I took teen Patricia in both holes while her motheIntroduction:This is a story written by request of a reader. Contains: Lesbian, threesome, teen, domination, submission, b********y, cum covered, cum swallowing, cum gushing, double penetration, stretching, strapon, anal, i****t.For Patricia.The area I cover as a social worker is mostly rural, so I get to visit quite a number of small villages with their typical rural problems. One of those visits led me to a small farm, which had allegedly fallen into debt and disorder after the death of the owner. It was a nice spring day, and I was dressed in my usual casual clothes – a pair of brown/orange pants, a tight white t-shirt and a thin pale green jacket over it. My red hair was pulled back in a long streak and I wore my large brown sunglasses.When I arrived, I couldn’t find anyone at the main house, so I began strolling around the grounds, heading for a small barn building, which might be a stables. Inside, I ran into a middle-aged woman, a few years older than me. She was pretty, with straight black hair and pale skin and a certain asian look that was unusual for this area. Her body looked lean, but stocky, and she was quite a bit shorter than me. I was startled to find her with almost her whole arm stuck inside a horse’s vagina as she greeted me with a smile. “Hello, are you looking for something?”I stared, then introduced myself. “I’m from social services, and just came out here to check on you if there’s anything you need,” I explained. She looked at me concerned. “Well,” she said, “times are rough since my husband passed, the old fool. Got drunk one night and got a kick from a horse, and that was it.” She shrugged, pulling her arm back out, which was covered in a shoulder-long black rubber glove. “But I’m trying to keep business going, taking care of the horses and the land. Breeding them is our business,” she added, stroking the mare’s back. I nodded. “Is it possible that I could take a look at the a****ls to see if there’s anything they would need?” I asked. She shrugged. “Sure,” she said and led me down the barn.We went through a few boxes of horses which all looked well-groomed and taken care of, while she explained how they were breeding horses for riding, and what a delicate job it was, always trying to find a good match to get to a strong, healthy riding horse. Suddenly, when we opened yet another box, I could hear a loud gasp şişli escort coming from underneath the horse: “Gaaaaah.” A young female head appeared, white gooey liquid running from her mouth down her sweater and into a small bowl she held in her hand as she crawled out from under the a****l. “Patricia!” the woman explained, freezing in shock.The girl looked puzzled. “But mom, I’m just milking the horses like we said,” the girl answered after swallowing what’s left in her mouth with a large gulp, licking her lips. I nodded. “I see,” I said. “Is this part of the grooming?” Patricia’s mother stared at me in silence, unsure what to say. “Please,” she plead finally, “don’t tell anyone. We’re just trying to take good care of them, and procure fresh semen.” She trembled in fear, glancing at her daughter sideways. “Can’t you just… ignore what you saw?” she asked. I breathed in deep. “Hmm,” I replied. “I guess I would first need to see what it is exactly you do with the horses,” I said, winking. She seemed to get the message quickly and turned to Patricia. “Are there some stallions you haven’t finished yet?” she asked. Patricia smiled. “I was going to Furio next,” she said. She was a cute girl, about 20 years old, with the black hair and pale skin of her mother, but taller than her, and with less apparent asian features. She led us out the box into another one, where a large brown stallion stood.The mother glanced at me and then pulled a low bench from the side of the box and pushed it under the horse. “Ohh,” Patricia smiled, clapping her hands. “Are we going to play mare?” Her mother nodded and slowly took off her clothes as I watched her. She had petite breasts, slightly saggy, but was in good shape. Her hips were a little wide, but her waist was nice and feminine. She had a patch of long, dark, wiry pubic hair around her pussy and looked down ashamed as she stood before me naked.Meanwhile, Patricia had gone back underneath the horse, stroking its long, slick, black cock and trying to suck it into her mouth, making it grow harder and longer even, until it was thicker and longer than my arm. “Well,” I said, grabbing a riding crop that hung from a wall and walking up to the mother. “You wanted to show me how it’s done, didn’t you?” She nodded, and looked at me afraid, but also definitely aroused, as her nipples stood up hard and dark. “So,” I continued, pushing her chin mecidiyeköy escort up with the end of the crop. “Then get into position, MARE.”She swallowed hard, but slid sideways onto the