I Got It From SallyAh, but I got it from SallyOr maybe it was Sue…Or Millie or Billie or Gillie or Willie-It doesn’t matter who It might have been at the pubOr at the club or in the looAnd if you will be my friend, then I might…(Mind you, I said “might”…)Give it to you! Tom LehrerKaren had been feeling the itch to go out for ages. Her boyfriend had been on the road for 2 weeks, working in the oil fields in the Dakotas, and she was almost climbing the walls. Just 24 years old and still loving to party, she had largely put all of that behind her when she agreed to move in with him.Frank was a good boyfriend, and a great lover. And while they were not married yet, she knew that both of them had been considering taking the next step. They had been together for over 2 years now, and other than his leaving for 1 month then returning for a month things were going pretty good.During his month home, they would spend most of the first week sequestered in the bedroom, trying to make up for lost time. Then they would return to a more normal situation, her spending the day on her growing website business, and he would alternate between sleeping, talking with her as she worked on laying out a potential site for a new customer. He even had some good ideas, looking at them as a customer to the site would see them and not as a computer or sales expert.Then they would go out and see a movie, or go to a club and dance. Even see the local college football team get crushed or just spend a few days camping or at one of the Indian casinos. Then a week before he left again they would largely spend the evenings in bed fucking like rabbits until he had to return to work.But on Wednesday afternoon Frank had called and given her the bad news. There had been a snafu in the shipment of pipe ordered, and instead of the next 2 shipments arriving in 2 week intervals, they had to be picked up and delivered on site the next week. And with a threatened strike they would have to pick up following shipments for the next week or so after that at least until the strike ended. That meant he had to take his “Transportation Supervisor” hat off, and return to driving trucks. 4 weeks of constant trips, only taking enough time off to avoid a DOT fine before taking up the next month long shift.Fuck, that means 3 months gone, not just 1. Sure, the payment would be huge, enough so they could finally put down the down payment on their own place and stop living in an apartment. But that was of little use now! So that night she put in some new batteries and went to bed with her Battery Operated Boyfriend.And Thursday night when they talked when he got off work, he said that he had 2 things he wanted to talk with her about when he got home. First, he wanted her to start looking for the kind of place they had been talking about for the last year and a half, between 2 and 4 acres, withing reasonable driving distance to town.The second he refused to say, but hoped she would like it. That night she went to bed with her BOB, just knowing what it was he wanted to talk about. And actually looking forward to being Mrs. Frank Carlson.But by Friday, she was starting to get a bit bored. She had finally finished the project for a local video game store, and they had even thrown in a bonus as well as $500 in store credit. So after dinner at a local Chinese place, she decided to pop in and use some of it. And an hour and a half later she left with a new console, and a selection of games that the clerk said she should like. Fallout 4, Tomb Raider, Halo, and a few she thought Frank would enjoy. As well as extra controllers, headsets, and other accessories to go along with it. Karen was not much of a gamer, never really seeing the point in console games when she had a kick-ass desktop. But hey, for free she was not one to complain.So that weekend she spent time she was not hustling for a new project in either raiding tombs and avoiding traps, or picking up trash in a post apocalyptic wasteland. The shooter games did not interest her, but she knew Frank would probably like them. Although she did get kind of a thrill the first time she picked up a hooker in Grand Theft Auto, then after boinking her in the car killing her to get the money back.Only in games does getting off heal your health.Finally by Thursday she had gotten another project, 3 weeks to make a web site for the employees of a local hardware store chain to do things like set up direct deposit, get their paystubs, and the like. But before digging into that, she decided she needed some time off.So getting into her finest club wear, she decided some dancing at Epic would be just the thing. It was a Friday night, and things were jumping. And the deep blue dress that barely covered her ass seemed perfect. She checked her purse in at the cloak room, and with her wrist band on and her credit card in hand she headed to the bar.This was one of her favorite places in town, and Frank and her were regulars whenever he was in town. But tonight when she got there Nancy was still at the bar and looked at her funny. “Hey there Karen, what can I get ya sweetie?”“Get me a Cosmo, and run a tab please.” Karen handed over the card, and Nancy stuck it in the box set aside for tabs.“Sure thing, Frank’s not here?”“Nope, bastard is stuck doing driving runs. I won’t see him until the end of next month.”