Is swimming still good for you?The statement made by the woman was almost lost in the glow of the moment, but suddenly, you realise what she said. “It was her daughter that had done this?”“Let me help you up” and she held out her hand. Your legs are still shaking and you are still in the aftershocks of the intensity from what had just happened to you. She puts her arm around you, comforting, secure and safe. You realise that you are starting to shiver. You can smell your sex and still feel the impression of the hand that just stretched you deep inside and made you squirt. “Let’s get you out of this wet costume”, she says as she pulls the costume off your arms and you let her roll it down your legs. You are naked in front of the mother of the girl who just made you cum. You suddenly feel this is wrong. The shower starts up and you are pushed underneath it. She turns you around and you feel her hands over your back, rubbing the hot water into your shoulders and down towards your buttocks.“She was very strong with you” she says as she gently rubs the sore areas where you have been smacked. “She can be very domineering, but then again, I think you liked it”. Her voice is soothing. Her hands are soothing. She slips her hand in between your legs and you open them slightly to let her rub your sore cunt lips. She stops and tells you to get finished and dressed. You continue to feel the hotness of the water soothe you further.When you go back into the changing area, the woman is just finishing dressing. You are a bit disappointed that the daughter isn’t there. Why is that? She just ****d you! Or did she? You are confused about everything.“Let me take you for a drink and maybe explain things a bit. Perhaps I can offer you a bite to eat? You can call me May” She puts her arm around your shoulder and leads you to an Audi R8 in the car park. The door opens, you get in. The woman drives off with you in the ataşehir escort car. Not a word is said, but after a short time, you drive up a private drive. The house matches the car. It’s big and pricey! “Come in, come in, don’t be shy……” You suddenly remember what had just happened. You follow into the impressive house, and all of a sudden you feel fear!The front door closed and the collar was snapped around your neck in a flash, like a padlock, tight and dominating. Your hands are grabbed and put behind your back and cuffed. It happens so quickly. You are about to scream but all that you can utter are the pathetic sounds you are making, when without warning, the ball gag is stuffed inside your mouth and attached hard. Very hard. You cannot breathe through your mouth. Your nostrils flare with the exertion. May moves into your line of vision, the chain in her hand is attached to the collar you are now wearing. “Come with me” she says in a low voice with some venom behind it. You are yanked hard and forced to follow. You leave the hall and go down some steps. There is a room you enter at the bottom. Your eyes become accustomed to the low light and you scream inside at the sight. This is not a nice room!No time to ponder as you are forcibly pulled into the room. The sound is dead. You know that nobody would hear you if you even if you screamed.“You are a woman who doesn’t know how dirty a whore you want to be, aren’t you?” she whispers. “You need to learn. You are here to be taught. Your lessons will start now”. There is malice in her voice.Your clothes are cut off you, all of them. With that your arms are yanked upwards and attached to an adjustable hook in the ceiling, forcing you to bend forwards. The pain of your muscles in this unusual position is agonising. You don’t even notice your feet being attached, slightly apart, to the floor shackles. ümraniye escort You do notice the first bite of the cane that strikes your buttocks. Then another…….and another……and so it goes on. The pain is excruciating. You are crying real tears and the saliva is escaping from your mouth round the gag. The drool falls to the floor.It stops. The caning stops and although you cannot see May, you feel a hand so softly applying a soothing balm to the weals on your arse and thighs. You are still sobbing when your face is slapped and you see the long athletic legs of a younger woman standing in your drool. She slaps you again, but doesn’t say anything. The soothing hand is still moving over your body. Next, you see a hand on your large swinging breast. The nipple rings you have are firmly tugged hard. You see that your nipples are already hard even before this next onslaught. The hand attaches weights to the rings. That hurts, but already you notice that the pain is changing.The soothing hand now slides between your legs and you feel her fingers dragging your wetness up to your arsehole.“You are a real whore aren’t you? You are flooded in there like a bitch on heat” May says as three fingers are forced into your cunt and you hear the wetness. The young legs go past your vision again, but this time, there is a large strapon presented to your face. It’s long, black and very wide, and is mounted on a leather harness. It rubs against your gag and your drool lubricates it. It moves away, and then you feel it against your labia. Your legs are shaking, your body is tormented by the position you are being made to maintain, your nipples are beginning to feel the pain more intensely, and the cane marks really sting. “Why do I feel so alive?” you ask yourself.Just as you start to question your submission to this treatment, your back feels the flogger kadıköy escort strike, catching your sides and breasts and at the same time, the big phallus starts its journey into your core. The pattern continues. The flogger and the push from the strapon, becoming an almost rhythmic dance, one that is starting to produce an almost heavenly sensation deep inside your being. The pain is changing character, it is now almost as if it is something erotic, sensual and deeply intoxicating.You now can feel how deep she has gone in you, can feel your cunt stretched and pulled as the fucking becomes harder and faster. Your cervix feels the pressure of the head against it. The flogger is almost gone in the realms of the experiences you are feeling. You are drooling again, your sounds are guttural and a****listic. You almost bounce off the phallus as it is fucking you. May suddenly appears in front of your face. She removes the gag and the sounds you release are like nothing you have ever dreamed could come out of you. She kisses your drool covered lips as your breathing is hard and fast. You feel the weights coming from your breasts and that is the “on” switch for you to become the slut you never knew you could be.You howl with the orgasm’s overwhelming power. You shake with the sheer force of the sensations. The phallus is still going in and out of you but slows suddenly and withdraws, and as you twitch and shake suspended, the squirting starts uncontrollably, your legs not able to take your weight and you are hanging suspended, which seems to intensify the sensations. Slowly, the whooshing sounds inside your ears seem to blank out the sounds around you. All you can hear is yourself saying “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking hell” inside your head. The moaning has still not stopped.You are lowered to the floor but before you can look at your tormentors and sexual teachers, a hood is placed over your head.May is close to your ears and says “You are really a slut now, your body is so ready for the next level” You nod your head inside the hood.“Good. My daughter enjoyed the same treatment as you when I broke her in. Do you want us to play with you again? You can go, or stay for more. Do you want more?”“Yes” you say quietly inside the hood.



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