Jake Part XVII – Summer Sun“Daddy!” someone whined. “Wake uuuuup!” Jake’s nostrils were filled with a familiar scent of strawberry bodywash. He inhaled deeply and smiled. “I know you’re awake,” Petra complained. “Shoosh,” Jake said, wrapping his arms around the girl who had woken him from his nap by straddling his lap. “sleep time is now.” Petra whined again, pushing her breasts in Jake’s face. He noticed that they were uncovered, and his eyes snapped open. “Petra, your mother-” “She’s out,” Petra said, smiling down at him. “Cheryl picked her up for a girls’ night.” Jake relaxed, kissing the soft skin that was still pressed to his face. “What time is it?” “I dunno, half past noon?” “And she’s already out? Huh. I was gonna ask her if she wanted to get lunch or something.” He slid his hands down to Petra’s ass and gave a firm squeeze. “You hungry, princess?” Petra wriggled into his grp, rubbing down against his lap at the same time. “Bored, mostly.” “Well why aren’t you out having fun with your new girlfriend, hm?” Petra scoffed. “Yeah, right You know she’s in love with you. Anyway, her family went out for the weekend. You can tell on account of how she’s not hanging around here trying to get all up ons. Jake smirked. “All what now?” “Nevermind. Let’s go out and have fun!” “Alright… what did you have in mind?” Jake found himself rather amused by the looks he and his “date” were getting as they walked along the boardwalk. He’d donned a pair of loose-fitting swim trunks and a tank top that hugged his back and chest in a way that made him proud of himself. Clinging to his arm, a beautiful red-haired girl in a white bikini top and matching waist wrap tugged at him, urging him to hurry. “Come on sweetie,” Petra said, playing the girlfriend game once again. “We can set up down on the beach and you can help me with the tanning lotion.” “Alright, Pet, I’m coming,” he said, pulling her in closer. “You know,” he said quietly, “people are staring. I think they’re jealous.” Petra gigged. “They oughta be, we’re awesome.” “Well, sure, there is that.” It took a few minutes, but Petra eventually found a spot on the sand that met with her exacting standards. Jake had to admit she knew how to choose; from where he laid out their towels, they had a view of the volleyball nets, a nearby lifeguard tower, and a very short walk to the concession stand. Petra immediately unpacked her bag and began smearing thick white tanning cream on her skin. With her complexion, they’d learned years ago that it was either go pale or go lobster, but she loved the sun and the water, so expensive specialty protection was the order of the day. Jake watched, joining every other man nearby – and some of the women – in naked appreciation of the sight of her rubbing the slick, shiny goo onto her arms, neck, face, and stomach. She saved her breasts for last, waiting until she had the attention of everyone who might want to see before squirting the cream from the bottle onto herself with a little gasp. “It’s cold,” she explained, biting her lip and staring at her father while she ran her fingers over her exposed skin, working the cream in until it vanished. She even dipped her fingertips under the edge of her top, making sure shed be protected if the top were to slip while ensuring that her skin was slick enough that it almost certainly would do so. “That’s better,” she said, handing the lotion over to Jake and unfastening her wrap. “Get my legs?” Jake was only too happy to help out. Petra pulled away the thin bit of cloth, revealing a tight-fitted bikini bottom, and d****d her legs across the towel. Kneeling beside her, Jake coated his palms with the tanning cream and proceeded to rub it up and down her legs slowly, making sure not to miss an inch of her milky-pale skin. Petra rolled over on her front, and Jake’s breath caught for a moment. His daughter was wearing… well, it wasn’t a g-string, but it was damned close. Jake could see more than half of each cheek. “When did you buy this?” he asked as he continued about his efforts, starting from her ankles and smearing the sticky white goop up her calves and thighs, then up over the exposed parts of her ass. “Oh, I picked it up recently,” Petra quipped, looking back over her shoulder at him. “Do you like it, sweetie?” “I love it,” he admitted, leaning forward to start treating the skin on her back. He leaned down and whispered, “and so does every other guy here.” “How long has it been now?” With her skin adequately protected, Petra was stuck on dry land for a while. It sucked, but it was worth it to avoid days of sunburned misery. Her father checked his watch. “Five minutes. You’re still sticky.” He looked around a little. “Want