“Oh sweetie, that sucks! Well, you’re always welcome here. Go grab a seat, and I’ll bring this right out to you.”Karen took one near the dance floor, and as promised a few minutes later Nancy brought her drink over. Thanking her, Karen took the first sip then started watching the crowd. And she knew at least half of them by sight very well. Some were friends from college, others were regulars that were there almost every night. Others she recognized, kind of the background that would come and go from a club. You see them enough to know they came a lot, but not enough to get to know them well.Kitty came over and joined her, she was one of the regulars she was friendly with. They had shared a few classes in college, and she was now in her Senior year and jealous that Karen was already graduated and on her own. She even told her about her current project, and promised to contact her if she needed any graphics work done. Kitty was a good designer, and Karen thought she might work good for some new logos.Finally she finished her drink, and with a grin grabbed Kitty’s hand and the two of them headed out to the dance floor. The music was loud and fast, and soon the two girls were giggling and laughing, grinding against each other, than the occasional guy that came up to join them. Finally she turned around and started dancing with the guy, occasionally rubbing her bottom against his groin and her boobs against his chest before moving away again.An experienced tease, Karen was loving it. And she looked over and saw Kitty doing the same thing to the guy she was with. Finally after almost an hour it was time for a break so she winked at aliağa escort Kitty and nodded her head to the side. Kitty nodded back, and they thanked the guys for the dance and said they were going to take a break.Kitty and Karen moved over to a table, and neither of them were surprised when the guys followed them. They introduced themselves as Mark and Mike, and offered them drinks. Kitty winked at Karen, and they both accepted. Mike (the guy Kitty had been dancing with) went to get the drinks as Mark took a seat next to Karen. The three of them started chatting, and it turns out that they were contractors here for a 3 month project at the local Army base.Soon Mike was back and they were all enjoying their drinks, laughing and flirting. It was actually kind of fun Karen thought, flirting with a guy other than Frank. Of course, she had no intention of doing anything other than flirting. That really was all she had planned for the night. Going out, having a few drinks, dancing with some hot guys (or girls), and maybe flirting a bit before going home.Soon the drinks were finished, and Kitty and Karen headed over to the bathrooms. It was early enough that they only had to wait inside for a stall. Before much longer the line would be stretched part way down the hallway. They chatted as they waited then peed, and Kitty asked if everything was alright with her and Frank.“Oh, things are fine. It’s just that he’s going to be gone another 2 months, and I wanted to go out and have some fun. I’m not looking to hook up, I just needed to get out of the house.”“Well, be my wingman then please. I was looking to hook up, and I think Mike might be the guy for the night. Keep Mark there entertained, and I promise I’ll make it up to you some other time.” Karen agreed, and after freshening up their makeup they rejoined the guys.Once back at the table they saw that the guys had ordered 2 more drinks, and it would have been rude to refuse them. So after finishing them they all headed back to the dance floor. Karen was having a blast, and could feel that when Mark moved behind her and pulled her back against his front, he had an erection and it was pressing into the small of her back. It felt kinda naughty, giving a guy other than Frank an erection. But that was all he was getting that night, she was only keeping him busy for Kitty. And after a minute or two moved away and put some distance between each other.She saw that her friend was really getting friendly with Mike, and as they were dancing belly to belly their fronts were pressed firmly together. Karen was actually feeling a little jealous, knowing that Kitty would be getting some stiff cock later on, and all she would be getting was her own fingers or her toy.Finally they took another break, and that time Mark went for the drinks. This time all the tables on the floor were taken, so they ended up in a booth. And Kitty wasted no time in crawling into Mike’s lap and start making out. Karen sat there a little uncomfortable as she watched him slip his hand up and down her friend’s back.Finally Mark returned and sat next to Karen, their hips and thighs touching after he put the drinks on the table. Karen picked hers up and took a sip, moving away slightly so there was an inch or so between them. She thanked him for the drink, and told him that she was only there for dancing and a few drinks, she was not looking for anything else.He gave her a smile, and said “That’s fine, I’m having a good time. And it looks like Mike and your friend are too it seems.” Karen laughed, and said that Kitty normally did. Karen then went on to talk about some of the adventures they had together when she was in college also. Karen was talking about some of the things they had done in this club, as well as at The Abbey, a club that had closed 2 years before.