreached into his bag and pulled out a blindfold and placed it over my eyesso I couldn’t see what was happening. I then felt him push something intomy ears. He had put ear plugs in; I couldn’t hear or see anything! Thiswas getting so wild! The vibrators were starting to drive me crazy and itwas getting hard to sit still. I couldn’t help myself; I arched my backslightly as I felt a small orgasm come over bahis firmaları me. I felt his feet leave myback, and then a sharp pain on my ass as I felt something spank my ass! Hewas whipping me with a belt! Oh, it felt as good as he spanked my ass hard10 times. I bet I had a wonderful red glow to my ass after he finished. He warned me not to move!I couldn’t tell how long I kneeled as he watched the movie. Every timeI moved or shook from my orgasms, he would spank my ass 5 times with thebelt, I was getting so hot and frustrated, and my ass was starting totwitch with excitement. Time just seemed to flow together and I lostmyself in the pleasure of the vibrators and the whippings to my ass.I don’t know when he moved behind me, but I suddenly realized the plugwas gone from my ass and his cock was slowly sliding in its place! Oh, itfelt so wonderful. I felt his groin press tightly to my cheeks andrealized he was buried completely in my ass. He stayed for a few moments,letting me adjust. Then he started slowly pumping back out then in again.I felt so full with the dildo humming away in my pussy and his hard cockburied in my ass!He slowly built up speed until he was pounding my ass hard! God it feltwonderful! He kept pounding and pounding into my hot ass. I finallycouldn’t take any more of the throbbing in my pussy and the fullness in myass and came! My ass squeezing his cock tightly over and over again as Ifelt him release with me!I woke up a few minutes later cuddled in his arms. He was rocking megently and nuzzling my neck as I drifted off contently in his arms.



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