I’m Betty’s Bitchboy and Love itWife Betty was sitting on my chest and she was looking down on me with that special, sexy smile. My hands were tied to the bed and under her weight I couldn’t move an inch.I was aroused as I always was when I was under the control of my Wife Betty. It was enough to know her near me and to see her erotic appearance to make my cock hard as rock. The position I now had – being tied to the bed and completely under her control – made me moan with lust and anticipation without being touched. I could not get my eyes off her wonderful body. With lust and admiration I stared at her spread legs.I loved her full, round thighs and I even more adored her shaved and now wet pussy. I could feel her pussy juice drip down onto my naked chest. My eyes traveled up, admiring her broad hips and full belly and her voluptuous, beautiful breasts. Her tits were just perfect. She had very full C-cup breasts and they were very round and soft. Everything on her 41-year old body was in a very erotic way full, voluptuous and feminine with a lot of sexy rounds to take care of. Her long nipples were hard.”So you really dared to cum, my little bitchboy?!” She shook her had and smiled her naughtiest smile. “21 years old and still such a little boy with no selfcontrol.” She let out an acted sigh. “There is so much work in training you, my little bitchboy. But you know the rules: for each time you dare to cum without my permission, you have to make me cum three times. This will be a long night, my little bitchboy. You even dared to cum in my mouth. How can you be such a naughty, little boy and cum into your Wife mouth without being told so?” She looked down on me and shook illegal bahis her head. She sighed again. “Do you even know how your cum tastes? I think I will have to teach you a new lesson, bitchboy!”With these words my Wife Betty moved upwards until her wet pussy touched my mouth.”Kiss your Wife’s pussy! you are going to fuck it now!”Eagerly I kissed her wonderful pussy and tried to lick up some of her tasty pussyjuice. Oh, how I loved her pussyjuice. Sometimes she had me kneel between her legs and lick her for an hour or longer. I could not imagine anything more pleasurable than serving as her pussyslave. Quickly she removed her pussy from the licks of my eager tongue and slowly she moved down my body. One of her hands reached back and her experienced fingers started to play with my hard balls. Her wet pussy moved down my chest and stomach, leaving a trail of warm pussyjuice. Finally I felt her wonderful, voluptuous ass against my hard cock. She looked into my eyes and smiled when she moved her hips a bit up and then lowered herself onto my cock. I slid into her wet cunt easily. She moaned with pleasure. One of her hands moved to her breasts and she started to tease her tits and her hard nipples. Her other hand went between her legs and to her exposed clit. Just to watch my beautiful, mature Wife play with herself while riding my cock made me moan loud. She was humping me in a wild ride. Her round and full body went up and down. Her adorable, big breasts were shaking. She moved up and down, back and forth, her hips were circling my cock. She fucked me with all her experience. I was almost crying with lust and pleasure. I felt that I could not hold it any longer; illegal bahis siteleri but I had to. I could not cum again before my Wife gave me permission. She was fucking me even harder now. Her breasts were bouncing wildly. She removed her hand from her clit and reached out to my mouth. Her fingers were wet with her juices. I sucked it eagerly into my mouth. God, how I loved that taste of hers. That was too much for me.I let out a loud moan and I came. I shot my full load of sticky cum into her pussy. She still kept fucking me, milking every drop of cum out of my prick. She had not cum yet, but she finally stopped to fuck me. Wife Betty smiled down at me. “You naughty, naughty boy! So you dared to cum again into your Wife without satisfying your Wife lust! You still have so much to learn! Now you will learn another lesson! You will taste your own cum, my little bitchboy! You will taste it out of your Wife´s cunt and you will make me cum by licking me clean of your own sticky, boyish cum!”She let my weakening cock slip out of her wet pussy and quickly moved up till her full thighs and her pussy were towering above my face.”No, Wife, please….I promise I will not cum into your mouth again without beeing told to, but please I can´t take my own cum….””So you dare to shoot your load into your Wife mouth and cunt and you think it´s not good enough for you, too?””No, Wife Betty, I didn´t mean…””Then show me and learn…”With that words she lowered her soaking wet pussy fully onto my mouth. I could feel her wetness all over my face. She spread her thighs wide. The mixture of my own sperm and her pussyjuices was dripping into my mouth. My tongue reached out canlı bahis siteleri and I started to lick my Wife´s cunt clean of my cum. The thought of how naughty and dirty that was, soon started to arouse me. I never had been able to resist my Wife´s cunt. Very soon my tongue was eagerly working on her pussy. I took every drop of the sweet-and-salty mixture of both our sex juices. I learned to love it. My lips and tongue caressed her wet pussylips and I stuck my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could. I licked her out as I never had licked her out before. She was moaning aloud and she was moving her hips up and down my face. Her juices and my own cum were all over my face by now. I loved that dirty licking – lesson so much, that my cock was hard again. Wife Betty let out a loud cry. Her pussy was on fire. Her juices wer flowing freely into my mouth. She came to a wild and long orgasm. I took all of her wonderful juices, drinking as much of her love nectar as I could get. My own sperm had long been licked out of her cunt by myself. Finally my Wife moved down to my chest again. She looked down on me again. That naughty smile appeared on her face. “I think you like to lick your own sticky cum out of my pussy, my little bitchboy!”I could only nod and stare at her wonderful breasts.”You have done well. But the night is still young. You only made me cum two times so far. So you have to make me cum another four times. What about starting by caressing my breasts and nipples. You know how much attention they need, my little, naughty bitchboy!”My mouth was watering at the thought of serving her again.”If you are doing well tonight, bitchboy, maybe I will let you sleep in your Wife bed, between my thighs, your face at my cunt, so you can take in the scent of my juices all night and wake me with your tongue in the morning….But let´s see if you are good enough, to deserve such a pleasure…”Oh, how much I adore my Wife!



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