“The Abbey, that was a lesbian bar, right? I remember heraring about it when I was here on a project about 2 years ago,” Mark said, raising his eyebrow.Karen took another sip of her drink and nodded. “Yea, you might say I was quite a lug in school. Oh not exclusively, but more often than not, it made some things a lot easier.”Mark looked at her and raised his eyebrow. “Oh, I find that hard to believe. You seem kind, sensitive, and very very personable. Not a lug at all.”Karen giggled at that, and shook her head. “No silly, not a lug as in a dim person, Ell You Gee. A lug is a girl who is ‘Lesbian Until Graduation’. In other words, most of my relationships were with other girls. And no, I was not a lesbian, and neither is Kitty there. But we mostly had relationships with other girls for various reasons. No chance of disease or pregnancy, and since we were all ‘friends with benefits’, no real jealousy or possessiveness if we wanted to see somebody else, or decided to move on.”Mark raised his eyebrow again, and chuckled, saying “Well, Kitty seems to be over that now.” Karen looked over to the far side of the booth, and had to agree. Mike and her were still busy making out, and not only was one of Mike’s hands now inside her blouse on her breasts, the other was deep under her skirt. And one of her hands was groping his cock through his slacks.“Well, none of us were exclusively lesbians. We all still went out with guys, it’s just that none of us wanted to form any permanent connections with them. Even then though every few months one of us would hook up with a guy for a night or two. But we kept it at that, normally guys like you who do not go to the college.”“Yea, Mike and I are not students, why is that?”“Less chance of meeting each other again, especially in school. It can be a quick fling, with almost no chance of continuing involvement. Get it in, get off, get on with our lives. And if we want a relationship, we had each other to relieve some hornyness on a regular basis. Some girls are like that until graduation, for some it becomes a lifetime preference. But for most of us, we still crave a cock on occasion, not even the best toys can replace that. Me, I am a cock girl, pussy is a nice diversion though when one is not available.”Mark looked thoughtful, and raised his eyebrow. “So, did like you and Kitty have that kind of relationship? Is that why you two are here tonight?”“Oh no, I graduated 2 years ago and have a boyfriend now. No more lug for me. And yes, Kitty and I did have a semi-regular thing together back then. We met during my Senior year and her Freshman year. Being a web designer, I needed to take an Introduction to Graphic Design class. It happened to be her first class in becoming a graphic designer, and the two of us just clicked together. And I still hire her for projects from time to time, but tonight was just serendipity. I had no idea I was even coming here until a few hours ago. And once I did, Kitty here just happened to be here.”“So, were you going to try and hook up with her? Are Mike and I getting in the way of your fun and games tonight?”Karen giggled, and reached out and let her hand run down his arm. “Oh no, escort aliağa those days are behind me now. We were talking because I’m working on a new project and since I had her here I asked her to assist me in it. She likes the extra money I pay her, and we work very well together. Naw, I have a boyfriend, he’s just gone a lot and have not seen him in almost 2 months and wanted to get out for a little fun. Dancing seemed like a good idea, so here I am.”Karen by that time had finished her drink, and Mark offered to get her another one. Karen looked to the hallway and saw nobody in it. So she reached out and touched Kitty’s arm as she called her name. Finally Kitty broke the kiss and looked at her. Karen said she needed to tinkle, and Kitty nodded. Disengaging from Mike, she mostly put her clothes back together and asking him to get her another drink the girls headed to the restroom.Once in the hallway, Karen giggled and asked her if she was going to get lucky that night. Kitty grinned and nodded, and whispered “Oh, I already have once. But next time I am hoping for something other than fingers in me when I get there.” They both giggled, and she asked the same in return.“Oh no, I’m still with Frank. And I have no interest in another guy. This is just me being your wingman, and having a little fun. Besides, I got a new toy the other day that is USB powered, and I plan on getting some usage out of it tonight.”When they had finished in the stalls and were fixing up their makeup, Karen looked down at her friend. “Kitty, you had a bra on when we got here, right? What happened to it?”Her friend giggled, and said she had taken it off. “I hid it inside the holder for those paper toilet covers. Before I leave for the night I just come back in here and get it. I would have put my panties in there also, but I’m afraid I would start dripping down my thigh before long if I did.”They giggled about that, and headed back to the table. But when they got there, they saw it was occupied by another couple. They both looked at each other then around, wondering if they had gotten dumped. Finally Kitty saw them at a booth in the far corner. Mark stood up as they got there, letting Karen sit first then sliding in next to her. Kitty just sat herself in Mike’s lap and kissed him.“Sorry about that girls. When Kitty asked for another drink I was not thinking about saving the table, and when Mark and I got back it was taken. But this one opened up a few minutes later, so were able to grab it.”