to play with the volleyball folks?” Petra looked down toward the net. Two couples had squared off in a girls-against-guys contest. “Looks like they already have full teams,” she said, dejected. Jake winked at her. “Not what I meant.” He coughed and gestured toward the net once more. One of the girls, a slim, obviously-dyed redhead, was running toward the net. She went up to spike the ball, but at the apex of her jump one side of her bikini suddenly pulled itself down, freeing a tan-lined breast to the open air. Both the male players stared in surprise, and the ball flew between them for an easy point. The girl jumped and laughed, then gasped as she felt the extra bounce on one side. She covered up quickly and made an angry face at the guys. The larger of the two guys, both of whom were in pretty good shape, punched the smaller in the arm. Apparently it was not cool to look when your buddy’s girl pops a tit mid-game. Petra laughed into her hand, trying not to draw attention to herself. “That was awesome,” she said, leaning against her father. “But don’t you usually only do that to people who deserve it?” Jake shrugged. “She looks like she avcilar escort probably did something bitchy at some point,” he said. “And besides, it made you smile.” Petra smirked. “And the pokies?” Jake chuckled, apparently amused that she’d noticed. “Everyone gets hard nipples sometimes,” he said innocently. Both girls did indeed seem very “excited”. The other girl, a slim brunette with severe eyebrows and an angular, vulpine face, tugged at her little black bikini top, apparently feeling a little shifted. Jake nodded at her. “She actually looks nicer. Her friend’s suit has a lot more support keeping things in place.” “Show me.” Jake watched the girls contemplatively for a moment, then stopped time. He’d timed it pretty well; the redhead was once more jumping up to intercept the ball, and the brunette was in a ready stance, knees bent and feet wide. Petra followed him across the sand toward the girls. “They’re both really hot,” she said, looking them up and down. “Yeah, true,” Jake said, reaching up to the jumping redhead and lifting her bikini top up. “But see, this top is really tight.” Petra could indeed see that the girl’s breasts were much smaller than they had seemed in the padded top, and sort of an odd shape. When exposed before, the suit had still been underneath pushing up, but now it was more obvious. “Weird,” she said. “She still looks hot, but her boobs are made of lies.” Jake chuckled. “Yeah, and this too…” he pulled down the girl’s bottom piece, revealing hair that was dark and rather more bushy than expected. It looked like she’d waxed only the area revealed by the bikini. “Wow, hope she has a good personality,” Petra jabbed. “What about her friend?” Jake grinned at her. “Well now that’s a different story.” He walked over to the crouching girl, peeling the bikini top up. Her breasts were shaped much like Petra’s own, nearly perfectly spherical, with dark pink nipples. “I see what you mean,” Petra said, admiring the view. “What about…?” Jake took the hint and slid down the girl’s suit bottom. He took his time sliding his hands down what Petra could see now was a really great ass. Underneath, the brunette had only a triangle of carefully-trimmed hair which perfectly matched her long, wavy locks. Petra whistled, looking from one girl to the other. The redhead was still incredibly sexy, having longer and more defined legs and some really blatant tan-lines, but the brunette was stunning. Like Natalia-level stunning. “I think I need to see her fucked,” Petra said quietly. Jake raised a brow. “I dunno,” he said. “That’s really only for rewards or punishments, not pranks. It wouldn’t really be right of me to do.” Petra pouted. “Please, Daddy? I just wanna see you go inside her.” Her father sighed. “Alright, but only a little.” “Yay!” Petra squealed, clapping her hands. She ran the couple steps between them and kissed him firmly, then slid down his body to her knees, untying his trunks. His cock was halfway stiff and rising when she freed it, so she leaned down and slid him into her mouth, sucking hard and bobbing her head. It was incredible feeling her Daddy get hard against her tongue, easily one of her favorite things about being with him, and his fingers running through her hair made her shiver. In seconds he was rock-solid, so she pulled back and stroked him slowly with her fingers. When his dick was totally wet, she guided him forward, smiling up at him. The girl’s position was perfect, angling her hips back just a little, and Petra had no trouble helping her Daddy line up with her pussy. She wished she could be in three places at once to