So now I was a top as well. And all this in a week! What would Marty think back at work when I told him. If I told him.

I stepped out of the shower and found that Tony was no longer asleep. He sat on the end of the bed and was deep in a mobile phone conversation. He winked at me and grinned as he continued.

“Sure you’ll like him. He’s a really cute guy. Besides, he’s with me so pass the word. NOT AVAILABLE! Get it?”

He looked at me again and I blushed as he felt for my cock through the towel I’d draped coyly around my waist.

He continued to chat as he tried to pull the towel away, “No worries, I’ll explain to Brian. No there won’t be any trouble. You know Brian – all mouth and no trousers.” He paused listening to the reply.

“OK. See you downstairs in the bar in half an hour. Cheers”

With that he hung up and turned all his attention back to me.

“Now my young lad, lets get you dressed so you make a good impression. We’re off to meet some of your new team mates and I don’t want them to be disappointed.”

With that he sprung off the bed and grabbed me to him. “I don’t give a fuck what they think usually so you must be VERY special. ” He planted a big kiss on my lips. “Now what will get their eyes bulging? Mm I guess you’ve got some bulges it might not be possible to hide,” he said as he pushed up against my hardening cock. “Lovely!”

He pulled away from me and looked at the growing tent in my towel. “Pity we don’t have time to deal with that now,” he smirked, “but it can wait until we get back? Yes?”

I nodded and Tony went to his travel bag, pulling out something bright red.

” Can you wear a baggy pair of training pants with your tightest vest on top, but do me a favour and wear these underneath,” he said , holding up a bright red thong. “It will make me so horny knowing you are in that while we chat and drink, and no-one else will have any idea, just you and me.”

“YEH ok,” I answered. ” If it turns you on I’ll do it. It will be worth the wait until I get you alone again.” With that I dropped the towel and climbed into the thong, trying in vain to stuff my meat into the pouch which caused the back to pull up tight between my ass cheeks. When I was all stowed away I gave Tony a twirl. What do you think?”

“Fuck man, you’d better cover that up quick. You are so hot.”

I smiled, pleased that Tony still found my body so appealing. He turned away and pulled on a clean top and a pair of loafers. “Come on then,” he said. “Don’t want to be late for the boys.”

“Can’t we spare a few minutes?” I pouted, pretending to sulk. “You’ve got me all hot and bothered.” I stroked my erection and gave Tony my sexiest grin. He came over and kissed me forcefully on the lips, then the neck, then my right nipple and finally my belly button. “God you are so hot” he mumbled as he teased the head of my cock through the red stretch material.

“Oh Tony, yes. That feels really good” I moaned as his lips engulfed my rod through the spandex. Tony was on his knees in front of me and I held his head as I pumped his face forcefully.

“Oh yes, ” I exclaimed as I felt the cum leave my balls and squirt into the tight red thong. Tony could always get me off fast. He had just the best mouth and being sucked through the stretch material was a complete turn on.

There you go, you horny fucker,” Tony said as he got to his feet. “You owe me one.”

I pulled up my grey sweat pants and struggled to cram my deflating member back into the thong where it belonged. He had my balls out, one each side but my cock was still trapped in the material, that was now dark and stained with cum and saliva.

I kissed him affectionately. “Thanks boss,” I said and he slapped me playfully on the bum.

I got into a cut off T. “Great!” he said. “That’s great. You look good enough to eat.”

He smiled and slapped my bum again but not so playfully this time. Perhaps I had pissed him off. It really stung. I wondered what he would be like if he really lost his temper. I certainly didn’t want to provoke him – six foot two and about 180 pounds of muscle. I’d have no chance.

“Let’s get out of here,” he said and I followed casino siteleri him and closed the door.

“Thanks for that,” I mumbled as I followed his big back. He turned and rubbed my hair playfully. “Glad to oblige Andy.”

We walked down the corridor to the lift and as we waited Tony eyed me up and down and grinned that infectious, cheeky smile. How could anyone resist him when he turned his charm your way? I didn’t want to resist but I did want the charm to stay focused on me. I was hooked on my big boss and I wanted to please him whatever happened. After all, my job might be on the line.

The lift arrived and we stepped in. Empty, good. As the doors slowly closed I grabbed Tony close and probed his mouth with my tongue.

“Mmm, should be a good evening,” he murmered as his hands felt my firm bum cheeks and my stiff cock pushed into his groin.

With a “ding” the lift stopped two floors down and we pulled away as the doors opened.

Hi there Tony” said a tall ,fit blond guy of about 28. He stepped into the lift and looked me over. “So this is Andy, eh?” “Aren’t you going to introduce us?”

I realised that a shorter, well built lad had also entered the lift and the new-comers were standing side by side, blocking the exit. They were completely different in physique and colouring but both were well toned and fit young men.

“Hi lads,” said Tony cheerfully. “Meet Andy from work. He’s helping us out this weekend by subbing for the matches. Hopefully he won’t have a lot to do but he’s a bit of an all-rounder so he’ll be ok. Andy, meet Joe and Ricky.”