“No problem, this is just fine. And thanks for the drinks.” Karen took a gulp of hers, and when Mark put his arm around her shoulder, she did not resist when he lightly pulled her against him. She knew she should have resisted, but it was just a cuddle, and it was not like a cuddle was cheating on Frank.A few drinks later she was feeling very mellow, and looked over to see how Mike and Kitty were doing. And she saw Mike, but not Kitty. She looked around a bit more, and realized Kitty was there all along when she saw the back of her head pop up from under the table. And when it vanished again, she knew what was going on. A little bit of saliva actually entered her mouth and her panties got damp as she watched her friend give Mike a blowjob under the table.And she was so busy watching, she did not realize at first that Mark had lowered his hand so it was cupping her breast. But it felt nice cupping and holding her, and the pressure of another hand against her nipple felt very nice indeed. Karen leaned her head against the back of the booth and watched Kitty continue working, and with the alcohol it took a few moments to realize that Mark’s hand was now inside of her dress. But his fingers felt wonderful on her nipples, and they were aching for a touch other than her own.“Dammit, it should be Frank here with me doing this” she thought to herself, as she saw Kitty move up and give Mike a deep kiss. Her lips were shiny with her saliva, and looked like they might even be a little puffy from her cocksucking. And by how her hand was still moving, it was obvious Mike had not cum yet. His hands were on her breasts, and she was obviously loving the treatment.And Karen knew she was lost when she felt Mark slip one hand out of the top of her blouse and place it on her hand, guiding it to his crotch. And Karen gasped lightly when she realized how hard he was. And how big he was. And how hard he was. And almost by instinct she opened up his slacks to feel it for herself.Mark’s hand by now was up under the hem of her dress, and she felt his fingers slipping in and out of her as she stroked the long hard cock. It was not as thick as Frank’s, but it was an inch or two longer. And she was wondering how it might feel inside when she heard a soft moan next to her. Holding back her own as Mark added a second finger inside of her, she looked over to the side. And saw Kitty was now sitting on Mike’s lap, facing away from him and her hips moving up and down.Her pussy quivered and her clit throbbed when she realized her friend was getting filled with cock at that moment. She realized she needed to get out of there, and pulled away from Mark. She pushed the table away from her, intending to slip out of the booth and going to the rest room for a few minutes. The table moved easily, and it gave her enough room to slip by Mark so she could slip away.But Mark must have had other thoughts, because as soon as she was between him and the table, he stood and pushed her against it. Karen gave a soft whimpered “No” as she felt his strong hands on her hips, and his pushing his groin against her bottom. And his cock pressing against her wet pussy through her wet panties.And quivered as his fingers reached to pull aside the thin gusset of her panties and slip the knob of his cock against her wet and swollen labia. Then she realized she was giving a long slow breathy moan as it pierced into her, sliding into her aching cunt.“No” she moaned again as it reached deep inside of her, then reversed direction and started to slide out. Then repeated the word as it slid back inside. This was the first penis other than Frank’s that had been in there in over 2 years now, and it was wrong. She was not a cheater, but after so much need and alcohol (not to mention the little blue capsule Mark had added to the drinks they had waiting after their bathroom trip) she could not resist any more. She moaned “No” again, but even she was not sure if it was her wanting him to stop, or not wanting him to stop.“Frank never needs to know, this will be my secret. I’ll never see Mark again after this, I’ll give him a fake phone number if he asks. And throw his away if he gives it to me. I do need this though” Karen thought to herself as she started to rock her hips a bit, starting to become more active in this illicit act of copulation right inside of the club.And with a shuddering sigh she rested her head on her arms on the table and let Mark have his way. She marveled at how good he felt, his cock aliağa escort bayan entering and leaving her wet cunt. The wetness now dripping down her thigh, “Fuck I needed this tonight” Karen moaned, and heard a similar moan from Kitty. Looking over, she saw that her friend was watching her, eyes shining as both of them were getting fucked. Kitty reached over, and Karen grasped her hand, squeezing it tight as they were both getting filled by the guys. Karen was giving little grunts as she looked into Kitty’s eyes, hearing her sexy little whines as she was getting plowed also.Finally she felt the knot in her belly filling with fire, and knew she was getting close. Mark was thrusting faster than he had been earlier, and Kitty was bouncing her butt back against Mike. Karen watched the eyes of her friend roll back in their sockets, and by the squeezing on her fingers and the delighted look of both strain and relief on her friend’s face, she knew she was having an orgasm. Just as Mike pushed himself in deep and held himself there.And right afterwards she felt her own peak arrive, bringing her other hand up and moaning into it as she came, delightful relief flooding her body as she felt Mark throb in his own release inside of her. Throb after throb of his cock deep inside of her told her more than anything else he was cumming in her, she was so wet already that she could not feel the additional wetness he was splashing inside of her cunt.Finally he pulled out, and she slipped into the seat next to him, knowing that she was now leaking onto the faux leather of the seat. And with a small start, she saw Mike pull a used condom from his lap and place it in a