I fucked my landlordTry as I might, I was not able to get this month’s rent sorted. Many thanks to all you guys who have helped out with donations in return for some naughty chats with me over the last few weeks. And to everybody who bought my sexy used knickers. But with uni getting busier it has been impossible to spend enough time on the net to earn enough money this month.So the rent was due today and after being late with it last month and having to pay in two goes, I already knew the landlord was not going to let me get away with it again, especially as he has made it clear since he caught me naked in the house one day that he was a dirty lecher. Last month he told me that I would have to find a way to pay him this month if I did not have the money on time. Well I tried hard yesterday but it was no good. Some guys promised to help, but they were all talk and I did not get a penny yesterday. So this morning I bit the bullet and rung the landlord and said I had a problem with the rent and would he pop round so we could sort something out. We arranged for him to come round at 11 O’clock this morning.My pride is a two edged sword. Whilst it hurts me to think I have to have sex with a man to pay my rent, I also take pride in everything I do. So whilst he is old and scruffy and smells of stale wee most of the time, I was determined to do this with all the pride I have. I showered and washed my hair. I shaved everything that should be shaved and moisturised all over. I even put some scent on that I had been given for Christmas.What to wear was a problem. I did not want to put anything too sexy on just in case there was a way to talk myself out of it. Nor did I want to wear anything that made me look frumpy or took ages to get off. If I had to have sex with him, then I wanted to get it over and done with as quickly as I could. I chose a modest skirt, a thin jumper and a thong and plain slip-on shoes. Modest but simple to remove if I had to.Normally when I am getting ready with the intention of having sex, I get excited and horny. Today was a little different. I normally chose who I am going to have sex with, but today that choice was taken away from me. It was almost as if I was about to be ****d. I was scared. I knew I would be safe, but still I felt fear of what was likely to happen. I did not have a horny feeling in my body this morning. I was ready at 10.30 and sat quietly in the living room watching the clock.He arrived at 10.45 – I guess he was keen to get on with what we both knew was inevitable. For once he did not use his key, but waited for me to open the door. As he walked past me into the living room, I smelt the usual stale wee but it was masked slightly by aftershave. I hoped he was not making an effort for me or that it was a foregone conclusion that we would have sex.“Good morning Dennis. I could feel myself trembling as I said it. I knew this had to be done, but I would rather have been anywhere than in my living room just then.“So you can’t pay your rent again Alicia?” Dennis emphasised the word again like it was something I had been doing all my life.“Yes, I am sorry, but I need a couple more days. Dad gets paid this weekend and he can transfer some money to me, but it won’t clear my bank until Thursday from France so I just need a few more days please”His eyes looked down my body as he thought for a moment. I was very conscious that my skirt had come above my knees as I had sat down and he seemed to fix his stare looking up the darkness underneath canlı bahis it. When he did look up, his face was set and stern. “I did explain to you last month that this could not happen again. We need to find a way for you to settle this today”I guess I knew then that there really really was no way out of the situation. I wonder if a man going to the gallows has the same realisation that the situation cannot be changed or postponed.“I suppose we have to” I mumbled. “What do you have in mind?”I knew very well what was on his mind even before he got out of the chair and moved to sit next to me on the sofa. He put his hand on my bare knee and said “You want somewhere to live and in return you have something I need”I felt sick as his hand slipped up my thigh under my skirt. I said nothing as his hand reached the top of my thigh and eased my legs apart. There was nothing I could say that would stop this happening now. I made him press hard against the inside of my thigh before I parted my legs though. He moved to kiss me, but I could not stomach it and turned my face away, preferring to open my legs wider to distract him. He rubbed his fingers over the front of my thong for a moment before pulling it to one side and rubbing my lips.Normally at this point I would be taking control to make sure I was getting what I wanted, but this morning I did not care. I just wanted to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.“Wait. Let me take my thong off.” I stood and lifted my skirt and pulled the thong down. He was off the sofa in a shot and taking his shirt off. His trousers and his underpants were around his ankles before I realised how much of a rush he was in. All I noticed was that his pubic hair was grey. Funny I did not see his cock but his pubes. But when I looked again it was not surprising at all. His cock was not even a little bit hard.“Please, can we go to my room. The others have to use this room and I don’t want to do it here” I started towards the stairs even before he could reply so he had no option but to follow. And follow he did. I could almost feel his breath on the back of my legs as we walked up the stairs. I almost moved faster until I realised this might let him think I was in a hurry to let him fuck me.I did not get on the bed when we got to the room which proved to be a mistake because he followed me in and as I turned to face him, he put his arms around me and kissed me. His tongue was pushing between my lips before I realised. He tasted like old ashtrays smelt and I turned my head to one side. He was not put off and started kissing my neck. I pushed against his chest in an effort to stop him, but he had put his arms around me when he kissed me and despite being old and skinny he was able to hold on to me tightly.My body wanted to fight, but my minded started saying “Just give in and let it happen”. I was walking to the gallows again. I relaxed and when he felt me go passive, his hand went down to my bottom and squeezed it. He pulled up my skirt and put both hands on my bottom and massaged it. He was in a rush though and moved one hand between my legs from behind. Or he tried to – men should know their arms are not long enough to do it from behind. Maybe it had been so long since Dennis had had sex that he had just forgotten. He soon realised he was not going to get to my pussy that way and started walking me back towards the bed.I sat when I felt the mattress behind my knees. Dennis grabbed the bottom of my jumper and pulled up. I lifted my arms bahis siteleri without thinking and my jumper was discarded to the bedroom floor. