Jaci & Bill, Naked on the HillJaci & Bill like to spend weekends Naked at their Cabin, but will Jaci’s friend Pati join them.Most of the sexual acts my wife Jaci and I have preformed in public were at our cabin. This is the same cabin where we sometimes spend an entire weekend naked, day and night, inside and outdoors. The cabin was not a secluded one, but on a hill, somewhat distant from the ones below us. With binoculars some of our neighbors would have had many a chance to see us in detail while naked, and sometimes they might catch us in the middle of a fuck session. Otherwise they would have to speculate, what are those crazy naked neighbors doing now. I started a tradition of naked weekends shortly after we bought the cabin, and only when it was just the two of us. I only intended it to be one weekend, but it added so much to our sex life, and brought so much excitement to our marriage we pretty much declared it any time we were there alone.Our c***dren were with their out-of-town grandparents for a long weekend, so we took that opportunity to get away to the cabin alone. I was bringing in the last bag from the car and decided to strip and go in naked. Jaci just looked at me as I walked in, and told me, “remember we have a guest coming in the morning.””Well, we have at least 12 hours we can enjoy, so get naked, we are wasting time, I am getting hard just thinking about spending the evening with my naked sweetheart.” I love being naked, especially in the great outdoors, and the fact that it was only beginning to get dark, made me want to let our neighbors below us know that there would be something to watch this weekend. Our cabin is in the middle of acres of our property, we are in the country, mostly farms and a small group of cabins below us, what we do on our property is our business, if people don’t want to see us, they don’t have to use their binoculars, but at the same time, we love thinking we are being watched, be our guest. I went on our back patio to clean it up and put the cushions on the furniture, then uncover and turn on the hot tub. We did not use the hot tub a lot, but it provided a good excuse for our public nudity. I have seen one of our neighbors naked on their patio while enjoying theirs, and it was a turn on.Jaci fixed some drinks and joined me shortly after I had the patio ready. We stood there and hugged for a few moments as if to announce we were here and we were naked. After only a couple of drinks we were so horny, we broke our rule of waiting till at least dusk before we engaged in any sexual acts. We are in a slump, down to about one fuck a week. When we first got married, we fucked all the time, and to try to get extra excitement, we had sex in every room in the house, even tried to do it in front of windows. Once we discovered sex in public, all those places seemed as mundane as fucking in bed to us. Today, we were naked in daylight, and eager to have sex on our patio, I was hard just thinking about it. The biggest decision is who gets to pleasure who first. I would like to say that preforming oral sex on Jaci as much enjoyment as having her suck my cock, but in truth it is not. I decided to start with trying to get Jaci her first orgasm of the weekend, its better to please her first, as I tend to only think about fucking once my cock has been in Jaci’s mouth.Before we could even get started, we observed our mystery neighbors down the hill exiting their cabin nude, to go to their hot tub. They definitely like be naked outside too, or they would have had their towels around them, instead of over their arms. He stopped to stretch before he climbed into the tub, and Jaci pointed out he looked like he was pretty hard, and possibly had a pretty good size cock. You could not of proved it by me as I had been too busy observing her shape, she had such very nice breast and appeared to have a hour glass figure, she had stopped to bend over and place her towel on a chair and it gave me a amazing view of her ass. Once they got in the tub they sat on the cabin side of it facing us, and I imagined in my head that they were getting ready to watch the show, Jaci and I were about to preform for them. I aim to please so I wanted to give them the best view possible from this distanceI pulled a chair over in front of Jaci, and removed the cushion from another for a pad to put under my knees. Jaci and I were in sync and did not need to make many requests of each other. She just naturally moved her ass forward in the chair and spread her legs, I dove in and put her legs on my shoulders, it was time to give her the pleasures that a tongue, used in the proper manor can give a horny woman.I wasted no time in stimulating her clit, it is the best place to go if you want to give a woman an orgasm. I know exactly the correct spot to go to on Jaci, and had her reaction immediately. Now I was ready explore and lick the rest of her pussy, dragging my tongue up and down her lips and in the crack between, taking some time to stick my tongue in that wonderful hole, my cock loves so much. I gave her all the tongue I have, and I fucked her with it, then went back to her clit, tickling it using just the tip of my tongue, and