bench, laying down on her back with her legs spread towards the big black horse cock. “Push it in,” she said quietly to her girl. Patricia gingerly spread her mother’s labia with her finger and spit down on them, making them slightly more wet before squeezing the thick protruding head of the horse cock into her wide cunt. Her mother groaned as it entered, holding fast onto the bench as she thrust against the horse.Patricia just watched as her mother took the cock deeper and deeper inside, getting drilled by Furio. I turned towards her, smiling. “And what about you?” I asked. “You don’t want to please them too?” She looked at me puzzled. “Undress,” I said, harsher, cracking the riding crop. Her eyes got big and she swallowed hard, but then stripped off her sweatshirt and riding pants. Underneath she wore a set of black panties and bra which pushed her small-ish breasts nicely upwards, giving her a sweet little cleavage. She was slightly chubby, not big, but not petite, just the kind of girl I like. I licked my lips, and slid the crop into her panties, pushing them down with it.Her pussy was shaved bare and she blushed as her underpants fell to the ground. “Now bend down,” I said, “and lick your mother’s holes as she’s getting fucked by that big stallion.” For emphasis, I slapped the riding crop onto her sweet little butt, leaving a red streak. She hesitantly bend down to the bench from the side, her head moving down to her mother’s pussy. As her butt was sticking out towards me, I pulled my special strapon dildo from my purse, which I always keep with me. While Patricia began caressing her mother’s clit with her tongue, I sucked the horse cum from the bowl into the dildo, refilling its squirt pump. I put it on over my pants and then approached Patricia from behind. I heard her slurping while her mom squirmed and moaned, getting pounded faster and faster from the now hard and aroused stallion, using her as his mare. I bent down and caressed her little soft buttocks, sliding my tongue between them and began licking down her anus all the way through her tight little slit. She began to moan as well, seemingly enjoying the sensation. I licked faster and deeper, sucking on her esenyurt escort labia and clit as I felt them get wet and swollen. I finally stood back up and inserted the thick rod of a dildo in her young tight pussy, holding onto her hips as I forced it in hard and deep. She groaned long and loud, whimpering as I whipped her with the crop again, once, twice, three times, as I began pounding her cunt. The horse whinnied, bucking up against her mom, forcing his enormeous cudgel of a cock hard up her cunt while I took her daughter by force, using her as my own little mare, fucking her just as hard and deep as I abused her hole, spanked her and forced her to eat her mom’s pussy. Her tight little asshole was pointing up at me as I fucked her mercilessly, and wanting to leave no hole unfilled, I let some saliva drop down on it, missing it a few times but finally covering it in a nice slick coat of spit, before squeezing and drillig the thick handle of the riding crop inside her. “Oh my god,” she moaned, “oh my gooooddd, she fucks my asss!” Her mom breathed heavily, orgasm after orgasm riding her as the thick horse rod was ramming into her forcefully. “Does it hurt, sweetie?” she asks. “God, it’s ssooo goood,” Patricia moaned, half in reply, half in ecstasy. “I want my ass fucked.”Finally, the horse whinnied loud, bucked one more time, hard, and then came, violently, flooding the mother’s cunt with gushes of horse sperm, which came spurting out the sides of her pussy as it reached its limit quickly. Patricia eagerly licked it up, sucking horse cum and drinking it down while I continued fucking her incessantly, pushing the whole handle into her asshole while I drilled her wet cunt with the long dildo. She came hard, spitting the horse cum from her mouth as she screamed, feeling her ass ****d hard while the still warm horse sperm she had “milked” earlier came shooting out of my dildo, filling her twat to the brim. I held both items inside her holes as she cleaned up her mother’s pussy, the horse’s cock retracting with a loud “plop”, followed by a torrent of sperm. Eager and trained as she was, she sucked it all down, then moaned satisfied. “Aaaaahhh.”I made her mother get up and squat below my legs as I slowly pulled out the dildo out of Patricia’s cunt. The woman knew what to do and obediently caught the sperm on her tongue with her open mouth, as it oozed out of her daughter’s open twat. She sucked and slurped it down eagerly, then proceeded to lick the rest off my dildo, cleaning it good with her tongue. Both mother and daughter seemed adequately trained to take care of horses, so they got no complaints from me as I returned to my office to file my report.



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