Introducing the MaidI open the front door to my house. Just getting in from an afternoon jog i go sit on the couch for a few minutes. After a minute of relaxing I get up and go to my gym in the basement. I continue my workout, music pounding in the background. Can’t go wrong with some Metallica as you work out. When I am done, I go towards my room and get undressed. I go into the bathroom and turn on the tub. As it fills, i turn the stereo on in the bathroom and sink down into the water as more Metallica blasts from the speakers. I close my eyes and let the stresses of my life and the muscle pain of my workout evaporate in the steamy bath. When I am finished i stand up and at that instant, you, the maid the company sends to clean my house, walks into the bathroom. You stammer what is most likely an apology but with the music i cant hear. You then start to back away as i sink back down into the bathtub and turn the music off. I get your attention when the music is off just as the door is about to shut. I tell you “You’ve already come in, you may as well clean up in here while I finish”. Your face goes red immediately but you begin to pick up the dirty clothes around the bathroom. You walk closer to the tub, cautiously, looking at me to see if i mind and you pick up some clothes right next to the tub. As you reach for the last shirt, i quickly reach out and grab your wrist. In a blinding instant I am standing in front of you, completely naked. Towering over your tiny body. i pull you towards me by the wrist and i kiss you deeply, passionately. my hands find your hips and i pick you up and set you down inside the tub with me. My hands pull off your shirt and quickly rip open your pants. I push them down into the water as my hands grab your bare ass. I break our kiss for a moment to see you in your bra and thong… very sexy, then my hand grabs the side of your neck and we kiss again. i then push you towards the side of the tub and you sit down, i kneel down into the water and slowly kiss your inner knees, one then the other, then move up to your thighs, again, one than the other. Finally i am at your delicious smelling pussy. The aroma increases the passion as i kiss the front of your thong. Then my fingers pull it to the side and i am looking at the most perfect bald pussy i have ever seen. my lips move forward as i kiss the delicate lips of your pussy. They are wet already and its not from the tub. Slowly, softly and gently, my tongue slides out of my mouth and moves up your slit and over your clit then back down. My tongue slides into you for the first time ankara escort and i hear a gasp followed by a low moan. My tongue darts in and out of your pussy, tasting all the juices you can flood my way. Soon my lips move up and i tickle your clit with the tip of my tongue before pulling it between my lips and sucking on it as 1 finger slides into your pussy. It takes mere moments of this before you are moaning loudly and flooding my face with more delicious juice.I get up and pick you up with me. I carry you to the bedroom and set you down on the bed. You move fast to grab at my cock but i am faster, i grab your wrist and say “not yet….” I walk over to the closet and when i get there, i motion for you to join me. When you do, i open the door to the walk in closet and bring you in. At the back, i open a hidden door and walk into a dark room. I pull you towards what you assume is the middle of the room then you cant see or feel me anymore. An instant later, a lighter comes on as i light a candle. Then a second and third. I hear a gasp behind me as you look around my secret room. Everywhere you look, there are toys, whips, floggers, collars and leashes, wooden apparatus with chains on the ends. There are ropes along the walls and many other items that you have never seen before. I turn and look you in the eye, i put out my hand and when you take it, i pull you towards me and kiss you passionately and push you back against the cold wall.  You squirm and moan against my lips… my hands push your legs apart and my teeth slide down your neck and I suck your nipples…you feel my teeth against your nipples… I bite your nipple then pull back.. tugging the sensitive flesh.  You cry out as you experience sexual pain for the first time… but when my teeth move towards your other nipple… your body instinctively arches its back, giving your nipple to me … so I suck on it, lick it, then gently bite it then pull on it… you cry out again.  I then take your hands and put them together, I tie them together and then attach it to the bar across the ceiling.   You protest a little…but I press my lips against yours and you melt into my hands… my hands move down and grab at your hot ass, the one i have been watching for months when you come to clean.  I begin to run my hands over your body, touching every inch of you as you hang from the ceiling.  I go over and grab a blindfold and put it over your eyes.  You then feel my hands grabbing your ass…. then …. slap…. hard with my full hand across your hot ass… you cry out again as I do it again, but you don’t ankara escort bayan complain…. in fact, you are pushing your ass back towards where my hand is. It is beginning to seem to me that you may be new to this but you fucking love it!  