then used all of it, to stroke it.It did not take much time to make her cum, she was turned on when I started, seeing the neighbors big cock had to help, not to mention the turn on that being outside in near daylight, pre-dusk I would call it. She started to moan and I could feel her legs pushing down on my shoulders. Soon I started to hear some labor in her breathing and her body was starting to have tremors. When she quit running her hands through my hair and and was just holding my head, I knew she was cumming. I will not bore you with the praising part, but she did give me as much credit as God. When she started to come down from the rush and back to herself, I pulled my head out, and stood up, she stayed on the chair to get her breath. She knew that she was soon going to have a hard cock in her mouth and I was excited at the thought of it being there too.I scooted the cushion aside and stood in front of her, and she put her hands around me, got a good grip on my ass and pulled me forward to accept my cock. She started to mouth and suck it first, making the head of my penis super sensitive, before she swirled her tongue all over it. I was squirming from the tickling effect it always had on me, and she knew that I could only take that for a short time. She alternated between stroking it with her hand between using her mouth for extra stimulation. We know each other’s pleasure zones and how to stimulate them, one of the bonuses a long term relationship brings to your sex life. I had to pull away before I came in her mouth or all over her. I wanted to ask her first where she wanted the cumshot I would soon be producing and she said, “I think they are watching us, so I want to take it in the mouth, if I could see his cock, they can see yours, and I want them to see it in action.”I did not waste a lot of time producing that cumshot as we both were so turned on, and it had been awhile since we had any type of sex, and not to mention the extra excitement of this environment. I increased my jerking speed until I could not hold back any more and told her, she had her mouth open and tongue out. She took what she could in her mouth, and what was left on her face, it looked like she had been in a bukake session. I had not came in over a week so I had quite a load. Even with cum in her one eye, she did not neglect the sensitive head of my penis and then cleaned up of the shaft before she got up. Cum was coming out of her mouth and a long rope was hanging off my sweethearts chin. She stood up, and I kissed her tenderly, I do not have a desire to eat my own cum, but tasting a little on my lovers lips is O.K., after all she just took a mouthful, something I am convinced is much more of a turn on for the man, than it is for the recipient.We went in the cabin so she could clean up and I could get us fresh drinks. We wanted to get back as we were pretty sure we would get at least some kind of show down the hill. I returned first and could see the neighbors climbing out of the tub, it was as if they were waiting for us to return, as she was now leaning over the tub, he got behind her. Jaci was just coming out the door and I told her to hurry, the show is starting. She had brought with her what they call opera glasses, miniature binoculars that were not to conspicuous. She was excited describing the size of his cock as he entered her. She predicted that we would be fucking tonight, after watching this. I told her that as soon as she could I would like to take a gander at her tits, that were now hanging down under her.She begrudgingly handed them to me and I focused in or her tits. They looked above average in size and think they were natural as they did hang down a little elongated below her. I then told Jaci she was right about us fucking, I am ready right now but enjoying the show. We could see him withdraw and Jaci said, “I dug out the glasses, so I should get to see the cumshot.”I gave them back to her of course, but was not sure she could see any actual cum, but had a good view of the cock in his hand, and her awaiting ass. He then busted his nut, and shot it on her back, Jaci said, it was enough that she could see it after it landed. She loved watching cum exit a cock, that’s why she often takes the shot on her face. I told her she better put her glasses down before they look up here. He used his towel to clean her back and ass as she used hers to wrap around her shoulders. They went in to their cabin, to have dinner we presumed, and we suddenly realized we had not eaten yet. I told Jaci I brought my special sausage with me, before I could finish she said, “I know, I already tasted one.” “Not that one, you know I am talking about the ones I make myself, using an old family recipe that was handed down.”I told her I could get a fire started pretty quickly and we could roast them over it. She went in the house to whip up a side dish.When the fire was ready she returned with sausage, the forks, some buns, and baked beans she had warmed up. I put two on my fork, as by that time we were starving. We finished our cook out, and I lit up a joint, and we discussed the possibility that our naked weekend was not ataşehir escort an original thing, or