How I Became a CumslutMy husband’s two younger brothers were coming for a visit, they were to stay for a whole week and I was plenty excited. My husband and his brothers are all totally hot and every time I get near any of these boys my pussy goes full on dripping wet and tingles non-stop. I have often fantasized about having either of these men just bang the hell out of me but never thought it would happen. The purpose of this visit is that my husband and I want to have a baby but my husband shoots blanks so we were thinking of trying the old turkey baster trick with his brothers donating plenty of sperm. Again, just the thought of even a baster full of their sperm has me giddy. When they finally arrived we went straight to drinking and then with that came all the talk about sex. Neither brother is married so my husband is always wanting to know about their conquest, I have to admit that I find it a major turn on also. hearing about all the pussy these two bang out makes me just want to out and get fucked. My husband, John and his brother, Jake and the other is Jack. They were all sitting by the pool. I was serving them drinks as fast as they could put them away wearing my smallest most revealing bikini which was getting plenty of attention from them. After many fuck stories my pussy was just soaked and I was ready to fuck anything and was thinking of dragging John to the bedroom for a quickie when Jack brought up the baster thing. “I can appreciate what you two want to do and I can supply all the jizz you want but I think it would be better to just let us fuck Sally so she can get the fresh jizz straight from the tap. I think that would be much more effective.” güvenilir bahis siteleri Jack said. “Well I would have to agree with Jack, John, we can tag team her and have her orgasiming like crazy and just fill that sweet little pussy full of spunk, she will be pregnant by morning.” Jake added. My pussy was so tingling, I could not believe what I was hearing. Then John said “That is kind of what I was thinking too, and it would be like old times, remember when we three fucked old lady Jacobs, I thought her head was going to pop off! Then she kept begging for more for the next six months.” Then all three men stood up and looked at me, my husband held his hand and said “lets go get you knocked up!” We went into the house and the men started to feel me up. Six hands all over my body, I was in heaven. I had only been with my husband and one other guy in my life so this was all new to me. Next thing I know I am naked laying on the floor with these three men all around me with major hardons. I felt so good to be able to get three men turned on. And they were all good looking and powerful men. I started to feel them up also, hard cocks, balls heavy with cum. John mounted me first, and slow fucked me for a few minutes. At the same time Jack stuck his cock in my mouth, the sweet taste of his pre cum just made me more horny. Then Jake mounted me, his cock felt so good inside my hungry pussy. Again, he slow fucked me also. Then he pulled out and Jack went in. Now I wanted someone to fuck me, and Jack did just that, he started to pound me. Just what my pussy had been waiting for. As Jack drove his cock home the other two played with my cunt and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri tits and soon had me hitting my first of many orgasims. Now I know why Old lady Jacobs wanted these boys to come back around. Soon, Jack went as deep into me as he could and started to pump my cunt full of his seed, I felt every squirt of jizz as it left his cock and flowed into me causing me to cum along with him. Then as soon as Jacks balls were drained, Jacob mounted me and went to town for at least five minutes. Good solid hard pumping then he too filled my thirsty womb. Then Jacob pulled that sweet cock from me and my husband John mounted up and pile drove his cock home into my pussy and soon added his spunk to the rest deep inside me. I laid there, spunk trickling down my ass crack. The three men were high fiving each other. “That is some fine pussy you there Sally, John, you two should have shared that with us way back when.” Jacob said. “I can’t wait to hit that again!” Jack added. “Well, we will have all week to hit this cunt, Sally has the week off and she wants to get knocked up so you two hit this as much as you want.” My husband added. And so it was said. The three of these men pumped so much sperm into me over the weekend I thought I would slosh when I walked. Then they went to the club on Tuesday night and came with four older ladies that were having a bachelorette party. Three married and one soon to be and two guys. No one really knew who the guys were. But it did not take long for the ladies to give up their pussies. And my three men made sure they were happy that they did. I was so turned on watching these three men fuck the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri brains out of these women. The women were saying that this was the best fucking they had ever had. The two men did not last long, on dropped a nut in me and then other fucked one of the women and then they were gone. That left us to get down to some serious fucking. That was the first time I ate pussy and to have my pussy eaten by another girl. After several hours these women were seriously satisfied, sore and wasted. My men acted like it was all in a days work. Every one slept for a few hours then woke and went back to fucking. Then after another hour or so of hard core fucking they dressed and left. The rest of the week was about making sure that there was plenty of sperm swimming thru my womb so as to knock me up. And I did get knocked up, I found out shortly after this week was over. But what I learned from that week of constant cock and jizz was that I loved the feel of a good hard cock pumping me full of jizz. I found that my husband’s cock was no longer enough to satisfy me. A couple of weeks after the guys had left I called in sick to work without telling my husband. I went to a hole in the wall bar across town about lunch time. There was some old guy in there. I got a beer and hit on him, pulled his old cock out and started to suck it. Once it was good and hard, I got up and lifted my skirt showing my cute pussy and mounted him right there. I don’t think he even made it thirty seconds inside me before he flooded my cunt with his old sperm. Then I let the bar tender have a whack also. He made it much longer before rewarding my pussy with a hefty load of spunk. I left the bar with sperm running down my leg. Then I was hooked, I loved having a stranger’s cock in my pussy. And it did not take much to get a quick fuck from me. So if you ever see me out anywhere, just wink at me and I will be more than happy to let you sample my fine pussy and drain your balls inside me.



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