bunch of napkins. “Fuck” Karen thought to herself, realizing that she had the cum of a relative stranger swimming around inside of her cunt, and likely passing her cervix and looking for an eggs inside her womb. At least that was not happening tonight, but she really should’ve thought to have him use a condom.Finally she felt her strength returning, and said she needed to use the restroom. Kitty went with her, and they talked softly as they took care of business. It took several minutes with toilet paper until Karen had gotten the majority of the cum out of her, and was glad that she at least did not have to worry about pregnancy. As they were washing their hands and fixing their makeup Karen even saw that her friend had put her bra back on. Right before they left she told Kitty she was just going to go ahead and go home. She kissed Karen’s cheek, and said she would tell the guys.“I’ll call you Monday afternoon to get some preliminary ideas from you Karen. And I’m looking forward to it, I’m going to enjoy working with you again.”Karen decided as she walked to the front of the club that she was in no shape to drive. She went to Nancy to pay her bar tab, and was surprised that she had only paid for 1 drink. She gave Nancy a nice tip, and went outside to catch a cab. Thankfully there was a taxi waiting right outside, and 15 minutes later and $20 poorer she got out at home and stumbled inside. And 30 minutes with her shower massager and both felt better, and cleaner. And pulling out a bottle of Massengill’s and putting it to use she felt even cleaner. She then slipped into bed, feeling much better than she had earlier.4 weeks later Frank came back from his extended stay. Her and Kitty had done a superb job on the employee website, and had gotten a nice bonus. And after spending most of 3 days in bed relieving some tensions and fucking like crazy, she and Frank went out and started looking for their dream home. They found 5 of them, and were trying to decide between them. But both of them were eyeing the 4 acre spread with a 4 bedroom house and 4 car garage. It was a bit far out of town, but they both thought they could handle that.Then one morning after a vigorous fucking Frank had gone to take a piss and Karen could hear him moaning in pain. He came out, sweat on his face and a look of discomfort on his face. “Baby, what’s wrong?” Karen asked, going to him with a look of concern on her face.“I have no idea, it’s like somebody shoved needles in my cock. I might have gotten a urinary tract infection out in the field, some cranberry juice should fix me in a day or so.”It took almost a week, but finally it stopped. And right before Frank had to leave on his trip he finally proposed, and a deliriously happy Karen accepted. They had agreed that sometime next year would be best, and he would start to look for some work locally. The offer on the property had also been accepted, and they should be able to move in by the time Frank returned from his trip.2 weeks later, Frank called her. “Babe, there is no easy way to say this. But you need to go out and get yourself tested.”“Tested? Tested for what Frank?”“Uhhh, well, gonorrhea. During that last job, I was relaxing at a truckstop bar and was a bit drink and horny and spent an hour or so with one of the gals for hire up here. And I wore a condom, I swear. But somehow, well, that burning I had when I was home last? It came back the other day, and this time I saw the doctor about it. I got the clap, probably from that whore my last time here. He told me it sometimes happens, rubbers are not a 100% prevention. And odds are I’ve given it to you.”Karen took this news with tears falling from her cheeks and almost silent sobbing. “If you want, we can talk about this when I get home next week. If you want me to stay in a hotel, I understand. But I swear, I will never do anything like that ever again. I only did that time because I was drunk, and after being away from you for 2 months I had no resistance when the whore hit on me in the bar that night.”She said he should return to their home, and they would discuss it. And after she hung up she went to take a shower, knowing where the local walk-in clinic was. And in the shower, she cried softly, knowing that it was not Frank that gave her the clap, but she had given it to him. And she made a decision to never let him know that.She would keep her night with Mark a secret, and also forgive Frank for his admitted indiscretion. And there was one other thing she would bring up to him. Her and Kitty had been getting more and more friendly and flirty in the last few weeks. And while they had not progressed beyond holding hands and a few light kisses, she wondered if Frank would allow her to progress that relationship for the times when he was out of town.“Who knows, maybe even more” she thought to herself as she finished drying off and slipped into her panties. Kitty was graduating soon, and they had 4 bedrooms in the new house. 1 for her and Frank, 1 for Kitty, and that left 2 for offices. And heck, it might even be possible for the three of them. Frank had already admitted that he thought that Karen’s little Filipino friend was hot, and between the two of them they could probably keep him so well fucked out at home to keep him from wandering again when he was in the field.And with a happy grin, Karen admitted that Kitty would also keep her from wandering again. Although only occasional lovers in the past, she could see her as a more stable sexual and emotional partner as well. Plus they worked well together.



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