if seeing us naked so much just gave them the courage to bare it all like us. I told Jaci it could soon be our turn and we needed to figure out a way to give them the best view possible, we are both competitive people when it comes to our exhibitionism. It was not long before our neighbors back light came on and they came back out on the patio, to sit, they were still naked but it was our turn.Our exhibitionist brain’s were working overtime, we do not like to be out done, the pot was kicking in, and I am a believer in the fact that pot can make you focus on an issue in depth.Jaci suggested we could get closer as it was getting dark quickly and would be harder for them to see, we have acres of property, and a completely open field between us. I first thought that I could turn on our patio light, then I remembered the spot light that lights up the outer yard and went to get a blanket and spread it where it was brightest, we now had a stage, one that made us not much more than a hundred feet from them. Out here in the country you could possibly even hear from that distance. It was pretty bold of us, but we now had the knowledge that they were voyeurs, as well as exhibitionist like us.We had quite a love making session, and to be honest, the pot made us so in to our own pleasure, we did not have time to observe them. We soon found out that we had turned them on and that they wanted to show us how much.It was a real shock, and I experienced a flash of fear of the unknown, as we watched two naked figures walk toward us. I did not know what they were going to say or what I should say to them other that maybe introduce ourselves awkwardly.Things did not develop at all like we could imagine even in our wildest dreams or fantasies. They said nothing but smiled at us as they dropped down on the blanket in front of us and started kissing.We sat down on the edge, and they were making out in front of us, we used this making out time to compare their bodies to what we had in our minds from our distant observations. I turned to look at Jaci, but it was clear she was focused on his hard cock. I in turn chose to take advantage of this chance to admire the figure of the female stranger, I noticed that she had shaved her pubic hair, leaving only a small patch above her pussy. I now was certain that her breast were natural, and beautiful I might add. She had piercing through her nipples something I loved to look at, but did not think she needed anything to add or distract from the natural beauty of them.They were now ready to proceed with their love making we presumed, and I wondered what they would treat us to next. I could not have wished for anything more, as they got into a 69 position with his head and her pussy pointed toward us, I was in heaven as her pussy so close I could see every detail of it, and I spotted a piercing there too. Jaci was disappointed I am sure, she would have rather watched her sucking his cock, but she got her wish soon when they turned around. Now there was no doubt that they were intent on upstaging us and giving us a show to remember. Jaci was now only the length of his legs from his cock and her mouth. She was thorough, and was taking almost all of it without gagging. I loved it, and like any man, imagined it being my cock.It was almost like I had choreographed their love making, as they then assumed the doggie position giving us a side view. I had the better view of her dangling breast and Jaci of his cock going in and out of her and his balls swinging and hitting her from that action.They fucked for quite a while, and like a concert of your favorite band, we did not want it to end. But she clearly came twice, and had collapsed to her elbows after the second one. He was red in the face as he started to stroke very hard and I could see a blood vessel bulging in his neck. He let out a noise, we all seem to have one that sometimes just comes out as we shoot our loads. I watched his overflowing cum drip from her pussy and to our blanket. They got up, embraced, and he turned his head toward us like he was going to speak.He just simply said, “I hope you enjoyed that as much as we did having you watch, it was watching you that got us so fucking hot. Sorry about our fluids on your blanket but if there is a next time and we hope there is, you will be welcome to dampen ours.”I had to say something, I did not even know what it would be until it came out of my mouth, “We surely enjoyed it, we love being watched too, and are all in for a repeat performance, may I say though, that I think we should remain anonymous, so we can fully enjoy watching each other as strangers for now.”He simply said, “agreed” as they turned to go back to their cabin.We sat for a while in amazement, and then folded up our blanket and were walking back to the cabin, Jaci noticed I was rock hard and ask, “are you still hard from the show we watched, it was hot, but it was at least 10 minutes ago.””You noticed,” I said, “I got hard from thinking about what it would have been like to be them, they got to preform on a blanket that had two complete strangers on it, who were watching them intensely. I hope we get that chance, it sounds like we might