Your cries as I spank you turn to moans every hit…. Then I pick up a flogger and begin to whip your ass…. softly, medium then hard… getting harder as your body responds positively to the impact….once your ass is red and sensitive, I bend down and you feel my tongue invading your virgin ass….you moan and push your ass back against my face… My tongue slides into your ass and I begin to fuck it… in and out…Then I stand up and you feel me behind you, I grab your hips and lift you up a little bit and push my cock into your pussy.  This is something i have been waiting for, for a very long time! I begin to fuck you… pushing in and out of your pussy… you moan as you hang there, getting fucked… hard…. then slow and deep… then hard and slower… pounding your tight little pussy… I moan as I use your hot body…. you are enjoying it as well.  I untie you and pull out of your pussy, grab you by the hair and kiss you again as i push you back onto the bed in the secret room  I attach your hands to the headboard, put a blindfold on you and bend each of your legs and wrap a rope around your bent legs… just above your knee to just below your knee… This keeps your legs bent and I attach a bar to your ankles to keep your legs spread.  You are now laying on the bed completely helpless and ready to be used…. You don’t feel or hear me for a few minutes and you worry a little bit… I hear you call out for me… but I don’t respond.  I have basically said 1 thing since we started this….You then feel my hands run down your body, across your tits and down your stomach… down your thighs, then up the inside, gently over your pussy..Then you feel nothing again… then you feel an intense sharp pain but its over…. so quick…. the pain is very hot but then cold and goes away.  Your breath comes in short gasps in between these little bits of pleasure…. between the bits of pain, you ask me what it is…. what are you doing to me??  … My response is again, pressing my lips against yours. I keep going for a few more times… then I quietly remove your blindfold, you see me holding the candles in my hands…. I am dripping the hot wax against your body.  You glance down at your body and notice the different colours from the different candles.  You don’t complain, and I put the blindfold back on and escort ankara go back to pausing, then dripping the hot wax against your body… onto your tits, hitting your nipples, across your stomach…. on your thighs… down to your feet.You moan as the wax hits your body… I am making a beautiful pattern.  I kneel next to your head and push my cock into your mouth… I reach down to your helpless and spread pussy and slap your pussy… its so wet that it is such a sexy sound as my hand strikes your soaked pussy… you moan again and I spank your pussy again and again as I fuck your mouth.  After a few minutes, I kneel between your legs and take my cock and spank it against your clit.  I rub your clit with the tip of my cock then push it inside you again… I fuck you like that and reach forward and grab a hold of your throat.  I squeeze and hold you pinned to the bed as I fuck you.  I untie your hands and help flip you over (your legs are still spread and tied)  I then get between your legs and press the tip of my cock against your ass… I wait for a second, expecting you to complain or hesitate… but you have come to understand that this is for you…. And I push my cock into your ass.  You gasp as your virgin ass is fucked for the first time… you have never had anything in there until this morning and now you have a throbbing hard cock deep in your ass.  You feel like such a bad girl… a dirty girl… but the way you are being used excites you and as I hold my cock inside you, you push back hard against me, plunging the rest of my hard cock into your ass..  I moan with you as you are completely filled.  I pull my cock out and tease you with just the tip, pushing the tip in and out of your ass… then when you don’t expect it, slamming it deep inside you again… I keep this up for a very long time… pushing you, making you cum more then you ever thought… using your body for my pleasure.  Finally, I can no longer hold back… I groan loud as I begin to cum deep in your ass.  I fill you with my cum as you moan and cum with me… squirting all over my legs… you have never squirted before, but this whole experience has been too much.  When I pull my cock out of your ass, some cum leaks out and down your pussy and legsI then untie your legs and take off the spreader bar… I take off the blindfold and carry you back into the bedroom.  I lay you down and lay next to you.  I cuddle with you and tell you “I’ve been wanting this for a long time.”  You look up at me and smile and say “I have 2 confessions…. 1.  I knew you were in the bathroom when I walked in… and 2.  I found your dungeon while cleaning last week… its all i have thought about all week!, Thank you for introducing me to this lifestyle. ”   I smile down at you and kiss you passionately.  This is just the beginning



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