watch as her father started pushing into the frozen girl. There was a moment of resistance before the head slipped in, accompanied by his moan. “She’s almost as tight as you,” he said, sliding forward inch by inch. Petra giggled, watching his face, her body, and the entrancing view of his cock being slowly engulfed by her. “Can you fit it all in, Daddy?” Petra asked. “I’ll have to push hard,” he warned. “Do it.” Jake’s mind was reeling with arousal. He loved making Petra happy, and he loved the way this felt. He held the girl’s hips and started to push harder against the resistant passage to her womb. “Oh yes, Daddy, just like that,” Petra moaned. Jake looked over and realized she was standing now, with one hand down the front of her swimsuit and the other squeezing and playing with their temporary fuckdoll’s breasts. The sight filled him with renewed arousal and he thrust himself home, breaking through the final gate with a groan of pleasure. “Fuck,” he breathed, “that’s good.” “Stay there,” she said, leaning over to get a good look. The girl’s tight, round little ass was pressed flat against Jake’s hips. Petra bit her lip and rubbed herself some more, then leaned over and suckled on the girl’s nipples, one at a time. “Alright,” Petra said, “that should do…” Jake couldn’t help but moan again as he pulled slowly free of the girl’s passage. Petra knelt down and peered in the space he’d left, giggling, then turned around to face him, licking and sucking him clean of her. “Do you want to-” “Not yet,” Petra said with a grin. “Will you dress Red up again? I’ll handle… all this.” Jake set the hovering girl’s clothing to rights and returned to their towels. Petra joined him moments later, laying next to him and pressing in close, and Jake once more started time. The brunette’s knees buckled, and she cried out in a moan of surprise, pain, and pleasure. Petra shook with stifled laughter as the other players halted the game to see what was the matter. The other girl exclaimed “Anna!” which was apparently the brunette’s name. She waved them off, climbing to her feet and wiping sweat from her brow. “She really must want to win this game,” Jake mused. “Most people would take a break.” Petra giggled. “Most şirinevler escort would notice the breeze, too.” Jake squinted, then smirked. Petra had put the girl’s – Anna’s – swimsuit on mostly correct, but she had pulled the bottoms up until they were almost hidden between her asscheeks, an irritant she was presently setting to rights. What she had failed to notice was that the cups of her close-fitting little top were rolled down a little, revealing her still-erect nipples. One of the guys seemed to have noticed. It was pretty obvious from watching him; he kept darting his eyes back and forth to sneak glances. What was interesting was that it was the bigger guy who’d previously defended the redhead’s honor, and he wasn’t making any sort of move to let Anna know that she was flashing. “Looks like Biff over there is into his buddy’s girl,” Jake commented, nodding toward him. Petra snickered. “I may have turned his head that way as I walked past…” “Bad girl,” jake said with a chuckle “…and stroked him through his trunks…” “Very bad girl,” he added, reaching down to give Petra’s thigh a slap and squeeze. “He’s really big. I think we should make him do her.” “I really can’t take you anywhere, can I?” “Nope!” Petra grinned. “I’m a terrible influence. You said so yourself.” Jake rolled his eyes and watched the girls jumping about. Pretty soon it became obvious that “Biff” was excited; he was leaning forward a little and jumping around less, no doubt to hide his erection. But still he made no move to let Anna know she should cover up. In fact, it wasn’t until Anna dove to intercept a spike that she noticed something amiss, landing chest-first in the sand. Sensing the opportunity, Petra poked Jake’s wrist. It was one of the signals they’d worked out for when she wanted him to stop time, so he did so. Before he could ask what she was up to, she was up and running across the sand, leaving him to stare at her truly hypnotic ass. Jake fidgeted, suddenly very aware that he’d been inside of a woman but hadn’t gotten off yet.Petra knelt down in the sand in front of the man Jake had dubbed “Biff”, pulling down his trunks. She hadn’t been wrong about him, Jake observed; he was not a small man, and he was flying at about half mast. Jake got to his feet and walked over, watching as his daughter started stroking a stranger in the summer sun. She looked exotic and beautiful to him, leaning down and sucking, sliding her lips down and up with her hand. By the time Jake walked up to Petra’s side, his own cock was standing