How my Sexuality Began Part 4How my Sexuality Began Part 4It’s now the second day of the weekend. Mistress Marie woke me up with sweet kisses on my lips and neck. She whispered in my ear that I was a good sub yesterday, and that she hopes I will be as good and entertaining again today.“Now go and make breakfast for us”. As I was getting out of bed Nurse Joanna and Sandra came in to the room. They handed me some clothes and told me to put them on.I looked at the clothes just handed me. OMG! It was all feminine lingerie; purple lace bra, sheer purple panties, purple garter, white FF stockings, low heels, and a large butt plug. “Put them on and insert the plug, don’t ask why, you will see later.”I dressed as they watched and giggled.When I was finished dressing and inserting the plug, I walked to the door and got felt up as I passed them. My cock began to stir.I went to the kitchen and prepared us all some pancakes with butter and syrup.The Ladies came down and we ate a nice breakfast.After breakfast I began doing the dishes and had hands all over me. They were feeling me up like a common whore. They got my cock hard and made my nipples hard and they played while I cleaned dishes.The whispered among themselves and giggled.Nurse Joanne tied a string around my balls, under my panties and I followed them down to the clinic, with Nurse Joanne tugging on the string.When I arrived at the clinic, I saw Nurse Sandra lying on the exam table with her feet in the stirrups. She was only wearing lingerie and stockings. Her legs were spread wide open and her shaved pussy looked so good.I was told that today I will be their slut whore. “So get down there and pleasure Nurse Sandra”.I buried my face between her legs and licked her pussy for all that I was worth. She squealed and bucked her hips and almost broke my nose. I tongue fucked her and she was bucking and screaming and pulling my hair bursa escort and I ate her real good. Then she came all over my face. MMMM I licked her pussy cream from her and savored every drop. Nurse Sandra was panting and shaking uncontrollably. I moved up to her face and kissed her and stuck my tongue into her mouth and she sucked it in gratefully. “There’s Lots more where that came from and MORE”, I whispered.When I looked around, I saw Goddess Marie and Nurse Joanne kissing and breathing heavily. Feeling confident, I said, “Who’s next”?Goddess Marie got on the table. She was only wearing a stockings, bra and panties covered by a lab coat. She jumped up and put her feet in the stirrups and unzipped her lab coat. “Do me good, you little whore”!I again buried my face into her crotch and began eating her pussy. I started by licking her clit and fingering her pussy with two fingers. I was going to make her squirt!Just after I started on Mistress Marie, I felt a hand reach under my crotch and grab my cock and balls. Oh did THAT feel wonderful.I was very busy making Nurse Marie feel worshiped. She wrapped her stockinged legs around my head and pulled me in even tighter. I was licking her clit like a mad man. She was screaming and yelling, ‘OH FUCK”! That’s sooo good. Her hips were bucking like Nurse Sandra’s was. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and a finger into her ass. All I heard at that time was, “AHHHHHHHHH”! She shot a hot load of fem cum into my mouth and it tasted wonderful. I swallowed every drop.I stood up and looked at Nurse Joanne and told her, “Get up there”!She helped a shaking, weak kneed Nurse Marie off the table and Nurse Sandra steadied her while Nurse Joanne got on the table on all 4s. She was wearing all black and it looked so HOT.“You want it this way”? I asked.“Yes baby, make me collapse”.I spread her a little wider and began licking her rosebud bursa escort bayan hole. She tasted so sweet. Then I stuck my fingers into her pussy and began finger fucking her fast and hard. My other hand was playing with her clit. I then stuck a finger in her ass and began fingering it.She too began to scream and squirm and buck her hips. It was hard for me to stay up with her rhythm. I pulled my finger out of her ass and stuck my tongue in. All I heard was “OH SHIT! Tongue my ass bitch”!I did and fingered her pussy fast and hard, with my tongue going in and out of her ass hole.Then there was an earsplitting scream and my hand and face was covered with a huge squirt. I moved my face in front of it and drank it all in. Nurse Joanne collapsed onto the table and shuttered uncontrollably.I now had a raging hard on under my purple panties.Nurse Marie said, “Your turn, get up on the table, bitch”!As I did, I felt a sharp stick in my groin area near my cock. “Got to keep you hard, baby”!My cock was running like a river with pre-cum. My bra was removed and my panties ripped off. I was restrained but not as tightly as yesterday. The three Nurse Domes jumped all over my cock and balls. Each Lady had donned a pair of black latex gloves.I was being fondled, squeezed, licked, sucked, stroked and USED for their pleasures. All at one time!Nurse Sandra was jerking me off to the point of me cumming. Then she stopped. She edged me several times more, then, just stopped!I felt my ball getting blue, and they just giggled at one another.I don’t know who, but one of them pulled the plug out of my ass.Then they went to the side wall and each of them put on a strap on. Each strap on was a different size and color.I knew what was going to happen and I felt like a real whore at a gangbang.They all looked so lovely and Dominant, with their strap on cocks on top of their panties, being escort bursa framed by the lingerie they wore.I was then blind folded, so who did what to me next, I do not know.I felt a “cock” being forced into my ass hole and another one forcing my mouth open. The cock in my ass felt so good. I was being pounded like a $2 street whore. At the same time, I was gagging on the cock being rammed down my throat.Then I think it was Nurse Sandra who screamed, “I’m cumming”! One more hard thrust and she stopped. “I’m so glad I brought my feeldoe to fuck him with”!“Change”! Lots of movement and another cock enters my ass and one in my mouth. I imagined my cock to be a foot long, but I know it wasn’t. It was that hard!Now I know what “spit roasted” is!After several minutes, they switched again.I felt a cock enter my ass and another, my mouth. Then, I felt a condom go over my raging hard on. While I was being fucked and “giving a blow job”, I was also getting jerked off. The sensation of all three at one time was beyond description. (Anyone else ever have that happen?)I was being edged again. Several times! When the Nurse fucking my ass yelled, “I’m gonna cum!”! I let loose a big load of my own!Two Nurses and I let loose some big loads, I got a little squirt on my face and it was wonderful.We rested for a little while, even though my cock stayed hard.I was let loose of my restraints and we hugged and kissed as one. Someone pinched my nipple and I let out a scream of ecstasy. “Oh girls, another erogenous spot”! I then had two mouths on my nipples and I thought my cock was going to rip out of my skin.“Save that for the future, girls”! “It’s getting late and we have to start heading back.We again showered together and finally got dressed in “normal” street clothes.The ride home was sexually uneventful, although Nurse Marie and I talked about the weekend and about Nurse Sandra and Joanne.As we arrived to park Nurse Marie’s car, she asked me if I would like to do that again in the future. I said, “Oh god YES!”We parked and walked up to our apartments.Please leave comments and possibly a subject you want to hear about.



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