some other weekend.” We got back to the cabin and went to our bedroom to get ready for bed. We did not discuss the bizarre, but hot incident we just participated in. All I said was, “I guess now we will have something to talk about on our ride home Sunday.”I was asleep almost immediately after my head hit the pillow, it had been a big night.Pati, a friend of Jaci’s arrived about 10 am. It was a disappointment to me as we do not get that many weekends just the two of us. But Pati was a very good and long time friend of Jaci’s who has been through some hard times, a divorce and the financial problems that come with it. They had two c***dren together and her ex was not even interested in visiting privileges, or was he paying his support payments. So Jaci arranged this night with the help of Pati’s mom. Her mom would watch the girls, so Pati could get way for a night, her mother had been married twice and had a pretty good idea what she was going through.Pati arrived early Saturday morning and the two of them sat on the porch and talked, while I fixed the screen door and mowed the grass. As it got warmer I suggested, and then I drove the two hot young milfs to the beach for a few hours, and mostly just laid out in the sun. Pati was a bit modest, and had a two piece suit on that showed her shape but not a lot of skin, not like Jaci’s bikini did.I was in between the two of them and was teasing Pati with a water bottle we brought to spritz each other as it got hot. She pretended to get pissed, told me to quit it or she would hurt me. I told her that I could not help it, that she looked so hot that she needed to cool down. I could tell just having the flattering remarks made to her, and teasing interaction with a male was causing her to flirt back to me.We eventually went back to the cabin, it was a little too early for dinner but we skipped lunch. I fixed some BBQ chicken over a open fire. Jaci and Pati made some salad and fried up some potatoes to go with it. After we had the nice dinner, we just sat around in the great room. Jaci was in her bikini and I was in a old speedo that Jaci had dug out for me. I had been in the water and my trunks were still wet. They are not real comfortable and I usually wore a jock strap back when I wore it, without it I looked like a male stripper down to his last garment. This was the look that Jaci was going for, she had said that when she made me put them on. Jaci had told me, “this is the first and only time I want you to flirt with one of my friends, but Pati needs this for her self-esteem if she is going to get her life back to normal. Since you are the only man here, you get to tease her with your cock.”Sounded good to me, she is a lot of fun to tease, and the thought of doing it with my cock sounded like even more fun. Pati had changed and was sitting with her feet up on an ottoman painting her toe nails and looking really sexy I might add. She had a blouse made of some kind of thin material, a workout top. She also had a pair of shorts of the same type, I was happy to see that her shorts had very baggy legs. I sat down across from her and could see her looking at my manhood. I had no trouble maintaining the bulge that Jaci was going for, in fact I was getting hard looking at Pati and the head of my penis was just starting to poke out of the leg. The cause of this was the fact that Pati had no bra on, and was commando under her baggy legged shorts. So here we were, in a teasing duel. I loved the way she was leaning forward to work on her nails, it alone was very sexy.So here is the scene, I was sitting with the head and by now a couple more inches of my almost totally erect penis protruding from my swim suit, and I had a very clear view of Pati’s snatch through the leg of her shorts, not to mention the abundance of cleavage exposed by her bending so far forward to work on her feet. I could almost see the nipples on her large mounds.Jaci was sitting on my right, she tried to act like she was going to cover my cock up, but that was not the case, she said to me, “honey you know your cock is poking out, don’t you, are you flashing my friend? Don’t cock tease her, she has not seen one in a while, show her the whole thing.” “I can’t do that,” as I reached to stretch the material over it. I was watching a much braver and bolder Jaci, than I had ever seen, it had to be our experience from the night before that had a effect on her. She took her hands and pulled my speedo swim suit all the way off, my dick popped up and was at attention now, and pointing to the ceiling, she grabbed a hold of it and ask, “what has you so excited?””Sitting in here with two hot sexy babes I guess,” it was all I could think of to say.Jaci, “excuse us Pati, somehow I am going to have to take care of him, unless you want to do it, I am sure he would be more than happy to have you suck his cock.”Pati was blushing, so she added, “I will get him started if you want to take over or join, its O.K. with me.”Pati just sat there saying nothing, but her face was ümraniye escort really getting red now.Jaci kept her word, she took care of it, she took my cock and started to lick it, while her other hand was caressing my balls. After