rigid in his swimsuit. She noticed immediately, reaching over to rub him through the material and leaning back to smile up at him. “Someone’s excited,” she purred at him. “I’m not alone in that, either,” he said, nodding toward the semi-erect and now wet dick in her hand. “You got a plan, Pet, or were you just trying to make me jealous?” Petra giggled. “I always have a plan, Daddy,” she said, getting to her feet and pressing up against him. She squirmed with her hips against the bulge he was carrying, causing him to groan softly. “I just like it to be a surprise.” Jake leaned down and kissed her, scooping her up into his arms. She shrieked playfully, pressing tight against him as he carried her back to their vantage point and started time up again. Anna responded first, giving a playful cry of surprise at the way her top had pulled down. She kept down on the sand, adjusting herself. It seemed she wasn’t aware she’d been showing off for several minutes still. The big guy also reacted to the time-jump, rolling his eyes back and shuddering. His trunks, which Petra had not put back into place, fell down onto the sand, revealing his now rock-hard-looking cock. Petra slapped a hand over her mouth and giggled again. “He’s as big as you, Daddy,” she said quietly, pretending to look in a different direction. “Charlie, what the fuck!” The redhead had her hands crossed and was glaring at her naked boyfriend. Charlie, as was apparently his real name, went pale with shock at his sudden situation, bending down frantically to grab at the trunks around his ankles. Unfortunately for him, tucking his penis into the snug garment proved to be a bit of a problem, and he had to turn toward the sea for a few seconds to reposition himself. The game looked to be over after that, as “Red” was too busy yelling at Charlie for his “grossness” to play anymore. He tried to defend himself, but seemed to be on the losing side and eventually slinked off, defeated, to fetch refreshments for his angry girlfriend and the embarrassed other couple. Petra made Jake stop time once more. She pulled him to his feet. “Come on,” she said, “let’s play dollies.” Jake raised an eyebrow. “Play what?” “Just follow my lead.” She looked around. Charlie had walked up to the concession stand and was looking up at the menu items. “Go get the girl… um, Anna. Bring her here.” “What for?” “Please, Daddy? It’ll be fun, I promise.” Jake kissed his daughter and pulled away. “With you, it always is,” he said, turning to walk across the sand once more. Anna was frozen in the act of examining one of her cups to make sure she wasn’t going to slip out again. Her boyfriend was holding the ball and pretending not to watch. Jake carefully lifted the girl off the ground and tucked her under his arm, holding her around her waist. “Sorry, sport,” he said to her boyfriend. “I’ll bring her back in one piece.” Jake started back toward the concession, where it looked like Petra had once more removed Charlie’s trunks. She was on the other side of him, so it wasn’t really obvious what she was doing until he got a little closer and heard her moan. Hurrying over, Jake quickly confirmed his suspicions. Petra was standing between Charlie and the concession, bent over and holding the counter. She’d pulled her bikini taksim escort to the side, and was pushing back and forth, slowly fucking herself with Charlie’s time-frozen shaft. “Jesus, Pet, what are you doing?” Jake demanded. “Mnh… I’m fucking Charlie, Daddy,” Petra explained, looking up at him as she pushed back again, taking him a little deeper. “Yeah, but… why? You shouldn’t-” “Daddy, you fuck- mm- fuck girls all the time like this.” “Yes, to punish or to reward.” “Shouldn’t we give him some sort of reward? We just embarrassed the crap out of him.” Jake had to admit she had a point. Charlie’s only crime had been taking too many looks at his buddy’s girl’s tits, and some guys were really shy about being seen naked. “Well, okay,” Jake said, “So what is Anna here for?” “For you, Daddy,” Petra said with a smile. “Do it with me.” Jake hardly even hesitated this time, moving Anna’s frozen body next to Petra and bending her over. He braced the girl’s hands against the counter, pulled her bottom garment aside, and began sliding up into her. Petra watched over her shoulder, still sliding back and forth on Charlie’s cock. She was pushing almost all the way back now, pressing her ass to his hips with each thrust. “How does she feel now, Daddy?” she asked. “Mm,” Jake moaned, “she’s tight and wet, feels like she liked the teasing.” He continued pressing forward, holding Anna’s hips, until he once more felt the end of her passage. It was deeper than on his first attempt, and