Indian Crush/Foot Fetishhello to all readers.. my name is kuttan and im from south india. this story i write is a true incident and not a narrative. this incident is a collation of many small ones and all adds up to make me one hell of a lucky bastard.i was part of a normal family and i was the only c***d. and both my parents worked so it didnt make much difference during school days but when it came to vacation time, i proved to be a real havoc to my parent’s concern. luckily we had a neighbouring family. there were two people, the mother who was in her 40’s (widow) and her daughter nithya (23 at that point). nithya chechi was workin as a receptionist in a firm so being well groomed was no problem. she was attractive by any standards but not exactly what ppl wud call sexy straightaway. the best part abt chechi was she had the right curves in the right places. her mother was a little on the plumpier side but worked out to my advantage (u’ll find out soon).i have a massive foot fetish and crush fetish. all this i owe to none other than nithya chechi.the first incident that got me off was with crushing. it was at the age of 6 when i was off school on summer vacation. nithya chechi had jus bought a new scooter and they had delivered it home. i had jus stepped out to play arnd the house and i noticed across the wall there was a new vehicle at their place. i ran across and entered their gate jus in time when chechi and her mother came out. they had the usual things one wud carry for a pooja. chechi yelled out ” oi kutta! check out my new scooty! now i dont have to run arnd and chase you and get tired. i will now chase you down with this!” she gave me an evil grin. the sorta teasing ppl do to k**s. chechi’s mother said kutta, come, we’re going to do pooja for the vehicle, stick arnd for the sweet. i decided to stay back. chechi was applyin the saffron and other things and hanging garland on the vehicle when her mother was performing the rituals. all set. her mother then smashed the pumpkin on the ground which meant all they had to do was move the vehicle. what happened next was the one reason that put me through fetish. chechi got on the vehicle and started it. her mother got on behind her on the pillion. she then remembered she forgot to keep the lemons under the wheels. she yelled out to me who was standing right in front of them “hey kutta, run into the house quickly and get the two lemons that were kept on the table and keep one under each wheel”. i did as i was told. once the lemon was kept under, i looked up and that was the first time i saw them both as something else, as two giant dominant figures. two goddesses. she tried moving the vehicle forward a litle and the lemon slipped outta the tyre’s path and rolled away. she laughed and said i think the poor lemon is scared. she then said “kutta, come get that lemon again and place it under. this time hold it for the initial part with your fingers”. i was just too mesmerized by the events to even think twice abt my fingers. once again, i did as i was told. this time i squat down right in front of the vehicle at an arms length and held the lemon in place between my fingers. i can feel the vibration of the engine pulsating though the lemon. i looked up. and it was THE view. i had never before felt this small and starting to get the sense of being overpowered. what i saw was a young attractive girl with a cute yet evil grin and right behind her was her mother peeping over the shoulder of her daughter only to look down at me again. she asked me if i was ready and i said yes. she slowly powered up the vehicle a little and the vehicle started putting pressure on the lemon. i look up and i see a huge happy grin with a devilish tinge to it. towering in front of me. she gave me a slight wink and asked me to remove my fingers now that the lemon wud stay in place. me, like a fool who din understand the concept of subtleness, got up from my squat but decided to kneel down in front of the vehicle to watch the scene. i was entering the curious phase of fetish. i knelt and now kept changin my sight between the devilish grinned chechi and the state of the poor lemon. until now it was nothin to me and now out of no where i had a new emotion wash over me. utter sympathy for the lemon but not in a sad way. my mind kept thinking this new thing, “damn that lucky lemon”. and then the game starts. she looks down at me and asks, hey kutta! what are you staring at down there? is it done? not yet right? wait wait. im coming. she revved it a little more and pop. the lemon popped out and got CRUSHED under the weight of chechi and her mother. i look up and chechi was breathing heavily, her boobs raising and dropping in exhilaration. i had finally entered the world of crush fetish. pure joy yet a state of fear had me at that point. and thats when her mother said “oi kutta! what are you still sitting there for? you thinking about the lemon? dont worry. you sit there for more than a second and chechi will do the same to you. before i could even comprehend and give it a thought, chechi had started moving forward again towards me. one foot is all it took to reach me. picture the thought, a well nurtured young lady sitting on a scooty with her well put on mother behind her. and in front of the vehicle a helpless little 6yr old kneeling down. and then it happened. she inched forward. and the front wheel of the scooty touched me. i felt dominated. the worst part of all was. the point of contact was none other than a 6yr old’s tiny little puny ****. i was dumbstruck and froze. i cudnt not move. didnt want to either. it was a moment i LOVED yet was terrified. her mother then said “nithya!!! what are you doing?” bakırköy escort and to