Author’s Note

The is a true story based entirely on my experiences over this past summer but everyone’s names have been changed.

Thank you all for showing such amazing support for my first story. Hope you continue to enjoy the stories I write. 🙂


Jeff left the next morning after we showered together and he thanked me for an amazing night. I was all too happy to let him stay over. I realized what a good guy he was and how sweet they usually tend to be so it was worth letting him spend the night.

I decided to send my boyfriend a rather cryptic message in response to an IM I got from him in the morning. I could have kicked and screamed in frustration about his decision for us to take a break but instead, I decided to make the best of it. I had a strong feeling that it would make him nervous and I was in the mood for making that motherfucker squirm.


Kody : Hey baby, I’m sorry I sprung the news on you like that. Hope you’re not still mad at me.

Jenny : You know, after thinking about it, maybe this summer break was a good idea after all, sweetie. 😉

Kody : Hey…I’m glad you’re okay with it, babe!

Jenny : Me too! It’ll be a lot of fun. 🙂

Kody : Well…it’s not like we’re gonna see other people, right? It’s just so we have some freedom to hangout with friends and stuff. We’re okay, right?

Jenny : Of course 🙂


I obviously lied but why should I be blindly faithful to someone who was obviously cheating on me? Hangout with friends? What the fuck did that even mean? I wasn’t going to be video chatting with him 24 hours a day.

Anyway, to my good fortune, my roommate still wasn’t home which was fine by me as I enjoyed the privacy. She seemed nice enough when I contacted her initially so I was looking forward to seeing her.

I was giggling a little to myself at how naughty I had been and let Jeff fuck me yesterday. To be honest though, I was horny again today and I didn’t want to look desperate calling Jeff back so soon. I was also really hungry and it was lunch time so I ordered some food.

Twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang and I opened the door and saw a stereotypical frat boy with boy-ish good looks, wearing a ball cap backwards and dressed in a red polo and plaid shorts holding a pizza box and a bottle of water. He was 18 but looked younger and not to mention, really fit; not huge but pretty lean. He had dark brown hair, brown eyes, stood at around 5’10” and looked like he weighed about a buck seventy five. My slut senses told me he’d probably have a big dick and it’s not often you have a decent looking delivery boy so I improvised.

“That’ll be $14.50 lady.” said the delivery guy.

“Oh sure. Why don’t you come in?” I asked and stepped aside.

“Cool.” he said casually, coming in, as I shut the door behind latin sex tapes porno us.

“Stay right there.” I said with a smile going into my room.

“Cool cool.” he responded.

“Chad, right? Can I be honest with you, Chad? I don’t actually have any money.” I lied in

a sweet, innocent tone from my room.

“What? Come on lady. My boss is gonna fire me if I bring this back.” he groaned.

“Well…I was thinking we could come to some sort of arrangement.” I said coming out of my room.

The delivery boy’s jaw dropped and I giggled seeing his reaction. The only thing I had on was a ball cap on backwards. The expression his face was priceless; it looked as if he had won the lottery, looking my up and down, staring at my big, firm tits and my tight body.

“How do I look?” I asked with a smile; my hands on my hips.

“Uhh…umm…I…” he said nervously, swallowing.

I saw his dick grow in his shorts and before I knew it, his huge bulge had pitched a plaid tent.

“Aww, you really like me? ” I asked, in a slightly sarcastic tone, with a slutty smile.

“Uhhh…well…umm…” Chad stammered.

“Your dick is huge! Wish my boyfriend was as big as you…but he isn’t. Oh well.” I said looking down at his erection straining his shorts.

I unzipped his shorts and pulled out his cock as he stood there, breathing deeply, as I stroked his cock hard.

“I really feel that I owe you though. After all, you did come all this way to bring me lunch.” I said.

He softly moaned, unable to speak.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you think I’m hot? Don’t you like these tits?” I asked as I kept jerking his cock.

“Yeah! Of course you are…ungh…and your tits are fucking perfect! It’s just… my girlfriend would…” he said before trailing off.

Once again, he was too stunned to talk as he swallowed while I kept stroking his dick and tickled his balls. Cheating on Kody was so thrilling and frankly, the asshole deserved it. Chad’s dick was at least 8″; a lot bigger than Kody’s. Boy, was I really starting to love California!

“Hehe, oh hush. Don’t worry about that. I want this big, juicy cock, in my tight, little pussy.” I whispered in his ear.

And that was it, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He got naked, grabbed me and made out with me ferociously, our lips swallowing each other. It wasn’t passionate, more so kinky but still hot with a lot of tongue in it and he slowly drove my back up against the wall.

He pushed his index finger into my wet snatch and started fingering me and I felt really sexy when he did; the delivery boy fingering me in the middle of my living room while Kody thought I was secretly missing him. He then worked two fingers in and began fingering my kitty harder. I moaned loudly, lost in the hedonism of the pleasure surging through my body.

“You like lezbiyen porno that? You like me fingering that pussy? Hmmm?” he asked, looking at me with pure lust in his eyes.

“Yessssssss…yessss…I love it…ungh…God…” I responded, moaning.

