IncidentsIncidentsRon and Mack had a feeling they had met before but could not remember where or when. They were at a mall where their teenage daughters had decided to go shopping. The girls had met on a previous “Dad’s turn weekend.” Their Dads had mostly just nodded and said hello each time they found themselves at the same place until that day. Neither would remember where they had met for years.Time passed and they became friends. After each had attended the other’s daughters wedding they did not meet again for two years until they found themselves in a hotel bar a thousand miles from home.They sat together and compared how their daughter’s marriages were working and congratulated each other on being grandfathers.Ron said, “I still can’t place you in my memories.”“That’s because you were drunker than I was. Lets go to my room, I have a mini bar, and I will relate the whole sordid story to you.”“That bad huh?”“No, worse. Change into comfortable clothes before you come over,”Ron changed to gym shorts and t-shirt and rode the elevator up to Mac’s floor.Ron was impressed; Mac was in an expensive room.Ron congratulated Mac on his success. Mac said, “It is now my company and this is a business deduction for me.”They sat on a loveseat and propped their feet up on the coffee table and drank their brandy.“So tell me, when and where did we meet?”“McGill College, our sophomore year. A fraternity party we both attended.”“I attended several of those, which one?”“The only ones I ever attended, the Gamma Alpha Iota party, the gay fraternity.”Ron’s mouth flew open, he remembered being there.“I see your memory is coming back. I had a gay friend that asked me to attend and see what gay guys looked like. I told him I knew what they looked like even though he didn’t look like he was gay.He told me there would be lots of free beer and I decided free beer was always good.You were at a beer tub getting what you said was your third beer. You had just walked in not knowing which fraternity house it was. I knew you were in the wrong one.We talked about the girls in the place and we decided to follow a couple of them. halkalı escort Both were lesbians and though it was funny we hit on them. You told them something that made them laugh and both kissed us and walked away. Two other girls came to us and kissed us. It was not until the kisses ended that I noticed that one of those girls was my friend. You kissed him several times until I took my friend aside and told him the poor guy had no idea where you were.“So you want me to stay away from him?” he asked me.I said, “That is up to you but if you do want to kiss him try not to reveal yourself, that can be shock to the system. “Oh, then I should keep kissing him then.” He then gave me a quick kiss then went back to making out with you. He led you to some side room and when I saw the two of you again he was sucking you off.”“Even now that was the best blowjob I have ever had.”“I believe you. After he left you with your cock hanging out a guy walked past you and squeezed your cock. I will always remember the look of astonishment on your face at that time. You headed back to the beer bin and drank the beer quickly with your cock still hanging out. Another guy went by and briefly sucked your cock before continuing. I saw you put back into your jeans but you did not zip up.”Ron had an erection by then, very noticeable when all he wore was gym shorts with no underwear. Mac had one too under his hotel robe.Mac continued, “I asked you if you were having a good time and you said you didn’t know. We wandered around the place and saw a door with a sign that read ‘clothing banned in this room.’ There were stacks of clothes there with a few female garments by the door. We walked past that door and saw one of the lesbians sucking a different girls tit. We looked at her questioningly and she said, “Behind the green door.”We kissed her lips and the girl’s tits and walked on then you got another beer. After you finished that you said, “May as well find out,” and took your clothes off and walked in. I did too and followed you in.It was pitch black in there and we bumped taksim escort into people and chairs. The music almost but not quite drowned the sounds of fucking in the room. We bumped into someone kneeling on the floor. Our eyes had adjusted enough we could tell it was a girl that had a cock in her mouth and one in each hand.”By then Mac had his cock sticking out between the folds of his robe. Ron was staring at it as he u*********sly caressed his cock. Mac looked at him and his shorts and nodded. Ron understood and took his shorts off. For a few moments both just looked at the other’s cock as they pulsed with their heartbeat.Mac continued, “We caressed the girl’s tits and when the guy in her mouth backed away she put my cock in her mouth. I saw one of the guys waiting a turn wrap his hand on your cock. I saw your cock immediately revive. I saw him put your hand on his cock. I saw you keep it there.I shot my cum into the girls mouth then leaned over to kiss her. As I leaned over I felt a cock probing my ass. I let it and soon someone was fucking me. You again had that astonished look on your face. I was sure you didn’t realize you were giving the guy a handjob until he spewed over the girl.You kept pulling on his cock until he walked away. You then stood in front of me and I began to give you a blowjob. After the guy behind me filled me up you walked behind me and fucked me and I soon had another cock in my mouth. Both of you came at the same time and I walked you to the bar. We got brandy and before we ordered another I kissed you then turned you towards the bar and had you lean over. I fucked you. I took my time and felt your cock harden again.”They were both in bed by then, thigh-to-thigh, caressing each other’s cock. They kissed. “A guy was next to us watching us and turned you to his side. He leaned over and slid your cock into his ass.” Mac had continued.“ I decided to finish fucking you later but after you fucked that guy you went back to the girl and laid down on the floor and began to eat her pussy. One guy got on top of you and fucked you then another followed. şişli escort The girl had an orgasm and stood pulling you up with her and the two of you left the room together.Before I could decide whether to follow you or not I was again being fucked. I stayed in the room for about an hour and when I finally left it you were gone. You owe me a fuck.”Ron was already on his hands and knees and Mac’s cock was already penetrating his ass. Mac fucked him hard at first but quickly decided he didn’t want just a fuck. He had fallen in love with Ron that night long ago and apparently realized he still was. Mac made love to him.After he had cum Mac kept stroking into him until his cock slid out then turned around and got in position for him. Ron fucked Mac with love then they took a shower together.The were sitting up on Mac’s bed caressing each others cock when Ron said, “The girls name is Daisy. She is my ex-wife. I left with her and her partner and after the three of us took a shower together we went to sleep in the same bed. The next morning I fucked Daisy as her partner Rhonda fucked me with a strap-on. Later I fucked Rhonda while Daisy fucked me. We took turns on each other the rest of the weekend then went our separate ways for two months.Daisy found my apartment and told me Rhonda had kicked her out of hers. She looked very upset so I took her in and we slept in the same bed for two nights before we fucked again. We fucked every night for about eight weeks before she realized she had missed her period. She was pregnant. She had not taken her birth control pills since she moved in with me. They were still at Rhonda’s apartment.Just before we graduated Rhonda tried to get Daisy back into her life. She was definitely a dominant and had kicked Daisy out when she raved over our sex together. She realized she had made a mistake. She looked for her for months but when she found her Rhonda saw the pregnant Daisy had a doting husband so she went away.Daisy and I married and had a precious daughter. We lived a husband and wife life for eighteen years. Rhonda was at our daughter’s wedding. She did not know Daisy and I had divorced the year before even though we still lived together. They are together now and I still go to fuck and be fucked by them often. Come with me next time. Daisy would really like to see us fuck again.”“The sooner the better,” Mac said as he slid Ron’s cock into his mouth.



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