he spent a moment admiring the sight of Anna’s ass against his hips and the base of his cock disappearing inside her. It wasn’t enough just to feel her, however; since he was deep inside already, Jake saw no reason not to enjoy the girl. He began pumping his hips in and out, sawing at the warm, tight vessel that was Anna’s pussy, matching speed to Petra’s eager movements. “Fuck yes, that feels so good, Daddy,” Petra moaned, and for a moment Jake had to look to be sure whose pussy he was fucking. He went with the feeling, watching his beautiful girl push back onto Charlie while he thrust into Anna harder, stretching her deeper around him. Jake groaned, feeling his pleasure build, and Petra reached over to touch his hand. “Wait,” she said, sliding off of her statue-like lover with a quiet moan. “We need to do this right.” Jake stepped back, reluctantly slipping free of Anna’s folds, and crossed his arms. “What are you up to, Pet?” Petra didn’t answer. She grabbed Anna around the waist and turned her, sitting her on the concession counter and spreading her legs. Then she lifted Charlie off the ground and started moving him toward her. “Hey now Petra, we shouldn’t-” “Come onnnnn, Daddy,” she whined, guiding Charlie’s stiff and slick member into the space Jake had vacated within Anna. “It’ll be so hot! You can just start them. Nobody will know and they’ll think it was a dream.” Jake sighed and moved in to help push Charlie forward. “You. Me. Influence. Bad.” Petra giggled as she wrapped Anna’s legs around Charlie’s waist. “You love me.” “This I do not deny.” Petra hopped up on the counter next to Anna and spread her legs slowly, beckoning with a crook of her finger to her father. “C’mere, you.” Anna had thought that sudden flash of sensation earlier was weird, but this was ridiculous. She had an intense rush of pleasure, along with a feeling of being stretched full and deep. She came immediately and moaned loudly, squeezing her thighs around the man who was bucking up inside her. The man? She blinked tears out of her eyes, trying to focus enough to understand what was going on. She could feel the familiar bloom of heat deep inside, that moment she loved when Greg would cum while he was slamming deep into her… except Greg was never so hot and big and tight in there. Which made sense, because the man gripping her hips and giving a final thrust wasn’t Greg; it was Charlie. Anna gasped, covering her mouth with her palm. She was about to say something when she realized she wasn’t alone; right next to her, a redhead who looked maybe 18 was gripping the wooden surface they were sitting on and moaning like a whore while a guy who looked way too old to be with her was driving into her. Judging by his face, he was in the process of doing the same thing to her that Charlie had just done to Anna. “Oh god, Anna,” Charlie said. There was a sudden swoop of vertigo, and Anna was back on the beach where she’d been a moment before. The sounds of people and birds and the ocean came rushing back all at once, sounds that had been absent a moment before. She stumbled, looking around and still covering her face with her hand. “You okay, Anna?” Steff asked. “You look like you just saw somebody die.” Charlie was still over at the concession. He looked a little weak in the knees, and was staring back over his shoulder in Anna’s direction with a look of embarrassment and shock. Anna sat down on the sand, trying to process what had happened in her head. “I’m… I’m alright,” she told her friend. “Just give me a minute…” Steff shrugged. “Alright. I’m gonna go to the bathroom and fix my top. It feels like it’s shifted again.” Anna nodded and waved her away, then squirmed a little. She had been wet before, but now, after that weird – what was it, a vision? hallucination? After that event, she felt totally soaked. And sticky. Looking around to be sure nobody was watching, Anna reached down, pulling her bathing suit to the side for a second and touching her pussy gingerly. Her fingers came away sticky. She rubbed them together, then raised them to her nose and sniffed, recoiling in shock as she recognized the coppery scent. Her train of thought was interrupted as Steff came running back. “Hey Anna,” she called as she approached. “Y-Yeah?” “Have you seen anyone near our bags? I can’t find our panties!” Jake had to stop time again. There was no other choice; Petra’s laughter was uncontrollable. Best let her get it out of her system. But then, looking at Anna’s face, and then at Charlie’s, and listening to his daughter wheezing joyously, he found he couldn’t help but bubble up with the same hysterical laughter.



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