I turned my woman into a naughty vixen :-)Walking through the door to my apartment after work, I find my married girlfriend quickly coming from the balcony, and slipping her bikini top back on, and with a guilty smile. I instantly suspect she actually just sent a lover over the balcony, and that she was having an affair!Of course, this sent a rush of excitement through my body, as I ask her what the hell she was just doing. She just laughs, as I rush to the balcony and outside, which hangs near an outfield homerun fence to a ball field. A team of young adults are having batting practice and a pair of guys are shagging near the fence. I move from their sight just as they turn toward the balcony, obviously looking for a glimpse of my girlfriend. I go back inside, half erect as I look back at the naughty smile on Jen’s face. I ask her what’s going on and she confesses to being watched by the young guys (about a decade younger than her) while pondering the conversations her and I had been having a lot of, lately. Conversations we’d been using as foreplay, and conversations that were leading us to having even more sex than ever before.I had confessed the idea of her in bed with other lovers was arousing to me, and the idea of men giving her attention. Her marriage had been sexless ever since her husband neglected and then cheated on her. They stayed together for image and for their c***dren, but never fucked. Once her and I hooked up, it was obvious she had missed it, and in fact had never experienced an orgasm during sex, until she did with me. I felt that I was not enough, and that she deserved more experiences. She also deserved to know that men desire her. She has an amazing amazon figure and has been an athlete all her life, and nothing beats an athlete in bed! Her ability to raise and spread those amazing legs of hers ( ) is something more men deserved to experience! The idea of watching or hearing her in bed experimenting with other lovers and discovering all that she had missed out on in her 20’s, was thrilling to me. I love her, but was not the least bit jealous of the challenge of competing with these new lovers of hers. I wanted her to get rocked into orgasmic bliss, and then return to my arms and forget all about them, or use them to ever further our own lust! I wanted it to turn her into a sexual monster who could never get enough. Just talking about this for the last month and a half had made her into a monster, so I could only imagine what actually experiencing these encounters might do to her! I thought maybe it was finally happening, or at least we were heading in that direction. She had been excited, but very nervous about actually going for it. She’d flirted some online, and we used it as foreplay, but now she’s actually removing her bikini top and putting on a show for the ball players! She said she took it off while laying down, and that their view was probably not as good as they hoped for, which led to them speaking to her. This led to her doing something canlı bahis şirketleri she never thought she’d be brave enough to do. She actually rose and leaned against the balcony, with her huge breasts hanging over it, for just a moment before she placed her top back over them. They asked her to remove it again so they could take a pic. She denied the request due to not wanting her face in it, but asked them for their numbers. She then removed her top again, giving them another great glimpse, before laying back down in her chair. She snapped a faceless pic of her breasts, and texted it to them both, with a message stating she was going to begin masturbating now, but would have to go back inside before she came, because it would be too loud. Of course, this made the boys blow up her phone, which was blowing up while she told me this entire story. I read over the messages, and it made me so hot for her, to see how much these guys wanted her. It made me appreciate her more than I already did! It made me want to make her happy, and allow her to make this into something she’d never forget, and something that would make her feel incredibly sexy, and desired. Something that’d spill into our own sex life!I finished reading them, while seeing her watching me with wild excitement, and curiosity of how I’d react. I rushed her! Kissing her like it was our first kiss ever! I felt the relief all over her body as I embraced it, and she gave me her entire heart with that kiss. I slipped my finger through her bikini and right up inside of her wet pussy, as she quivered with sexual intoxication, and need! She thought we were heading straight to the bedroom, but was pleasantly surprised when I guided her toward the balcony, while removing her top, and sending her outside.I stayed inside, and told her to show off her breasts, before laying back down, and texting the boys. I gave her permission to invite them up, and fuck them both. She smiled and said “OMG”, as she began texting them. She also began intermittingly fingering her pussy. It made me want to lick it. But then I’d be seen. Another couple was even walking by, and both smiled as the guy caught a glimpse of some naked boobies up on the balcony. It made me hot to know he was going to take his woman home and probably give it to her hard after seeing that!I heard “OMG” come from Jen, again, as she placed the phone down against her chest, with a nervous but excited smile up at me. She told me they were both coming up. I thought she was joking, and didn’t even really think she’d invited them, at least yet. I was hopeful this would lead to something, but was hard as a rock at the sudden reality that it was finally happening. Jen was going to get fucked! By maybe two guys! Rookies! It really did happen, at least it was looking like it. She got up, smiled at them while exposing her breasts again, before instantly coming inside and telling me to hide! I pushed her down onto the couch, opened her bikini and stuck my tongue directly into her wet pussy. She loved it but also fought back, while moaning that they were on their canlı kaçak iddaa way up! I told her they went the long way and would probably share some high-fives with their teammates, first, and kept licking her the way she