that chechi replied “kutta has been a naughty boy. i think i have to teach him his place, huh kutta? want me to finish you off? huh??? ” she sais with a cheerful yet slightly angry pretending tone”. i didnt move a hair. just froze. with that she nudged a little. my **** jus felt the pressure of it all. but very slightly. her mother then said “if thats the case, what are you still waiting for? get on with it. chechi slowly started nudgin and nudgin. she’d power up a little. nudge, let go and again power up. she was nudging my **** in impulses. god i was off to beyond heaven. the whole time both of them staring down at me and jus grinning. finally she powered up kept pressure building up. she pushed enough for me to lose balance and fall back on my bottom with my legs spread wide. she didnt give up. she kept going until her wheel once again came in contact but this time with the entire jewellery. **** and balls now that im laying down. i was now the lemon. and with one final push, my **** and balls were now compressed to below half their original size. once again i look up and i see chechi heaving with exhilaration. OMG. priceless. they both started laughing their boobs off at the way i fell back like a skittle. useless helpless and big innocent eyed. her mother hopped down laughing and walked to the front and then gasped. she said “NITHYA! oh my god! (laughing even harder) do you know what u’ve been hitting all along and now crushing?? its his jewellery!!! hahaha!” and with that nithya chechi burst out! “are you serious ma? ive got his jewellery?? wait wait” and then she powered a little more. her mother stood over me watching her daughter crush my poor little helpless **** and laughed out loud even more. the whole time i didnt utter a single noise even. then it finally hit chechi. mamma, i think he likes it. he hasnt winced or made a single bit of noise the whole time. hey kutta, u like it? huh? she winked. i silently nodded in fear to a yes. that was it. they both started laughing again. she kept the throttle up and little and i cud feel the pressure high constantly and also the vibration of the vehicle shooting up from the tip of my **** all the way to my heart. ive definitely learnt my place. and it was brilliant. chechi then rolled back to let go and noticed the tire marks on my tiny little shorts, exactly on the **** and ball region. she got off the vehicle and walked to me. im still on my back with legs out wide. like a toddler. she bends down. i can see her boobs now hanging down with gravity. she then says “aw poor kuttan, his kunju has become dirty want me to dust it off?” she then took her right foot out of her slippers and hovered it above my jewel set. she stares into my eyes and then uses her toes to jus brush off the surface of the shorts to dust if off. her mother laughed again! “nithya! he is so cute like a little puppy!” nithya chechi still bending down jus raised her head to face her mum and laughed too. but she hadnt moved her feet away from my **** yet. she now turned back and lookin down said. “ok kutta, i think u’ve had enough play time today. come tonight and chechi will give u a gift tonight” and she then jus ruffled my jewel set with her feet like how one wud do to a c***d’s hair and she left. her and her mum both got on the vehicle and left for a ride. i lay there in their front yard awe struck.i headed straight home bewildered at what had just happened. my tiny little **** still throbbing from all that pressure from under nithya chechi and her voluptuous mother.i managed to sleep right up until dinner time. once done with dinner my mum yelled out “kutta! nithya chechi’s calling u over. she wanted you to stay over at her place tonight, she has some work for you”. i got dressed after a shower and walked over to her gate nervously. the vehicle which had crushed my jewels stood in the corner. i rang the door bell and i heard nithya chechi yell “come in kutta. im just having my dinner. sit by the tv and i’ll be with you in a minute. i once again did as i was told.chechi came back from the dining room and walked towards. she sat on the couch and asked me to sit down on the floor next to her. she sat with her legs stretched out straight and crossed at the ankles. ive always been a very close pet to chechi. i practically grew up at chechi’s care leaving behind only the breastfeed. she then said “kutta, my legs are hurting a bit today, can you please sit on them for a while? that might help a little i think” and pointed at her shins. she wanted me to sit at her ankle with her legs stretched out straight. i sat facing her down on the floor, on her ankle. she flipped through the channels on the tele and all i did was squat on her ankle and admire chechi. she then looked down at me and said why don u sit facing the other way so atleast u can watch tele. and i did, i turned arnd and squat down on her ankle again. now my **** and balls were hanging inside my tiny little shorts just millimeters away from the top of her feet. we both watched tele for a while and i was starting to doze off a little while squatting still. she called out “kutta? kutta???” and i barely responded. chechi decided to take up a different way of waking me up. she used the top of her right foot to pull up and press against my **** and jiggle it a little and that shook me up. i wake up and look down and i see chechi’s big and second toe spreading apart and holding my tiny little pink **** between and tug it out a little. i was woken from peaceful snooze to a heavenly pinch. i din utter a word and got back to watchin beşiktaş escort the tele while chechi played her toes with my **** like nothin happened. and later, i had developed the urge to take a leak, a desperate one at that. i said to chechi “chechi, i want to take the loo urgently, pls?”