It’s very true, once you go black, it’sThis is a very true story, I may not tell a good story, but it did happen way back in High School and it has laid dormant until now. High School was in the mid-70’s and before aids, herpes, all the stuff that was out there back then was treatable, so not really a reason for condoms back then. My friend was also my pot connection. He was also an “out of the closet” gay and didn’t care who knew. He had been trying to talk me into letting him suck my dick, and even though I was really curious, I had never gone thru with it. My friends brother was really smokin hot and if I was going to do anything sexual with qnother guy or turn gay it would definitely be with him. So I get hold of my friend and tell him i’m coming by to buy some pot for the weekend. gümüşhane escort So he knows my feelings about his 15y.o. brother, he knows i’m curious about sucking off another guy and I’m going over to pick up some pot knowing that this could happen. I think it was the excitement of knowing i’m going to be sucking a stranger, being spontaneous. This is how I know he set me up. I walked the 2 blocks to pick up my “weekend partiables” and like every other time I go see him I just knock once and walk in. Thats what I did and when I walked in I stopped dead in my tracks. Sitting on the bed was my friends brother, laying back buck naked, his stiff thick cock (9″ thick, cut) standing at attention. I was speechless, all my ffiend said to me was, “you hakkari escort said you wanted to suck off my baby brother” start sucking! Still speechless, I took a few hits of 420 to relax and finally admitted to him that I had been curious about sucking his hot dick for awhile now, and he had the same fantasies about me. Apparently, the reason my friend was gay was he had a 29 yo cousin (him 13), that would m***** my friend on a regular basis. I asked him if he went and reported his cousin, and he said no, why turn him in? He said that he would screwing himself over to do that, he said he liked it to much. So as it turns out, he turned gay because of his cousin. Needless to say, since I was getting a free pass to my fantasy, I just looked down at his escort bayan rock hard dick and wanted to take his whole hot cock into my mouth. His head was hard and throbbing and pre-cum formed on the head of his cock. He tasted really good and I was actually really excited about tasting cum for the first time. When he finally did shoot his load I tried to swallow the first shot but he blasted so forcefully I couldn’t swallow anymore and for a good reason, by the time he was finished shooting his load (s), I could have counted probably 10 shots for distance. This is what got me started in voyeurism. I love to see a big, thick, Dick fire huge loads! For the rest of the semester I made a lot of trips over there to buy pot I didn’t need, but just to get naked and have a 3-way with my friend and his brother. My next fantasy is to suck off 2 black guys while they both shoot hot loads of cumulative on my face. Any black men available for NSA blowjobs, let me know via this website or email at, let’s hook up and see what happens. Thank you, Dean



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