Images of an AffairAt some point in every marriage one or the other gets a thought that screams through the brain like the Harley you were stuck next to at the light the otherday on the way home from work…. you know the one, like there is somethingdiffernt about the way your wife has been carrying herself or the way her pussyfeels or smells, just a tiny bit differnt then the way it normaly does, you know….like the times in the past when you used a condom for the lamest reasonsonly a new couple can come up with??? now days you dont give a shit becausewearing a piece of laytex or anything for that matter over you dick made sex feel like you were fucking a glass of warm water, but…it always made your womans pussy kadıköy escort smell like laytex for the longest time, even after she showerd and cleand the damn thing out.But now that old but still familiar scent is back again and you havent toucheda Trojan since that time you banged that tweaker chick you met on Craigslist when your woman went out of town at the begining of the year to visit her familyand you had the house to yourself. but now you thought you caught the scent last night when you had your head halfway into her ovaries, and didnt her pussy feel just a little bit greasy? just like it did when you used lubed condoms? of üsküdar escort course it did. but since this is only the first of many little oddities you have so far picked up on, you dont give it the thought you should have……..that being only the begining of your soon to be self induced state of nurauticinsanity only a good woman can instill, but so far you havent even confronted her because you know her well, and like most women she will probably lie to your face and deny it while at the same time jumping on the deffencive motorcycle only women can ride and turn the interogation around to somethingtotaly insignificant and most likely completly unrelated back onto you so she tuzla escort can deflect any questions or “what abouts” you might direct at her giving her atemporary way out so she can think of a way to cover her ass, usually they pick a family member or a close friend to back up the bullshit that will no doubtfed to you described as twenty different kinds of (I would never do that to youI love you) all the way to (I met this guy at work and he wanted me to come over”just as friends” and have a beer) but of course she didnt go because she has to much respect for you to hang out alone at another guys house. now you love her even more because instead of disrespecting you she went out that same evening with her best friend to yet another friends birthday party untill 1:45amand then had to take a shower before doing anything what so ever “claiming” she spilled a drink on herself and she smells like rum and coke, and to reinforceher story she also says she wont have time to shower in the morning cause she might over sleep from being up so late.part 2 comming soon.



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