I can feel my entire body tingling, especially the tips of my breasts as my nipples rub against the fabric of my t-shirt. Why did I decide to go bra-less today?

The warmth between my legs is increasing to a steady throbbing burn that demands to be relieved.

Just a little bit longer. I am almost home and then I can take my clothes off and…no, don’t think about it, it will only make it that harder to make it.

I am walking as quickly down the busy street as I can, knowing that my tempo is enough to attract attention, but not able to keep myself to a steadier pace.

Just a bit longer. I can see the last turn I need to make to get onto my street.

I can feel the wetness in my crotch with every step. It feels almost like that time I accidentally wet myself and had to walk all the way home with wet pants. I wonder if my wetness is showing? Maybe the reason people are looking is not because of the speed I am walking, but because I have a giant wet stain in my pants.

The thought that my arousal might be visible to those around me sends a spike of pleasure through my and bursa escort it is all I can do to not moan out loud right there on the street. I guess I have an exhibitionistic side.

I give up all pretense and start running, no longer caring about the people around me, only about getting home as soon as possible to relieve the pressure I feel inside.

I run op to my front door, reaching into my purse and pulling out the key. My hand shakes as I puts the key into the keyhole and turn it, but I manage. The trip from my front door to my bedroom is a blur and then I am finally there.

I had planned to take it slow, but any such plans are long past me. I grip the sides of my t-shirt and yank it over my head, freeing my throbbing nipples to the air. The feeling is almost enough to make me stop and play with them, but the insistent burn between my legs demands my attention.

I start to undo my jeans, almost crying out in frustration as my shaking fingers fumble the button, but after a couple of excruciating seconds I manage to open it and slide the jeans and my panties down in one go.

If bursa escort bayan I thought the air against my nipples felt great then it is nothing in comparison to the feeling of the cold air against my soaking wet crotch.

Not having time to think of much besides getting my hands on myself, I fall back onto the bed, while reaching one hand down and using the other to grab my left breast.

I am usually gentle with myself, knowing I prefer a soft touch, but today I have no such reservations. I squeeze my breast to the point where it almost hurts, while my the fingers other hand roughly slides over my throbbing clit before plunging into my wet hole.

I give out a loud moan, almost coming right away, but only almost. To get there I start moving the hand between my legs in a rhythmic way. The palm of my hand rubbing against my clit, while two fingers move in and out of my opening. My other hand zeroes in on my nipple, taking it between two fingers and pinching it.

My moaning has turned into a constant stream of little gasps as my body struggles to get enough air to satisfy escort bursa its need.

Not satisfied with the speed of my fingers I have started thrusting my crotch against my hand, increasing the pressure and forcing my fingers in deeper.

I can feel the pleasure starting to peak, my body tensing and my vaginal walls starting to contract around my invading fingers.

The pleasure is incredible, almost more than I can handle. My fingers are hammering in and out almost in a blur and my nipples are going to be bruised tomorrow from all the pinching.

With a scream I come, feeling my entire body shake as wave after wave of pleasure washes over me. It is almost too much, but it feels so so good.

The movement of my fingers have stopped, it is now just the gentle rocking of my crotch that is moving them in and out. My other hand has gone from punishingly pinching my nipples to gently caressing them. I can feel my butt resting on a wet stain on the comforter below me.

Part of me wants to stay like this forever, but I can feel my body getting heavy, my eyes slowly drifting shut and my mind being dragged into the oblivion of sleep


This is my first story here, so any and all feedback is highly appreciated.



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