I held out my hand to them both and was pleased with the firm handshakes I received. They both smiled and patted my shoulder.

“Well you look ok,” said Ricky, the smaller, stocky, dark guy. (I bet he’s hairy all over and hung like a pony, I daydreamed.)

“Bet you can run down that field and kick a good ball. You look fit enough but how will you manage in the scrum?”

“Mm, yes. You need a bit more meat on you before we let you loose on the pack,” said Joe, the taller, blond man. “We’ll have to be sure to look out for you on the pitch. Don’t want Tony’s guy getting injured,” and he winked at Ricky.

So I was Tony’s guy. That felt good. I looked over at him and realised I was blushing.

“Come on lads,” said Tony as the lift doors opened on the ground floor. “Don’t put him off before we’ve started. It was hard getting him to agree to play in the first place.”

Joe looked at Ricky and winked again. “Yes we can all see how hard it is,” and he brushed a hand casually over my knob as he turned and led the way out of the lift. I blushed even redder and Tony whispered, “It’s ok. They’re just pulling your leg.”

I wonder if that’s all they want to pull ,I thought as I let Tony guide me out of the lift and into the very small bar area.

One end of the bar was packed tight with young to middle aged men, about ten of them, all chatting and laughing, obviously at ease in each others’ company. They were all attractive and obviously fit although of course no two were the same. I was introduced to Steve, Ian, Roger and various others and quickly joined in their chat and banter. Tony explained again that I was to be the sub. in the weekend’s matches and that he had recruited me from work. There were a few winks and, “Bit of overtime?” comments but all were well intended.

After a couple of pints I had relaxed enough to move away from Tony and was chatting to Steve and Ian about their favourite football teams. I felt a hand on my back and an older man said, “Hi, I’m Brian.” I turned to meet the gaze of the bluest eyes I had ever seen. My , they were sexy. The smile accompanying them was also hot. He looked down at me from about six foot and I blushed (again) as I responded to this hot guy who held my hand in his, had long ago stopped shaking it, and was viewing me with a cute, knowing grin.

He was about 38 and obviously very fit. I guessed he did a regular weights workout at the gym because his neck and arms were hard with muscle. His chest was wide and firm too and he slightly pulled me towards him as he spoke. His hair was cropped short and he had a cute slot oyna goatee. I couldn’t help wondering if that tickled when he rimmed ass. As if he was reading my thoughts his smile broadened and I blushed (AGAIN!) as his keen eyes scanned my face from my still shower wet hair down to the sweat on my top lip.

“Well I’m pleased to meet you Andy,” he said as he dropped my hand at last. He leaned closer, I guess because the bar was noisy but did he have to get that close? I could smell the shower soap and the shampoo he had recently used and his expensive spray. His hot breath tickled my ear as he said, “I hope we get to see a lot of each other, both on and off the pitch.”

I felt his right hand move in and carelessly brush the front of my sweat pants, almost accidentally, as though the lack of space around us had left it no-where else to go. The electricity as he touched my cock through the soft material was intense and I looked around certain someone would have seen this brazen act, but no. Everyone else was engaged in animated conversation and we had attracted no attention what so ever.

He brushed again with the back of his hand and smiled as he felt my cock respond to his playful advances.

“Don’t forget,” and he leaned close again. “I’d love to play with you, any time, on or off the pitch.” I was mesmerised by his deep eyes drawing me to him irresistibly. I swear I opened my mouth as his tongue licked his bottom lip lasciviously. I probably leaned in for a kiss too and I certainly closed my eyes because when I opened them again Ricky had a hand on my shoulder and was asking me if I felt alright.

Brian was at the other side of the bar chatting with his back to me. “You don’t look too good mate.” Ricky said. ” What about some fresh air? It’s really hot in here and you look a bit shaken up.”

With that he put his arm round my waist and moved with me through the throng and out of the bar.

“Thanks mate. I I’ll be ok,” I stammered as we walked into the corridor. “I’ll just grab some fresh air and I I’ll be right back.”

“Ok mate. So long as you’re fine. See you in a bit.” He thumped my shoulder playfully and headed back to the noise. I made my way to the main entrance intending to step outside and clear my head when I spotted the toilet sign. My bladder was certainly full so I headed that way, pushed open the door and entered a clean and compact urinal. Standing at the stalls I pulled down my baggy bottoms and realised I had forgotten the state of my underwear. This red thong was not at all functional and my cock hung out already. The pouch was stained and my balls were straining to stay within the confines of the material. I closed my eyes as I started to piss. God that felt better. My stream was slackening off when the door went and in walked — Brian.

“My word, that’s a good bit of kit between your arse cheeks,” he joked. So he had noticed the red thong had he? He stood next to me and unzipped his jeans.

“How do you pack it all away?” he remarked as he gazed over at my dripping manhood. “You’ve got quite a packet there boy.”

