As I begin to wake up, I move my hands up my body as I stretch. My hands move up over my stomach to my breasts and feel my nipples puckered with arousal as I think of you. I finish stretching and get up and make my way to the shower. Washing my body, I feel my nipples still sensitive and hard as I think about you still sleeping in the next room. My pussy is throbbing when I wash it and while it would be so easy to bring myself to orgasm, I don’t. Instead, I turn the water off and step out of the shower. I dry off and turn to the vanity to dry and style my hair and put my make up on before getting dressed. After putting on my black lace bra and matching thong, I put on my garter belt and stockings and turn to examine myself in the mirror and know you will be pleased.

I slip into my black skirt suit and 4 inch heels and head down to the lobby to get you a cup of coffee for when you wake up. I have just enough time to bring your coffee to you and wake you up before I need to be at the first session of my conference for the day. I quietly let myself back in the room and set your coffee down on the desk. I take my suit off and drape it over the desk chair before picking your coffee up and making my way toward the bed. I set your coffee on the table beside the bed and turn to look at you sleeping peacefully and smile. My hands go to your legs and begin to rub and massage them moving toward your thighs. I bend over and nuzzle your cock through your shorts. I move your shorts out of the way and begin to lick and taste your cock moaning as I take it in my mouth. You stir and I feel your hand on the back of my head, stroking my hair and encouraging me as I suck your cock. I look up at you and see you watching me as I suck your cock. Your hips thrust upwards as you grab my hair and begin to fuck my face. Soon I’m gagging on your cock as you thrust deep into my throat. And then you hold my head so your cock is buried in my throat and moan as you fill my mouth with your cum. I swallow your cum and lick and clean your cock before standing up and smiling down at you now fully awake; I hand your coffee to you and kiss you good morning.

You sit up and pull me to you as you reach for your coffee, pleased to see that I have remembered just how you like it. Sitting between your legs, I listen as you tell me to have a good day at my conference. “It’s Friday,” you tell me, “and that means it’s time to have some fun.” You will spend your day planning our evening and weekend. We make plans to meet for lunch and I dress, reapply my lipstick and head back downstairs to my conference. I join friends and try to concentrate on the presentations but my mind wanders to the plans you are making. I enjoy sitting there knowing that just moments before my lips were wrapped around your cock. Soon the presentations are wrapping up and it’s time to meet you for lunch. You have texted me that you have ordered lunch to be delivered to the room so I head back up to meet you there.

You are already there when I let myself back into our room and tell me to remove my suit and lay on the bed. I undress and move quickly to the bed as I glance around to see if lunch is already here. You see me look and laugh, “No, babygirl, lunch isn’t here yet.” You approach me on the bed and tell me to trust you as you blindfold me and begin to trace your fingers over my body, up and down my arms, across my stomach, down my legs and yet avoiding every place that ankara escort is craving your attention. You lean down and kiss me, massaging my breasts and pulling them out of my bra as you do. Nibbling on my lip, you begin to tease and pinch my nipples. When you twist them, I come up off the bed arching my back and moaning. You chuckle, making your way down to lick and suck my nipples, your fingers moving achingly slowly toward my pussy. I feel your fingers tracing around the very outside of my shaved pussy and I need more; I need your touch on my clit and your fingers inside my pussy. I can’t see you but I can hear the smile in your voice as you remind me that you decide when I cum. And then without warning, you touch my clit as your finger enters my pussy and I feel myself right on the edge of an orgasm. You keep me there, writhing and moaning on the bed, never giving me enough to push me over the edge.

Soon I hear a knock at the door and you move away from me and from the bed. Breathing heavily and nervous about being laid out so provocatively on the bed, I strain to hear you talking to someone. I’m surprised when you are back beside me telling me to scoot toward the center of the bed. You sit beside me and press something to my lips; I open them and taste the strawberry and something else. Seeing my puzzled look, you tell me its cream inside the strawberry. As I finish it, you feed me other fruits along with cubes of cheese and lean me forward to sip cool wine. Your touch as you feed me inflames me; my pussy is as juicy as the fruit I am eating. With the food gone, you lean toward me and kiss me deeply, one hand grabbing the back of my head as the other plays with my pussy, teasing the lips and leaving me moving my hips to get more of your touch. You stand and, taking my blindfold off, tell me it’s time to get dressed and return to my conference for the afternoon.

The afternoon flies by though I don’t pay much attention to the presentations. I can’t help but wonder what you have planned for this evening and the weekend and when you will finally allow me to cum for you. I rush back upstairs after my meetings and find you watching television; you pat your leg, beckoning me to you and I walk to you and sit beside you. You ask about my meetings and the friends I have caught up with over the past few days. I lean against your shoulder feeling your hand rubbing my back as I tell you about the final meetings and my difficulties in paying attention. Upon hearing this, your hand guides me over your lap. You tell me that you have taught me better than that and begin to rub my ass. Even knowing it’s coming, I jump when you first spank me. You sound both proud and upset that I have been distracted in my meetings and I know you like that I have given you a perfect reason to spank me. My ass is warming up and you want to see your handiwork; you lift my skirt up and begin spanking my bare ass slowly, rubbing it in between swats.

The spanking continues with you alternating between spanking my ass and teasing my pussy. I am quickly writhing all over your lap wanting to cum for you, begging to cum for you. “Not yet, my pet,” you tell me as you spank my pussy. You fuck my pussy with first one and then two fingers, being careful to keep me from cumming. With one finger still in my pussy, you tease my ass with the other one and my hips move toward your hand. Your fingers are now fucking both my pussy and my ass and escort ankara I’m climbing quickly towards an orgasm just as you remove both fingers. I feel the cool tip of a butt plug against my ass, teasing it before slowly entering it. I feel it stretch my ass and my ass pull it deeper inside. You press it firmly against my ass for a moment and then move my thong back in place before lifting me up. “Change into jeans,” you tell me, “and your lacy bra and a low cut top. We’re going out for dinner.”

