The Interview: Friday, the 1st

It all started innocent enough. I decided that I would investigate acupuncture treatment to help me quit smoking. I knew it was successful in treating some illnesses.

I pulled out the yellow pages, let my fingers do the walking and set up an appointment. The appointment began with a questionnaire and concluded with an examination that was unique.

When I arrived at the Acupuncture Clinic, I met Ann, the receptionist. Ann was an attractive mulatto with skin like polished ivory. Her breasts were like grapefruits and stuck straight out from her chest. And she was tall.

She seated me at a desk near her and gave me a sheaf of forms. After telling me how to fill them out, she returned to her desk.

Crossing her long legs, she resumed doing her nails. I noticed that she had fingernails nearly an inch long. I wondered, “What would those do to my back?”

The forms asked the usual medical questions that are on every form you fill out when you see a doctor as well as several others. Questions about my sex life.

It took some time to fill them out. I was enjoying the view and I had all afternoon. While filling them out, Ann and I chatted. I learned that she was from the West Indies. She was an RN and had been in the States for about 2 years.

She was 25 years old, unmarried and loved sex. (That last part was my observation) She moved like a cat. She had a beautiful smile and exuded sex from every pore.

As I neared the end of the last form, Ann caught me staring and smiled. She knew her body was easy to look at. The way she dressed and her carriage exuded confidence in herself. She enjoyed showing her body to its full advantage. Another clue was her nipples. They had begun stiffening — evidence that she was not wearing a bra.

The last part of the form was very personal. I asked Ann why they needed all the information about my sex life. She replied that she couldn’t discuss that. I would have to wait and ask the doctor.

She did say that some of the questions would help provide a psychological profile for the doctor while others were technical in nature.

I finished the forms and gave them to Ann. As she scanned the pages to make sure I hadn’t missed anything, she had an amused smile on her face. Reading about my sex life, I surmised. After checking the forms, she told me to follow her and led the way down the hall.

What a view I had. Her ass swayed from side to side as we walked along. It had a rolling motion that made me think about how great she might be in bed. My cock began to stiffen. I could watch that ass movement forever.

She stopped suddenly and opened a door motioning me inside. Standing in the doorway like she was, my arm brushed her breast in passing. I felt an electric shock. I heard a sharp intake of breath and saw that she was looking at my crotch. My cock was getting pretty stiff by then.

Ann bent over to open a small cabinet that was next to the examination table. As she did so, her ass spread wide. There weren’t any panty lines so I assumed that she was wearing pantyhose. What an incredibly beautiful ass she had! Mmmmmm.

Reaching into the cabinet, she pulled out a white bareback studios porno hospital gown. Handing it to me, she told me to take off my clothes and put the gown on — with the opening in front.

I expected her to leave the room so I could change. It soon became obvious that she wasn’t going to. I asked if she got a kick out of watching. She replied that her duties included making sure that I took everything off. Yes, she was going to watch. I began to strip.

As I removed my clothing, she took it. Putting my pants and shirt on hangers, she hung them on a clothes tree in the corner. I put my shoes and socks under the table. As I was reaching for the waistband of my shorts, she pushed my hands away. She said she would help.

Ann hooked a fingernail into the waistband on either side and eased them down. As she lowered my shorts, her knees bent as she followed them to the floor.

By this time, her face was level with my cock which was getting hard. Staring at it, she licked her lips. Then she put her hand on the base of my cock and squeezed. Putting her lips on the swelling tip, she began to nibble on it tonguing the slit and sucking the head inside her hot mouth. Then she sucked the entire length as deep into her mouth as it would go.

With a slow sucking motion, she began to work it in and out of her mouth. She gave my cock 6 or 8 sucks then stood up and left.

I ask you, “Was that the right thing to do?” Here I was with a sexy nurse, my cock hard as a rock and she just up and leaves. I thought about finishing the job, but couldn’t see where I could deposit the cum.

Putting on the gown, I tied it and tried to adjust it so that my erection wouldn’t be too obvious. Fat chance.

I had just finished tying it when the door opened and in walked a vision of beauty. An oriental woman dressed in a bright green dress.

The dress had a high neck and a zipper that ran from her slender neck to the hem just below her knees.

She had an hourglass figure. Her long tapering waist looked about 20″ around. Her breasts were small, but looked like 36’s. She introduced herself as “Mai Ling.” She was the doctor.

She told me to get on the examination table and lie on my back. After I was in position, she untied the gown and opened it.

Seeing the condition of my cock, she smiled and remarked that Ann had been busy. I replied that she had, but not busy enough. Ann had left me in a condition that was painful.

Mai Ling began to examine me. Placing her stethoscope against my chest, she listened to my lungs and checked my heart. My heart was still beating rapidly.

Satisfied, she took off the stethoscope. She checked my blood pressure. Then, she examined my ears and eyes. She worked her way down my body until she reached my cock.

Taking my cock in one hand, she manipulated my balls, rolling them around in her hand. As she handled my balls, she gently squeezed my cock.

This caused it to get stiffer. She said she was looking for any sign of abnormality that might preclude acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture! I had just about forgotten why I was here.

