I woke up this morning thinking about you. Just a fleeting thought at first, wondering what you were doing at that very moment.

As I started to get ready for the day, however, you crept back into my thoughts in a more urgent, insistent manner. Almost demanding my attention, if thoughts have that capability?

Work. What a struggle to stay focused on seemingly trivial tasks when all I can focus on is the touch of your skin against mine, your beautiful, beautiful skin…

Minutes seem like hours (days!), but eventually I am able to pull away from this world, soon to be lost in yours. Unfortunately, I know all too well that the reversal in time perception will soon be upon me: hours will pass in mere seconds when I am in your presence.

When finally I do see you, you greet me with that smile – the smile that opens the window of your desire for me. In your eyes, you speak volumes that need no words; it is clear that you have been anticipating my touch as much as I have yours. We are both tempted to quickly tear our clothes off, but I slow us down for a moment to savor the lingering desire and anticipation of things to come…

I kiss you gently at first, your neck, your cheek, your forehead, all while holding you close to me – even as we are fully clothed, the heat between us (and my increasing state of arousal) is palpable. I feel you begin to move against me, slowly grinding and rubbing your body against mine…

You are more than ready after this all-too-brief warmup, but I pull back a half step and look deep into your eyes instead of tearing off your clothes, right here in the kitchen.

I want you to see how much I desire you, how deep that desire is within me. Even though we are a few inches apart, the overwhelming urge to connect intimately pulls us at our cores.

You catch your breath for only a moment before taking my hand to lead me to the bedroom, but again, I pull back, resisting your gentle tug. You give me a puzzled look, knowing how much we want each other at that moment. I just smile back and say, “not yet.”

Your eyes quickly transition from puzzled to mild frustration at being refused a second time. Carefully observing your body language, your breathing, the urgent nature of your motions turns me on so much… being desired at that depth.

Knowing that I had better not press my luck, I let the smile on my lips widen before saying, “now, I’m ready… You?”

As we walk through the living room, on our way to the bedroom, your pace is far quicker than normal, so urgent!

I don’t want to rush a moment, wishing to savor you completely, slowly, deeply, so I reach ahead to you and stop you by putting both of my hands on your waist.

This brings you to a stop in the middle of the room and allows me to take one last step, placing me right behind you… my arms encircle you from behind and I lower my head so that I can kiss the back of your neck and your ear.

I breathe you in and your scent is absolutely intoxicating! For all of my efforts to delay I now find myself so filled with desire that I can scarcely contain it. It has gone beyond want at this tecavüz porno point, now I need you…

I whisper in your ear, “I ache for you, I NEED you…”

As we cross the threshold into the bedroom, it becomes readily apparent as to why you were so interested in moving in this direction – I can see the shimmering light reflecting off of the water in the jacuzzi tub, back in the master bath. You’ve drawn a bath, and we need to enjoy it while it’s hot!!

This is turning out even better than I had initially planned! I had no idea that you were thinking of an intimate encounter tonight, as was I… Now I GLADLY let you lead me back to the bathroom, each of us shedding items of clothing as we go, until we are both completely naked.

I take a moment before we step into the tub to just marvel at your beautiful body… I love to see you naked and aroused, thinking of me. Your face is flushed, your breathing intense, and your nipples are already so hard, it is everything I can do to keep from taking you right there on the bathroom floor. However, I am desperately in need of the relaxation that I know a good soak will bring, so I step into the tub and slowly lower myself into the steamy water before turning on the jets. I love that you sit across the tub from me at first, so that we can merely relax and look into each other’s eyes. Although we don’t speak aloud, our expressions communicate volumes… you know my needs, and I yours, and since we have no agenda for the evening, my plan is to take as long as necessary to make this an incredible experience for both of us. As I lay my head back and enjoy the jets of water all over my body, I feel your hand slowly moving up my thigh – this commands my attention, and when I look at you, I see that you have apparently had your fill of laying back and relaxing in the tub. That urgent, needful look is back in your eyes, and this time, you are not to be put off.

Before you even touch me, I’m nearly fully erect, but at the first grazing touch, I become instantly hard. You have that effect on me, I’ve never been able to resist. You know exactly how much pressure to apply in your grip, and your slow stroke, even with the friction introduced by the water of the tub, arouses me so much!

It isn’t fair that you are touching me and I have not yet begun my attention to your body, so I take your hand from my hardness and spin you around in the tub, so that your back is against my front. This allows me to again encircle you with my arms, stroking those beautifully hard nipples… they could cut glass! They are so sensitive that I hear you gasp as I draw my fingertips across them…

It only takes a moment of this before I need to touch your clit – I know it has to be swollen and ready for some love by this point. However, as I slide my hand down your breasts and stomach, you grab my hand to stop me and say, “Take me to bed and FUCK me…”

How could I resist an invitation like that?!?

Oh GOD I’m ready to explode I am so absolutely turned on right now! We quickly step out of the tub and I begin to towel you off, gently.