. she said thats alright kutta, and she got up along with me and followed me to the toilet. i asked her what happened chechi and she said “kutta, your quite sleepy and the last thing i want is for u to doze off while peeing so i’l jus come. dont worry i wont see anything”. that said i was okay with it so i went in and walked to the pot. she said don bother kutta, jus squat down next to the drain hole and pee right there. i felt awkward but no sayin no to my new goddess. i pulled down my shorts and my tiny little undy that had caught my jewels in a small little lump and squat down. she stood behind me. i started leaking and the aim was a little off the drain. what chechi did next was absolutely epic. she slid her right foot under my bottom and used the big toe and second toe to catch hold of the little **** and directed it towards the drain while standing behind me. i didnt protest at all. she jus giggled and said good one kutta. once i was done, she jiggled the **** like a worm and yanked it one last time before letting go. she then poured a little water from a mug down my butt crack and used the top of her foot to rub and wash of from the **** to crack. and finally, before finishin up, she jus playfully poked my arsehole with her big toe a couple of times which made me bounce a little like a pony and she laughed. i giggled too in regard to the ticklish feeling. i pulled my undy and shorts up and we both walked back to the tele. she said i wud be sleepin over at their place as my mum and dad were busy with work that night. chechi asked me if i was sleepy and i shamelessly confessed i lost my sleep after that little tickle. she laughed too. she sat on the couch again and stretched her legs and i assumed i’ll have to sit on her ankle again. this is when the things changed to the rougher end. jus before i cud sit down, she said with a stern voice. im feeling quite bored tonight. so im going to use you as my play toy tonight. you better not make any noise. i didnt know what to expect. she then ordered. remove your shorts and tshirt. jus wear your undy and kneel before me. she sat cross legged now right over left while i knelt down mostly naked. she stared down at me. i see you like to be under my feet quite a lot kutta, you have a certain liking towards my feet? huh? dont lie. i was starting to get a little shaky and scared.. too scared at the way she was dangling her foot and sheepishly confessed yes chechi bowing my head down in shame. she then brought her right foot from dangling in air to nudging my small little pot belly jus so it wobbles a tine bit. she giggled and said “cute”. she then looked me straight in the eye and slowly took her feet further down from my belly until her toes were jus below my jewels. she jus brought her feet up a little but so the top of her toe was now touching the underside of my balls. and then a noise from the bedroom door, her mother had woken up for a drink and noticed this. she then said “oooh, what do we have here now, nithya? he is still succumbing to your orders huh? not bad. what is he saying now? or rather what is that tiny little kunju of his saying?”. her mother came and sat next to her daughter on the couch cross legged too. “ooooh, look at how cute he is, look at that tiny little undy and the way his little kunju makes a small little lump in that v’shape! cho cute!!! its no bigger than your toe nithya!!!”. nithya chechi in reply “i know ma! he has grown to be 6yrs old but his kunju from what i remember hasnt changed a bit since his age of 2!! its still so small and spongy”. saying this, nithya chechi lifted her big toe and consequently lifted my small little sac too. “ma! mayb small but it weighs more than what it looks ma! check it out no? oi kutta! move and kneel in front of ammamma’s feet”. i had no choice but to undergo this humiliation. i scooted over to kneel infront of ammamma’s feet. her mother looked at me and said “kutta, look at me, look at my face when i see whats what” and as i stared in pure mercy, she lifted that big toe of hers and gently lifted my sac too. “my my, it is quite heavy. hmmmm” she was rolling my sac between her two toes. i was blown away. nithya chechi then said, kutta, come and lay down on the floor by our feet, there’s a good movie on the tele and i want to feel comfortable when i watch it. lay on ur back quickly. and remove that small undy of yours too. hmmm. get on with it, quickly. i did without a choice in hell and lay. nithya chechi placed her feet on my face. a first time for me, and ordered me to start licking the sole of her feet. ive never done this ever before. so i did so hesitantly. the taste was salty and yet pleasureable. her mother jus placed her feet on my small little tummy. a little while passed and then chechi asked me to start sucking on her big toe. i did, devoting myself to it like a c***d wud to a lollipop. after i got the toe all nice and sloppy wet, chechi asked me to swap direction and spread my legs wide up and open like a toddler. i now had her mother’s feet on my face. chechi started a diferent game now. she started using that wet toe to tickle and stimulate my arsehole. i was tickled beyond control and squirmed under their feet. her mother pinned me down hard with her heavy soles. i was in the heaven’s equivalent of hell. what a night i thought. jus then, i got the shock of a lifetime. chechi beylikdüzü escort slowly started pushing that big toe forcefully yet slowly into my arsehole. ive never felt any pain close to what i was going thru. it was obliterating. she looked down at the way i was squirming like a worm under their feet and laughed. her mother too started