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back to lay on the bed. As he pushed my skirt up around my waist, I thought of his clothes laying on the living room floor and prayed none of my house-mates came home earlier than I expected.I looked down between my breasts and across my tummy to see the wrinkled man who was about to fuck me. Or he would just as soon as his cock got hard! It was still as small as it had been downstairs. I had expected some sort of action to have started, but nothing. Now I like older man, but to me older means they are middle age. Dennis is old. Older than any man I have ever fucked. I wondered if it would all happen in a rush and he would get hard suddenly. He had a 22 year old French student almost naked on her bed and was about to fuck her and there was not even a twitch going on between his legs. No way was I about to take all day doing this.I sat up and grabbed his cock and said “We had better get this hard if we are going to do this.” I am not sure I have ever felt such a flaccid cock before. I have felt men grow hard in my hand, but they normally had a semi erection before they got their trousers off. I rubbed his cock between my finger and thumb expecting something to happen. Nothing.“I need to play a bit first and then we can fuck” said Dennis.“What have you got in mind?” I asked, but I wished I had not.“Why don’t you suck me for a while until it gets hard?”.Only one word went through my mind when he said this “NO NO NO NO NO”.“I don’t do oral. Sorry” I tried to look sheepish, but it was not easy laying semi naked on a bed.“Well I do” Dennis replied as he pushed me back and grabbed me behind the knees and opened my legs. His tongue was on my pussy lips and licking away as I thought that if this does the trick then it is the easy way out of getting him hard. He licked away quite happily, but it did nothing for me. My pussy is quite flappy and unless you are looking to please me there is a good chance you will miss my clit all day. Besides even if he had been an oral expert I would not have enjoyed this today with him.He just kept licking and I just kept laying there. I let him carry on for a few minutes and then said “okay, can we do this now?”. I pushed him away from my pussy and looked down. He looked much the same so I reached down between us and took hold of his cock again. This time I used more pressure in the hope that he would feel something. Eventually he did start to get bigger and I could wrap my fingers around it and start wanking him off. This started to have a proper result and while he did not get hard, he did get firm. I laid back pulling him with me. “You’ll need a condom now”“I don’t need one” he said.“Oh yes you do” I insisted.“I don’t have one”.Fuck! I was sure I had run out and I was not going to put this off to another day. Why hadn’t I thought about this last night? I rationalised that he probably had not had sex for so long that he could not have a STD and I would be okay. I pulled his cock closer to me and he stabbed it at me. And missed. I got hold of his cock again and tried to guide him. He stabbed again and again I felt him missed the target. Again I grabbed him and this time held his cock tight and guided him more carefully. I eased him between my lips and said “Now try”He pushed forward and I felt a pressure down there. It eased off and then he pushed again. güvenilir bahis I just felt the pressure of him pushing against me. Nothing was going inside me. I thought he had gone soft again until he said “It’s not wet enough”.What? How can that be? I am always wet. I put my fingers down to my pussy and he was right. There was not a drop of lube there at all. I rubbed my clit quickly to make myself wet, but nothing happened. I guess if this had been a problem for me before I would have something in a drawer to put it right, but I am ALWAYS wet. Now I did not know what to do. No way was I going through this again so something had to be done right now.“I’ll sort it” Dennis said and jumped off the bed and ran out of the bedroom. I heard him go downstairs and once more prayed my house-mates were busy somewhere else. When Dennis got back to the bedroom he had a bottle of cooking oil in his hand. “This was all I could find” he said as he popped the top and put far more than he needed to on my pussy.So now I had to rub his cock again to make him hard and try to somehow get his semi hard cock into my young tight oily pussy! Once again I squeezed his cock between my finger and thumb. I felt like twisting the fucking thing off, but knew I had to get it hard. I rubbed and squeezed for several minutes until I thought he was ready and said “Right, let’s do it now”.Again I had to guide him into me and this time is was more difficult because we were both getting covered in oil. I got him between my lips and shouted “Push for fuck’s sake”.And he did push. And he pulled it out. And pushed it back. And collapsed on top of me. I thought I felt him twitch inside me, but wasn’t sure. He did groan and press hard down onto me. Oh my God, two strokes and he had cum. I just laid there. I had been fucked by a man I did not want to have sex with. I had not said no, but I know now how women who are ****d must feel.I felt numb as he rolled off of me. He did not go to the bathroom. He did not ask for tissue to wipe himself. He just said “I will see you next month for the rent Alicia” and walked out of the bedroom. I just laid there.I heard him go downstairs and him moving around and then the front door open and close. I just laid there. I felt his cum slip out of my pussy. I just laid there. I felt tears run down my cheeks, but I just laid there. I did move to get up on one elbow to vomit over the side of the bed.I don’t know how long I laid there this morning, but it is nearly five pm now and while I did lay there I realised I had let myself and my family down. I had been let down by men on the internet who I had started to believe were friends promising to help me. I have never felt more alone. Or more sad.Maybe It was wrong to think I could be the first girl from our village to get a degree. Maybe I should not have tried to do a degree course in a foreign language and in a foreign country. Maybe it was too hard to do that and make enough money to live.So this may be the last you ever read from me. When I get my money from dad, I think I will buy a train ticket back to France and give up my dream. What I am sure of is that I won’t be paying my rent another six times! If I have to give up my dream then I will, but I can’t have another day like today ever.I have spent hours and hours chatting to men on the net and now I realise that all most of you wanted was my friendship. Maybe you could tell yourself that I am not a real person but just somebody on the net who did not matter. But today I realised that men are men are men – just like my landlord. If everybody who said they would help had hit my donation button then I may well have spent the day in a pub or a park today. Was I asking too much for my friendship?



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