she had licked every bit of it she took it in her mouth, and was then sucking it, being sure to do it from the side so Pati had a good view of it in her mouth. Pati, as usual did not respond verbally. I decided to just sit there and not look at Pati, I could not believe that this exhibitionist, was a little too embarrassed to totally enjoy having her watch, she was right there in the room.So here was the scene now, I was sitting on the couch, the only one naked in the room with my hard cock exposed, the only cover now was Jaci’s mouth. Pati was still not responding verbally to anything Jaci said, nor to the x-rated act she was preforming on me in front of her. She did however now have her hands on her crotch, and I think she wanted them under her shorts and busy.Jaci was getting close to getting a mouth full and must have realized it, she stopped suddenly, saying, “sorry, I guess it’s me that is teasing you now, if you don’t want his hard cock, I guess I will take him to the bedroom and fuck him like there is no tomorrow.”I stood up and my Jaci paraded me over to her, stood me in front of her with my hard cock not two feet from her face. She ask her if she was sure she did not want at least a taste of it, you are going to hurt his feelings. She surprised me as she reached out and took my cock with her thumb and index finger, licked it then mouthed its head for not more than a minute or two. It was a minute or two of ecstasy for me, but that was all I was going to get from her now. She leaned back and said, “I just can’t suck it right now, I feel weird and uncomfortable sucking your husbands cock. Maybe if I just watch while you do it, I would love that, I do not deny being horny, and it is a hot show you are giving me,” she said.I was all for it of course, and Jaci got on her knees in front of her friend and started sucking again. It was such a strange experience for me, being the only one naked and the focus of two hot women. I was the victim of two stubborn women and all I could do was stand there and take what ever I was given. Jaci said to Pati, “he can see my tits and ass anytime he wants, how about we give him a treat and I will do the sucking while you show him something new, start with your shirt,” she said. She begrudgingly pulled her top over her head and exposed her tits, of course its every women’s reflex to try and hide their tits with their hands afterwards. If you would strip off a woman’s top while pulling down her pants, she would try to hide her tits first.Jaci was sucking away and Pati finally brought her hands down to her lap. I was focused on her breast as Jaci continued to do her magic. She decided to go for more, and ask her why not pull off your shorts off and give him a view he will remember.This forced her to talk again, and she said, “Sorry you guys but I just don’t think I am ready to be totally naked in front of Bill, even though you are O.K, with It and even urging me to.”Jaci said, “I hate to call you on it, but we can both see your pussy looking up your pant legs and you know we can, you are teasing him now.””O.K., busted, but I hope you don’t expect me to doing anything, like masturbate or something, I don’t think I am ready for something like that, I never did that in front of anyone.”.She pulled her shorts off and revealed her pussy to us, it was beautiful to me, of course they all are to most men, and I have not seen another woman’s pussy live, in years.Jaci, said in fairness, “I should take off this bikini and join you two naked people, she did and then got back to sucking my cock.’ I was trying not to stare at Pati, but could not at least look at her randomly.Jaci was now trying to swallow my cock, she has not mastered that and was stopping every time she gagged. I was watching Pati, when I could, she was embarrassed but was enjoying what she was seeing. At one point she moved, to get comfortable I thought, but she was using it as a cover to widen her legs, and show more of herself. What a strange game the two of them were playing, but I can’t say it was not fun for me.Jaci, stopped and made another offer, she said, he is really good with his cock, are you sure you don’t want it in your pussy?”No Jaci, I am sorry I just can’t, maybe you can show me.” Jaci decided to show her and turned her ass toward me and got down on the floor, I was glad, as I had been standing for a while and was tired, any embarrassment I had was now gone, after all she ask to see this. I was trying not to cum from just thinking of fucking Jaci in front of her friend.I entered Jaci, she was wet already from all the teasing, and started to stroke her. I could feel my balls hitting her and could not help but think of Pati watching it.This was not going to last, I had to cum, this was too much to hold back, considering the blow jobs, and now fucking just inches from her newly painted toe nails.I had been quiet, but I had to make an announcement, “I am going to cum and soon” and then I pulled out and grabbed my cock.Jaci quickly turned around and wanted me to cum on her face again.I let it go and shot ropes of cum, hitting her mostly on her face and mouth, a pretty big rope was on her lip, she turned to face Pati and