Innocence Taken [Part 2]Kayla lie there underneath Taylor, breathing heavily and overwhelmed with feeling. Never in her life had she experienced something that came anywhere close to comparing to that. It seemed like everything else in the world had disappeared and she had been taken into another reality where nothing else mattered. But now that the initial contentment had worn off, she felt guilty and extremely disappointed in herself. She wasn’t a virgin anymore, and… what was she going to tell her Mom? WAS she going to tell her? Kayla slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Taylor as he pulled out. He didn’t look tired at all and had a very satisfied look about him. He looked at her then leaned over and brushed her lips gently. Just as she felt a little more comfortable she realized: he hadn’t used a condom. ***Taylor watched her avidly. She looked a little worn out, a little stressed, but overall he could tell she had enjoyed it, even if she wouldn’t admit it. He looked up suddenly, then slipped his boxers and pants back on, being sure to keep her pinned down. If he had some clothes on and she didn’t it would make her feel more prone than if they were both naked, this he knew. Then he stood, pulling her up with him, and looked around the room, searching. He had an idea, though it would probably mean starting over in getting her to submit. Already the fact that he was dominant seemed to be slipping from her, and it needed to be reestablished. There it was. The weightlifting device he was now pushing Kayla toward had rubberized cording holding the weights in place. He stopped next to it and glanced at her for a moment. Her cheeks were rose red, apparently she was not at all used to the fact that she was nude and alone with a guy. Kayla saw his glance and flushed a little deeper while trying to cover herself up somehow. Never letting go of her, Taylor unhooked the rubber cording from the device. He turned to face her and saw with amusement that her eyes had widened a bit. Apparently this gesture had woken her up from her quiet state. Kayla was resisting him once again as he wrapped the cording around her wrists, binding them together, and with a tug securely tightened them, leaving just enough of the ends for what he had in mind. After grabbing two more cords he then scooped her up in his arms, her squirming like a snake, and walked over to the pull up beam on the wall. She protested by kicking, not at all liking where this was going. “Put me down!” she yelped, then proceeded to make some very pathetic threats. Taylor continued in his process, trying his hardest not to laugh out loud at her spirit. He stood her directly under the bar and knotted the cords around it so that her feet were flat on the ground but just barely, then paused to take in the sight. She looked so beautiful, her eyes shining in nervous defiance as she tugged on the cording, her small but firm breasts pushed out into the open because of her position. Suddenly she lashed out with a foot that would’ve kicked him in the balls if it weren’t for his quick reflexes. He managed to grab her foot, then ran his finger along the underside, and watched as she tried to writhe away. Another ticklish spot. He released her foot then walked to the weight-disks, the two extra cords still in hand. He picked up two of the heavier ones, and slowly made his way back to Kayla. ***She watched as Taylor approached her with the weights. What the hell is he doing?! It was then she noticed exactly how nice of a body he had, and her eyes were drawn down to a six-pack. A very admirable one. Why hadn’t she seen that before? “Like it?” he laughed seeing her gaze, and Kayla stubbornly turned her attention elsewhere. She was very aware of her body right now as well, standing naked before him with her arms raised. When he got close enough she tried to kick him again, but he dropped one of the weights and grasped her foot, a mischievous glint in his eye. Taking one of the other cords, he fastened the weight to her foot then set it down underneath her, before doing likewise to the other foot and spacing them under her so that her legs were spread. Kayla yanked on her feet, but found she hadn’t the leverage to move them more than a few inches. He smiled and walked adapazarı escort around her, admiring her from every angle. She felt like some whore on display, completely vulnerable and there for whatever he wanted from her. The feeling caused her juices to run. Kayla stiffened as a finger gently slid down her back from behind, pausing just above her butt. “Anyone ever tell you you have a nice ass?” came the question, incredibly close to her ear. She remained silent, trying to redeem herself from her earlier breakdown, but grimaced as she felt her juices start to travel down her leg. He obviously noticed them too, because the next thing she felt was his finger running up her leg. Kayla shivered as his hard body pressed up against her from behind and she set her jaw. She would not give in to his games again. His hand moved around in front of her face and he brought his wet finger to her mouth. “You like bein bad? You like it when I have my way with ya?” he said quietly. Kayla was in anguish. She had thought herself to be so good… not like a lot of the girls who did whoever whenever. She had planned on being a virgin until marriage. Did he have to mess with her like this? She didn’t know what to think anymore! Tears welled up in her eyes, making them glisten. She shivered then jumped as he smacked her ass sharply. “You didn’t answer ma question. You like bein taken advantage of?” his voice resonated through her. Kayla clinched her eyes shut and willed herself to ignore him, whatever he did, not to say anything or respond. A sticky wetness covered her mouth and she opened her eyes in surprise. Taylor’s finger pasted her lips with her own cum. “Lick it” he commanded.