How I Started Turning Girls into LesbiansAt the time of this story, I was eighteen and had never been with a woman. Sure, I’d made out with a few, it’s the in thing in high school, but I’d only been with boys.I was also a perfect specimen at the time. 5’5″, 128 lbs. and the perfect dimensions of 34C-24-34. I had brownish-red hair midway down my back and, of course, I was and still am completely shaved.I learned from my very first seduction and the ones that followed, that I love women. Don’t misunderstand me: I’m bi and enjoy the occasional stiff cock, but I really love girls. Or women. Whatever. While I’ve eaten pussy on rare occasions, they normally lick my cunt. Even if I do partake of a box lunch, it’s extremely rare for me to go first, and it’s usually a reward to one of my many pets for a stellar job.Now, the real thrill is for a formerly straight girl, or even more fun for a straight MILF, to become jelly in my presence and to serve thereafter as a twat-licking slave for my cunt. I probably sound like a pretentious bitch and I suppose I am, but the truth is the truth.Now, you may have already read some of my adventures with these MILFs, and you may have read the intensive education my mother gave me in the ways of becoming a Domme (Lesbian MILF Seductress: Mom), which were Domme/sub primers you might say. I learned much from her. In our initial training session, I told her with a smirk I already had eight pets.After she finished laughing, she scoffed that compared to a real player I really hadn’t done all that much, and numbers didn’t matter anyway. Now all this was before my first actual MILF, who’d been Nadine, my next door neighbor and mother of my best friend, Katherine (Lesbian MILF Seductress: Neighbor).You may already know I had Katherine sucking my cunt long before I did her mother, but even she wasn’t the first girl. She was one of the six teens and two adults in their twenties I’d seduced and made into my pets though, and I think it’s time their stories were told. Stories of submission to me, Bree, the MILF seductress… but before I advanced to being a MILF Seductress, I was simply a seducer of straight young women. And that’s only a description, not the LMS title I grew into.Now as this was all prior to my, ahem, education by my mother, I guess you could call that time my pre-MILF studies. My first was even a lesbian already. Mom told me she didn’t count, but I beg to differ. I seduced her and she’s my pet, so it counts, right? And she was older than me, and her seduction triggered everything that followed afterwards. But I can’t take all the credit. If it hadn’t been for fate, for a dumb ass boyfriend, and for my Mom making me go to a wedding I didn’t want to attend, maybe I would never have become the MILF Seductress I am today… so I disagree… the first one definitely counts because it was fated, and she was the one that started it all.So now let’s get to the stories of my first conquests before I began my MILF hunting during my senior year… these are the stories from my pre-MILF hunting days.1. LESBIAN SALES LADY (Rena)My boyfriend had just ditched me the night before to watch football with the guys; my mom was nagging me about a wedding she insisted I attend. I had a test in Chemistry I wasn’t ready to take; so, pissed off, I did what I always did when I’m annoyed… I went shopping. I was also in need of a new hot dress for the wedding which was coming up in a couple weeks, and I always live by the theory ‘look better than the bride’. (I warned you I was pretentious.)Once I was at the mall, I made my way to a new clothing store called Landrieu’s. I noticed the store was empty except for the clerk and me, who looked to be in her late twenties. As I browsed through the store, I couldn’t help but sense I was being stared at. You know that prickly feeling in the back of your neck? A couple times when I felt that, I glanced back and noticed the saleswoman checking me out. I tried on a few things and confirmed my suspicions: each time I exited the dressing room in a new outfit, she was definitely looking my way. Oddly, she wasn’t coming over to assist me.I called her over and asked with a smile, “Does this dress look good on me?””Yes, Miss,” she nodded, checking out my tits in the tight-fitting cocktail dress.”Thanks; can I get your opinion on a couple others?” I asked, wanting to confirm my suspicion she was a lesbian.I changed into a more revealing red dress, this one with a long side slit, and returned to showcase it. “How about this one?””You look very good, Miss,” she nodded, unable to take her eyes off me. I was used to having boys drool over me, and of course I knew I’d caught the eye of a few of the school dykes too, but being pissed at my boyfriend and therefore men in general, I formed an idea.I asked, “Do I look fuckable in this?””Pardon?””I’m going to a wedding and I need to look utterly irresistible. I want every man there to want to fuck me,” I explained as if I’d be this up front with just anyone, before pausing for dramatic effect, “and for every woman afyon escort there to want to eat