loves to be licked. I could have made her cum, but got her close and then left her wet and ready for cock, before going into my bedroom, and waiting with pure excitement and a rush that felt like nothing ever before. The rush only increased at the sound and reality of them entering the apartment. Small talk appeared to take place for just a few minutes, before I heard them laughing over her mentioning how sweaty they were. Then I heard the shower running! I was like holy shit, those dudes aren’t both in their together, are they?! I could hear at least one person in there, but then heard Jen begin moaning from the spare room. One of them was eating her pussy, I was guessing, and confirmed by the sounds she was making. I even heard the other guy from the shower yell to save him some, as she began getting louder. Jen was not a multiple orgasm kind of girl. I had gotten her off as many as 4 times in one day, but that took hours and hours. For a 20-40 min session, it’s usually just once, maybe twice if the first one comes by my tongue. So, I was surprised when the shower guy was working fast to dry off and arrive, while Jen was already sounding orgasmic, and as he did arrive, he got a first had view of his buddy making her cum all over his tongue. I was almost jealous! But then extremely turned on, because I knew that I got credit for that one! I licked her and got her close and ready for more, teasing her pussy in anticipation for new cock, a pair of new cocks! And this was such a rush for her, due to all our conversations of it. I fantasied about her first experience having this effect on her! I was so happy for her while hearing that orgasm, and knowing she deserved this experience, as her moaning just confirmed! The guy who got her off was now in the shower, and now it sounded like she had the other guys freshly showered cock in her mouth. Jen’s favorite time to suck cock, was taking it from limp to hard, and rewarding it for making her cum. It wasn’t his reward, but his cock was reaping the effects of it! Right when the other guy shut off the shower water, I could hear Jen moving onto the bed and requesting his cock inside of her. I could tell she was getting off to showing off for the guys as they returned from the shower. She came right as the first guy did, and now she wanted this guy inside of her with those legs all spread out for the shower guy to see once he entered. This made me hot! I loved that she was showing off, and really getting off to all this. I knew she was also thinking of me hearing it all, plus had her phone recording audio of it, for us to relieve and use as foreplay. Plus, I knew I’d be jerking off to it whenever she’s home with her boring husband. I already couldn’t wait to hear it from the recording, to hear the stuff I might have missed from the bedroom, and I couldn’t wait to hear that orgasm part again! I knew canlı kaçak bahis it’d make me cum! I heard her mention how big he was, and how good he felt, all great stuff going into that recording! I was right about her showing off, because her moaning really picked up as she could hear the other guy arriving from the shower. I bet with that view and her moans he was already rock hard, if he wasn’t that way throughout his entire shower, but was hoping he wasn’t, so that Jen could be excited to feel it grow that way, inside of her mouth. I was pretty sure she was doing that now, as her moaning went from intense to calm, before intermittingly. I loved imagining her sucking his cock but having to let go so that she could moan. What an amazing moaner she is! It’s so easy to cum and stay hard with her! Her moaning and need for sex is the reason I’ll never need a Viagra! It sounded at times like she was going to cum again, very soon, which would almost be record breaking. That made me feel a little jealous, but a good jealous! Like I was going to take it our on her in bed! She also squirts, kinda, it’s more like a flash flood because it just pours out of her, rather than squirting. You can tell she is in bliss when then happens, but she claims it’s not a real orgasm, and when she does cum, she doesn’t flood. So, she’s doesn’t cum again, but she does indeed go through one of her flooding episodes, as the guys react to it, and the guy on top begins pounding the shit out of her. It wounds like she begins flooding again, until the guy tires and slows down. Sounds like the other guy is ready for a turn, and that Jen lays him down and begins riding him, and again the moaning is intermittent, as she’s obviously sucking the other guy. She did have one 3some in college, so this is her second one, but she said she loved feeling cock in her pussy while sucking another. It made me hard as fuck to think about, and wished I was in the closet watching her! I knew someday I would! I had to see this with my own eyes! I could cum if I wanted to but was too excited to cum inside of her!The guy getting head sounded like he might be getting close. This made Jen really begin sucking harder, and he did indeed cum in her mouth, from the sound of it, and the excitement made the other guy cum, as Jen began riding the fuck out of his dick, and would you know it, she fucking came again! I thinking taking cum in her mouth while riding another guy to orgasm made her horny enough to cum one more time before he went limp. It did sound like he came first, and his excitement got her going, until she came several moments later.They all laid around for a few moments, before she warned them her boyfriend would be home soon. I could hear her walk them to the door, while promising to have them over again, which made me want her soooooo badly! Soon as I heard the door close, I came out, and she was still butt naked! I wanted to kiss her so badly, but rushed her to the shower and told her to brush! I stroked my dick while laying in bed naked, waiting for her to arrive, and once she did, I had to call in sick to work once we were done, because it was 4 in the morning! We fucked and sucked each other with very small breaks in-between, and she got off 5 times, 7 including the two guys, and thanked me over and over for bringing this into her life.



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