***He was very amused by how stubborn she was being. It was great fun for him seeing her resolve slowly breaking inside because of the effect he was having on her. He enjoyed watching her shiver at his touch. He reached around and cupped her breasts, one in each hand. Suddenly he twisted one of her nipples, causing Kayla to jump and cry out in pain. “I said lick it”. He could feel her trembling slightly as he removed one of his hands from her breasts and brought it up behind her head to grab a fist-full of her hair. Eye contact would help bring this along. He stood tall and pressed his body against her as he tilted her head back to look at him. Her blue eyes were full of tears as they met his; her confusion and frustration showing straight through. ***She looked up at him through a haze and wondered why all of this was happening. Why her? Why- The door to the weight room opened, pulling her from her torment. Her head shot up reflexively, but met the end of her hair and was yanked to a sudden stop like a dog on a leash. “Aye Taylor mang where you-” She heard a guy say from the door. He had obviously not seen them right away. Kayla thought she would explode from this whole thing. She glanced at Taylor. His look of surprise was fading to a look of annoyance. “Doran, bad timing.” he said gruffly. “For YOU maybe” Kayla heard the guy laugh. “I think its very GOOD timing. Who’s this anyway?” He asked, and Kayla heard approaching footsteps. She wished she had at least her underwear on. Now this really would be all over the school. The tears built up again and she felt like yelling at them both just to go the fuck away. A black boy’s face came into view , leering down at her. Normally she would have glared back, but she was just too tired of this whole mess. She exhaled slowly and licked her lips, getting rid of the cum. Taylor smiled at her, “Not that hard ta listen ta me is it?” Doran eyed her for a second, then reached out to touch her cheek, but Taylor shoved him away and glared at him. “Come on mang, you been gone from the basketball game for forever. People are wonderin where you at. Imagine what they’d do if I told em where you where, then you’d have lotsa other guys in here. Let me have a piece of this chick.” Doran reasoned. “You’re right. But you forgot somethin; I can beat the shit outa you.” Kayla listened to the argument with little interest, though she kind of hoped Taylor would win. If Doran went and told everyone it would be disastrous…and most likely very painful. She knew none of the guys would go and tell; they would all escort adapazarı want a piece of the action. “If I yelled you’d get in trouble.” Doran grinned taking the cowardly way out because he knew Taylor‘s threat wasn’t an empty one. “C’mon, I don’t need long.” Taylor seemed to think for a moment, clearly put off about the intrusion. Kayla’s heart jumped as he fixed his gaze on her. She loved his eyes, she just couldn’t help it. “Be right back” he said, running a finger down her rib cage and chuckling at her ticklishness. ***Taylor had just walked Doran out of Kayla’s earshot when Doran said “She’s somethin. And she seems ta like you too. You see tha way she looked at you? So anywayz… can I have a go or you want me ta go get tha guys?” “You really think you can handle er?” Taylor said condescendingly. “Pff cmon mang, she looks good and all but she’s hanging there limp as anythang. She don’t look like much ta handle.” “She’s only like that cuz of my skills nigga… but you think you got it? Den go ‘head.” Taylor could tell Doran was pleased even as he adopted a serious look and approached Kayla. “You mind if I take these off her fo a bit?” Doran said pointing down at the weights on her feet. “You go on ahead nigga, aint gotta ask me nuthin. You got dis rememba?” Taylor replied, watching from a few feet away as a look quickly flashed over Kayla’s face and he recognized Kayla was snapping out of her submission. She didn’t respect this guy enough. Doran undid his pants and then untied one of the weights. He untied the other one and stood, only to be kicked by both of her feet square in the stomach. Taylor laughed aloud as Doran flew back a few feet and landed on his ass. He looked stupefied, and Kayla was looking at him like he was no more than an immature little boy. “Who you thank you are bitch?!” Doran yelled recovering from the blow. He advanced on her again and dodged one foot only to be heeled by the other in the ribs. He grabbed both of her legs just behind her knees and pulled one on either side of him, digging his nails into her. She growled in pain and thrashed around but now that her legs were stilled she couldn’t really do much. The cords around her wrists bit into her skin now that almost her full weight was on them. Taylor saw this, but didn’t move. He was pretty sure Kayla would find a way to nock Doran back again. And she did. “Hold still ho! “ Doran grumbled. Kayla seemed to be distraught, then she sighed and went limp. Doran looked bewildered, “Yea that’s right you betta listen ta me. Wrap your legs round me fo a second.” Doran said. Kayla did, much to Taylor’s surprise. But then Taylor saw Kayla’s scheme and almost laughed again. Doran obviously wasn’t very smart, because he let go of her legs to undo his boxers, and after one second exactly, Kayla’s legs released then pummeled back into him with what looked to Taylor like all the force she could muster. Once again Doran flew backward through the air. Taylor’s laugh filled the room again and Doran said defensively “Well I’d