reached her tongue out to retrieve and swallow that one.It was overload for Pati, she grabbed her shorts and top and said, “I never seen or done anything in front of anyone before, but I admit it was hot, I need some privacy now,” and went off to the guest room. We both knew what she had in mind, I would have loved to watch it though.I looked at Jaci with cum on her face and shook my head.I said to her, “so let me make sure I understand, you are trying to get her a good fucking, and are you really serious about me doing it?””So you don’t want to fuck my friend, is she not hot enough for you?””Fuck You Jaci!,” I said in jest, “you don’t have one friend that I would not like to fuck, and would with your go ahead, and you know it, Pati is one of the hotter ones, and pretty high on the list.”Jaci warned me, “Just remember, your cock is mine to give, don’t go running off fucking my other friends, or I will have to hurt you.”We went to our room, Jaci was in the bathroom and I fell asleep on the bed, I was beat.I got up an hour or so later, went to the kitchen, and Jaci had made a pitcher of margaritas. The two of them were having a snack. I sat down and ate some of the cheese and crackers she had laid out and had a margarita. Jaci ask me if I still had some weed, reminding me that Pati, and her went through a goth stoner stage in Jr High. Pati said nothing but I was guessing that meant O.K. and went and got some special stuff I had been saving for when we really wanted to get stoned, and I filled a pipe I had. We smoked a bowl and drank some more. I was into Jaci’s game, she wanted to get Pati fucked up, she still wanted her to let me fuck her, it made me a little big-headed, thinking that being fucked by me might be a cure for post divorce depression.I excused myself to go make a fire. It was not too long before it was dark and they joined me. I could tell that they both were showing signs that the Tequila and Pot did its job, and they were reminiscing about school days, and how they were constantly getting in trouble for wearing to small of uniform top with no bra, and how they dared each other to not wear panties under their plaid uniform skirts to school one time, and did, only to be caught flashing their pussy’s to boys by a cafeteria monitor, and sent home. The had a good laugh but, but I could detect that these memories were turning them both on. I thought this was a good time to join the conversation, I did not mention the night before, as it was too much to comprehend even for us, so I brought up how me and Jaci would often sit at the fire naked when we did not have the k**s with us, sometimes even fuck out here in the open. Pati thought I was just fucking with her as I often did, and said, “No you didn’t, not out here in the open, there are other cabins down the hill.” I looked at Jaci and just gave her a nod with my head, she got it, and stripped naked, she then came over to me and pulled my pants and shirt off too, she grabbed my cock and told Pati, “look at his cock, how could anyone ever say no to it, now do you believe us?””O.K.” she said, “I guess I believe you come out here naked, but you did not fuck out here in the open, you are not that far away from the other cabins.” Jaci told her, “if you take your top off, I will suck his cock, and out here in public and in front of you, like I did in the cabin today.”She was pretty fucked up, and not the same hard sell she was just hours ago, and she was now displaying her wonderful breast. Jaci and I got closer to her as she sucked my cock, she stopped once to offer her friend a taste, to be polite.She said, “sucking cock does not qualify as fucking you know, even I have done that in risky places.”Jaci replied, “If you want us to prove that to you too, you have to give up your shorts and be totally naked along with us.” She begrudgingly complied and was now sitting there naked. She was so beautiful in the moonlight, her breast were just perfect and she had her legs spread far enough to give me my an unobstructed view of her pussy. I wanted to put my head down there so bad, but instead I sat Jaci down in the chair and I got on my knees, and spread my lovers legs, she lifted them resting them on my shoulders while I ate her out. This sight was too much for her friend to bare, and she now had some self pleasure going on. Her legs were spread much wider now, so she could finger herself. She did it in front of us, not in her room like earlier, it was the first real break through. It was hot, and I was almost afraid to watch, as it might make me cum!I did not want to get called on another technicality so we got up to fuck Jaci, but as we stood right in front of her Jaci offered her a taste again. She may have seen a bigger one, but I know she had not seen a cock any harder, and with pre-cum on its head. Saying nothing she reached out and got a grip on kadıköy escort it, licking the head clean before putting it in her mouth, and started to suck me off. Wow, I thought, she took Jaci literally, when she said do you want a taste. She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me in tight, and to my, and maybe Jaci’s surprise, she was swallowing it, without even gaging