As her phone beeped she jumped, then smiled as she read the text message. Cheeky devil she thought. But she prepared herself as he had asked. Then she took her coat and quietly put it on, she turned off the lights unlocked the door and stepped into the cold night air. Glancing up at the windows just to be sure no one was watching. Locking the door behind her she walked out of the garden and down the street. Arriving at the end of the street next to the tree. She waited.

As his car pulled up she climbed in quickly, worried in case anyone saw, even though it was midnight. She felt like Cinderella in reverse, where Cinderella had to be home before midnight she could only come out after midnight. They chatted as he drove.

He drove the car until he saw a suitable spot and pulled over into the lay by Then he pushed back his seat. He pulled her close. They sat cuddling as close as the gear stick would allow.

She gently ran her fingers over his chest then feeling bold she moved her hand inside his shirt and began running her fingers around teasingly. Flicking his nipples, tweaking and pinching them. The smile on his face told her she was doing something right. She pushed up his t-shirt, slowly she began to lick his body, kissing and licking.

‘Mmmmm, yes babe’ he murmured as she carried on now licking round his nipples wetting them then blowing across them, making him shiver. She then took his female fake taxi porno nipple in her mouth and gently bit it, and then she kissed it once more.

He took her hand and placed it in his crotch. She smiled up at him as her fingers explored the outline of his bulging cock through his pants. He looked into the beautiful brown eyes that he couldn’t resist and kissed her long and hard. Taking the waistband of his pants he pulled them down allowing his cock to jump free. He then pushed her head towards his throbbing cock. She smiled. She loved giving him pleasure. She adored sucking cock.

She bent her head and began licking up and down his stiff shaft, licking down each side and then back up. She rubbed her thumb over and around his cock head then moving her hand to cup his balls she licked the head, flicking backwards and forwards. She heard him exhale, and knew the effect this was having on him.

She felt his hand pulling her skirt up. He exclaimed in delight on discovering that she wasn’t wearing panties and his fingers rubbing her arse then searching for her cunt, moving his fingers just that little bit to encounter her clit. Once having located her love nub he rubbed and squeezed it making her wriggle and squirm. He could feel her juices running onto his hand. He grinned. The effect he knew he was having on her made his cock even harder.

Taking genel porno the back of her head he thrust forward telling her ‘take it all bitch..Suck me bitch..Oh yes baby’ he thrust making her gag. Her eyes grew wide with a mixture of fear and excitement. Just when she thought she was really going to choke, he removed his hand allowing her to remove his cock and take a deep breath.

Looking into his face she saw just how turned on he was by what had just happened. Looking back in to her face, he realised that she had never experienced that before. He took hold of her face and gave her a reassuring kiss on the lips. She whispered ‘fuck me’

So with some adjustments of seating and clothing he found himself about to thrust his cock up her cunt. Looking into her brown eyes he thrust deep inside her and was satisfied to hear a moan escape from her lips. She adjusted her position, placing one foot on the armrest and the other on the steering wheel allowing him a deeper entry. He moved slowly in and out, making her moan, then he thrust hard and fast making her thrust her hips to meet his. They were lost in each other as a truck thundered past lighting up the interior of the car.

They looked at each other and grinned, thinking what it would be like to be discovered. This turned them both on even more, he took her nipple in his mouth and sucked while fucking her hard then he whispered ‘Oh glory hole secrets porno god…. I’m cumin…yes…oh fuck.’ and with that he shuddered to climax shooting it deep inside her. She pushed her hips outwards as she heard him coming, taking his cock as far up her cunt as possible. As he came, she moved slightly and then began to shake as her own orgasm hit her. Her legs were shaking and her cunt gripping pulsating snatching as if it was trying to pull the man’s cock off.

As they lay intertwined together, they knew this was the start of something good. When they had sufficiently recovered they moved and readjusted clothing and seating. Looking at each other they grinned like two teenagers.

As he started the car and began to drive, he took her hand and placed it on his stiffening cock, he then took hold of her head and pushed it towards his crotch, knowing what he wanted she proceded to suck his cock while he drove along the nearly deserted road.

When he could stand it no longer he stopped the car walked round to the passenger side, pushing her down so she had her head on the drivers seat. He pushed up her skirt revealing her ample bottom to the night air, he lifted her leg just enough then he thrust his hard cock up her cunt and fucked her hard and fast.

When a car approached mid fuck he lay across the top of her, waiting until it had passed then carried on fucking her. When he came for the second time that night they both collapsed giggling. It had sure been fun.

He checked the time and was surprised to see it was 3.00am. They smiled at each other. Time sure flew when you were having fun. They both knew that though this was the first time it wouldn’t be the last.



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