“Welcome to the Inner Circle Spa,” a disgustingly perky receptionist chirped. Corinne took the clipboard from her which contained the usual medical background questions. “What is your name and who were you referred by?”

“Corinne Jenkins. I was referred by Brandy Hicks.”

“Ah yes, I see you have a three o’clock appointment for a deep tissue. If you’d fill out that paperwork we’ll get started.”

Corinne rolled her eyes inwardly. Call her cynical, but she knew that these questions were mostly so they didn’t get their asses sued should something bad happen.

She sat and started to review them, providing her own sarcastic mental commentary while she wrote down her real answers.

Age: how about too fucking old to be back on the singles market?

Any areas of tension: let’s see…my entire life since my husband left me for his dental hygienist?

Medications: does vodka count?

Health concerns: can a vagina dry up and fall out if it hasn’t been used in years?

She paused with that one. Would a neglected vagina dry up and fall out or fall in? A medical mystery. She’d probably end up a case report in some obscure gynecological journal as the first woman to find out.

She approached the receptionist again, who took her clipboard and handed her a small gold sticker in the shape of a heart. It was the size of a quarter and slightly padded. “What’s this for?” Corinne asked.

“Oh, we call it our relaxation monitor. It measures your heart rate and breathing and sends it wirelessly to your therapist so they know when you are super relaxed. If you could place it on your chest over your heart that would be super.” She handed the older woman a tablet as Corinne placed the sticker as instructed. “Please open our photo gallery app and review the therapists, any of the ones pictured are available in your time slot.”

Corinne raised an eyebrow. “Super,” she said drily as she opened the app and took a seat. She chose male gender and started swiping through. Each had a professional looking picture and a brief resume. She didn’t really see the point in knowing what they all looked like, since she planned to sleep through the whole thing, but when in Rome. Her friend Brandy had promised her this place had superior service.

She was surprised when one young man caught her attention. His name was Edgardo, and while not classically handsome, there was something about the way his eyes crinkled up when he smiled that was kind of endearing. He was clearly of Latin descent, with wiry brown hair over a swarthy complexion and sparkling white teeth.

It reminded her of the time her ex had taken her to Mexico, and her Irish complexion had been so badly sunburned she’d spent the whole trip covered in aloe vera in their suite. Needless to say flirting with cute cabana boys had been out of the question. Maybe she’d make up for lost time now.

She shrugged and pressed the ‘choose me’ button. Seconds later a door opened and out he came, even cuter and more magnetic in person. His medical scrubs should have made him shapeless, but she could see where the shoulders strained and the sleeves barely contained his smooth brown biceps. Even Corinne in her battle scarred state felt a little kick of her heart rate.

“Ms. Jenkins, a pleasure to meet you. I am Edgardo and I shall be your humble massage therapist today.” He flashed those pearly whites and Corinne found her hands engulfed in his. They were strong and sure on hers. Oh my. If only she was twenty years younger.

“Nice to meet you too,” she smiled and tried to withdraw her hands but he held them a little longer than necessary.

“I will do whatever I can to make you feel like a queen,” he said earnestly. She laughed a little at how serious his expression was when he said it. For a second she almost believed him.

He led her through the doors and down a darkened hallway, instructing her to change in the locker room and meet him in the lotus room.

Within minutes she was face down and naked on the massage table, lightly covered in a sheet. The soothing spa music was just starting to relax her mind, and then Edgardo laid his hands on her. She couldn’t help but stiffen slightly at first.

“Mmmm, you have not been touched enough,” he murmured. “A woman as beautiful as you should be accustomed to being worshiped.” Corinne grinned into the face ring since he couldn’t see her. He was already making her feel like royalty. She forced herself to relax as he reminded her to take deep cleansing breaths.

His hands were like a soothing balm on her spirit as well as her body. big ass porno They slid over her, kneading, pressing and soothing away her twisted knots of muscle. She felt herself relax more than she had in months.

She was half asleep when he murmured, “so much tension, Ms. Jenkins. You’ve been suffering. What took you so long to come to me?”

His phrasing was a little odd, but her brain was floating somewhere near the ceiling so she didn’t care much. “Please call me Cori,” she replied groggily. “I’m only here because my friend got me this gift certificate. I never get massages.” Her cheating bastard of an ex had always called them an unnecessary extravagance.

Edgardo raised an eyebrow, surprised. The clientele here all knew what the Inner Circle had to offer, except this curvy red headed goddess on his table. Apparently her friend had not told her the whole truth, which meant he would have to tread carefully.

He glanced up at the row of tiny round lights mounted discreetly on the wall. One green light and two reds. He had his work cut out for him. His deep brown eyes glinted with determination. He loved a challenge.

“You need to see me at least once a week for two months. It will take time to remind your body of what it needs.”

“And what is that?”

“Pleasure.” He said simply. He held the sheet and instructed her to turn over. She complied while she considered it. She’d fought tooth and nail for every cent of alimony she got and it was a generous living. It seemed like sweet revenge to spend her ex’s money having this gorgeous Latino man rub hot oil all over her naked skin.