me.””You’ll be the centre of attention in that outfit,” she complimented.”I’m going to try on one more outfit, this one just for school,” I said, “I’ll want your honest opinion.””Okay,” she nodded, clearly attracted to me, her red cheeks a real giveaway.I returned to the dressing room, slid out of my thong (it’s all I ever wear, except during that pesky week every month) and put on a very short plaid skirt.I called out, naked from the waist up, “Could I get some help in here?””How may I help you?” she asked from outside the room.I opened the door, pulled her in with me and said bluntly, “You haven’t taken your hungry eyes off me since I entered the shop. Now either you think I’m a shoplifter, or you’re a lesbian, and I can’t hide much in this outfit. So which is it?” I asked with a smile, already knowing the answer.Her red face progressed to a deeper shade.When she didn’t answer, I continued, using a dominant tone that often worked on my friends to get what I wanted, “Answer me!””I’m a lesbian,” she told my tits, barely audible and unable to redirect her gaze.”I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that,” I replied, deciding to push her like I did when I bullied some of the nerds at the school.”I’m a lesbian,” she repeated a bit louder.”And what distinguishes lesbians from other women?” I asked, relishing the bitch role I was playing.”We like girls,” she answered, still staring at my tits.”And you also eat pussy, don’t you?” I pressed her.Yes,” she admitted, her face reaching a red shade of humiliation I didn’t know existed.”Say it!” I demanded.”Yes, we eat each other,” she admitted.Moving way into her space and speaking from a couple inches from her ear, “No. You… eat… pussy. Now say it.”Her body quivered and her voice cracked as she repeated my words, “Yes, we eat pussy.””Almost there. Try it one more time. You… singular… eat pussy,” I added, my tits so close they were almost poking her eyes out.”I eat pussy,” she admitted, making her into putty in my hands.Stepping back, I said, “Very good. And since you eat pussy, I have a treat for you.” I put one foot on the bench and revealed my bald muff.She nervously looked out the door and around the store. “But we can’t! Someone will see.””Then you’d better hurry, or I’ll find some other lesbian to please me,” I threatened.After another quick glance behind her, she dropped to her knees, and her tongue quickly found my hot box. As her tongue worked through my slick folds, I felt a kinship with lesbians I never would have considered. My first time being eaten out by a woman, and much like a crack addict, I was hooked for life. I knew that going forward I’d have a woman between my thighs as often as possible, as this first one was far better at eating pussy than any guy I’d ever hosted down there. She knew exactly what buttons to press to get me revved up. Also, I now knew how my male counterparts felt when they scored. The anticipation as my seductive plan unfolded, then the feeling of accomplishment after a successful seduction. As her lips grasped my throbbing clit and her tongue thrummed it, I exploded. My orgasm took me quickly, and I came all over her face. Seeing her face covered in my pussy juice, I felt another rush of accomplishment, and I knew I’d love the look of a glistening face for the rest of my life.Rising quickly, with another glance around the shop, she silently scurried back to the counter.As I stopped at the register, dressed once again, I asked, carrying the skirt and the red dress in my hand, “These are comped, right?”She looked up at me and simply nodded, humiliated at what she’d just done.Glancing at her name tag, I spoke her name for the first time. “So Rena, did you enjoy my taste?”Again, the downcast nod.”Speak. Use human words,” I demanded.”You have a very unique taste,” she answered.”I’m new to having my cunt munched by a girl. What does that mean?” I asked.Her face still red as sin, she admitted, “It was honestly the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted.””That… is very good to know,” I said. Before adding, “You know this will happen again, right? Whenever I want?”A series of strange looks crossed her face. They went from panic, to intrigue, to excitement, but after a moment her expression settled on relief, and she nodded, “Yes… gladly, Miss.”I pulled my phone out and ordered, “Put your cell number in here. That way I can get hold of you whenever I need my cunt pleasured.”She silently took the phone, typed in her name and digits and returned it to me with a grateful look in her eyes.”Good. I’ll let you know,” I smiled, walking out and realizing that skipping class to shop early in the morning had been a life-altering decision.I was on top of the freaking world! Rena may have been world class with her tongue or for a woman, a rank amateur. I didn’t know, but I was determined to find out. Having my twat licked for the first time by a woman, and being dominant while doing so, had me on fire.A couple days later during lunch at school, escort afyon feeling horny and not for cock, and completely confident she’d respond, I texted Rena:If you’re hungry for another taste text me back ASAP.I didn’t have to wait even two minutes before I got a response.I’d love to see you again.I texted back:This isn’t a date. You will eat my cunt, I will cum all over your face and you will leave. Is that clear?Typing such words made me feel powerful. I wished I could see her face when she read them.This time her return text took almost five minutes; I was just beginning to wonder if I’d been too aggressive with my demand, when she replied.Yes, I understand.I texted back, relieved I was right:Good pick me up after school. 