My eyes were closed as I was lost in pure ecstasy but they, as well as my mouth, soon opened wide as I let out a huge gasp, feeling his huge dick being shoved inside my pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck…that’s so big!” I said, moaning loudly.

He thrust his dick in me, and it was then, that I felt its true enormity. He slowly began thrusting in and out, building up speed, while he held me against the wall. My feet were not touching the floor as he held my legs up astride and was fucking my brains out in spectacular fashion. I looked into his eyes, seeing animalistic lust in his soul.

“YES! YES! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” I screamed out as Chad was drilling me without care.

“Yeah…yeah…you like that big cock, don’t ya?” he asked.

“Yes…God yes…keep fucking me, baby!” I said out loud.

I didn’t want him to stop. Feeling another guy’s dick inside my pussy without my boyfriend knowing was such a rush. He was bigger than Kody and fucked better than him too. After a good pounding, he got me off the wall and had me get on all fours on the carpet. He pushed his dick into my mouth and I sucked on it like a cock hungry whore; my head bobbing back and forth on it fast, loving the meaty taste of his thick shaft.

He then held my head still and began fucking my face. God this kid has had some practice; he was really turning me on like crazy. I was making ‘guk’ sounds repeatedly, while I gagged and choked on his cock as he thrust his hips in and out, sliding his dick in and out of my mouth; I was in heaven at this point.

He then pulled his dick out of my mouth and I let out a soft whine wishing he’d let me have a little more time but clearly, he was too horny to care. He kneeled behind me and started proding my ass with the tip of his cock

“Want me to fuck your ass, babe?” he asked, giving me a playful spank on my ass.

“Yes! Fuck me and fill it up, pizza boy!” I said in a sexy, teasing tone.

Without hesitating, he pushed his dick into my ass! I felt it slowly move in, stretching out my ass hole as the head slid in followed by the rest of his huge shaft.

“GASP! OHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!” I screamed, as I felt it bore into my ass.

“Yeah, slut. You wanted me to fuck your ass, huh?” asked Chad.

“Yes! YES! Fuck my ass, pizza boy! Fuck my ass, hard!” I replied.

“Yeah bitch…take it! Take it!…” he went on as he started to build up pace.

I kept gasping and screaming, but the eventual pain subsided and it was all pleasure now. He had a firm grip on my hips as he sped up even faster, liseli porno humping my ass like he was fucking a cheap whore in an alleyway, spanking me repeatedly at random intervals.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Sooooo fucking biiiiiiiiiiiiiig!” I said, as he kept ramming me.

“Ungh ungh…Jenny…you’re the hottest bitch I’ve ever fucked!” he said excitedly.

I just smiled and moaned in response, just feeling so happy that I was being fucked properly. Some girls may have taken offense to it but I really enjoyed Chad talking dirty to me that way. After a good ass romping, I could sense his cock throbbing more; he was nearing the cliff’s edge.

“Fuck…I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum!” said Chad.

“Cum on me! Cover me in your hot jizz!” I said emphatically.

He pulled out of my ass, flipped me over and had me laying on my back on the carpet. He grabbed his cock and I could tell he was eagerly waiting to spray me down. I held my tits together, kept my mouth open and stuck my tongue out, seductively as he moaned loudly and sprayed me down with his semen. Ropes of hot seed flew out of his dick covering my tits, abs and face. He had a huge load built up and I was happy to drain every last drop and be covered with it. I mopped up some of his cum with my finger and put it in my mouth to taste it. I’ll admit, his cum had a pleasant flavor to it. I had him move up and kneel astride on top of me as I got my head up to take his cock into my mouth and clean it up, sucking him dry of every drop.

“Wow…that was fuckin awesome, babe!! Do you wanna…go out sometime?” he asked.

“Hehe, we’ll see. You better show up if I call you though, got it?” I said.

“Yes ma’am! Anytime you want.” Chad said obediently.

“Call me ma’am again, and this, is never gonna happen.” I said.

“Sorry Jenny…” Chad said.

I smiled, had him give me his phone number and kicked him out. I know it’s bad but it felt so good being a naughty slut and, I got a free lunch. Chad was definitely not the kind of guy I’d date but definitely worth calling if I need a good dicking. If anything, I’d go out with Jeff but I digress. Still, having the cute delivery boy fuck me hard and blanket me with a load of semen wasn’t so bad, was it? On top of that, he reached places that Kody could only dream of getting to. 😉

A friend of mine kept an eye on Kody and confirmed my suspicions. He was apparently spending time with the same girl on multiple occasions and he was seen going back to her place with her.

After Chad left, I was starving after that energetic fuck so instead of cleaning up first, I sat on a kitchen stool and dug in, eating a slice of the pizza he brought over. Let me be the first to say that people have HORRIBLE timing. Just when I thought I had some time till my roommate would return, I heard the door unlock and in came my roommate. Of all the things for her to see, there I sat, by the kitchenette counter, butt naked with Chad’s hot, white goo splashed all over my body, eating a slice of pizza.

“Umm…want some?” I asked, smiling awkwardly at my roommate.

Well then, this should be interesting. As always, there’s more to cum 😉



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