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I FELL UNDER HER SPELL 4My mistress Chris had arranged for me to go to her hair dressers apartment on the following Sunday to be at her disposal to meet her desires.I arrived on time and rang the door bell the door opened and Jackie stood there in a thick white dressing gown with her hair piled up on top of her head in a towering mass of big curls in a big up do style.She smiled and said very good boy on time come in, as I went in she groped my cock and squeezed saying I have some special treatment for him, as she kissed my lips lightly.I followed her in to the living room as she sat on the sofa patting me to sit next to her.I said I am so impressed with your hair do it must have taken so long for you to do it up in such big style.She said I thought you would like it so one my colleagues from the salon came to help and asked her do get it as big as possible.I said it is beautiful and such a turn on for me as I felt my shaft harden.Jackie said shall we have a drink and chat to start with, getting up and pouring two glasses of wine and passing one to me.I got up and said can I feel your lovely hair and she said I thought you would find it a turn on, but first take off your clothes so I can see the effects on your cock.I undressed and stood in front of Jackie who was back sitting on the settee.She said my it certainly got you going as she reached and grasped my hard shaft pulling me to her.She said go on have a feel and a good look as I looked down on her lovely mass of curls she started to slowly rub my shaft with a very tight grasp.I felt her curls which were quiet hard and springy well pinned so they would not come loose.Then I felt down the back of her towering hair to the big vertical pleat which again was hard with spray.Jackie said last week you said you would like to push your cock through my hair so I have a lot of big curls for you to push you cock through.I said that is just what I was hoping to do as she tightened her grip on my shaft.She said but before we get to that I want to see you shoot as i have been thinking of all the spunk you produced last week with Chris and I.I said that will be a treat canlı bahis for me as you know Chris always squeezes my pee slit shut to stop my spunk as it shoots which is painful and spoils my cum.Jackie said I know that she has a fetish for that which I also enjoy to feel all you spunk pushing hair to get out but cant.She got up still holding my shaft and said I will make you shoot to see how far it will go as she started to rapidly pump my shaft with a tight grip and soon I fet my spunk build up the she stopped, saying I must build it up several times before I let it shoot.She then started to build me up again and then stop and repeated this several times then said now give it all you have and griped my shaft very hard and pumped rapidly.I felt my spunk build up and build up then shoot with such force I saw stars and felt all my spunk shoot freely out then feel drained.Jackie was quiet flushed and let go of my shaft saying my that was such a strong shoot, I held it back just for a second and felt such pressure I let it fly in a big jet which went all this distance as she looked where it landed on the floor.Jackie came to me and we embraced kissing strongly as she too me to her bed and we both felt each others body and caressed and kissed.She said now you need to make me have a lovely orgasm, as I kissed and sucked her lovely breasts and nipples, then licked and sucked her clit by which time my shaft was hard again so she put a condom on it and said now give me a good she lay back and opened her legs wide I entered her lovely warm soft cunt and rapidly fucked .She soon built up to a very loud orgasm and said more so I kept it up and rapidly fucked her and felt my spunk build up and shoot as she had another loud orgasm and felt limp saying my I needed that and we embraced again.We had a rest for a while and drank some wine chatting.Jackie said now you can play with my hair and push your cock through all my curls.She sat by the bed and I stood so my cock was at the right height and started to feel her mass of hair with my shaft which soon hardened so I started to push through the curls feeling all the bahis siteleri hardness and hair pins rasping the side of my shaft.Jackie said how do you get turned on by this. I said this is so good and such a turn on I feel like shooting again. Jackie said so when you first saw me today did you immediately get turned on by my hair.I said yes It is wonderful and such a turn of as I have has a strong hair fetish since a young age.I continued feeling her hair with my shaft and after a while felt my spunk build up so I asked Jackie can I shoot in your hair, she laughed and said yes as you are going to take it down later and give it a good shampoo.I picked a large curl and pushed my shaft up and down it and my spunk built up and shot in to her hair leaving a sticky wet patch which Jackie felt and laughed now you are covering my hair with spunk.She got up and grasped my shaft and said follow me as we went to her dressing table .She sat down and said now take down my hair and give it a good brush.I tugged at a stiff curl and it sprang out so I removed all the hairpins and started to comb out the tress. It was very hard and not easy to comb out so Jackie said I shall start the front and you work on the back by pulling all the hair pins out ad teasing the hair out with your fingers then taking a tress and combing it out starting at the ends.I found this a real turn on which she noticed and turned around to grasp my shaft.She smiled saying let me see if there is any spunk left in there taking me to the bed with my legs over the end of the bed spread wide.She sat on my stomach with her back to me and her legs wide so her cunt was close to my shaft.I had the view of her partly combed out mass of hair which was still piled up on her head and partly hanging down her back.She said continue to comb out my hair as I play with your cock to see if there is any spunk left.I combed the tangled tresses and bit by bit got her lovely thick dark blond hair to hang down in a thick frizzy mass.She was chatting as she played with my cock asking me about how I could let Chris whip my gland so hard.I said the first time I was not suspecting güvenilir bahis Chris would do this to my shaft but she had tied me down very firmly and despite all my cries and pleadings Chris went on and on , and slowly I felt the pain fade and my shaft harden so it ended up as a turn on.Jackie said would you like me give it a good whipping as she started to masturbate my shaft rapidly.I said that feel lovely I feel my spunk could well shoot again.Jackie said I would love to give it a good whipping and I said you can do anything it feel so lovely now as I am about to shoot.Jackie stopped and said are you sure and I said yes if you like .She came to me and kissed me saying yes I would like to do that to you and she took me to a small dark room with a high bench in the middle and got me to lie on it with my legs over the end then tied me down very tightly.She then switched on a spot light which brightly lit my groin area .She the came to me and said we have neighbours so I must gag you and put a strong gag on my mouth.She then sat between my legs and put a leather glove on her left hand and grasped my shaft tight so my circumcised gland bulged.With her right hand she picked up a small flogger and started to whip my gland.I had endured this treatment form Chris before so I knew what to expect. She whipped hard then soft the pain was so intense I cried out which seem to spurr on Jackie as she whipped harder and went on and on.The pain seem to subside a bit and then I felt my shaft harden as she whipped hard and then soft which made me feel my spunk build up.She felt that and continues whipping and suddenly I felt my spunk start to try and shoot but was stopped by her hard grasp so it started to pulse in a spasm which coupled to the pain from the whipping gave me a violent orgasm and all the pain seem to fade away leaving me shaking and limp.She continued whipping had then soft and soon the pain returned but this time very strong as she continued to whip hard then soft.She suddenly stopped and went to the bed room where she had a loud orgasm.After a while she came back to me and look off my gag, saying that was such a turn on for me, and I felt you have your orgasm,I said the whole experience has left me drained full of emotion for you .Jackie came and lay on top of me and we kissed, and she whispered we must do this again soon.



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