“You’re on,” she grinned.

“Now that is the smile I’ve been waiting for. Now I work on your neck and then your chest, yes?”

“I’m all yours,” she sighed. He rolled her head to one side and ran his hands down the tight cords of her neck, his thumb sliding towards her shoulder. Then his hand slid under her shoulder blade, lifting her so that her upper back arched upwards.

Although he had tucked the sheet under her arms, each time he lifted her it would loosen, and she suddenly became aware that her breasts were brushing against the sheet. As he started on the other side of her neck she realized her nipples were rock hard. She fought off embarrassment and told herself he’d probably seen so many tits at this point they didn’t even affect him anymore.

She was wrong about that, Edgardo had definitely noticed and his cock was firming up at the sight. It couldn’t be helped, his fingers were just inches away from her full creamy breasts. He looked up at the lights. Two greens now. They were getting there.

“I will work on your pectoral muscles now. Women tend to ignore them, but if they are tight the shoulders cannot relax. Deep exhale now,” he pressed his fingertips into her chest, starting at her collarbone and working his way closer and closer to her nipple.

Corinne exhaled and tried not to squirm. His fingertips were sliding over her breasts, stopping just a centimeter short of impropriety. What was worse was how her sex had begun to throb. She couldn’t help it, her body had been neglected for years, but she still berated herself for getting turned on. Here was this sweet kid in his twenties just trying to do his job and she was pulling a full on cougar. At least he couldn’t tell how aroused she was.

Edgardo smiled with satisfaction at the three green lights on the wall. Full arousal on the first session, not too shabby. And a perfect place to end their time together and leave her wanting more.

He stroked her temples gently and whispered, “That’s all the time we have, Ms. Cori. Will I see you next week?”

She swallowed and nodded. She was hooked.

Three sessions later Cori flopped on to the table naked except for the little gold heart sticker, her body tingling with anticipation of Edgardo’s smooth hands. The man was a miracle worker. In the last few weeks he had somehow brought her back to life. She felt as if the walls she’d built around herself during her bitter divorce were crumbling down and a few precious rays of hope were shining in. Maybe her life wasn’t over after all.

Edgardo entered and a whiff of his aftershave floated over to her, a tropical scent that always made her feel like she was at the beach. She sighed with contentment.

“That is how you should always sound, Ms. Cori,” the sound of his hands warming the oil was like music to her ears before he laid them on her back, soft and soothing. She no longer tensed at his touch, but rather melted into the table like hot wax. big tits porno “We have made much progress in the last few weeks.” He looked up the lights. At their last session he’d kept her on full arousal for the most of the hour. It was time to take her to the next level.

He ran his hands down her back with firm, slow strokes, starting at the shoulders and ending at the swell of her luscious ass. With every pass he went just a hair further. Soon he was fully cupping her cheeks, kneading them seductively.

Cori’s heart was pounding. Was she imagining it or was he spreading her cheeks apart? His fingers were passing so close to her sex she could feel her chest flush and her nipples hardening. Was it terrible to wish he wouldn’t stop there?

Edgardo felt himself hardening as he listened to Cori’s breathing quicken. There was nothing more sensuous than a woman losing herself to passion. He turned his attention to her legs, circling them with his hands, pressing from her ankles to her thighs. At the end of each stroke his thumbs would brush her inner thighs, just inches away from her now throbbing center, before he would squeeze her ass.

She felt a hot gush of fluid between her legs. Her pussy ached for his touch and she couldn’t help but spread her legs open a little wider in invitation. He smiled at her signal of assent. Now his thumbs crept closer and closer to her outer lips with each pass.

Cori felt like she would die if he didn’t touch her soon. Her hips began pulsing ever so slightly, so that she could press her clit to the table and then up into his seeking fingers.

He leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “What do you want me to do?”

She groaned as his fingers brushed, feather light, over her sex. “Touch me,” she breathed.



With that one word everything changed.

He slid two fingers on either side of her outer folds, pressing them gently between his fingers as he rocked his hand back and forth. He wasn’t touching her clit, but the indirect pleasuring was driving her wild. She felt the pressure start to build from within.

Just when she teetered at the edge, he withdrew his hand and started stroking her inner thighs again. She made a small sound of protest as the orgasm slipped through her fingers.

“Don’t worry, I will pleasure you as no one ever has.” He murmured. His hands pressed into her legs, pushing them wider and wider apart.

The table shifted slightly as he climbed up. Cori had a flash of fear. What the hell was she doing? But then she felt his tongue slide into her cunt and all rational thought evaporated as pure pleasure arrowed through her.

The skill of his mouth surpassed that of his hands. He made tiny circles around her clit with his velvety tongue, patiently driving her into a frenzy. He alternated gentle suckling with flicks over the swollen ridge of tissue at her center.

It seemed like the more aroused she got the softer his mouth became. It was killing her. She gripped the top of the table near her shoulders, thrusting her hips upward to get closer to his face.

He made his tongue long and hard and penetrated her with it, feeling her shiver. “Mmmm, you taste so good, I can’t get enough,” his thumb grazed over her clit as he pushed his face deeper and deeper between her ass cheeks to get his tongue as far in as he could.