I couldn’t help but look at what was in his hand as he splashed the back of the urinal. Mm, impressive. Thick AND long. Where had he been hiding that? Must certainly be a “grower” I thought as the last drips finished and through habit I shook my stiffening tool. I shouldn’t shake it too hard or Brian would get the wrong idea, or the right one.

Before I could move away I felt a hand cup one of my bum cheeks and fingers run lightly over it. “You ready to play now boy?” he whispered as he dropped his mouth next to my ear. A firm, moist tongue began licking around my lobe and then was pushing in, licking as lips began kissing my neck and teeth started nibbling and biting. “You like that, don’t you boy,” Brian said as he worked my butt with his hard hand.

“Mm yes please,” he teased. “You open those legs for daddy’ come on now, be a good boy.”

I could feel his knuckles and fingers trying to pry my thighs apart and I let out a low moan of pleasure as first one then two fingers pulled my red thong to one side, found my tight bud and began their slow massage.

I had to admit – I was canlı casino siteleri loving this attention and my 7″ cock was as hard as a rock. It didn’t take Brian long to work one hand round to my crotch. He grabbed my firm tool and vigorously jerked it.

“So this cute boy is pleased to see me eh?” he said as he tongued my ear and pushed his two fingers right into my yielding hole.

Fuck, why did I have to be such a slut? I had a great man who wanted me and here I was getting off with a complete stranger. Well it wasn’t the first time so I thought, why not enjoy it and get back to Tony as soon as possible. Ricky would vouch that I had “come over all queer” so why not go with the flow. What harm could it do?

While I was thinking this and trying to justify my slutty behaviour, Brian had taken me well in hand. He was caressing my ass cheeks while exploring my hole with one finger.

Fuck, this was making me hot. My cock was stiff and hard and ready to shoot.

“Come on , you know you want it,” murmered Brian as our tongues fought and he kissed me full on the lips with obvious passion. “Tony need never know.”

So he had read my mind. Ok, lets step up the action, I decided, and instead of being submissive I started to grab flesh, kiss hard and grope the body infront of me.

This really set Brian alight and my positive response was greeted with “Oh baby, yes, mmm, you are really hot,” as I felt my tracky bottoms pulled right off and my tight T lifted up. Only my soiled and inadequate red thong remained and that was so skimpy that Brian had completely overlooked it.

Hands and fingers were everywhere, in every orifice of my body. They were setting me alight and my hips ground into Brian’s as he kissed me fiercely again. I couldn’t help it. Right now Brian was all I wanted and I couldn’t wait. That firm , muscular body and his stiff, hard cock were all I wanted, all I could think about, as he caressed, poked and stroked my flesh.

I found myself begging him as his lust grew wilder. “Please, take me, now. Take me here. I want you Brian. Mmm, yes, Oh god yes I want you.” My moans and gasps were enough of an indication that I was ready for whatever Brian had in his pants. He pulled me round and thrust two then three fingers up inside me making me moan and lean back on his hard body. I felt his firm pecs and flat stomach and then his rock hard dick as it pushed into my arse crack.

“Oh baby, this is gonna be so good,” he whispered in my ear as he tongued it fiercely.

“Your arse is so sweet, boy. Just ready for my daddy dick.”

I moaned and pushed my hips back at him as he found my pucker.

“Ohh, Oh yes,” I gasped. “More,more, harder. Really open me up. Fuck me hard.”

Brian didn’t need encouraging and he slid his fat cock right up inside me and then pulled it almost out before pushing it right up again.

“Oh god, yes. YES.” I moaned. He was setting my hole on fire, pounding in and out with all his might. I bent over and enjoyed the full feeling as his truncheon thudded in and out of my tender pussy. I reached back with both hands and grabbed his legs just above the knees, holding him to me, not wanting the feeling to end. But as I felt Brian tense and groan I knew he wouldn’t be long. I allowed myself to cum again in my damp, soiled thong as his seed splashed inside me. He held me as his climax subsided and slid out of me. Pulling up his jeans he ruffled my hair.

“Got to get back to the party – before we’re missed, ” he grinned and then was gone. I washed my face in the basin and looked at myself in the mirror.

“You slut!” was all I could think. What was I doing?

Just then the door opened and Ricky walked in. “You alright mate?” he asked. He had obviously noticed the state of my dress (or undress) and his eyes roamed up and down my body. He smiled as he saw the wet patch in my thong and my near naked body slumped over the sink. Then he reached out and put a hand on my shoulder and smiled with a concerned look in his eye.

“Anything I can do? You seemed a long time in here. You ok?” His hand had moved down my shoulder and was stroking my forearm. Fuck, another hot guy coming on to me. I stood up, looked him in the eye, smiled and leaned forward. As I opened my mouth I felt his hot tongue pushing my lips apart. “Fuck, here we go again,” I thought as his strong hands groped for my butt. Mm, I was feeling better already.



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