laughing so hard the jiggle of her body put more weight on my face through her feet. and after a little struggle and a world’s worth of pain, the toe was in my arse hole. i felt full from the rear. ouch!!! tears flow from my eyes. nithya chechi the whole time sat and watched tele like nothin happened. her mother noticed where nithya chechi’s toe had entered and laughed! “oh my god nithya! why have you done this to him now?” and nithya chechi replied “oh i dunno, jus thought it might be nice and cozy for the toe” and winked. she slowly started wiggling that toe and i cud feel her toe move inside my arse. i was in a lot of pain but not the pain worth complaining. i felt crushed and smashed under their power now. i felt like **** and weirdly, i was happy all this was even happening. the fetish has caught me on full and i realize now there’s never a way out. and i thank god for that. rather my goddess ;-). anyways. my entire arse moves and shakes arnd as chechi tries wigglnig her toe in and arnd my arsehole. she was definitely one strong woman. she then looked down at me kept her other foot exactly between where the balls hang and the arsehole, the undercarriage. a very sensitive area and she was pressing her sole into that spot. i started feeling a little weird and out of the world. in a good way tho. by now they were both getting a little dreary so they decided to hit the bed. nithya chechi’s mother jus got up with one feet on the floor and the other on my mouth, crushing me like i was nothing at all and walked away without even lookin back what she had jus done. i jus wanted to shudder at their power and submit my whole life. hmmmmm…. and next, nithya chechi turned off the tele and she too pulled her toe out with a pop, kept that feet down and the other feet she placed fair and square on my small ****, got up and walked away. jus before the door, she said sleep on my bed’s floormat and i’ll see to u tomorrow morning. and did as i was told.the next mornin i wake up and by the time i wake up they both had gotten ready to leave for work, a little earlier than usual. nithya chechi yelled out to me “kutta!! kutta!!! come out, we are leaving now, come and give us the good luck for the day”. i din understand what chechi meant by that but obediently, i got up butt naked and ran out towards her voice. the mother and daughter had both sat ready on their scooty and were waiting for me. nithya chechi yelled out “hey kutta! what are you staring at? hurry up and lay under the wheel, we wanna get the luck going quicky. i didnt know what to do. before i cud go and lay down, her mother ordered me to kiss both their slippers. i did as i was told. her mother then took a banana out of her office bag and peeled it and threw it on the ground jus by her daughter’s feet. she then said nithya, poor little rat must be hungry, feed him quickly before you leave. nithya chechi giggled and placed her slippered feet very slightly on the banana. she then said “oi kutta. kneel down and touch your forehead to the floor. i want you to see the banana.” and i did. i now watched nithya chechi in her bright chudidhar and her mother in a saree sitting on their vehicle like queens and me kneeling down before chechi’s feet waiting for my food to be served. i felt insanely in love. nithya chechi slowly started putting pressure on the banana and i watched it gracefully yet surely get smushed under the goddess’s feet. it started oozing out of the side of the slippers. once mashed, chechi kept her heel on the ground, jus lifted the toe part of the slippers to expose the sole and said “start licking it off! hurry” i did as i was asked to. the dirt and slime from her slippers along with a completely disfigured and mashed banana was jjust the right thing i need to feel under. once i had finished, she asked me to get back to bein under the wheel. i sat on my arse and leaned back on my elbow supporting with legs up and wide open. she started her vehicle. ready ma? she asked. her mother signalled yes by jus nudging her daughters boobs. they both stared down at me. nithya chechi then said “oi kutta, remember what happened to that banana? huh?” i nodded. “thats exactly whats going to happen to your pathetic little kunju now. watch” and with that she slowly moved to nudge and kept goin until the pressure got real bad. i watched as my little **** hung on top of my balls in shame, then she nudges to lift it upright. and then starts putting pressure. thats when that soft small little pillar slowly compresses until it becomes nothin more than a slightly big pimple in my crotch area and finally, the last pump in throttle made the balls bulge like it was going to pop. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! was all i wanted to say but nothin came outta my squished body. only tears outta the eyes. i was CRUSHED under the weight of a daughter and mother! both sadistically deriving pleasure at the sight of my little **** gettin smashed helplessly. they laughed their arse offf again. and finally. for the finale, chechi gave one hard rev that the vehicle momentarily clambered on my tiny **** for a fraction of a second. that was it. full weight and run over. my **** had disappeared into nothin and my balls flattened. all under nithya chechi. they finished laughing and asked me to get up and kneel once again along the side of the scooty. they both looked at the way my **** had shrunk and my balls flattened. nithya chechi jus jiggled my jewels with the toe of her slippers, laughed and left without even a goodbye. i stood there in nothin else but utter shame and pure humuliation.continued in part 3 depending on feedbackfeel free to contact me on



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