Cori’s entire existence was focused on the head between her legs, making her feel things she had never felt before. Her whole body shuddered as waves of lust washed over her. “Oh please don’t stop,” she begged. “Fuck my pussy…yes…yes…please”. She was panting now, about to crest.

Edgardo pulled back, spreading her lips wide. Even in the dim light he could see her twitching and hungering for his touch. He pursed his lips blew on her clit, pushing her over the edge.

“Oh my god, I’m coming! Yes…yes…yessss,” she cried out as he pierced her with his tongue again. He could feel her spasm around his mouth, which made his cock harden even more. He loved feeling her body rippling with the intensity of the orgasm he had given her.

He quickly shed his clothing, his smooth brown body now centered over her. He gently laid his rock hard erection between her ass cheeks as he bent over to her ear again.

“Now what do you want, my queen?” He teased her by sliding his cock back and forth. He kissed the back of her neck and nibbled at the top of her shoulders as he waited for her to respond.

Cori marveled at the thrill of power it gave her to have a man like him poised above blacked porno her, hard for her, full of desire for her. “I want your cock,” she said breathlessly. “I want you to fuck me hard.”

“As you wish,” he said softly. He brushed the head of his cock against her heat, spreading her wetness around and over him. Her hips were starting to thrust back as he eased his thick member into her inch by delicious inch.

She made a low sound in her throat at the sensation of being filled again. It had been so long she had almost forgotten how exquisite it was, this moment when two people joined in lust and desire.

“Your pussy is so tight,” he had to concentrate not to lose his control. He gave her a moment to adjust to him, knowing it had been too long since she’d been taken like this. Then he began to move.

Cori gasped as he thrust into her, slowly and deeply at first, and then with building speed. The sweet friction of his cock inside her was almost too much to bear. She gripped the sides of the massage table tightly as her next orgasm started to gain momentum.

“Yes, fuck me, your cock feels so good…you’re gonna make me come again…yes!” Her pussy vised around him as she was wracked by another intense orgasm. He kept himself buried deep in her while he rained kisses along her back and neck, worshiping her as he had promised.

He waited until her body had quieted before climbing down and turning her over. Cori was shocked when he scooped her up as if she weighed nothing and placed her on a padded bench up against the wall.

Edgardo had built it himself so that the top of the seat was in perfect alignment with his pelvis. He set Cori down so her back rested against the wall and her pussy was at the edge. He held her legs up with his strong arms so the back of her knees rested in the crook of his elbows.

She thought he would be anxious to start fucking again, but he surprised her by bending forward to suckle on her nipples. Her back arched involuntarily in response. She watched him feast on her body, the dark skin of his face in contrast to her pale complexion.

“You deserve to be ravaged daily, you know,” he flashed that killer smile at her as he stood straight again, the tip of his cock resting against her cunt but not entering her. “Put your hands down there and spread yourself for me.”

She did as she was told, feeling him slide between her fingers and into her wet warmth again. They both moaned. “Leave your hands down there, Cori. Watch me fucking you. Feel me fucking you. Touch yourself. I want you to come so many times you can’t see straight.”

He set about that goal by pounding his hips into hers mercilessly. Her face seemed frozen with her mouth open as she surrendered to ecstasy. With every stroke a little more of that wall around her fell. Every orgasm brought a little more light into her world. She lost count of how many times she came.

Edgardo watched for that moment when her muscles went lax and her passion was spent. Only then would he allow himself release. When he saw her getting close he deepened his strokes, bottoming out in her and grinding his pelvis against hers. She moaned as her final orgasm overtook her. She thought she might pass out.

“I’m going to come all over you, Cori. Are you ready?” She only nodded in response, having lost all power of speech.

“Yeah…yeah…your pussy is so sweet…I’m coming…I’m coming…ahhhhhh.” He pulled out of her, his body jerking as he emptied himself all over her abdomen. Cori just stared in fascination as he covered her belly with his hot sticky cum.

She laughed a little as she rubbed in into her skin. “Now that hasn’t happened in years,” she smiled up at him.

“I know. What a waste,” he murmured to her gently as he carried her back to the bed. “You deserve more. You know that now, right?” He rubbed hot wet towels over her skin, leaving her tingling all over.

“Yes, I think I do.” She replied, basking in the afterglow of extremely hot sex. Maybe her ex had done her a favor by releasing her from their loveless marriage. Now she was free to find someone who wanted to spoil her and treat her like a queen.

“Will you come to me next week?” He teased as he ran his hands over her soft naked body, still warm from their loving.

“I don’t know if I can wait that long,” she pouted, her bottom lip puffed out just a little, her eyes sparkling with a hint of mischief.

He grinned at this new side to her, coy and feminine. How things changed when a woman knew she was the object of your desire. He had helped many women like her before, but he had a soft spot for this one. He offered her something he had never offered before.

“I could come to you this weekend. I’m off Saturday night.”

Her smile bloomed. “That sounds fabulous.”

She was going to have to send Brandy a thank you note.



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