I move to the bathroom and fix my makeup before changing into jeans and the sexiest blouse I’ve brought with me, first putting on the lace bra that I know you love because it doesn’t hide my aroused nipples at all. I rejoin you and we leave the hotel and grab a cab to the restaurant. You watch me struggling to sit with the butt plug in and smile, then lean over to kiss me, fondling my breasts as you do. I’m so on fire for you that I don’t even mind the driver watching you play with me. I’m pretty sure I would fuck you right in the cab with him watching, I want you that bad. We pull up in front of the restaurant and I see that you are taking me to one of your favorite restaurants. I’ve been looking forward to eating here with you and am excited as we make our way inside.

We are seated at a table for two in a corner but still somewhat close to other tables. We are drinking the wine you have ordered and discussing what looks good for dinner when all of a sudden, the butt plug in my ass starts to vibrate. I gasp in surprise and look at you and moan; you know having a vibrator controlled by you in public is a fantasy of mine and how much I love surprises and are happy to see that I had not guessed your plan ahead of time. You turn it off for a moment while we order and then turn it back on when the waiter leaves. You lean forward and quietly ask me to tell you what I am feeling and thinking. I tell you that my pussy and ass are on fire, that the vibrations feel incredibly good but are not quite enough to bring me to an orgasm. “Good,” you say, “because you don’t have permission to cum yet.” I moan and you briefly increase the vibrations in my ass, causing me to grab the table and close my eyes trying so hard not to cum. “Look at me,” you command as you slow and then stop the vibrations. Through dinner, you continue to play with the vibrator in my ass, varying the speed and duration of the vibrations, always making sure I am looking at you when it is on.

After dinner, desert, and coffee, we head back to the hotel. You help me into the cab and have me lean against you, holding me in your arms in the backseat. Blocks from the hotel, you turn the vibrator on as high as it goes and move your hand to stroke my pussy through my jeans. You hear my ragged breathing and with your lips near my ear whisper, “Is my pet ready to cum for me?” I look at the driver briefly before looking at you and begging you to let me cum for you. You open my jeans and have me spread my legs. You move my thong to the side and begin to stroke my clit and tell me, “Cum for me, babygirl.” It’s all I needed to hear; I arch my back and press against your hand as I moan and cum for you.

When I open my eyes again, I realize that we are now parked in front of the hotel. You pay the driver who thanks you, grinning the entire time. We make our way through the lobby and up to our room. When the door shuts, you tell me to strip down to my stockings ankara escort bayan and heels and come to you over on the couch. While I undress, you also change clothes, getting comfortable for the evening. I hear you turn the television on to check the sports scores as you wait for me. Now wearing only my stockings and heels, I walk toward you. When I am in front of you, you tell me to kneel between your legs and I do so. Smiling up at you and knowing what you want, I take your cock out and begin to lick up and down the shaft. You shift so you are lying back more and I wrap my mouth around the head of your cock, enjoying the fill of it in my mouth. I look up at you and notice that instead of watching me as you normally would, you are busy watching television. It is then that I realize today has been filled with fantasies I have shared with you, fantasies that reinforce, for me, who I belong to, who decides when I cum, who is in charge. That realization is enough to put me right back on the edge of an orgasm and I moan against your cock as I suck it. You reach down, still watching the television, and grab my hair and begin to fuck my face hard and fast, forcing your cock deep in my throat, making me gag on it.

Just when I think you are about to fill my mouth with your cum, you stop and pull my mouth away from your cock. You turn the vibrator in my ass on again, very low, just enough to make me want to move my hips, even though I know better. Turning to the table beside the couch, you pick up a set of nipple clamps and lean forward to attach them to my nipples, pinching just enough for me to feel them. Once they are both attached, you let go of the chain and the weight of it pulls on both nipples. “Get up on the bed on your hands and knees,” you tell me. I quickly crawl up on the bed feeling the chain’s every movement in my nipples as I do. You move behind me and begin to play with the vibrator in my ass before removing it. You spank my ass a few times, warming it up nicely again.

And then I feel your cock at the entrance of my pussy, teasing it at first but not entering it. I move my hips backwards wanting it deep inside me. In one fast stroke, you bury your cock in my pussy and begin to fuck me. You are pounding my pussy with your cock and I feel myself getting close; you pull out and tell me to keep my ass up but to put my head on the bed and reach back and open my ass for you. I quickly comply and feel your cock as it enters my ass, slowly at first and then in one long stroke, you are deep inside me. You hand me a vibrator and tell me to play with my pussy and clit until you cum deep in my ass. I have permission to cum as often as I need to but I am not to stop playing or even slow down as you fuck my ass. I’m almost delirious with sensations: your hand spanking my ass, your cock pounding my ass hard and fast, the clamps on my nipples pulling every time you spank and thrust in my ass, the vibrator on my pussy and clit. In no time, I begin to cum, yelling out to you as I do. After the first wave, I keep playing and cumming until the pleasure and pain of cumming begin to mingle. I open my mouth to beg you to let me slow down or stop, but before I do, you are filling my ass with your cum and the feeling of your cum flowing from my ass sends new sensations throughout my body as I cum with you. You tell me to relax as you pull out of me and move up beside me on the bed. You turn me over and remove the nipple clamps and we lay there looking at each other for a moment before you suggest taking a shower together and getting to bed. “We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow,” you tell me, and I wonder what you could possibly have planned for an entire day.



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