3:20. I will text you the address. Don’t be late!I didn’t know or even care whether she was working at that time. I just assumed she’d do whatever it took to obey my order.She texted back, soon this time:I’ll be there.A rush of adrenaline coursed through me and my pussy tingled. But now I wished I had my own personal cunt licker at school to get me off right here and now. I looked around and wondered if the school nerds would make good pussy pleasers; you’d think so, their being all keen and shit. Just then, Laurie Richards, cheerleading captain, joined me.”Hi, bitch,” she said to me, flaunting her usual stuck up, ‘I’m better than everyone and yet I still talk to you tough for some silly street cred’, talk. She was captain, and I was only the assistant-captain, as she liked to remind me. Her older sister Micah, just out of high school, had been captain before her. It was widely assumed her younger sister Kendra, also on the team, would be captain after her. There was major snobbery in that household. Especially among the girls. They had a fitting last name, for they were certainly dicks. Their parents were wealthy, and the girls manifested the epitome of spoiled.Now, my Mom did well, too. She was executive administrator for Governor Daphne Green. I had plenty ways of proving I was on par socially, economically, beautifully and etceterally with the Richards girls, but I wasn’t allowed to flaunt it like those girls did.Exhilarated by my almost effortless success with Rena, I imagined turning Laurie into my personal pussy pleaser, so I replied, “Hi, slut.””Not. You’ve fucked more guys than I have,” she countered playfully.”But I don’t take it in the ass,” I quipped. She’d only done it once, and I’m sure she rued the day she’d told me about it since I’d thrown it in her face ever since.”Fuck you,” she snapped, switching from playful bantering to pissed off.”In your ass?” I teased, never one to back down from her… the only one in the school who didn’t.She stomped away, and my head began spinning with possibilities. Can I get her to eat my cunt? It was definitely something to think about.After school, Rena picked me up in a van and I asked, “Do you have a secluded place to please me?” My Mom likely wouldn’t be home for another hour, but I couldn’t risk it. Plus, my younger sister could be home (she was involved in a lot of the geek school activities… debate, SRC (Student Representatives Council), chess club, UN club to name a few), but I didn’t pay much attention to her schedule because she was my little sister and mostly just an annoyance.She said, not meeting my eyes, clearly nervous, “I’ve never done this before.””Done what? Picked up a high school girl to eat her cunt?” I asked, still relishing the power I had over her.Again, her face flushed. “Yes,” she sighed, mortified to be spoken to in such a crude, demeaning way.”I wore my cheerleader’s outfit for easy access to my sweetness,” I said. Before adding, “And I removed my panties so you could just bury your face between my legs and get to licking.”Oh,” was all she said.”So do you have a place to go so you can taste my honey pie? Or are you so hungry for another taste that you want to go in the back of your van and just devour me right here and now?” I asked bluntly, drunk on power. What had been the odds she would even have a van? (Apparently pretty good, since we were sitting in one).Her face was as red as last time as she admitted, “I want it now.””You want what now?””To eat you again,” she whispered.”Eat my what?” I asked, before adding, “and look at me when you answer. I don’t want my pet to be ashamed of wanting to serve me.” Calling her a pet for the first time only enhanced my dominance over her.She looked at me nervously, but at least right in my eyes, and admitted more forcefully, “I want to eat your cunt right now.””Maybe we should do it right in the front seat,” I teased, although that would have been incredibly awkward, uncomfortable and likely we would have gotten caught, which I didn’t want.”No, no, no,” she answered, “Let’s climb in the back.””As you wish, my pet,” I nodded, beginning her conditioning to her new status.There was an opening between the bucket seats, and I followed her to the back. It wasn’t the cleanest van, and I briefly wondered why she even had a van in the first place, afyon escort bayan but I really didn’t want to get to know her, I just wanted to use and dominate her.She pulled out a blanket and laid it on the floor.”Does my pet often have a snack back here?” I