Mai Ling continued to examine me until she reached czech amatör porno and finished with my toes. She then informed me there wasn’t anything wrong with me as far as she could see.

My physic was fine and my psychological profile was good. There was an excellent chance that acupuncture would work.

She told me to get dressed and left, saying that she would be back in a few minutes.

When she returned, she asked me to her office. We left the room and walked down the hall — away from the reception area. At the end of the hall, we turned left.

I felt as if we were on a 5 mile hike, but it wasn’t so bad. I had a magnificent view of her cute little ass.

Mai Ling’s tight little ass cheeks bounced up and down as she walked. Erotic thoughts were going through my head and my cock was still hard as a rock.

We finally reached her office. The door was already open and Mai Ling entered with me following. No fun this time. I was hoping for a feel of her breasts and I didn’t get a chance.

Mai Ling sat at her desk and motioned me to a chair opposite her. This looked like a “no nonsense” interview so I would have to behave.

She opened a folder on the desk and began looking over the forms. She mentioned that my response to a question about alcohol intrigued her. I asked why.

She replied that she could include treatment for drinking. This additional treatment, when combined with the “stop- smoking” treatment, would enhance my sex life. That was funny.

For the past hour two beautiful women had either fondled or sucked me. I had a hard-on like I’ve never seen before and she wants to improve my sex life. The only way she could do that right now would be with a good fuck.

We discussed the merits of the additional treatment and she assured me that the cost would not be prohibitive. The treatment would be different. I asked what she meant.

She said the “stop-smoking” treatment would mean applying needles to the ear lobes and the facial area. The combination treatment would include the application of needles to the genitalia. I asked her to explain.

She rose and led me to a chart hanging on the back of the door. It was a male human form that depicted the nerve network and had little red dots all over it. She explained that the red dots represented pressure points. Each pressure point had a purpose.

Mai Ling pointed out the ones she intended to use for my treatment. The dots around the ear lobes and face were easy enough to see. The ones in the genital area weren’t clear though.

When I asked if she had a better chart for that region, she replied that she would give me a demonstration.

I thought that she meant to stick needles in me right away. I said I’d pass on the needles for now. I didn’t want the treatment just yet.

Mai Ling laughed and said that she wasn’t going to use me as an example. She had a “mock-up.”

Opening a cabinet, she pulled out a large plastic cock and balls mounted on a flat platform. I couldn’t help thinking how much it looked like a dildo. The kind that a woman sits on the floor and sits on to fuck.

Then Mai Ling pointed out the various pressure points on the czech bitch porno cock and balls. Little red dots just like on the chart.

It bothered me that someone would put needles through my cock and balls and I told her so.

She assured me there would not even be a burning sensation. I would not feel any pain at all from the needles — that acupuncture treatment was painless.

However, she said, there may be some side effects from the treatment. She explained that she had used the treatment several times. In some cases, there is a pronounced swelling of the genitals. At this point, I asked her to be more specific.

Mai Ling explained that the metabolism of some men is such that the application of acupuncture needles to the genitals causes a massive erection. If that happened, usually the balls grew in size also. The penis became larger than it was before the treatment. I asked her to explain a little further.

She then told me of a patient whose penis was 4″ long and ¾” in diameter when soft. The man’s cock attained a length of 7″ and 1 ¼” in diameter when it was fully erect.

After the 1st treatment, his penis was about 7″ and 1″ in diameter when it was soft. Fully erect it measured 14″ long and a good 2″ in diameter.

After the 2nd treatment, his penis measured 17″ with a diameter of 2 ½”. The man’s balls increased from ¾” in diameter to 1 ½”.

The treatments continued with no significant change in the size. Mai Ling said that she would have stopped the treatment, but the man insisted on continuing.

Mai Ling said that there were only 3 cases in which this had occurred of all the treatments she had given. Most men saw only a moderate size increase. It was rare to see a large increase, but the chance was one I had to consider.

She assured me that she would stop after the 2nd treatment if my cock continued to increase in size. If she continued treating me and an increase continued, it would be unethical unless I insisted.

Well, now I had some thinking to do. My own cock was somewhere around 7″ when hard and of a decent diameter. And I’ve been happy with it. I wasn’t sure I wanted a monster hanging between my legs. It might be uncomfortable.

I told Mai Ling that I would give it some thought. I just couldn’t make that decision right then. She said she understood and I should take my time. If I didn’t want to undergo the full treatment, she would treat me with the stop-smoking acupuncture. No one has shown any ill side-effects from that treatment. I left her office, telling her that I would find my own way out.

I was thinking about the treatments as I walked down the hall. I was do deep in thought I would have walked right out the door if Ann hadn’t spoken.

I looked up and she smiled. I asked how much she knew about acupuncture. She replied that she could write a book about it. Not only had she studied acupuncture at medical school, but she had been working for Mai Ling for 2 years.

Acupuncture was very intriguing. She was hoping to start her own business someday. Ann said that we could discuss it over dinner tonight at her place.

Now there was an offer if I’ve ever seen one. I hadn’t forgotten what she had done to me in the examining room.

My balls ached and I still had a partial erection. It began to swell more as we talked.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 5 o’clock. Ann followed my gaze and told me that they closed at 5. She said that she would inform the doctor that she was leaving.



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