A knock sounds at the door. Opening the door you find a man you have never met, but whose face is precious to you. A smile blooms on your face as you open the door wider and welcome me inside. Suddenly feeling awkward, you ask me about my trip. I reply that it was fine and give you a long look. I reach out for you, you are surrounded by the long arms that you have learned to love but never felt. Looking up, you reach your hand out to touch my face. I lean down and kiss you. The kiss, at first a welcome, becomes deeper as passion explodes.

Tongues duel and hands begin to wander and explore as yet undiscovered territory. Passion, so long denied, explodes in you and you burn to feel me inside of you. Reaching for my shirt, you open each button and kiss the treasure before you. Working your way down you come to my buckle, and looking up for the permission, you are rewarded by my nod. Kneeling before me you remove my shoes and reach up to undo the buckle. The sound of the zipper is loud in the room that is filled only with the sound of our harsh dvd porno breath. Reaching up you grab the sides of my jeans and pull them down. Reaching out you caress the length of me with your hands. Learning the feel of me, caressing me. Moving forward, you lick up from the base of my shaft to the tip. Looking up to see me watching you, you surround the tip with your mouth and slowly take me inside, while all the while looking at me. I close my eyes and throw my head back while thrusting my hips forward.

Covering the base with your hand you continue to caress and lick me with your hands and mouth until I am fully engorged. Pulling back from you, I reach down and pull you up. Grasping your jeans by the waist, I pull them off. Pulling out a chair, I lift you on to the dining room table, and sitting down in the chair, I spreads your legs wide. Leaning forward, I spread the damp curls that cover that hidden part of you. My nostrils flare as I catch the scent of your sex that is filling the air around us. Looking up to see you watching, ensest porno I give a wicked grin and says, “cry for me, baby” before leaning down and covering your pussy with my mouth. my tongue finds your clit and you cry out with pleasure, your body bows forward and you bury your hands in my hair to hold me to you.

My clever mouth continues to suck and lick as You buck against me all the while moaning and crying out when I find a particularly sensitive spot. The pleasure takes over your body and you lean back on the table, resting on your elbows. When I suck your clit in my mouth you shatter, crying out, “Oh, yes.” You fall back on the table, and I stand. Getting up on one elbow you reach for my dick. I move forward and you guide me home. I enter you slowly as you are so tight. Reaching out you grab my shoulders with your hands as I move forward to take complete possession of you. When I am all the way in, I pause for a minute to allow you to become accustomed to my fullness.

We both groan in pleasure. I grab czech amateurs porno your hips and you wrap your legs around my hips and I begin to thrust, at first slowly, then as your inner muscles loosen, I move faster. Crying out You arching your hips up to receive me better as you begin to rock forward to meet each thrust. Oh, it feels so good to be so full. Your inner muscles tighten and loosen around me with each thrust and I begin to move faster.

Pleasure is like fire moving throughout your body. In a tight voice I growl, “Cum for me, baby, cum.” You close your eyes and allow the pleasure full rein as I begin to pound into you. You are so close, poised on the edge of fulfillment when I reach down and caress your clit with my thumb. Crying out, “BABY!”

You come apart in my arms and your inner muscles tighten around me as I slam into You, once, twice, then I throw my head back as I slam into you one final time. Your inner muscles milk every drop of my climax from my body to yours. For a moment we are both still as we absorb the pleasure and our harsh breathing fills the air. Sitting back down in the chair, I pull you into my lap to straddle me. Wrapping you in my arms, we hold each other close. In your ear you hear me give a short laugh and say, “Wow, I can’t wait to see what we can do in a bed.”



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