asked.”Um, no, but it’s good to be prepared,” she smiled back for the first time. In a private space, her shyness seemed to fade away. Maybe it was who she was, maybe she was accepting her situation, or maybe she just craved my honey pie so badly she’d do anything for it. I liked that last theory the best.Once she had the blanket down, I required of her, “Have a pillow in here for next time. Is that understood, my pet?””Yes,” she nodded, as I lay down on the blanket, lifting up my short skirt to give her a perfect view of my cunt.Without instruction, she crawled between my legs and began pleasing me.I still had no other feminine talent to compare her skills with, but I soon realized there was a difference between a quickie and a lengthy pussy pleasing. This time, with time not much of a factor, fear of being caught not much of a factor, and fear of getting fired not a factor at all, she really took her time. She licked me slowly, exploring every crevice of my pussy, both the outside and the inside. The slow build she gave me was amazing, compared to the usual wham-bam-grunt-cum-sleep ritual of the guys I’d fucked. It occurred to me, as Rena’s tongue slithered up and down my pussy lips, I’d never even orgasmed from a guy’s tongue, or even his cock, for that matter. It had always been my fingers afterward that needed to finish the job they’d started yet couldn’t (or wouldn’t bother to) finish. My first orgasm from anything other than my fingers or toys had been from Rena a couple days ago.My breathing got heavier and my orgasm was rising, when I finally spoke again, “Do you want my cum, my pet?””Yes,” she admitted with hunger in her voice, between licks.Feeling there was something missing from her response, I instructed, “Yes, Bree.”She repeated my words between flicking my clit with her tongue, “Yes, Bree.”Better. Yet there was still something missing. It was consuming my thoughts and not allowing me to completely enjoy the pleasure this lesbo was giving me, nor to reach the orgasm my body was dying to have, the concentration on my clit really driving me wild, but wild with frustration, not release.Suddenly the word popped into my head. A word that enhanced even more the position of power I held over this older, cute, lesbian. Yes!! “You mean, ‘Yes, Mistress Bree’, don’t you?!”She looked up at me… startled… her tongue extended towards my clit… something awakened not only in me but in her as well… and she answered, her shy persona completely gone and replaced with an insatiably hungry lesbian, “Yes, Mistress Bree, that’s exactly what I mean! I desperately want to get you off and taste your cum like a good pet.”This declaration of submission, added to the lustful look in her eyes and her eager obedience, was the fuel that flamed the fire in my loins and as she returned to pleasuring me, my building orgasm accelerated as I grabbed her head, pulled her deep into me, and came all over her face. She called me Mistress! That’s so perfect!She kept licking even as my body trembled with pleasure unlike any I’d ever experienced. I saw fireworks exploding as I finally understood just how great an orgasm could feel. I’d been fucked by teenage boys and even men, and pleasured myself with my fingers, a brush, a beer bottle, and the one vibrator I’d just gotten a couple weeks ago, but I had no idea what a real orgasm felt like until that moment.Spent, I let go of her head.After a long pause while we each caught our breath Rena asked, “Mistress, can I tell you something?”My body was still pulsing with the aftermath of euphoria and I answered dreamily, “Yes, my pet,” wanting to make sure she still understood the hierarchy of this sexual relationship.”You have the most unique tasting pussy I’ve ever eaten,” she revealed.She’d mentioned that during our first encounter. I leaned up slightly to look at her. “Is that a good thing?””God, yes,” she said, licking her lips to savour more of my sweetness.”How so?” I asked, curious.”Well, I’ve been with quite a few women since I accepted my sexuality. Each has her own taste, but each also has a similar taste to the others. But yours is an exotic mix I can’t explain, but I’ve been craving it ever since I sampled it last time,” she admitted, clearly confused herself by the uniqueness of it.”So I have an exotic-tasting cunt?” I asked, the idea flattering.”I wanted to taste you again to see if it was just a one-time thing, something like pineapple you may have eaten that day perhaps, or if you always tasted like this and well, so far so good,” she smiled, her shyness completely gone. I realized I had my very first girl infatuated with me.”That’s very good to know,” I smiled, unaware at the time she wasn’t making this up. I indeed do have a very exotic, sweet, addicting pussy. My unique flavor is like nicotine for a pussy pleaser, one taste and you’re addicted, and quitting is almost impossible. Oddly, it doesn’t seem to work on men; my theory is that when it comes to pussy tasting, like everything else in life regarding women, men are oblivious.



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