much. This girl knew her way around a cock, I was overwhelmed by her eagerness to please me. Its always extra hot when you look down, and lock eyes with a woman as she sucks your cock.Jaci had finally got her to give in, I was happy she was happy, and hopefully if Pati lets me fuck her, then she might just become happy too. I had her attention and I was going to have to keep things going before she has time to think, I have to keep her consumed with her lust.I sent Jaci for the blanket we used the night before, told her to put it by the fire. I thought about the field were we had fucked at but was afraid if she seen the neighbors it might spook her. Jaci laid out the blanket,and I pulled back, I took her hand and led her over to it. I was trying to play this like we were two unattached singles with no baggage, just our lust to lead us to some kind of bliss.I kissed her tenderly and took her into my arms and hugged her tightly. I could feel her slit with my hard cock and made sure she felt it too, as I worked it back and forth. I knew she was past the place of no return as that made her breathe harder. I took her hands as I knelt down and pulled her to the blanket with me. We continued to make out, like we were two teenagers in love. We kissed and sucked each others tongues into each other’s mouths. I loved having her breast pressing against my bare chest and made sure my cock was still in contact with her pussy. I kept this up as I decided what my next move should be. I had to taste that heavenly pussy of hers and wanted my cock back in her mouth again. I decided the best way to do this was to roll over on our sides facing each other while I turned myself around and put my head between her legs, she then took my cock back in her mouth again and grabbed my ass cheeks tightly. I did the same and, was feeling up her ass cheeks with my hands as I licked her clit up and down, till I found the exact spot that made her quiver. I was relentless as I continued to work that spot, until she was responding by moaning and quivering. I manged to get her to roll on her back and pulled her legs wide apart, giving me a view of the entrance I wanted to put my cock in soon, I was able to work my tongue in and out of it. I tried to just drag my tongue from her clit down past her entry and just kept repeating that until I felt her legs closing back up, and clamping my head. She was starting to cum, and it was very fulfilling to me that I was able to give her something that she had lacked for so long and really needed. I was so focused on pleasing her that I did not have to worry about cumming prematurely. I had felt my cock all the way in her throat and loved it, I could feel her throat with the head of my cock but denied it anything more than some pre-cum.It was now time to fuck her, and I wanted it to be as tender as possible. I decided to go with the standard missionary, as it allows for the most skin to skin contact and also allows for deep kissing at the same time I am fucking her. As I turned around she was already spreading her legs for me, she wanted my throbbing cock and I did not want to disappoint her.There is always a special feeling when you first penetrate someone new that you have any kind of feelings for. I felt it, she must have felt it too, as she had her hands on my back and pulled me closer as I entered her. It was a good fit, she was tight enough to make my cock feel like it was completely engulfed by her pussy. Just as I started stroking her my senses were so alert I could even feel the evening breeze caressing my naked skin. What a special moment my Jaci gave to me, I will remember it like I do the first time we had made love.I tried to rotate my hips to make my cock go in a circular motion as it moved in and out of her. We started to kiss and it made me speed up, I wanted to make her cum in a epic way. She was breathing harder and harder, and I could feel her breath on my face. She now had her legs up and wrapped tightly around me. I had my head next to hers and she was moaning in my ear as I kissed her cheek and ear lobe. As she got louder I, responded with an increase in speed and depth until her whole body was involved in her orgasm. She was digging her nails in my back, but I did not care, I hoped she left marks I could show to Jaci, like battle scars. I was consumed by my quest to give her as much pleasure as I knew how to give. I looked at her face and it was so angelic, I can understand how some men mistake that look for love, its not, its just the look that great sex puts on a womans face. The feeling of having such an intimate moment in time with a person can fool you too, it is just the feeling of bliss that great sex gives you. I did however get the impression that she had surrendered herself to me during our love making, she trusted me with her body and soul. It was time to find out where she wanted my cum, she was no young teen, she had k**s and would know if she was O.K. with her birth control. So I whispered my query into her ear, “in me” she replied “it’s safe to cum in me, please leave your cock in me awhile after you cum.”She had came a second time and I decided it was time for me to go for my own pleasure, I