like to see you try. Bitch is impossible! She needs to be taught some respect !” Taylor walked over to Doran, squatted down next to him and put an arm around his shoulder. “I’ve already been in her mane. Her first time too. Made her beg fo it,” he winked. “Yea right. You expect me ta believe that bullshit?” “Why don’t you ask her?” Taylor suggested with a grin. “Fine! Yo bitch,” he directed towards Kayla, “Did you beg for dis boy ta fuck you?” Kayla didn’t answer vocally, but her eyes darkened and cut to the floor while her face reddened. Doran looked disbelievingly at Taylor. “Watch” Taylor whispered to his friend as he got up. He started toward her and she seemed to shrink as her straight defiant posture gave way more and more with his closing distance. He got within kicking range, but she didn’t move. “You did didn’t you? You asked for me ta take advantage of yuh.” he said circling her, letting his fingers roam over her body. Her breathing increased and the blush returned. She was dripping. He glanced at Doran who was still sitting on the ground some feet away looking completely shown up. Taylor paused in front of her, his lips lingering just above hers. Her mouth parted slightly in anticipation, adapazarı escort but he moved away and walked back to Doran. “How tha hell…” Doran mumbled to Taylor, “Yo you gotta teach me how to do that! It’s like you put some kinda spell on er or somethin.” Taylor sighed and shook his head at his friend. “Can’t be taught mane. Now go on fo I tell errbody you got schooled by a girl ya feel me?”***Kayla had leaned after him almost imperceptibly when he left, not noticing that she did. She wondered what was next and watched as Taylor said a few quiet words to Doran and persuaded him to leave. The second Doran was out the door Taylor came back over to her. He stood in front of her quietly for a moment before letting out a small laugh. “You embarrassed tha hell outa him. If I were you I’d hope that I didn’t meet up with Doran in tha hall any time soon.”Kayla felt her cheeks flush at the praise even though she knew the latter was very true. Taylor stepped forward and put his hands on her breasts, slowly massaging them as he leaned forward and kissed her deeply. She sighed when he took his mouth away. He looked her in the eyes as his hands slid around to her back and they made their way down, lower, lower, all the way to her ass. Kayla inhaled his fragrance as he held her close. It was that intoxicating distinctly male smell of cologne, a hint of sweat from all of the activity not going unnoticed. He applied pressure to her lower back pushing her into him. She tensed a bit, as it was VERY plain to tell he was rock hard again. ***Taylor stood there thinking. It was obvious from the fawning look in the girl’s eye that she was falling for him. The question was: how far could he push her? Some girls liked sucking dick, some didn’t. He glanced up at the clock and saw with some alarm that it was almost time to leave. This would have to wait for another time. It was difficult for him, but he let go of the idea of getting head… today at least. Slowly he released her and took a small step back. Taylor watched as goose bumps formed on her skin and realized she must be cold now that he wasn’t holding her. After looking at her for a second he made a decision. He was going to make her his.***Kayla watched as Taylor reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a choker. From what she could see, it was very delicate and beautiful. There seemed to be a pendant in the middle made of silver. It was diamond shaped and appeared to have the letters “T B G” in it. Without saying a word, Taylor stepped forward and fastened it around her neck. It fit snuggly, but it wasn’t too tight. She looked at him questioningly as he seemed to admire the choker. “It looks good on you baby. “ he smiled. “What does it mean?” Kayla asked, though she already had some idea, and there was a sinking feeling in her stomach. “The ‘T’ stands for Taylor, the ‘B’ stands for Baby, and the ‘G’ stands for Gurl. That’s what you are.” he said, leaning forward to kiss her again. “I don’t want it,” she said tilting her mouth away from him. She didn’t want to be owned, and she knew that that’s what this was; a symbol of ownership. Taylor paused, then took her chin in his hand and made her face him. “You say you don’t, but some parta you does. You want me. If you didn’t you wouldn’t have even let me touch you in the hall. But it don’t really matter if you want it or not baby gurl, its what I want that we‘ll be focusin on.” He reached up and untied the cords on her wrists and caught her as she fell to the floor. “Go put yo clothes on. Almost time ta leave.” Kayla walked back over to her clothes and put them on as quickly as she could. He watched her the whole time, a hunger in his eyes, and it was making her nervous. When she had dressed, Taylor walked over and put his arm around her waist, holding her close as they walked out of the weight-room, through the hall and into the gym. When they came trough the doors, a few of the guys playing basketball turned and looked at her. Kayla turned beet red when she saw Doran’s face… he licked his lips suggestively, but stopped immediately after a threatening look from Taylor. Almost all of them looked at her like a piece of meat. One noticed the choker and winked at her. Taylor grabbed her shoulders and turned her to look at him. “Tell anyone anythin… besides the fact that you’re my gurl,” he smiled, “and there will be consequences. You’re mine.” He kissed her on the forehead and squeezed one of her breasts lightly before sending her off toward her friends.



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