The urgency in travesti porno me is screaming to just grab you and take you, but I want to fight that as long as possible – the anticipation is still building within me. I continue to dry you until you notice me shivering, just a little. You grab my towel and drape it over my shoulders at first, trying to dry my hair, shoulders, and chest all at once. I’m enjoying this immensely and you continue to dry my chest and back, slowly rubbing the towel across my skin.

As you move the towel down to my legs, I feel your mouth on me, drawing me in. I was NOT expecting that, and I give a slightly startled gasp in response. You simply look up at me, smiling, yet not relinquishing your grip on me. I know that I will get a chance to repay you in kind momentarily, so I just tilt my head back and enjoy the sensation of your gentle but firm stroke, coupled with the exquisite pleasure to be found when you draw your teeth across the head of my cock – not a bite, per se, just enough friction to send waves of pleasure through the plethora of nerve endings to be found in my increasingly sensitive erection.

Oh, so good, I grab your hair at the back of your head and pull you off of me, before you take me all the way there – not yet, baby! I pull you up from your kneeling position, and you brush your body against me the entire way up. I feel those beautifully hard nipples rub against my body as you stand up, and I know what that does to you… I hear you moan just a little, affirmation that you are ready for us to take this to the next level – I wouldn’t call it a run, but we move very quickly from the bathroom to the bedroom!

We climb into bed and I waste no time sliding on top of you – you grab me as if you are going to put me inside you immediately, but I pull back. I remind you that I need a chance to pay you back for getting me hard and wet in the bathroom and that puts a blissful smile on your lips. Those lips seem to be the perfect place to start, so I kiss you gently. As you begin to respond, kissing me back deeply, I pull away again, only to resume kissing you on your neck and ear lobes. You are so hot, I can feel it on your skin!

I spend only a few moments on your neck before I kiss my way down your body – it is no surprise to either of us when I end up stuck for a few moments on your gorgeous breasts. I simply cannot help myself, and need to suck your nipples, moving from one to the other, keeping each fully erect in turn. Yet somehow I find the will to continue on eventually, and I begin kissing down your stomach to your wet, waiting pussy…

From the first lick across your clit, it is obvious that you are not going to last long here – in fact, I’m very hopeful that you’ll have a NUMBER of orgasms this evening! I love to take this slowly, using the tip of my tongue for a lick or two, followed by a deeeep lick that makes you shudder just a bit. Mmmmmm… I hear you calling my name – that turns me on so much! I look up your body and see you looking into my eyes – sometimes I forget how much you love to watch as well! We continue like this for only another tumblr porno moment or two before I feel you coming – your entire body tenses and contracts, and you SCREAM my name at this point!! I truly love getting you off with only my tongue… Now, we can finally get started! 😉

I slide up your body, letting the moisture from my skin mix with yours – spreading the sweat and natural lubricant everywhere. Oh, there will be some laundry to do, that’s for certain!

As I bring myself up to your eye level, you have spread your legs with your knees up, ready for me to immerse myself in the hot and exceedingly wet area that your pussy has become. I am MORE than ready by this point, and yet I somehow find the will to tease just a bit further – instead of penetrating you immediately, I keep myself propped up on my arms and teasingly rub my hard cock over your clit. Each pass like this spreads more of your wetness on me until finally I plunge into you.

Long, slow, deep strokes. The entire time, I look deep into your eyes and see the passion that fills not only your body, but your entire being at this point. You WANT me in a way that knows no limits, that transcends the mere physical – because of our deep and intense emotional and psychological connection our physical love is truly profound in nature. Each thrust feels better than the next, and I quickly feel as if I am getting a little too close – you’re not quite there yet.

This allows me the opportunity to slow things down even further – nearly excruciatingly so. I move so slowly within you that you are finally moved to speak aloud, wondering what is going on… Instead of responding, I continue moving in and out of you so slowly that we can feel each and every nerve ending individually – where my body tingles, yours responds. We communicate chemically through hormones, but also through the electricity that passes between us as we move.

Just when I feel as if you’ve had enough (I feel you begin to grow a little restless), I decide to shake things up a bit. I can feel you move as if you want to roll me over and ride me (a favorite for the two of us), but instead, I grab your wrists and pin you back down on the bed. For the briefest of moments, I catch a glimmer of surprise in your eyes. Not fear, for you know that I would never truly hurt you, but just a hint of shock that I would take charge in such a commanding way.

You feign a struggle for a moment, until you realize that I am truly holding you down – then you work a bit harder to try to free yourself. The entire time, I am increasing the pace of my thrusting, and your hips belie the true nature of your struggle – you ENJOY the fact that you are taken out of your normal role in life of “being in charge.” Now when I look into your eyes, I see nothing but pure bliss as I feel us both building to a beautiful conclusion.

You are so incredibly wet, each balls-deep thrust leaves me drenched – your juice is running down your thigh to the bed, soaking the sheets… Your moans start softly, telling me you are getting close – THANK GOD because I don’t know how much longer I can last. This feels SO GOOOOD I wish I could fuck you forever! Louder you moan, faster we fuck together until finally we both reach orgasm simultaneously. I fill you and feel you shudder beneath me as the waves of pleasure wash over you… Oh GOD baby, thank you so much, that was fucking incredible!!



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