was stroking rapidly and was getting a loud verbal response. My cock felt like there was a whole lot of cum trying to get out of that small hole at once, I could feel my cum filling her void and was now light headed. I granted her wish and stayed inside a few moments and thought I could hear her weeping. I looked at her face and a tear was running down one of her cheeks, this was something new that I did not know how to interpret, or react to. I sat back up on the blanket below her, and she sat up as well, she was now clearly in tears, and Jaci came up to her in tears as well. I watched the two of them kiss, hug and cry together, doing this as I watched my cum slowing oozing out of her, It was quite a moment but I did not detect any sadness in their weeping.Pati called me up to her and all three of us hugged as she told us how much she loved us. “I am so glad you were so relentless in your attempts to give me such pleasure, It made me realize that sex is a important part of living, and that I need it.” she stated.We just hugged and declared our feelings for each other, for what seemed like several minutes, before we were ready to get up. We had one more group hug before she told us she would see us in the morning. I reminded her it would still be part of our naked weekend and I expected to see all of her.Jaci and I walked into the cabin hand in hand. I was tired but wanted to talk to Jaci before I went to sleep. I really did not get much more than a word or two in, as she described how beautiful we looked when Pati and I made love, you were so tender to her and she responded in such a genuine way.”I did my best,” I said, “not just for her, I did it for you too, you worked so hard to get her to open up, I hope it did not bother you watching us, you know you are my only true love.””I know, if you did not love me you would not have been so tender in taking so much time with my dear friend, you clearly were not doing it purely for your own pleasure, and I knew it was going to be pleasurable for you, I was prepared for that. I am proud of you, and love you very much.” I woke up the next morning to noise from the kitchen. I entered to see a beautiful woman in nothing but an apron peeling potatoes for our breakfast, what a view, what an ass I thought. She said, “I hope this apron does not break any of your nude weekend rules, and laughed.””It just makes you sexier,” I replied, and put my arms around her to give her a peck on the cheek, “telling her that Jaci would soon be out to help.””That’s O.K. I wanted to fix you both breakfast for getting me out of my sexual slump and depression, you both gave me what I really needed, and you took the time to do it in a way that I had never experienced.””It was our pleasure, mine for sure,” I replied, and then went to sit on the porch and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.She later announced that breakfast was ready. Me and Jaci sat down and she started to serve us in one of Jaci’s sexy aprons. I warned her that when Jaci wore that one, I usually ended up bending her over, and you know what came next. After we had eaten we all helped in clearing the table, they were both now in aprons leaning over the sink, and doing dishes. I walked up and said, I warned you two, and your asses are too sexy to pass up, and reached down and used one hand on each of them, and then I entered Jaci with my cock, Pati kept doing dishes but soon ask, “hey you two, do I get some of that morning cock, or what, I cooked breakfast?”In wrapping this story up, the dishes had to wait, we ended up on the great room floor, the girls double teamed me, licking and sucking my cock together, and then they took turns sitting on my face and riding me till we all were spent. It was my turn to just be taken, and I enjoyed it. Nothing much was said about the weekend later, nor did anything happen between us three sexually again, we accomplished a goal, now it was time to move on with our lives. Jaci, some weeks later told me that we did good, we got her out of her shell, and she now was a little worried about what we unleashed. She was now the office slut, fucking her boss, some of her coworkers, and even has been sucking off a 19-year-old every time he delivers bottled water to the office, she added that she did it with the door unlocked and in plain view of one of the windows, for the extra thrill of course, we have a convert.Jaci told her she should bring him to the cabin some time, “after all, I shared my husband with you. This 36-year-old would love to see what a fit 19-year-old looked like naked, and up close, I would not mind at least a sample of young cock if it is all right with Bill.” It would be O.K. with me, anything that could give her the experience she gave to me would make me happy.Jaci could not wait for her weekly calls, to hear about her exploits. I liked the calls too, they usually led to some great fuck sessions that night, as Jaci relayed the stories to me.I guess my disappointment of having to put on clothes Saturday morning was premature. It turned out to be a pretty good weekend. I hope Jaci decides to use me that way again!The End



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